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11 Best Geoguessr Alternatives To Explore The World

In nature, nothing is perfect, and everything is perfect, and the same rule can be applied to the game Geoguessr. It quenches gamers’ thirst for nature and technology boxed up together.

Geoguessr is a web-based geological game that uses Google Maps to locate streets to continue the game. It is a game where you can challenge your cognitive powers and test your directional knowledge with just a game. 

The app provides its services in two ways, paid and free services. The paid services have more to offer than the free service, so if you are an ardent gamer, you can go for the paid services as it unlocks creating maps for you.

However, the clash between Google’s Maps prices and GeoGuessr leads players to pay more to unveil the premium version, which has become one of the reasons why its players are looking for GeoGuessr alternatives. 

Or non-availability of anything besides Google Street View, such as road signs, weather, climate, navigation, etc.

We have summarized some of the best alternatives you can check out if you want full-fledged alternatives.

Best Geoguessr Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌

Let’s put the show on the road with our first Geoguessr alternative.

1. Ducksters

Our first solution to Geoguessr alternatives, Ducksters, is named one of the most exclusive free alternatives to Geoguessr.

The game is full of quests ready to challenge how much knowledge you have of the globe.

Best Geoguessr Alternatives

The quests have all the questions that will force you to rack your brain, and if you are sure that you know the answers about continents, countries, flags, and capitals, then you will be a pro in this game.

The game provides state maps, crossword puzzles, and word searches to make it easier. It is a multipurpose game that satisfies the audience looking for a geographical quiz game.

It reduces a load of geography instructors as these puzzles can be printed out to distribute among geo students.

Talking about the word searches aspect, the game expects you to know all the terms related to Geography to know the region you are in.

It is available online and can also be played without the internet. The decision is all yours; you can opt online or print out its puzzles to play with your family.

The interface is pretty calming as the background of quizzes has nature-centric sceneries such as oceans, lakes, deserts, ecosystems, etc. There is no better Geoguessr alternative than Ducksters, as it is a feature-packed game.

Apart from geography, you can also put your science, history, and many other subjects, specifically Bio knowledge, on tests.

It has many surprises for its player, such as Hangman, who will hang a stick on your head to make the game more tedious.

It is right that Duclsters is one of the alternatives that demands attention from both generations: adults and children. You won’t be required to enter your credential to play the game, as it is free.

2. City Guesser

Unarguably, City Guesser has secured the title of ‘top Geogusser alternatives. It is again a web browser game where they try not to depend on Google Maps API and instead have videos to guide their gamers throughout the game.

Best Geoguessr Alternatives 1

The game does not ask you to pull out credential cards and offers a free service in the gaming niche. The game pops a full-screen video on your PC containing random places around the globe with no name attached.

With the hint given in the name, you can guess what you must do to find the location in the video; you have to guess. When you are ready to start guessing, click on the option ‘start guessing.’

If you want to know your progress, you can click on the green button on the screen. You can connect with your friends and challenge them by creating a private room or simply joining the public room.

It tries to cover almost all the prominent parts of the globe, and if you want to search for a particular destination, you can search by typing in the name of the country, continent, or region. 

Some prominent options are the US, India, Japan, France, Russia, and many more. You can also tone down the list by searching major cities, hilly areas, cold regions, capitals, tourist places, seaside cities, etc.

It is not an easy game as it requires your full attention and a remembering brain, so if you are sure you can, what are you waiting for?🤷‍♂️

It may not be as demanding as Geoguesser, but a level lower than it. The alternative is at your service and does not require a single penny.

3. Hide & Seek World 

There is no question if you know what the Hide & Seek World game is. I’m sure you know the game Hide & Seek; if not, you are missing out on some extreme fun and what type of game you had in your time. 

Best Geoguessr Alternatives 2

The game has given its full attention to multi-media players and ensures you will have a good time with your social circle.

It is a game where you or one of your friends will be a hider who will select a hidden location that you and your other friends will have to guess as a seeker. Your guess will be made by seeing Google Street View images.

If it is your turn to be a hider, remember to select a location that will promise them a hard time guessing it. It is so because your point depends upon seeker guesses. And if you are a seeker, try to make your guessing skills better to have more points than others.

Hide $ Seek is reincarnated as a virtual form, but they both have the same fun. It blesses you with a mammoth playground equivalent to the whole world in terms of area, metaphorically or virtually.

