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How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming? 🤔 This one is one of the most common questions that comes to your mind when you are playing any online game.

Don’t Worry!

This article will cover all the possible ways to Reduce Ping along with all technical details.

Without any further ado, let’s get started. 📗

It is essential to understand the science behind gaming and signal transmission if you are to build a strong position in the world of online gaming, including how ping works.

For a gamer, staying ahead of the competition is key to a flourishing gaming career. While many gamers will take drastic measures to avoid the annoyance associated with slow network performance and other factors that makes a game unplayable, every second counts else you that took the first shot might be the first to die due to lag. 

We have all experienced such situations, and have used the newest technologies, including laptops, gaming wares, software, and hardware to enhance the refresh rate to avoid lag.

Although every split second counts, gamers often forget the real reason behind their gaming problems, which is ping.

If you haven’t heard about it, welcome to an article that aims to explain what you think you know versus what it really is.

And although ping cannot be totally wiped out, there are ways to reduce it to make your gaming experience better, faster, and more efficient without wasting money on all the latest hardware or getting beat in your favorite online game.

A high ping indicates a poor connection to a server, and regardless of what you do, it will not improve the game or make it faster.

But not to worry 🐱‍🐉

Lowering your ping should help; you can easily improve on that by going through your settings and tweaking the entire outline to improve the network, lower the ping and improve the rate at which you receive and send out messages faster, and in turn, makes your games better and to maintain your position on the top of the leader board.

This article’s steps apply to the below queries including other games:-

  • How to reduce ping in Roblox
  • How to reduce ping in Minecraft
  • How to reduce ping in android
  • How to reduce ping in valorant
  • Why is my ping so high but my internet is good

As mentioned, we will go through some of the best ways to reduce ping, but let us first understand what this is all about.

What is Ping?

The words ping and lag are often used interchangeably, but in the gaming world, they have two different meanings.

Ping is a measure of latency or the measure of how fast a signal sent to a server is received and returned to your game console while lag is another word for latency.

The software lets you measure the communication time between the servers and the console. For example, if you are playing a combat game, every single move you make is a message sent to the server to alert you if your move is a miss or on-target.

Now it might look easy, but with high ping, this message could be delayed causing you to lose track of time and even fall victim to your opponent’s move causing you to lose the game.

How To Reduce Ping

The ping comes into play in ensuring that the time-lapse to receive and send a message is in the millisecond range between the gaming console and the game server.

But because your gaming console or the platform you are playing a game from does not transmit radio signals, it has to pass through a third-party server, hence the name ping.

What is Ping as Fast As Possible

Now, this is where latency comes into play too. The measure of time it took the signal, usually referred to as echo, to get back to you is the latency.

So the next time some techie asks how high your latency is they are referring to your ping rate and how efficient or fast gaming is on your unit.

What is the latency?

With our understanding of ping, latency is the delay period from when a message is sent to when it is received.

There is really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lowering your ping or latency, it depends on a lot of factors, and the ways to reduce ping must be repeated over a while until you find what generally suits you and your gaming habits better.

How Does Latency Affect Online Gaming?

However, the higher the ping, the more unresponsive, and unplayable games will be, resulting in more losses, annoyance, and wasting money where is not needed. Ping has a profound effect on your ability to play a game for the best or worst.

Factors That Can Cause High Ping 🤷‍♂️

If your ping is too high, a couple of factors could be behind it. However, ping is a complicated issue, and usually very difficult to pinpoint the exact cause or proffer an equally on-point solution for it.

Your ping can be affected by anything from your network setup, the service provider, and even where you live.

We have narrowed down the main causes of ping to four, namely

1. The Gamer Server

Sometimes the game’s server can be the reason for the high ping, and while technology has given us a broad array of options to choose from, making the right choice is crucial to the ping.

If you know the server’s internet protocol address, you can plug and test the speed before a game. Furthermore, the closer a server is to your place of residence or game console, the lower the ping and faster the gaming experience. Bear in mind that servers are faster; this brings us to reason number two

2. The Travel Distance

How To Reduce Ping

This is very obvious, the closer the console is to a server, the faster the internet connection, the low the ping, and the more playable the games are on your system.

So if you live far from the speed test server, you should expect a ping speed or above 20ms into the 100ms due to distance.

3. The Bandwidth or Network Queuing

When we talk bandwidth, we have to mention packet loss. The higher the packet loss on your system, the higher your ping time is.

This could result from too many people connected to a particular server or the network having a long queue of things to attend to. This causes the network to fluctuate during peak hours and drop when the load is less.

However, gamers know that if you are playing a game off the cloud, you will require a lot of bandwidth due to downloading enormous data files with plenty of graphics. To prevent ping, and reduce the graphics quality, you will be amazed at how your ping time changes.

Another option is to monitor the network and which time of the day is the busiest and avoids downloading at those times or you could take one of the ways we will be enumerating later in the article to reduce your ping.

4. Line Quality

How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

This has to do with the transmission. The ping is influenced by the rate at which a message is sent and received along a distinct route. When the route is less busy and free, your ping time will be lower and gaming on the channel will be faster and vice versa.

