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9 Best Watch2gether Alternatives To Watch Together Online

Watching your favorite movies and shows with your family and friends is always one of the most exciting things, And, there are so many applications and websites designed to give you an exclusive viewing experience when you are with your loved ones.

But what about when you are not actually “together”? What about when you are residing hundreds of miles away from the most special people?

More often than not, you have no other option but to ask or recommend your friends to watch something interesting at the same time, but that doesn’t give you the pleasure of enjoying the content of your liking “together”. And that’s when watch2gether comes to the fore!  

What is watch2gether?💁 

Watch2gether has been a very popular platform that allows you to watch the content of your choice “together” with people of your choice, but most importantly, in “real-time”, even when you are apart!

It has been a wonderful way for those who stay away from each other but don’t want to miss on the chance of enjoying their favorite video content together.

Not only exciting movies and TV shows, but you can also enjoy a wide range of other content including YouTube videos together on the platform without any problem whatsoever.  

But why are we looking for watch2gether alternatives?🧐

That’s an interesting question! If the platform is offering a lot of real-life buddies, then why do we need to look at other, similar, competitive platforms?

Here is the most logical answer! Just like any other technical entity, there are some glitches noticed in watch2gether. And, trouble while streaming videos have been the most common one for quite a while now even with the watch2gether extension.

Too many irrelevant advertisements throughout the content browsing are something I have personally found very, very annoying! And, that’s why I have decided how about exploring some of the best watch2gether alternatives?

How about checking if the platform is too hyped and some other competitors are doing a lot better? Nevertheless, if these alternatives are better than watch2gether is a discussion for some other day, but you at least have so many more options!

And why would you stick with only one if you can try more? Let’s have a close look at some of the most popular alternatives to watch2gether.  

Best Watch2gether Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. Hyperbeam  

Hyperbeam is the first website to feature in this exclusive list of the best alternatives to watch2gether. And, I have quite a few reasons for it too! With this excellent platform, you can enjoy your much-awaited movie nights with your distant partner or friends without any hassle whatsoever.

Best Watch2gether Alternatives

Thanks to the newly improved user interface, starting a watch party with literally anyone is as easy as ordering your favorite cuisine. Staying close even when you are apart have definitely got a completely different prospect with Hyperbeam!  

Designed by Tutturu, Hyperbeam has got everything you expect from a reliable video syncing platform. The overall look is so clean, it works very smoothly, and gives you a simply amazing platform to become everyone’s favorite virtual party host.

There is a virtual room in the platform that enables you and your buddies to share a multiplayer web browser with anyone you want.

That’s not all! You are allowed to visit almost all the websites through it, and you can even pass the control of the watch party to anyone you want!

With Hyperbeam, you no longer have to bear with screen-sharing to enjoy an experience of “togetherness” while staying away from each other!  

Features of Hyperbeam:-

  • Allows you to explore the web in excellent sync 
  • Pass around the control and collaborate with participants effortlessly  
  • Multiplayer, clean, and very smooth embedded browsers  
  • Suitable for almost all types of events and movies  
  • Very polite and responsive customer service 

Availability – Web, Windows, and mac | Ratings – 5 / 5

2. StreamParty – sync video Easily

StreamParty is the second on my list of the best alternatives to watch2gether. It is undeniably one of the largest video watching communities that allows you to watch videos together with your favorite people you care about the most.

Don’t have any friends as crazy as you are? You don’t have to worry, as this website also permits you to explore like-minded people, befriend them, and watch a wide range of video content in which you both have mutual interests!

Search someone like you, discuss a bit, search a bit, and there you go! Automatic synchronization is one of the most fascinating features of the website.  

Best Watch2gether Alternatives 1

You don’t have to worry about keeping your favorite videos In Sync manually, as the website itself makes sure all your videos are saying even with pausing or skipping.

With the help of an integrated chat and video chat, you will constantly get an experience like you are enjoying your favorite content in your living room!

