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9 Best Game Console For Kids Under 10 Years

Want to find the Best Game Console for Kids Under 10 Years? 🤔 You’re on the right page.

Let’s explore this guide. 📗

Your son’s or daughter’s 6th birthday is coming up shortly, and you are wondering what sort of a gift to give them. Well, these things happen in life. You are thrown some curveballs to understand and get to know life in a better way. 

Have they expressed their desire or interest in video games or gaming consoles? They would have already been using smartphones and tablets for now. Hence, they want to go a step ahead with gaming consoles. 

Maybe they saw their friend own a gaming console or saw it on the internet. Kids are smarter than you think they are. If you are a professional gamer or develop video games, you would know the games suitable for your kid. 

Otherwise, finding out the game console that is ideal for your kid can be a challenge. What kind of game console is the best for your kid? The type of gaming console that your kid may like? 

Most importantly, the game console provides the right age group games. You do not want them to be exposed to violence-related or adult content games at this tender age? You are right because we have researched the best game console for kids. 

The best way to begin would be to understand and get to know their taste. You might as well have a chat with them and ask them. Mind you, these gaming consoles can be slightly expensive; don’t say we did not warn you. 

Most of the games are family-friendly. You can sit for hours during weekends or holidays playing with your family. Game consoles like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are ideal for your kid. 

Not to mention, each has features like parental control, a wide range of options to play and use, and comes with specific models to them. They entirely depend on the budget and requirements of yourself and your kid.

Without wasting any time, let us carry on our reading and find out what might suit your kid. 

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Do kids need game consoles?

Best Game Console for Kids

Before we move into the best gaming consoles for kids under 10 years, we must find out if our kids need them. You would be lying if you said you are unaware of how much technology has influenced humanity today. 

It all began with the black and white television, and today we have the latest smartphone. Electronic gadgets are a must to own in today’s technology-filled world. What is so special about a gaming console?

A gaming console is a better choice for smartphones or tablets. Smartphones can be addictive and dangerous, in case you didn’t know. Not to mention, too much smartphone usage can spoil their eyesight and mental capabilities. 

It is undeniable that this is a crossover that many are making use of today. Not to mention, smartphone games can be easily accessed on the game console.

The game consoles come with a high level of quality and complexity. 

Best Game Console for Kids – Our Top Pick👌

1. Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

The Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes from Nintendo.

The maker has been popular among the masses for many years now. Both professional and amateur gamers would have laid their hands on a Nintendo. 

Best Game Console for Kids

The same can be said about the Nintendo Switch, which has many features. First, the game console is ideal for people of all ages, especially kids. It also has parental control, which you can easily set using the console. 

They come with 2 controllers for 2 players. When your kid has a friend of the same age or slightly older, they can play on the game console. If you travel often, you may want to purchase a travel case. 

The game console comes with a 6.2-inch screen that is lightweight and is portable. You can use it just about anywhere you feel like doing it. It comes with an analog stick with face and shoulder buttons.

You can hold them in your hands without much hassle. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Deluxe that earned it a spot in our list of best console for 10 year-old.


  • The game is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • It comes with a parental control feature and several other pins. 
  • Some games it comes with include Let’s Go Pikachu, Mario Party, Super Mario Odyssey, and Pokémon.
  • The games are easy to access and play where you feel like. 
  • You can find a wide range of video games on their e-shop.


  • It is priced on the expensive side. 
  • However, kids may not like that it comes with less power and might be unable to work on high-end games. 

The Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of those games that you may want to consider buying if you are looking for a good start for your kid’s 6th birthday party. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch Console (Bundle) - Unboxing W/ Deen

2. PlayStation 4 Pro – Best game console for family

The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console comes from the PlayStation maker, which produces some of the most brilliant gaming consoles.

When you want to enhance or give your kid a new experience, then this would be the best way to do so. 

Best Game Console for Kids
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What is so special about the PS 4Pro 1TB console? The first thing you notice about the game console is its 4K TV and HDR gaming technology.

A few notable features include connecting with friends, online multiplayer, live streaming, sharing in seconds, remote play, etc.

Some games you can play on this game console include Gran Turismo Sport and Call of Duty: WWII. The clarity and frame per second are seen to be believed. You can get to see vibrant and lifelike images on your screen. 


