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15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

Do you want to improve your General Knowledge? 🤔 Awesome!

These 15 Of The Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps for Android and iOS Phones will make you GK Ninja. 🐱‍🚀

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Every educated individual needs to have an idea of everything that is happening worldwide. In other words, maintaining proper general knowledge in varied areas is necessary for a person.

General knowledge helps a person feel more confident while engaging in conversations and even works as a great support in different situations.

General knowledge is also necessary for securing the perfect job. Nowadays, it is easier for individuals to polish their general knowledge with the help of many cognitive and interesting apps.

In these modern times, people use their Smartphones for varied purposes. Apart from using our smart cell phones for entertainment and fun, we can even use them for learning new things and polishing our knowledge.

We can use them for browsing the internet and even for taking online classes. Apart from quiz apps, we can also use them for getting hold of other apps like language learning applications, mathematics apps, and dictionary apps.

General knowledge quiz apps can help individuals get detailed knowledge of current affairs. With the help of these apps, students, and even those who have already completed their studies, can indulge in learning new things during their leisure time.

General Knowledge Quiz

This can be a great hobby one can indulge in while sitting idle at home. One of the most significant advantages of these apps is that they spare you from the expense of buying hard study materials or books.

You do not have to go through the hassle of visiting different bookstores and putting your time and energy into buying valuable stuff.

In this era of new technology and inventions, these apps can strengthen your learning curve and give you the confidence required to take center stage during discussions, debates, and conversations.

You will gain valuable knowledge through these apps, as per your time, comfort, and even on the go.

These apps will not just build your mental strength but also offer you information that will help you stay ahead of your competitors in every field.

Some of the most informative and innovative general knowledge quiz apps have been detailed herein.

You can use these applications effectively to learn current affairs, improve your general knowledge, and take quizzes that will further help you rate your knowledge.

General Knowledge Quiz Apps – Our Pick 👌

1. General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App

The app contains a selection of contests on dissimilar topics. The questions in this app are quite diverse, covering various subjects like sports, science, arts, history, cinema, music, religion, and geography. The list is not contained here.

There are over 2000 questions that come with detailed answers. This application is a complete museum of some of the most curious facts that can be real revelations for any savvy erudite.

General Knowledge Quiz

Even tips are available for users who find it difficult to answer the questions on this app. Users also get the option of taking the help of their friends via different social media platforms.

There is nothing to worry about for those who do not have sufficient coins to answer the questions on this app.

You can easily acquire them by watching videos and being active on social media platforms. Apart from this, 100 bonus coins are awarded to the users who log in regularly.

It’s a free application that will help you expand your knowledge on different topics. There are two modes available with this intellectual app: Classic and Quiz.

General Knowledge Quiz

In the classic mode, players answer questions from varied categories like games, art, cinema, and popular individuals. In the Quiz section, users need to answer many questions correctly.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

This application stands out from the other applications for its minimalistic and stylish design. Users can play alone and fight with their live opponents in different online series. Winners are the ones who manage to answer the maximum number of questions.

If both players give the same number of right answers, the timing is used for determining the winner. You can even raise your levels and compete with strong opponents.

Some of the most important attributes of this app are as follows:-

  • The app will help you in being sharp-witted in General Knowledge and in being fast with your learning at the same time.
  • This user-friendly app consists of a practice segment that can help users practice the question with four options. This can make the user’s brain acute.
  • It will help you make your conversations with other individuals easier and will also help you in developing great decision-making skills.
  • It enhances your personality and even helps students get good scores in their competitive examinations.
  • The app comes loaded with more than 30 streams of GK questions.
  • Quizzes on this app can be attended in the form of daily GK tests and online tests for improving one’s knowledge.
  • Users can practice quizzes even in offline mode.
  • The interface of this app is user-friendly.
  • GK quiz questions cover animals, agriculture, authors, books, computers, chemistry, general awareness, food, historical places, national symbols, world geography, and inventions.