After every level, you can see who is the leading player and who has guessed closest to the hiding location.

It has two sets of gaming modes, Street View and Satellite view. Street View allows you to have a Street View location, whereas Satellite mode is a random area. 

You can use the service by purchasing the premium version or with no money. For ardent gamers, only one game per day will not be enough, as the free version limits you to playing the game only once a day.  

In comparison, the Premium version opens you to unlimited rounds with a space of 20 players in a private room. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy one of the mirthful city guessers.

4. Zoomtastic

If you want to increase your knowledge of places and countries around the globe, Zoomstastic is one of the best places to make learning interesting and fun, along with granting you one of the Geoguessr alternatives.

The web-based game has a map of all the countries and asks its users to guess the country in 30 seconds. 

11 Best Geoguessr Alternatives To Explore The World

The second round offers you 10 seconds to guess the right place with the help of 4 options, and you can select the right one.

Well, the wrong answer may cost you 100 points. It has its downfall as there is no game mode other than countries.

It means you are limited to countries and nothing else, no cities, landmarks, or any other place. You can only play on your PC and no other digital equipment to add more to the list. 

Do not get subsided by the downside as the services are free for you so that it may lift your spirit. And the prime feature for an interested person as the game has a segment after each level with the label ‘Did you know.’

This 3D game can be among your Geoguessr alternatives with its easy-to-use interface and points mentioned above.

5. GetLost

Apart from its offensive name, GetLost is again one of the instances where you will get free services from the game and is named among the best Geosguessr alternatives.

It is a game full of innuendo and signs to keep the thrill throughout the geographical saga.

11 Best Geoguessr Alternatives To Explore The World

The game’s major concentration is about two countries only, India and the US. You will get five rounds and have to score on each level. The score is the result of how close your guesses were.

It is a game that challenges your institution’s powers, so if you believe you have a good institution, then GetLost is the game for you. The game resembles Geoguessr in the way that you are required to make an account to get started.

It can be done easily by creating an email account or logging in using Twitter or Google credentials. But f you want to play with your gang, it is a big no-no as the game does not offer a multi-media player option, unlike Geoguessr. 

The game is easy, with many clues and hints, such as street signs, building names, etc. The location is taken from around the world, but they favor North America and India. 

Many users found guessing locations in India difficult as its street names are not common and somewhat hard to read. It has both free and premium versions. If you are a game lover, then my suggestion for you would be to go for the paid plans.

The free version allows you to play the game only once daily, whereas there are no restrictions in the paid version. But if you are not an ardent gamer and geo lover, then GetLost’s free version is more than that.

The game does not hold restrictions on the map, unlike Geoguessr, so it would be a waste to lose one of the free and feature-packed alternatives with all the right parts of Geoguessr.

6. PlayGeography

The name defines what you will do in this Geoguessr alternative, PlayGeogrpahy. It is a game that tries to transform geography into a game that guarantees fun and education. 

The game’s developers, Teachme firm, are active benefactors to the learning game and apps society. If you are not a minimalist person, then it is not for you, as the game is quite straightforward in its approach to learning.

You won’t get advanced 3D maps or any maps videos but a simple 2D map to guess cities, countries, flags, states, and many other options.

The game’s best strong point is it maps quizzes and has no limitations on the number of times you play the game a day. It resembles GetLost in its gaming mode.

The game has five modes: country, locations, flags, capitals, states/ provinces, and the best feature that catches my eye is that you can play more difficult scenarios as the level goes up. 

Best Geoguessr Alternatives 5

To make it more difficult for you, the developers have installed a timer so you can know the time you are taking to solve the hindrance. Remember that the time you are taking will decide your points and, in the end, your results.  

You won’t have to enter your credential; the app does not ask you a single penny and has more to offer than Geoguessr. PlayGeogrpahy stores more learning questions as compared to Geoguessr. 

The game asks for your attention and skills but guarantees an education that will not bore you out. The game can be played with the whole family trying to solve the puzzles quickly. 

7. World Geography games

World Geography Games is known as the best competitor amongst simple alternatives. It is a game that any generation can play and not die of boredom.

It will not be a problem if you are a child, studious learner, adult, or a child at heart at growing age because the game is made to please all generations. 

Best Geoguessr Alternatives 6

The developers highly praise their creations, claiming the game to be a problem-solving solution for finding the next traveling destination or an invaluable tool for the audience searching for free interactive whiteboard resources.