StreamParty is one of the most preferred communities of video addicts from different parts of the world, and you have a great chance of becoming friends with some of the most exciting people! And, that should be something really, very interesting for you!  

Features of StreamParty:-

  • Automatically keeps videos synchronized  
  • Integrated chat and video chat for an exclusive watch party experience  
  • A massive community of crazy video addicts  
  • Allows you to discover the content of your choice 
  • Unlimited public parties are available 

Availability – Web | Ratings – 5 / 5

3. Syncplay  

Syncplay is also one of the most reliable watch2gether alternatives widely popular for giving an exciting shared viewing experience irrespective of the distance between you, your family, and friends.

It brings together family members and friends so that they can watch movies, TV shows, animations, and other entertaining content together.

How does it work? The Syncplay client smartly launches a shared media player on your screen, connects it to a secure server, and joins a virtual room. Seeks pauses, and all other aspects of video playback are more than just suitable for a decent watching experience.  

9 Best Watch2gether Alternatives To Watch Together Online

It smartly saves your watching interests by tracking what you have been watching with your buddies and supports you with a customizable experience.

Another great thing about Syncplay is, that it gives you the option of what type of files you want to send to the server. It means, your privacy and security are always in your control when you enjoy watching movies and videos on Syncplay.

To ensure even better security, the server works in “room isolation” mode, meaning, any information shared by the clients is only processed by others in that same virtual room.  

Features of Syncplay:-

  • Easy to stream videos from various media streaming platforms  
  • Powered by MLV media player and VLC media player  
  • Quick to share with whoever you want to watch with  
  • Very clean and simple user interface  
  • Allows you to report bugs  

Availability –  Windows, Linux, *BSD, macOS | Ratings – 4.8 / 5

4. Rave – Watch Party

Rave is undeniably one of the best watch2gether alternatives with some very exciting content updated regularly. With the application, you can easily enjoy a wide range of content from multiple providers including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, etc.

With your best buddies and that too, while chatting in perfect sync! The platform allows you to connect seamlessly with the people of your choice via text or voice message while you enjoy watching together.  

Host your virtual movie nights on Rave! 🍿

You can even create a watch party by adding the audience of your preferences irrespective of how far you are from them! What more? Rave also enables you to upload movies and songs for global movie nights.

Creating your own, unique song mashups is also super easy with the app. In short, Rave can be the ultimate mode of entertainment not only for you but for your crazy friends and family members as well!   

Features of Rave:-

  • Easy and quick to connect with your friends  
  • A wide range of content from various OTT platforms is available  
  • Enables you to share videos through Google Drive  
  • Rave DJ for mixing multiple songs  
  • Engaging chat feature for discussing and watching at the same time 

Availability – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Ratings on Apple Store – 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on Google Play Store – 4.5 / 5  

5. Kosmi  

Kosmi is your ultimate entertainment universe full of some very exciting content uploaded not only for you but for your crazy crew as well! One of the most popular watch2gether alternatives is not only about watching movies or videos together.

9 Best Watch2gether Alternatives To Watch Together Online

It also enables you to experience the magic of online gaming, music, and much more – all in one place! Kosmi expertly integrates with a wide range of famous entertainment services and platforms, and helps you with a massive range of content – all free of cost!

You can effortlessly ask your friends to join, explore from a deep ocean of videos, and decide together what you would like to watch!  

Versatility is something I have admired the most when it comes to Kosmi. It enables you to share and watch together movies but also makes it super easy to share screens, files, and even native integrations.

Yes, all that on a single platform! Why would you bother searching for different sources of entertainment to hang out remotely with your friends, if you can do it all in one place on Kosmi?   

Features of Kosmi:-

  • A massive range of video content available at your fingertips  
  • Also allows you to share files, screens, and more  
  • Super easy to host as well as join 
  • Highly customizable watching rooms  
  • Integrates easily with multiple OTT platforms and service providers 

Availability: Web and Android   

6. invited.tv  

Invited.tv is another very reliable great form for watching movies, animations, YouTube content, and more together with your friends with the help of a shared virtual browser.