This powerhouse of GK questions and answers will help you easily crack the most difficult examinations.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Daily Current Affairs and GK

This is yet another mainstream app for Android. As suggested by its name, it offers current affairs knowledge and general learning in English and Hindi.

General Knowledge Quiz

It empowers users to check advancements made across the world. Approximately 1 million individuals have already downloaded this application on their Smartphones. The app will help you in improving your GK for different examinations.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

You can also use this app to get yearly and monthly GK questions and notes. As suggested by the name of this application, it offers questions and answers on regular current affairs and the latest patterns.

The app can be used to find the best and the most significant questions for exam preparation.

Exclusive attributes of this app are:-

  • Questions are regular and are available in mock quiz form.
  • The questions on this app are based on the latest examination syllabus for 2022.
  • There are model question papers and answers available for online examinations.
  • The students can take mock tests to check their performance.
  • The questions and their answers come in a compound choice setup.
  • The users can take free tests to improve their speed in mathematics, reasoning, computer, English, and GK.
  • More than 3000 general knowledge questions can help the users prepare for different online examinations for ASI CPO, CISF, DMRC CRA, and bank specialists.

Daily Current Affairs and GK is the perfect educational app for e-learning and preparing for varied competitive examinations.

Download on Google Play Store

3. QuizUp

This social quiz app is completely different from the other quiz apps available in the market. Several features make this app exclusive and highly advantageous for its users.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

First of all, this app is highly customizable as users get the scope to choose the topics they like. There are many topics to choose from, including general logic and basic language learning.

This is more of a real-time quiz game where players need to answer quiz questions within a time constraint of 10 seconds. There are quick challenges available for the players that will further help them in polishing their knowledge.

Users can try their hands at various topics like sports, serials, cartoons, history, geography, arts, and animals. There are new themes constantly added to the app.

QuizUp is one of the most compatible applications for getting information and answering general knowledge questions.

Some of the unique attributes of this app include the following:-

  • This app can even be used for searching for questions and doubts that might be user-specific.
  • The app has an asynchronous multiplayer feature where users can search for opponents to play the quiz games.
  • The duration of each game is approximately one minute. Players need to answer around seven questions, and the one who answers the majority of the questions right is the winner.
  • Playing with friends is easy on this app using different social media platforms.
  • A double bonus is awarded to players who answer the final question correctly.
  • The app even features statistics where players can see their achievements and losses. Ratings are also available for the players.
  • The app allows you to play online with random opponents and challenge friends worldwide.
  • Several topics include logos, general knowledge, Harry Porter, sports, action movies, Disney, video games, the internet, and many more.
  • Users get to take part in engaging and vibrating communities with a plethora of topics to make their choice from, along with new updates available every week.
  • They can even climb universal ranks while claiming new titles and fortunes for all the different topics.
  • Each topic for the quiz is set in a category where the players can interact and play with people sharing the same interests.
  • Regular tournaments are also available.
  • The gaming option of this application motivates the players to improve their knowledge of everything across the world.
  • Learning while indulging in different games makes the app more interesting.

You might have used several general knowledge apps earlier, but something like QuizUp is hard to get hold of.

This app will not only help you play some of the best quiz games but will also enable you to share your interests on different topics, come up with your quizzes and connect with many users sharing the same interest.

Addictive, challenging, and fun – this app offers you the best of the quiz world.

Download on Google Play Store

4. Kids GK Quiz App

One of the most important features that make the Kids GK Quiz App a great general knowledge app for kids is its many categories. Users get to fight one-on-one with different live opponents from across the world.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

Friends can be invited, and even live opponents can be found randomly without going through any kind of hassle. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of this feature, you must log in to your social networking accounts.

There are seven rounds for the players to take up. Players can choose from four options available for answering the questions. Each player gets 10 seconds to answer a question, and the faster a player answers a question, the more points he or she earns.

In the last round, points get multiplied by two. There are different general topics covered in this app, which include music, movies, games, science, and the internet.

