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13 Best Websites To Learn Coding – Coding For All Levels

Do you want to learn how to code but don’t know where to start? Well, if that is the thing, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

This article will share a list of the best websites to help you start your programming journey and help you make an online career.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Best Websites To Learn Coding – Our Pick👌

The decision to learn to code can be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. It can help you change your life for good as it can help you get a high-paying job without needing a professional degree. Besides that, you can also do freelance stuff if you don’t want to work for somebody else and become your boss.

However, learning a technical skill like programming has never been easier. It requires you to put in quite a lot of time and hard work. But you can make this process a bit easier with the right guidance.

I still remember when I started my programming journey, there were not so many good websites and platforms that could help me. I learned a lot of things from books and my teachers. However, things have changed in recent years.

Many websites and platforms can help you start your journey from scratch. Here, we have covered some of the best websites (free & paid) that can help you throughout your programming journey of becoming a good programmer –

1. GeeksForGeeks – Top websites to learn coding

GeeksForGeeks is one of my favorites and arguably the most popular websites to learn coding and other related topics. One of the reasons GeeksForGeeks is so famous is that you can find detailed courses for almost all programming languages here.

Best Websites To Learn Coding

Here you can easily find useful content for various programming languages, including C, C++, Python, Java, and more. You can also find content to learn data structures, algorithms, machine learning, and more. Just name a computer science-related topic, and you will find some useful content to learn.

The topics are well-written, well thought out, and thoroughly explained to ensure that the learner gains programming knowledge and sharpens their coding skills. They also host various events where you can participate and win goodies. You can even get a job through this platform.

If you are just starting your programming journey, I recommend you start with GeeksForGeeks. One of the reasons for that is that GeeksForGeeks courses are designed for beginners. It has proper modules for each topic, from the introduction to the advanced level.

2. CodeAcademy – Coding websites for beginners

CodeAcademy is quite similar to GeeksForGeeks. It also offers courses to help beginner- to intermediate-level programming enthusiasts learn and sharpen their coding skills to become industry-ready and get a job.

While most things in GeeksForGeeks are common, they have one major difference: CodeAcademy offers a Pro service where you can learn advanced knowledge and technologies.

Currently, it offers detailed courses in 12 popular programming languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, SQL, JavaScript, Swift, Sass, C, C++, and others.

You may not need the Pro plan if you are just beginning your coding journey. However, once you gain basic knowledge in any particular language, you can opt for the Pro plan to learn, practice, and apply job-ready skills. The Pro plan has some benefits, such as step-by-step guidance, completion certifications, and access to real-world projects.

Best Websites To Learn Coding 1

Another thing that I liked about CodeAcademy is that it offers interactive sessions where you have to complete a set of tasks to proceed to the next stage. This model keeps learners engaged with the course and doesn’t make it boring. Also, it helps to gain practical knowledge.

Getting started with CodeAcademy is quite simple and easy. You just need to create a free account and select the programming language you want to learn.

After that, you can start the module and work on it until you master it. Once you generate effective results, you can proceed further with the next module.

3. Udemy

Udemy is an online marketplace where you can easily find detailed courses to learn any programming language. That said, Udemy is not an entirely free platform, meaning you must pay for most of the courses you want to learn. Even though they offer some free courses, most of the free stuff is not worth spending your time.

Udemy boasts a massive library of programming-related courses. Here, you can easily find courses to learn to code in Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Go, Swift, C, C++, and more. However, since it is a marketplace and anyone can upload their course, finding the right course can be challenging.

In such a situation, I would recommend going with courses bought by 100,000 plus students and still having above 4.5-star ratings. Having such a good rating and the total number of enrolled students simply means that that course is worth trying.

13 Best Websites To Learn Coding - Coding For All Levels

In addition, you can also see comments and reviews left by previous students, and Udemy also allows you to see some of the introductory lectures before purchasing the course. All these things make it easy to pick the right course that will meet your needs and help you learn to code.

Another good thing about Udemy is that it is quite cheap and affordable. For example, you can get up to a 95% discount during flash sales.

Even though Udemy offers certifications of completion once you complete any course, those certificates don’t have enough value in the industry. Therefore, we recommend using Udemy only to learn to code and not for certifications.

4. HackerRank

HackerRank is one of my favorite websites to learn coding and sharpen your skills. For beginners, it offers a wide range of resources such as crash courses, quizzes, and more that can help you gain experience in any programming-related topic.