  • It comes with a wide range of features that are suitable for kids. 
  • The parental control feature is noteworthy because it is easy to set up and use. 
  • This game console is considered one of the best for kids above eight. 
  • With immense features and clarity, kids are bound to enjoy their gaming sessions. 
  • The games are priced reasonably to be used on this game console. 
  • Movies can also be viewed on the 4K screen in Blu-Ray format, along with the console.


  • Sadly, some games cannot be played on the PS 4Pro 1TB console. 

You must consider buying the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console though you cannot play 4k. While you cannot, you can view movies. You will only need a proper HDMI connection, 4k TV, and a robust sound system to get the ideal seeing capability.

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3. Nintendo Switch Lite – Best game console for 3 year old

The Nintendo Switch Lite–Yellow is a lightweight and small build game console. The best part about this game is that it can be placed inside your pocket. You can carry it around when traveling without hassle. 

9 Best Game Console For Kids Under 10 Years
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The control design pad is compact and sleek in design. You would be delighted to know that this game console is compatible with several digital Nintendo Switch games in handheld mode. Apart from that, the switch can be easily detached, offering you better usage. 

You can also find this comes with several features infused into one device. A few games you may be unable to play include 1-2 Switch, Fitness Boxing, Nintendo Lano VR, Super Mario Party, and Surgeon Simulator.

There is a D-Pad that allows you to use it feebly. In a sense, you do not have to struggle when playing the games. You can perhaps try the tactile games for proper use. If you love playing 2D fighter games, you would be delighted for your kid. 

The battery life is decent, coming with 6 hours easily compared to the previous model of only 3 hours. This one also comes in yellow, grey, and turquoise. The screen size gets smaller, meaning that it comes at 5.5” only. 

That gives it a resolution of 720p and clarity at 267ppi. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow that earned it a spot in our Best Game Console for Kids list.


  • This is a lightweight and portable device suitable for kids of all ages. 
  • You can make use of its immense features. 
  • The clarity is quite improved when compared to the earlier version. 
  • This is the best game console to introduce 3-year-old kids to. 


  • Sadly, there is no parental control over the game console. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow is perhaps one of the best ways to introduce your kids to video games. Unfortunately, it comes with no parental control, so you might want to ensure that somebody is around them when playing games. 

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4. Xbox One X 1Tb Console – Best game console for 7 year-old

The Xbox One X 1Tb Console – Gear 5 Limited Edition Bundle is ranked fourth on our list of best game consoles for kids. This is from the makers of the Xbox.

As you know, Xbox has been around for quite some time in the gaming sector, and this one is no disappointment. 

9 Best Game Console For Kids Under 10 Years
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Though some users have felt that the pricing is too high, you will be delighted to know that they provide you with an option of paying them in 24 months. You also have the option of playing more than 100 games. 

Not to mention, Alexa can be added to control your voice. Though we have seen many game consoles, we felt that this one is the most stylish. The color shades and the design is worth mentioning. 

The game console comes with all the features that should be present. Apart from that, you can also play games like action, adventure, and thriller games. You can also play games like football using the gaming console.  


  • The game console provides you with the capability to view HD movies. 
  • You can also watch Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu
  • A multiplayer mode allows you to play these games as you want. 
  • Players can play more than 100 video games on the game console. 


The Xbox One X 1Tb Console is an ideal buy as it comes with all the requirements for your gaming sessions. This is when you are looking for a stable, well-designed, and smooth game console.

However, the cost factor can ruin the party. Luckily, they offer a payment option of 24 months. 

5. Microsoft Xbox One X White Limited Edition 1TB Console with Wireless Controller 

The Microsoft Xbox One X White Limited Edition 1TB Console with Wireless Controller is ranked fifth. When you want to surprise your 6-year-old, then you might want to consider this game console. 

Best Game Console for Kids
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Produced from Microsoft makers, you know you have a reliable make here. You can use its HDR live streaming that lets you play games with more than 50% power on 4K games. 

Using Spotify as a gamer, you can view the 4K videos on Netflix. There is also a wide range of Blu-ray movies based on animation that your kids would adore and watch. The ideal weekend activity, perhaps.

You can also play live with your friends online, which is a very good feature. Traveling to their house is not required during holidays or weekends when you play from the comfort of your place. 

You would also like the game console to let you play more than 4 games without paying an additional amount. Of course, you need to be using their premium facility and adhere to their policy for using that. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Microsoft Xbox One X White Limited Edition that earned it a spot in our Best Game Console for Kids list.