Players going for the game can increase their gaming levels and even earn some experience points. There are even rankings available for the players. The ones who make it to the list of top ten players in certain topics are notified of their achievements.

The questions provided by this app can help individuals increase their IQ and general knowledge and even prepare for different competitive examinations.

Some cool features of the app are as follows:-

  • This app will help you in improving your GK skills.
  • Easy-to-use application with more than 2500 general knowledge questions. More questions are added to the app regularly. So, it will work to stay connected.
  • Perfect GK practice app for kids.
  • It can even be used in offline mode.
  • It comes with a skill test segment for testing the users’ skills.
  • Questions are available in multiple-choice format.
  • Category-specific questionnaires on the computer, the human body, the universe, and spell learning.

If you are looking for that perfect app that can improve the GK skills of your child, then this app will be the perfect choice for you.

Download on Google Play Store

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5. Current Affairs 2022

The Current Affairs 2022 App contains quizzes on many topics. Users of this application can answer questions by choosing any of the four right answers.

Since quizzes are available on different topics, users can easily improve their knowledge of different friends. Every time they get to learn something exclusive and new. There are three ways in which players can search for opponents.

Daily Current Affairs & Quiz App Demo

They can choose random opponents and arrange competitions in real time. Even friends can be added with nicknames through Facebook.

The competitions generally consist of six rounds, where the players need to answer three questions from specific categories. Those who successfully give the maximum number of correct answers are the winners.

There are themes available for all tastes and preferences. These include games, music, technology, science, the world, cinema, flora and fauna, and sports.

Unique features of the application include:-

  • The question base of this app is quite extensive and is updated regularly. Users also get the option of sending their questions. Their questions are added to the games post-moderation. Hence, there is no chance of coming across similar questions repeatedly.
  • All quizzes and daily notes are available bilingually.
  • The byte-sized capsules of the app will help you get news on every topic on the go. Users can easily catch up on the most important updates and events of the day in less than 100 words.
  • Users can get their regular quiz fixes and notes to help with memorization.
  • There is no need for users to worry about huge data usage. They can avail of all the loaded questions and notes offline to be used later. News events and data can be bookmarked for revisions later.
  • Everything on this app has been carefully chosen by experts and by, keeping the examination requirements of the users in mind.
  • Best user interface and experience.
  • Users get the option of taking regular quizzes.
  • Revisions are available with monthly and weekly quizzes.
  • Preparations are available by date.

This app is one of the perfect ways of learning current affairs for SSC, Bank, railway, MBA, and Civil Services examinations in English and even Hindi.

It will allow you to master general awareness and general knowledge anywhere and at any time, absolutely free of cost.

Download on Google Play Store

6. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is the perfect app for you if you have long been looking for an app that serves as the best version of the popular trivia table games. This app has been designed perfectly to help individuals who want to have their share of quiz games.

General Knowledge Quiz

Users of the app simply need to spin a wheel and choose answers between four varied options. The most common trivia topics covered are geography, art, history, science, entertainment, and sports.

Users get the flexibility of signing up through their Facebook accounts. They even get the scope of play against strangers or friends worldwide.

Thus, the app offers a social experience to its users while helping them gain general knowledge at the same time. The main objective here is to collect all the characters belonging to the different topics.

One player gets to answer the questions one after the other until he or she gives the first wrong answer. Once this happens, it is the turn of the partner.

There are good reasons behind the popularity of this app, and we will have a look at them below:-

  • General knowledge questions in this app have been selected carefully and are also quite challenging. Players can also evaluate the questions to eliminate the boring ones.
  • Questions are available in 20 varied languages.
  • Each topic features personalized characters that are both lovable and sweet.
  • The app features adorable graphics.
  • Players get to test their understanding in six categories featuring some of the most exciting characters.
  • The users are updated with trivia questions on almost anything.
  • The app can even be used to provide one’s linguistic skills. Users can make content in their language and enrich the same through translations.
  • Users play in single-player mode to answer questions constantly and beat the highest scores. There are no waits or turns, with players getting full scopes of enjoying the quiz games at their very own pace.
  • Players can even collect answers and progress toward digging amazing prizes and gifts.
  • Solo game-playing fun is also available.
  • Real-time play sessions can be established with opponents.
  • Players can share their progress by way of social media platforms.
  • They can even check their quiz rankings.
  • Chat options with random opponents, friends, and family are also available.