It can be your geography and general knowledge tutor to help in your upcoming tests. The game is used for multiple purposes as it benefits students and teachers in making students learn better.

Visual representation is one of the fastest means to attract attention, and what’s better than a geographical game to ensure that primary students are engrossed in learning? 

No cash is allowed here; it is free for you to play. The app tries to amp up geographical knowledge by giving accurate quiz results.

The topic includes questions about countries, continents, flags, mountains, oceans, seas, rivers, deserts, valleys, islands, and volcanoes, and the list is never-ending. 

The game has more questions than most alternatives combined have. It has its downsides, and the absence of 3D maps and videos is one of its downsides.

If you can overlook this one downside, then I can assure you that World Geography games are worth the time, and there is no harm to once checking out this simple yet knowledge-packed Geoguessr alternative. 

8. Seterra

A must-visit Geoguessr alternative, Seterra is a box containing more questions than you know the answers to. You will be amazed at its recherche linguistic library.

It makes you familiar with countries, their flags, along with the geographical diversity of the countries, including their water flows, rivers, and many more. 


Boredom will be far from your dictionary, with its nine gaming levels challenging your knowledge in every instance. Learning became more fun with personal assistance.

The online version of Seterra provides you with information and tries to make your pronunciation of them polished and refined. 

You will be excited to know that, Seterra is one of the Geoguessr alternatives that provide more than any other alternatives. You can go through 400 maps, not just in the English language but also from 40 others. 

The list of features is unending as you can play the game on your web, and if you want, you can also have its app version on your Android and an iOS app on your Android.

You can adjust quizzes according to you and can tone down the location you are looking for. The US, North and Central America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia, are some global locations. 

You can also make customized quizzes so that your whole family, friends, and your class of students can enjoy them. Apart from geography, you can vent out in the science field as they also have ‘Anatomy and Science’ quizzes.

Not checking Seterra will be a major loss as you can not find such a long list of features in other alternatives. You can only find all these features in Seterra. The free version, as well as paid version, is available. 

There is no limitation in the free version except for plenty of ads, so if you do not want to be swamped with ads, you can pay up to $1.99 a month to get rid of ads for a month. If ads are bearable, then no money transaction is necessary.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

9. Geotastic

If you believe in fundraising causes along with trying to find Geoguessr alternatives, then Geostatic is the best option. It is a free alternative to Geogusser that the whole family can enjoy together. 

The game allows multi-players so that you will not get bored alone. The game has three specific modes: Street views, popular landmarks, and a flag guessing mode.

Apart from these three prominent modes, the game has a Country guessing mode. The name suggests what a player would guess in this mode: guessing the right country with the hello-go hints and clues given by the game.

Geostatic also asks you to make an account or log in as Geoguessr does. Apart from making an account or logging in, you will not be asked to do anything else, and the game does not ask its players to pay up. That’s an add-on.

As per your choice, you can alternate between playing alone as a single-player from the single-player mode, or you can also play in the team from the online lobby. To play as a team, creating an account is necessary.

There are no ill comments about the game, which has received fair compliments. It is no doubt one of the most played Geoguessr alternatives. It is free, has no limitations, and has many modes and challenges that demand scream and knowledge.  

It resembles a lot of Geoguessr, so you will easily get the hang of the game. But as we have already mentioned, it is a fundraising game, and players must pay some amount to continue playing it without any hitch. 

The challenge mode has 88 countries that some people deem less but fair; it is more than the number of countries provided by many Geoguessr alternatives. 

10. GuessWhere Challange

If you are an Android person and would love to have geo quizzes trivia, then GuessWhere Challenge is the right game to install on your Android. The game starts with a random location in the world. 

11 Best Geoguessr Alternatives To Explore The World

The easy-to-play game provides you with a panorama from which you have to pick out the name of the destination, and if your answer is accurate, you have a higher chance of winning the game. 

It has different sessions, and each session is divided into five levels. These five levels will show you a panorama of 5 different places. But to unveil each level, a certain score is necessary, so that’s where your challenges lie. 

Under the criteria of android Geoguessr alternatives, GuessWhere Challange is one of the most accurate geographical games that comes at no cost. It lets you use the knowledge you have about places. 

Visiting places gets easier with this alternative, metamorphically speaking. The game has different modes of games with options such as regions, locations, cities, etc.