  • You can play more than 100 games using this Xbox game console. 
  • You can also add games every few months without additional payment. 
  • Several classical games can be played on the game console. 
  • The games can be played using the Xbox One and on your Windows PC. 
  • You can access the controllers without hassle. 


  • Many users have said that the loading time for the games is on the slower side. 

The Microsoft Xbox One X White Limited Edition 1TB Console with Wireless Controller is an all-rounder in the game console market. You may be unable to find a product that matches its features and pricing. 

6. Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle

The Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle features are suitable for kids of 5 years. Perhaps, this game console’s only drawback is its quite expensive.

9 Best Game Console For Kids Under 10 Years
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But the features are quite powerful, so we have ranked it here. The Xbox One S enables you to play several high-powered games and has parental control.

You can not only access the games and block them if you feel otherwise but keep an eye according to the age of your child. 

There are a young child and teen feature that suggests the games likewise. Some popular games include Super Lucky’s Tale, Spyro Trilogy, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle that earned it a spot in our Best Game Console for Kids list.


  • The game console lets you restrict access to most of the free apps.
  • This is the best console for 8-year-old kids as you have parental control. 
  • The console is durable and robust build. 
  • Gamers can access most games on the game console using voice commands. 


  • The console is slightly on the expensive side. 

The Xbox One S 1TB Starter Bundle is an expensive game console. But it has a barrage of features and a good design that makes it stand out. You know what to buy when you want your child to have the best console. 

7. Nintendo New 3DS XL – Best games console for 5 year-old

The Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition + Super Mario Kart for SNES is a feature-rich game console, and we have ranked it seventh on our list.

You will be delighted to know that it comes highly rated on Amazon, but its customers are not. 

Best Game Console for Kids
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One can say that this game console comes with all the bells and whistles one can ask for. It is the ideal gift for your teenage son and daughter. This system provides you with a new dimension in gaming.

You can play most of the Nintendo games, but they come in 3D. The AC adapter is sold separately. Depending on your kid’s age, you can use the 3D model. They have also provided you with Super Mario Kart (Super NES) code.

The first thing you would like about this game console is its screen size. The clarity and the size blend to provide you with the best visuals. Some users say they have problems viewing it, and so on. 

But this is way better than the original 3D. You will notice a lot of improvements on this one. The system as a whole is fantastic. The build quality is also just too good. It comes in black and solid color.

It is amazing for kids and adults to open up and see it. One look at it, and you are bound to like it. Few users have felt that it is heavy, but that is not so. Yes, it is slightly heavy, but not too heavy. 

The 3D and the cartridge slot are perfectly placed with a click. The stylus location at the bottom offers you the kind of change that is required. Now, the only thing left is to pump in some money for those classic DS games that delight. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition that earned it a spot in our Best Game Console for Kids list.


  • The color is beautiful and elegantly designed. Many users have complimented its looks and shape. 
  • This is a Nintendo product, and that speaks for itself.
  • The image clarity is enhanced from the earlier ones. 
  • The 3D offers you intense visuals. 
  • The code for the SNES Mario Kart comes with this game console.


  • Few users feel a power lag, but you can purchase it on Amazon. 

The Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition + Super Mario Kart for SNES is the ideal game console for kids who are under 10 years. The design, the features, and the pricing are perfectly sublimed with each other. 

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8. LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Gaming System

The LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Gaming System is a handheld game produced by LeapFrog. For those unaware, LeapFrog has been in the gaming industry for many years. 

9 Best Game Console For Kids Under 10 Years
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This particular product has received close to 1000 excellent ratings. The best part about the game is that kids under 3 years old can begin playing it. The video game comes with a barrage of games that are extremely suitable for the board game Pet Play World. 

Not to mention, it comes with a wide range of educational games too. They include reading, math, science, and problem-solving games sold separately. You can play the games using your body, point and play, and through the control mode. 

Your kids will never run out of excitement because you can play with over 100 games approved for use. These games are meant for your kids to play and learn up the ladder. You can also see the games on the screen. 

There is also a multiplayer mode where players of different ages and skills can play together. This improves your child’s ability to play the games. Apart from that, the games enable your child to adapt to them. 

The package comes with a control stand, a camera for sensing motion, the mount for the camera, the LeapTV console, a transforming controller, a wrist strap, the cable that is 6 feet HDMI, a cord for the camera that is 6 feet, an AC power adapter, and a Pet Play World game that is already preloaded.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The LeapFrog LeapTV that earned it a spot in our Best Game Console for Kids list.