An extra factor that will cause poor ping is the type of system you are using. If your computer or device is not configured for a particular game, you will experience a high ping rate.

However, you can enhance the system with some quick adjustments to the settings, and you are good to go. Be aware that this will not wipe away your ping issues, so a gaming system is always the best option for playing powerful and graphics-laden games that cause high ping.

How to Test Your Internet Speed and Ping Time?

There is plenty of software to test for ping time, internet speed, or online. While you will get a good result from them, one popular and very user-friendly platform is Speedtest.

Besides being able to use the software without stress, it also provides a more accurate reading of your ping and internet speeds respectively.

Furthermore, Speedtest allows you to compare the ping speed of multiple servers and choose the one that best suits your needs or with the strongest signals.

The closer the server, the lower the ping time, but you should also know that when too many people are hooked up on a closed server, your ping rate could go higher too.

Other excellent platforms that will enable you to test your ping and internet speed are speedof.me and speedsmart.net, which will enable you to access ping speeds of servers close and far away anywhere in the world.

How To Reduce Ping

Gameserverping.com is a dedicated ping test website that is specially designed for gaming only.

Just navigate to https://gameserverping.com/ and select your game on the right-pane side

How To Reduce Ping

it will show you latency from each server. 🙂

How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

When testing your internet and ping speed, remember to reboot all your hardware, and use an internet cable. You cannot test the speed of your system without a cable; you should get a reading of your ping time before and after the router starts transmitting signals at your place of residence.

Furthermore, a ping test can also proffer a better spot in the home where the time is lower for a better gaming experience.

Some people have asked why you need a cable when you need to lower your ping. The answer is pretty simple; a wired connection has less interference and workload than a wireless connection. Moreover, wired connections are more private when compared to wifi.

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What is the Best Ping Rate For Gaming? 🤔

The ping rate is measured in ms or milliseconds, a tiny description of a tremendous change in your gaming experience. If you are totally into gaming or play professional online games, your ping rate should remain within 20 milliseconds or lower.

This allows for speedy data transmission to and from your game console to the server. However, most games will play at 50 milliseconds, and even at a rate below 100 milliseconds.

Hitting a ping rate of 20 milliseconds is like winning the super bowl, but in cases where it is not attainable, we have simple solutions to enable you to reduce the ping rate.

Best Ways To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming

In general, reducing your ping rate aid in faster connection and better service and you should notice a difference when you do the following

1. Get Wired

How To Reduce Ping

Since the inception of wifi, communication has been faster, cleaner, sharper, and closer than before. However, there is little difference noticed in a system that uses wifi and one that still relies on cables like Ethernet.

Although a wireless signal is clutter-free and makes your workstation look professional or for gamers, with no interference, the signal integrity, and speed over wireless connection degrade over time.

So if you are gaming over a wireless connection, the first option will be to swap to a wired Ethernet cable connection and ensure the cable connection is of minimal length. The short length will minimize

  • inconsistencies associated with signal transmission
  • It reduces fluctuation and interference from other electronic devices.

Ethernet connection moves faster and more consistently than the wireless system and experiences fewer jitters.

Although gamers with excellent wireless connections will hardly notice the difference between the two, if you have constant delays with your network at home or wherever you are playing the game, an Ethernet connection will help tremendously. 

Why is Wi-Fi Slower than Ethernet?

As you prepare to run your cable, try to avoid too much physical interference such as walls, floors, and other hindrances that will cause signal degradation. If possible, move closer to the router to reduce the space. 

2. Crowded Bandwidth

Two is a company; three is a crowd; this simple logic works with ping speeds too. If your internet connection is high and gaming is delayed, check what other people connected to your system are doing. 🐱‍🐉

How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

When one or more of them are downloading, streaming, and watching big data programs, it will increase the ping rate and hamper your gaming experience.

Ping speed is greatly affected by bandwidth and addiction programs that are equally as data demanding as games will increase the ping from your system to the server.

So to lower the ping time, close all background programs, including Skype, and Netflix, that are large downloads, and other games that might be running behind the scenes of your current game setting.

Remember non-internet programs will not affect your ping status, but all internet websites should be paused or closed if not in use at the moment.

If the internet router is in a home where other people have access, you can set a time limit to devices connecting from the server; this reduces the workload, increases the speed, and lowers the ping. If you cannot do the above, try the Ethernet connection that gives you privacy without interference.

3. Try Connecting To a Local server

Although this is not the most positive thing if you are a gamer, it will reduce your ping time drastically. Local servers allow for easy connection as it is the closest to you. Furthermore, connecting to a local server will boost performance speed and efficiency.

4. Optimize Signal Strength

If you are not opportune to get an Ethernet connection and have to depend solely on a wireless connection because of your play mode, then optimize the signal strength of the network.

While several apps can allow you to upgrade faster and better, you need a good router to ensure a smooth process that will reduce ping. After getting a router, look for a spot that is free from load or interference.

Furthermore, try to get your wifi device as high as possible or angle the antenna to 45 degrees to get a steadier, stable, and fast connection. We advise getting it to higher ground because of the wifi signal angle towards the earth; hence the higher the router, the better the signal.