Whether you are planning for the weekend or anticipating for night party, you can rely on invited.tv for an excellent, never forgetting watching experience.

Connecting through the platform is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is to send an invitation to the people of your choice, and they can connect seamlessly and instantly irrespective of where they are.  

The website also enables you to start a private watch party and share it through any site thanks to the dedicated invited virtual browser.

You can reduce the distance from your friends with the help of video chat can low latency voice, all included in the platform itself. Control the virtual browser the way you want, and choose what to watch, whenever you want, and with whoever you want!  

Features of invited.tv:-

  • Some of the most amazing content available free of cost  
  • Covers you with videos from multiple platforms across various genres  
  • Simple, easy, and very quick to connect  
  • Invited virtual browser for sharing stream from any website  
  • Video chat with a low-latency voice for a wonderful “watch together” experience 

Availability – Web | Ratings – 4.7 / 5

7. OpenTogetherTube  

OpenTogetherTube is another decent real-time video synchronization and video playing platform known primarily for its simple, yet highly effective user interface.

Entertainment should be made easy, and that’s the biggest highlight of this website, as it doesn’t require you to sign up or log in.

Simply, visit the website, make your own video room, or check out various other rooms, and get yourself in for a beautiful viewing experience. Inviting your friends to OpenTogetherTube is also very, very simple! 

9 Best Watch2gether Alternatives To Watch Together OnlineCurrently, it allows you to add videos from some of the most popular sources like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. And, you can of course expect for addition of more websites in the future!

With a cool synchronized playback, you can simply hit the play button, and the video plays for everyone added in the video room. As simple as that!

If you have a squad who comes back frequently to enjoy watching videos together, you can easily opt for permanent rooms with a custom URL that doesn’t change.

So, this can be your go-to platform if you have buddies who regularly get together to be a part of the remote video watching experience.  

Features of OpenTogetherTube:-

  • Allows you to create customizable video room 
  • Real-time synchronized playback 
  • An optional voting system with the dark theme 
  • Doesn’t ask you to sign up 
  • Multiple video sources are available in one place 

Availability – Web | Ratings – 4 / 5

8. Teleparty  

A completely revolutionary and new way to enjoy TV shows and movies together! Netflix Party is now Teleparty, has got a lot better, and is surely among some of the most promising watch2gether alternatives.

It doesn’t matter, where you want to watch your favorite video content, you can watch it from the Teleparty platform!

Best Watch2gether Alternatives 5

The website allows you to create exciting watch parties in seconds right on platforms like HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, and many more. Teleparty features a wide range of content across multiple genres and has got you covered irrespective of your choices and preferences. 

Syncing Teleparties is one of the most exciting things to do on this platform, as you can precisely sync with your entertainment partners, and enjoy high-definition video quality without a lot of buffering not only on your desktop but on your mobile phone as well.

I love customization, and always admire the applications and websites that allow even a bit of it. Teleparty is just another face of customization, that even enables you to choose from fun nicknames and user icons.

And, to make things even more interesting, you can also explore a large array of themed icons right on the homepage of the website. Precisely, Teleparty is a deadly combination of entertainment and togetherness with a pinch of customization.  

Features of Teleparty:-

  • Supports a wide range of leading streaming sites  
  • Makes syncing super easy and fun  
  • Easy to use on both desktop and mobile  
  • A wide array of customization options is available  
  • Highly interactive and clean user interface 

Availability – Web | Ratings – 3.9 / 5

9. Togethertube  

Togethertube is last, but surely not the least on my list of the best watch2gether alternatives, and is packed with some fairly useful features.

With a synchronized player, you and your friends can see videos simultaneously and without much effort. You will get a feeling like you were sitting in front of the same screen.

And, every chat room is featured with a built-in chat system that fulfills all your communication requirements.