The game has challenges that ask sincere attention as it may ask you to guess the location of mountains and visit places and deserted areas. 

The last but not the least feature that you can use is its multi-player options, which enables you to challenge your colleagues and friends, and family to know who knows geography better. 

It is a must-have free alternative that can surely give other Geoguessr alternatives hard competition. With no further ado, check out the Android game, as letting this go can be a bad decision.


Did GeoGuessr buy seterra? 

Indeed, Seterra is now a part of GeoGuessr. Seterra will keep expanding and getting better, thanks to GeoGuessr.

Seterra will function as usual initially, but the users will surely see upgrades and brand-new, wonderful geography activities, exercises, and quizzes. 

What are the best free GeoGuessr alternatives? 

City Guesser, Ducksters, Zoomtastic, PlayGeography, Seterra, etc. are some of the best GeoGuessr alternatives you can try to test your geography knowledge and challenge you to guess different parts of the world with so much excitement.  

How to play GeoGuessr for free? 

If you want to try GeoGuessr, there is a method with some restrictions (you can’t play the full Classic/Pro versions for free).

Simply visit the GeoGuessr website and choose the free-to-play game type from the list of options. This will immediately transport you to a constrained 2D panorama view of one map, which you may explore and make assumptions on as usual.  

Although you can play this game as much as you like, its functionality is constrained. There are also methods for playing the game’s Classic edition for free. You may start using GeoGuessr for free after creating an account.  

Like more commonplace location games, you’ll be allowed to play the game for free once daily (Global-game springs to mind). 

Is there a free alternative to GeoGuessr?

MapCrunch, GeoSettr, and Zoom Earth are free alternatives to GeoGuessr with similar gameplay and features.

Is there a game like GeoGuessr?

City Guesser, What the Street?, Traveler IQ Challenge, and Mystery Skype are games like GeoGuessr that offer a similar concept of guessing locations based on images or clues.

How to play GeoGuessr without a time limit?

There are a couple of options if you want to play GeoGuessr without a time limit.

Option 1:– GeoGuessr Pro is a paid subscription program with several extra features, including the capacity to play without time restrictions. You can spend as much time as necessary researching the area and coming up with your estimate when using GeoGuessr Pro.

Option 2:- The “GeoGuessr Helper” third-party browser application is an additional choice. The game now has several features added by this expansion, including the option to turn off the timer.

Install the application in your web browser first, and then launch GeoGuessr from there to use it.

Where can I play GeoGuessr for free?

The official GeoGuessr website, GeoGuessr on Google Maps, GeoGuessr on YouTube, and GeoGuessr on Mobile are some ways to play GeoGuessr for free.

Is using Google for GeoGuessr cheating?

Using Google or any search engine to find answers during GeoGuessr is considered cheating. GeoGuessr tests geographical knowledge and challenges your ability to identify locations based on visual clues.

If external resources like Google are used, the game’s purpose is defeated, and the challenge is lost. The game is meant to be fun and educational, and cheating undermines its educational value.

What games are similar to Guess Who?

Games similar to Guess Who include Who’s It, Hedbanz,20 Questions, Clue, and Battleship.

Is there a country guessing game like global?

Seterra, Country Flags Quiz, World Geography Games, and Google Earth are country guessing games similar to GeoGuessr that you may enjoy.

What app has a guessing game?

Heads Up!, Trivia Crack,4 Pics 1 Word, and Guess The Emoji are several apps that offer guessing games.

How many times can you play GeoGuessr?

Depending on the game version you are using, you can play GeoGuessr a certain number of times.

You can play up to five rounds daily on GeoGuessr’s free edition. The regions of the maps you can investigate in this version are also restricted.

With a GeoGuessr subscription, you can access more maps and game modes and play unlimited games each day.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions are just two features and payment choices available with the subscription plans.

It is important to remember that GeoGuessr also has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with other users in real time. You can participate in the multiplayer mode for as many rounds as you and your opponents decide.

Wrapping up

We have written some of the best Geoguessr alternatives in this article, but we can not choose them for you. The ranges and features vary from one alternative to another, depending on what type of game you want.  

Most of the Geoguessr alternatives provide both free and paid services. Some of the paid versions of these games open up more gaming plans, whereas free versions of some of the listed games are more than enough.

All these mentioned games are worth your time, so I hope you may find the suitable Geoguessr alternative and its right plan.