  • It is straightforward to use and play for both kids and adults. 
  • The games can be played using 3 modes: body, control, and point. 
  • They provide more than 100 games, so your options are endless. 
  • You can easily set up and install them because there is nothing much to do.
  • They have active customer support in America. 


  • Few users have felt that it is challenging to point the controllers rightly to make them work accurately. 

📗 FAQs on Best Game Console for Kids

Below are a few queries on Best Game Console for Kids that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Are our game consoles good for kids?

Yes, gaming consoles make the perfect gifts for kids. They are excellent for keeping them occupied and entertaining while improving their imagination and basic motor skills.

Which gaming console is best for a 7-year-old?

The Nintendo Switch Lite, Xbox Series X or Series S, and Sony PlayStation 4 Slim or Pro 1 TB are top picks suitable for children aged seven years and above.

What age should a child have a games console?

There is no official age criterion per se. Anyone can own a game console provided the games are age-rated.

Which gaming console is best for beginners?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles for beginners. It is easy to use, affordable, and offers many games.

Which console is more kid-friendly?

The Nintendo Switch is the most kid-friendly gaming console, with most games rated 3+, 7+, and 12+.

What game system is best for kids?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the best all-around gaming console for kids. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a portable console, while the LeapFrog LeapPad Academy is highly suitable for younger kids.

What is the best gaming device?

The PlayStation 5 is considered one of the market’s most popular and best gaming consoles.

How many controllers can you connect to a Switch?

You can connect up to eight controllers to a Nintendo Switch console simultaneously.

What is the approximate age to buy a gaming console for a child?

If your child is four years younger, you might not want to get them a gaming console.

Instead, you can let them use your smartphone or tablet. That is sufficient for them at that age. However, if they are above 6 years, you can consider getting one for them. 

It is difficult for them to control and handle the gaming controls, but it is also bad for their eyes at this tender age.

Once they can hold on to objects properly and are above 5-6 years, you can purchase one of the game consoles we discussed in the list above. 

How good is the Xbox for young kids?

Undoubtedly, the Xbox has been one of the best game consoles in the market for quite a while. It is incredible to know that they have been around since the inception of game consoles. Perhaps you would have bugged your parents to get you an Xbox when you were a kid. 

The reason may be that you can play many games on it. They are durable and can last at least 8-10 years if used carefully. The whole family is also entertained with an Xbox at home.  

Why is the 4K TV ideal for the PS4 Pro?

It is unnecessary if you are happy and content with the PS4 Pro. As long as you are satisfied with its features and how it is playing, you are good with the TV you own. 

However, the 4K TV has excellent visuals to enjoy the game and its features. This way, you can fine-tune in and have a thrilling experience playing video games using your game console. 

Which gaming console must you consider, the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

Both are good. That is because the PlayStation and the Xbox produce excellent products. Any gaming expert will tell you the same answer. However, it comes down to the features you require and the tastes of your games. 

The Xbox comes with more processing power and quick computing capabilities. The PlayStation catalog and the visual reality features are much better. You might research both of them intensively and then make an informed decision. 

When was the first game console released on the market?

The first game console or video game was released in 1972. Odyssey produced it. Though the game was not a success, it inspired many other game developers to develop their versions of the gaming consoles. 

Today, as a result, the PlayStation and Xbox, along with many other game consoles, have been manufactured and released in the market. It is heartening that even PC makers are lining up to produce gaming laptops for amateur and professional gamers. 

Summing up 

Because you are getting a gaming console for your child, it does not necessarily mean you put your preferences and tastes aside because it is a family game console.

Though we have discussed the best game console for kids under 10 years, most are suitable for adults too. 

You do not see a single individual playing a game, but rather a few people, like family members and friends, playing together and having fun and excitement. Not to mention, these games are ideal for bonding with your growing kid. 

We hope this review gave you the insights to decide strategically on your buying plans. If you would have noticed by now, the last two products are handheld devices suitable for kids and adults. 

You can also spend your time watching Blu-ray movies on the weekends. These game consoles come with YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. We can assure you that what we have discussed above is to the best of our knowledge. 

We have done our best not to mislead you in any way. Please communicate with us through the comment section if you find something out of hand. You are always welcome to give your suggestions too. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can select your child’s first game console with confidence now. 

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