At the time of our research on How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming, we found a video about “8 Proven Ways to Speed Up Wi-Fi at Home” which is worth watching. 🤴

8 Proven Ways to Speed Up Wi-Fi at Home

Finally, you want to run a speed test at three or four locations around the house, this will give you the best position where the router will receive the best signals for your gaming action.

5. Change Your Router

How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

Playing online games consumes a lot of energy; therefore, powerful hardware will ensure they run well. We advise you to get a new router, but before then, listen up.

If you have been playing games for a few days non-stop or the router has continued working more than average, switch off the router, remove all connecting cables, and allow it to rest for a while.

Switch on the router, and attach all cables, it will take a while to re-route, but it should work fine and lower your ping. You can also update the software on the router as old software will hamper efficiency and increase ping.

If your router is old, it will lack the capacity to handle high-volume programs hence making the ping high. Switching to a robust router will manage the workload efficiently and reduce the ping considerably.

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6. Avoid Proxy and VPN

How To Reduce Ping For Online Gaming: The Definitive Guide

If you are browsing the internet using a proxy and VPN will work, but for gaming stay away from them. VPNs routes a VPN server before communicating with your game server, and then your device.

This means the farther the VPN route, the longer the response, and the higher ping. So turn off your VPN/proxy services on your gaming device before you start playing any game; it will boost the system speed and reduce ping.

But there is one dedicated service named Wtfast that is claimed as a GPN (gamers private network) that is dedicated for gaming only means they are optimizing game connection data.

Apart from that, they are using smart routing to select the optimized traffic path for your game connection.

Check out the below video on “How WTFAST Works”.

How WTFAST Works – Get Faster Ping and Less Lag

7. Scan For Viruses and Clean Your System

The risk of playing online games is bringing a virus into your system; even professional gamers sometimes ignore or turn off virus detection to play a particular game. When your system is battling with an intrusion, it lags and increases ping.

When your system is sluggish even with a great router, Ethernet and others, it could be a virus or other form of malware.

12 Signs Your Computer Has Been Hacked

To prevent this, have reliable anti-malware software on your pc or gaming device, and routinely scan for intruder viruses will protect and keep your device free from them. However, because malware apps also run on high data, it might be a wise idea to turn them off while gaming to reduce ping.

8. Call the Customer Service Center of your ISP

Although we spoke briefly at the beginning of this text, this is the time to take action. If you notice a high ping at specific periods of the day consistently, it means the traffic is enormous hence the lag in speed and performance. If you are paying for the service, it is best to inform them of the lapses and have it checked out.

If you steadily drop complaints and nothing is done, it is time to change to a different internet provider or choose a reliable service outside your location.

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Products That Will Reduce Ping

Besides the above ways to lessen your ping, the next accessories will help too.

Choosing the right gaming router – To match the power and consumption of a game, you need a router that can deliver equal power too. Gaming routers will optimize the signal strengths and create a dedicated bandwidth for your gaming activities.

We recommend NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi Router ( Check Price On Amazon ) or NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router ( Check price on Amazon ) to our readers.

Ethernet adapters – Adapters allow you to get excellent line quality with high-performance speed to your gaming device. You must have two adapters, one at the router’s source and the other close to your game console. This will enhance speed and lower the ping.

Gold-plated USB cables – While some say the effect is minimal, gold-plated USBs have been shown to reduce ping, and increase speeds to a gaming device. The most common cable, Cat 8, can deliver speeds of 40 GBPS and 2000MHS.

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How can I lower my ping?

You can lower your ping by 1. Choosing the right gaming router 2. Get Wired 3. Avoid Crowded Bandwidth 4. Avoid Proxy and VPN 5. Use Services like Wtfast 6. Call your ISP 7. Use Gold-plated USB cables

Why is my ping so high?

The main causes of high ping are, namely 1. The Gamer Server 2. The Travel Distance 3. The Bandwidth or Network Queuing (QoS) 4. Line Quality

Is 25ms ping good?

If you are totally into gaming or play professional online games, your ping rate should remain within 20 milliseconds or lower

Is it possible to have a 0 ping?

Unfortunately No, It’s possible only when you are directly connected with the Server in the Same local area network.

Does VPN reduce ping?

Normal VPN is not reducing the ping, however, dedicated GPN (gamer’s private network) like Wtfast are used for optimizing game connection data.


Finally, ping is a word every gamer should get familiar with, and how to reduce it must be a priority. Regardless of the router or systems, you are using; you want to ensure you reduce the ping time as low as possible. If your ping is higher than 100 milliseconds, you will definitely experience delays, and games will be unplayable.

While ping is mostly linked with gaming and gamers, they cause more harm to the productivity of your system than most people believe.

They cause lag and impact the efficiency of the personal computer greatly. If you are into gaming, going through the article above will not only give you measures to combat ping, but you will enjoy a faster system too.

So the following are some tips to remember if you want to reduce ping and eliminate the lag in a multiplayer game. 

If you have tried something new to reduce ping, we would love to hear from you as we hope to update and expand the article in the future.