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Top 10 Best Ways To Watch Videos Together Online


There are a few things I love to do in solitude, but watching videos have never been one of them. In fact, I feel it is so much of a communal activity that I decided to do a research into ways to watch videos together online.

I would not try to sell you on the advantages of watching stuff with friends, because that is probably why you landed on this page. I will rather introduce you to the outcome of my research. I hope you get to experience more memorable times as you watch videos online with friends.

Here is my list for top 10 choices for seeing your favorite stuff together with friends.

Ways to watch videos together


watch videos together

Watch2gether is a great website. It allows one watch videos together with friends. All that is required is that you a room, then invite your friends using an invitation link.

This website is absolutely free and the best part is that no registration is required. Simply invite friends and watch videos together.

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watch videos together

InstaSynch is great as it gives users the opportunity to watch synchronized videos with each other and chat in real time. This service is totally free. But unlike watch2gether, one is required to register to create a room. You can watch a channel, or chat without registering.

My Circle TV

watch videos together

MyCircle TV is another free online service. It allows users to watch videos across the internet together and provides real-time sync.

One can easily create a room from the homepage or using the search function. With the generated link or via social media, room invitations can be made. It also has a nice instant messenger for chat and will also allow chat via VoIP.

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 Togethr TV

watch videos together

Together.TV basically allows you to watch videos with just about anyone. To create a room, all that is required is pasting a video link of what you’d like to watch and hit the watch button. this service is very straightforward and really easy to use.

It is perfectly synchronized, pause, play etc.


watch videos together

With most “watch videos together” apps, a problem is usually with supporting each service. This can be complicated and cumbersome.

Rabbit, however, provides a shared desktop. When you set up a “room,” you’re given what is essentially remote control of a browser tab hosted by Rabbit.

Once you log in with your friends, you all could stream video and audio to respective computers.


Wavelength provides the ability to build playlists in a live chat. One could listen to music, watch videos, and socialize together!

Just like most other services, as soon as you make your playlist, you could invite friends and watch videos together.


watch videos together

This service requires registration but makes the process easy as registration could be done with Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Once a room name has been picked, invite your partner through Facebook or Twitter. After which you could create a playlist and add media via YouTube or SoundCloud.

Same Surf

watch videos together

SameSurf is a free internet sharing device. It is, however, more than just a “watch videos together” service. It allows people to browse websites, shop, watch videos and do other online things with their friends and family all in real-time.

It can be downloaded as a web browser and is also available online as a free web application.


This list represents my favorite picks. Most are free, but all will get the work done pretty well. Please also note that this list is in no particular order. So feel free to pick and choose whichever suits you.


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