All your watch partners are allowed to vote and add any video of their choices, and can also decide which video should be played next.  

9 Best Watch2gether Alternatives To Watch Together Online

More importantly, you also get a configuration option in the room through which you can configure your watch room the way you want.

For example, if you are a host and want to restrict someone’s ability to vote or control the room, you can do that as well without much fuss.

How about trying your experience as a DJ? How about enjoying your favorite indie tracks on Soundcloud? Togethertube gives that option to you as well! Fire up your chat and watch room with a customizable playlist for your buddies and make them feel so, so special!   

Features of Togethertube:-

  • Allows you to create your own watch room with complete control  
  • Upload interesting videos for a large audience and get the popularity  
  • Built-in chat system for an excellent communication experience  
  • Synchronized player to watch videos simultaneously with multiple users  
  • An exclusive voting option available for better viewing 

Availability – Web | Ratings – 3.5 / 5


How can I watch videos at the same time?

Platforms like Watch2gether, Hyperbeam, and Streamparty make it super easy for you to watch your favorite videos with your friends at the same time.

How can I watch local files online with my friends?

Screen sharing is the only safe and effective way to watch local files online with your friends. Syncplay is one of the most popular software for this very purpose. You can also try other methods like uploading files to YouTube and enjoy watching on FileParty.

What can you stream on Watch2Gether?

You can easily stream literally everything including movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, and other videos from the web with Watch2Gether.

How do you watch YouTube together?

Airtime is an excellent way to watch your favorite YouTube videos together with your family or friends. For that, you have to download Airtime, set up a profile, add as many people as you want. But they also need an Airtime account! You can easily create room right from the main screen, and add your friends to watch YouTube together.

Is watch 2 gether safe?

Watch2gether is usually safe, legal, and is only known for “innocent hanging out” with friends without an intention of trying to hack or breach data. However, according to some reports the platform has not been properly monitored, and can be a source to find adult material including sex, violence, explicit language, and may not be completely safe especially for children.

Can you watch Netflix on Watch2Gether?

The Watch2gether player is not compatible with Netflix. However, the company started to offer an option recently. The beta W2gSync allows you to paste almost any Netflix URL from the special window to your private room. When you are able to start the video, everyone already added to the room can easily watch.

Is Scener safe to use?

No, Scener is not safe at all! You should not use it even if you stuck in the worst possible scenario of recently ended worldwide quarantine.

Does everyone need Netflix for Watch2Gether?

Absolutely not! There is no link between Watch2gether and Netflix whatsoever. And you don’t have to have a Netflix account to watch your favorite content with friends on Watch2gether.

How can I get Netflix free?

There isn’t any legal way to watch Netflix for free. However, you would like to explore different ways of trying to watch Netflix without paying anything.

Which country has free Netflix?

In the latter part of 2021, one of the most popular and biggest streaming platforms, Netflix announced to offer a free mobile plan to its customers in Kenya. This way, the people in Kenya can easily get access to about 25% of Movies and TV shows on the OTT giant.

Is Netflix free in Vietnam?

Yes, after Kenya the Netflix launched a free plan only after a month in Vietnam as well. Vietnamese people can enjoy watching Netflix free of cost, and without any advertisement!

Do any VPN still work with Netflix?

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN options for Netflix. Although it is a lot expensive than its competitors like Surfshark and NordVPN, but it offers a dedicated Netflix section on its main page, and also supports users with multiple VPN server locations for quick and safe access to Netflix.

Is Netflix broken?

No there hasn’t been any news like breaking down of Netflix at all! The company hasn’t even reported any kind of interruption to the overall streaming service and is safely available to watch.


That’s all about my top 9 watch2gether alternatives you can rely on to have a nice watching-together experience. All of these platforms are very easy to access and are surely full of a massive range of content.

Try at least a few of them with your buddies, and then decide which one can be the most preferred option! And, if you have found some other website/application with similar features and decent experience, don’t forget to mention it here for our audience and share watch2gether reviews with us.