For example, you can start by picking any of the topics of your choice, such as algorithms, data structure, Python, artificial intelligence, regex, Linux Shell, Java, and more. Once you have selected the topic, HackerRank will provide you with a long list of problems you can solve to master that topic.

Once you solve the problems, you will receive reward points that boost your HackerRank rankings. This interactive learning model challenges students, helping them grow their coding knowledge and increase their proficiency in a particular language or topic. 

Besides that, one amazing thing about HackerRank is that it can help you get a job. It is a platform for students and companies, and many tech companies, including MNCs such as Amazon, Coinbase, Box, and more, hire through HackerRank. So, if you are proficient in any language, you can take the interview test and get placed in your dream company.

However, if you are just at the beginning of your programming journey, I won’t recommend you to start with HackerRank.

You can start with GeeksForGeeks or any other website, and once you gain sufficient coding knowledge and experience, you can opt for the HackerRank crash course and start solving problems to test your skills.

5. FreeCodeCamp – Best websites to learn coding for free

FreeCodeCamp was launched in 2014 and is a non-profit organization where you can get certifications in some of the most demanding skills.

For example, you can easily complete the course of Data Visualization or Quality Assurance and get certification once you complete it.

13 Best Websites To Learn Coding - Coding For All Levels

It has a library of over 3000 hours of video lectures that you can complete for free. The courses on this website are quite thorough and help you learn everything related to the topic that you opt for. It starts with the basics and takes you to the advanced level, where you can learn enough to secure a job in the industry.

Besides video material, it offers many written articles, guides, and other material that can help you solve and master any programming-related issues. This part of FreeCodeCamp looks more like a web blog where you can find the solution to any of your problems.

I didn’t like FreeCodeCamp because it doesn’t offer a structured syllabus for any programming languages. You only get structured content for the free verified certifications that FreeCodeCamp offers. This is the reason I don’t recommend this website to absolute beginners.

Instead of directly joining FreeCodeCamp, beginners start with a platform like GeeksForGeeks or CodeAcademy to learn how to code in any particular language. Visit FreeCodeCamp to find detailed information on any specific topic.

6. Codementor 

Before proceeding further, let me clarify that Codementor is not a platform where the novice can learn a programming language. Instead, this platform enables intermediate students and professionals to connect with experienced developers for one-to-one mentorship to guide them on their journey.

Intermediate developers and programmers can use Codementor to sharpen their coding skills and get a job in the tech industry.

You can easily find mentors for specific technology and programming languages and join their online community to learn more. So far, this platform has helped thousands of developers to land good jobs in the tech industry.

However, one-to-one mentorship is not why we have mentioned Codementor on our list of best websites to learn coding. Codementor is on our list because of DevProjects, a free community where you can learn programming by creating projects.

13 Best Websites To Learn Coding - Coding For All Levels
How Mentors Can Help You

Each of the projects on DevProjects is curated and designed by senior developers to help intermediate developers to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world executions. Developing these projects will help you get industry ready and get a job easily.

Here you can easily find project ideas distributed in various categories such as Python, Swift, HTML/CSS, Angular, Node.js, React Native, and more.

You must select the programming language you are familiar with and start building your projects. On DevProjects, you can easily find details of how you can execute those projects and more.

7. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the oldest websites to learn coding. It was founded in 1998, and since then, it has offered free training to students who want to learn programming and other web technologies online. 

13 Best Websites To Learn Coding - Coding For All Levels

On W3Schools, you can easily find detailed courses to learn any programming language, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, PHP, Python, Angular, C, C++, Java, and more. It boasts the documentation type of approach, which looks quite similar to GeeksForGeeks.

However, one major difference between GeeksForGeeks and W3Schools is that W3Schools offers integrated interactive code blocks where you can write and execute codes on your own. This interactive model ensures you implement what you have learned and not just read theories.

W3School is an excellent platform for beginners, and I highly recommend you go with it if you are just starting your programming journey. It provides detailed exercises, references, and courses to help you utilize your knowledge and become an efficient programmer.

Besides that, W3Schools also offers certifications that you can flaunt on your CV and LinkedIn profile to impress your recruiters. However, to get these certifications, you must clear the exam, for which you will get three attempts.

8. Pluralsight

When Pluralsight was originally founded in 2004, it was just a classroom training company that used to send instructors to training events so that they could teach and guide people. However, everything changed in 2007 when Pluralsight shifted its approach to a completely online video training world.

Pluralsight offers over 7000 courses taught by a team of over 1500 expert instructors. It is a tech learning platform where you can find courses covering in-demand technologies and skills that can help you land a high-paying job in the market.

Best Websites To Learn Coding 6

The thing that helps Pluralsight stand apart from the competition is its learning paths. Unlike Udemy, all the courses on Pluralsight are designed and curated by their in-house team of experts. So, whenever you opt for a course, it teaches you everything required to learn that specific skill, from basic to advanced.

Since the path is well designed and focuses on teaching everything in the right order, you can save a lot of time. On top of that, they regularly add new content to each course so that you will always stay up to date with the latest information and tools.

However, Pluralsight is a paid platform and boasts a subscription-based model. The monthly plans start at $29 monthly for individuals with a free ten-day trial.

If you are just interested in learning a particular language, I might not suggest you go with Pluralsight. But if you are interested in learning a new technology such as Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, and more, along with how to code from beginner to advanced level, Pluralsight would be a great choice.

What is Pluralsight?

9. LinkedIn Learning

Next, we have LinkedIn Learning on our websites to learn coding list. It was previously known as Lynda.com and is quite a popular platform for learning tech-related skills online. The best thing about LinkedIn Learning is that it lets you learn whatever tech you are interested in at your pace.

It boasts a massive library of over 17,000 top-quality courses covering various tech topics such as web development, data analytics, full-stack development, programming in particular languages, digital marketing, content marketing, and many others.

13 Best Websites To Learn Coding - Coding For All Levels

These skills you can learn here are quite demanding in the tech industry and can help you land a good job. The content quality and difficulties vary quite a lot, from easy beginner-level courses to comprehensive professional levels. The best thing about these courses is the learning path as it slowly and steadily helps you grow your knowledge and experience.

LinkedIn Learning is a subscription-based platform that costs around $26.99 monthly for the annual plan. However, if you opt for a monthly subscription, you will be charged $39.99 a month, which is a bit costly. It also offers a free one-month trial where you can test the service and course quality.

To be frank, some LinkedIn Learning courses are amazing, and I highly recommend you try them. Since you can opt for the free trial, you don’t have to commit anything upfront. Plus, you can add the certification that you receive to your LinkedIn profile.

10. Team Treehouse – Websites to learn coding, design, and more

Team Treehouse is a great platform where you can systematically learn tech-related skills. Unlike Udemy, Team Treehouse mainly focuses on teaching development-related skills such as web designing, development, mobile application, and more.

Another thing that helps Team Treehouse stand out amongst other platforms is its approach to teaching students. Unlike other platforms, it focuses on a project-oriented teaching approach. This helps students learn the skills needed to get a job in the industry.

As a beginner, you can start with learning front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Once you master these front-end technologies, you can move forward to the back-end technologies such as Ruby, Python, Java, and more. Besides that, it also helps you learn techniques like version control systems, which are much-needed skills for developers.

Team Treehouse doesn’t boast a massive library of courses like other course-selling platforms, but each course is very well-designed, high-quality, and easy to follow. Professional instructors and teachers with years of industry experience create all the courses on this platform.

100 Days of Code with Treehouse!

If you are a beginner who wants to kickstart your programming journey without wasting your time on unnecessary stuff, Team Treehouse would be the perfect choice for you. It also offers a tech degree program where you can get direct support from Team Treehouse with access to interactive quizzes and real-world projects.

You will also get the certification for this program which can help you get a job easily. This program will cost you $199 a month, while the regular subscription of Team Treehouse starts at $25 a month.

If you already have a professional degree in tech and just want to learn to code, the $25 plan would be good enough. But if you don’t have any professional tech degree, you can opt for the tech degree program.

11. YouTube

Well, I don’t think YouTube needs any introduction. After all, it is one of the most popular and widely used platforms to stream video content. The best thing about YouTube is that it is free, meaning you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch it. You have to deal with advertisements, but that is not a big deal.

YouTube is on our websites to learn coding list because it is a platform where you can find plenty of content to learn programming very easily. The best thing about YouTube is that you will get video content from people already in the industry for years.

You can get free video tutorials on YouTube for almost any programming language, such as Python, JavaScript, Java, Node.js, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Flutter, and Kotlin. However, the biggest problem with YouTube is finding the right tutor or course.

However, there are a few YouTube channels that I will recommend to you if you are interested in learning coding from YouTube. These channels include The Coding Train by Daniel Shiffman, The Net Ninja by Shaun Pelling, Derek Banas’ Channel, Programming with Mosh by Mosh Hamedani, and Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz.

You can surely find many other channels offering free programming courses on your own, but these are the channels that I highly recommend to beginners. Besides that, one more benefit of YouTube is that you can easily find solutions for the issues you are dealing with or topics you are interested in.

But going to rely more on Youtube, I would recommend watching out below video on “How Youtube Ruined My Coding Carrer.

How YouTube is killing your programming career

12. GitHub and Stack Overflow

Link – GitHub (https://github.com/ ), Stack Overflow (https://stackoverflow.com/)

Lastly, we have GitHub and Stack Overflow on our list. Initially, I thought of talking about both of these websites separately. Still, later I decided to talk about them because, in my opinion, Stack Overflow and GitHub can be a lethal combination for any developer or programmer.

So, let’s start with GitHub. So, it is one of the best platforms for finding coding-related projects. You just need to search for what you want, and you will easily find something. You can easily share your codes on GitHub or use someone else’s code after forking them. This is one of the reasons GitHub is primarily used to share open-source projects.

On the other hand, Stack Overflow is a forum platform where you can find answers to almost all programming-related queries, doubts, and questions.

All you need to do is visit the platform and submit your queries. In most cases, you don’t even need to create a post. You just need to search for what you are looking for, and you will surely find something to answer you.

The community of Stack Overflow and GitHub is highly engaging and friendly. You can engage in conversation with experts in the field of programming. If you are serious about programming, I recommend joining their Discord and Slack channels.

While exploring Best Websites To Learn Coding for you, I found an educational video that shows you the right career path and provides you the resources for following that path.

How to Start Coding? Learn Programming for Beginners


What are the best websites to learn Coding? 

Technology has considerably grown, there are many options for almost everything, and the same applies to websites available for learning to code.

Some renowned websites are Codecademy, FreeCodecamp, Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, Edx, Udacity, Treehouse, Codewars, Code Avengers, W3schools, Plural Sight, Solo Leam, Google, Hacker Rank, CodeCombat, LinkedIn learnings, etc. 

Is there a website to practice coding? 

Through various online competitions, aspiring programmers can assess and improve their programming skills on the competitive programming website CodeChef.

It can help you sharpen your programming skills and understand market trends and needs. 

How fast can I learn Coding?

You may learn coding in three months if you’re dedicated enough. A coding Bootcamp or independent study can help you become an expert in web development or data science coding in three months or more if you’re trying to change careers. 

It depends on a person how interested they are and how much time they devote. 

Is it worth it to learn Coding?

You can gain useful talents like creativity and problem-solving abilities through coding. Therefore, learning to code opens up a wide range of employment prospects.

The advantages include the flexibility to establish your own business, a wide variety of industries to work in, higher wages, more career prospects, etc. So, it is worth learning to code if you use it the right way. 

Can coding be fun?

Yes! Absolutely coding is fun for some people who do it for personal purposes. They enjoy creating new apps and solving new problems via coding.

Some coders enjoy the thrill difficult coding problems give them. It is a fun activity if considered so, and it is helpful for personal and professional gain. 

Are coders well paid?

Software developers are well compensated with a high starting salary and substantial earning potential.

According to the BLS, the lower range of incomes in the tenth percentile (entry-level) had a median of $65,210, and the median salary for a software developer in 2020 was $110,140. 

Closing Comments on the websites to learn coding list

There you have it – a list of the best websites to learn coding.

Most of the websites I shared in this article are free; therefore, there is no reason not to try them. If you are a beginner starting your coding journey, I recommend going with GeeksForGeeks, W3Schools, CodeAcademy, or YouTube.

However, the timeframe of learning to code through these websites will be a bit longer since you have to learn everything on your own.

On the other hand, if you are willing to pay, you can opt for paid platforms such as Team Treehouse, Udemy, Pluralsight, or LinkedIn Learning to kickstart your programming journey.

However, once you gain basic to intermediate programming knowledge, you can use platforms like HackerRank, Codementor, and others to test and sharpen your skills.