Trivia Crack will be the ultimate platform for you if you are in love with games where you can challenge your family and friends with several quiz questions on different topics.

It will give you the chance to prove your smartness not just by answering trivia questions but even by recommending multiple-choice questionnaires.

It will help you learn interesting, fun, and new facts while being the star of some of the best quiz games.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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7. Quizoid

This app is one of the most fitting choices for an old-school, simple, and single-player quiz app for those on the lookout. This app features a minimalist design and contains 7000+questions.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

The questions on this app and even its features are updated regularly. The difficulty levels of the questions keep increasing, with the players crossing the varied game levels.

There are a total of 17 varied topics covered through different questions. The best thing about this app is it can even be used in offline mode. Thus, it comes as the perfect pastime while traveling.

Exclusive features of this great but simple app include:-

  • Users get the scope of testing their knowledge in a popular quiz with updated v questions.
  • They even get the scope to expand their knowledge of facts with more than 7000 quiz questions available offline at almost any time and any place.
  • Three varied gaming modes provide variety and help against exhaustion and boredom.
  • There are not just challenging facts available to the players but even curious and funny knowledge.
  • Questions on knowledge areas like science, entertainment, arts, general knowledge, food, leisure, sports, mythology, history, engineering, and technology are available.

For the ones who want to answer quiz questions ranging from entertaining to challenging, Quizoid might be a perfect choice. The app is not just available for improving the general knowledge skills of individuals but even for testing a wide assortment of GK topics.

Download on Google Play Store

8. 94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic

This application is a bit different and exclusive compared to the other quiz apps because it has a completely varied concept.

The name of this app should not fool you into thinking that you would have to score the same old-school examination grades to be successful. You do not need to worry, as this race for the best result will be great fun.

The app’s main objective is to find a minimum of 94% of the correct answers for certain scenarios. For instance, users need to list the things they find in pencil boxes.

They keep listing all the things that come to mind, and finally, the game offers percentages for all the listed items.

Exclusive attributes of this app include:-

  • Several levels are available within the game, meaning the players will never run out of entertainment and fun.
  • This single-player game does not require any online connection.
  • Boasts more than 25 million users across the world.

This entertaining and simple general knowledge app can be used by almost any individual, regardless of age. Downloading this app will be great fun as you get to explore a large number of questions based on images, expressions, and words.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

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9. Logo Quiz

Chances are you might be well aware of this logo quiz app as it is one of the most popular apps presently available on the internet.

Previously, apps in this category have gained huge success, but many were also considered boring.

General Knowledge Quiz

Others came with questions that were almost impossible to find a solution to. However, the story is completely different for Logo Quiz.

The app boasts a massive database of different logos and is free of cost. It consists of the logos of specific brands and even well-known ones. 

Spelling errors can be avoided using sets of letters instead of typing in the answers. The app offers several levels that the fanatics will conquer within the shortest time possible.

Important and cool features of the application include:-

  • Boasts over 60 000 000 downloads across the world.
  • Free trivia application allows players to guess the brand names of several logos of some of the most popular companies.
  • 3000+ logos are available for the players to make their guesses.
  • Daily Challenge is the new game mode of this app, where players can guess brand-new puzzles regularly.
  • The new levels of the quiz game are a color guess, food quiz, expert mode, minimalist, and slogans. In a food quiz, players must guess well-known companies’ foods. In color guesses, they need to guess the different colors of logos.
  • The app features more than 52 exciting levels.
  • Twelve hints are available to the players every 15 minutes, which is also completely free of cost.
  • The app supports more than 15 languages.
  • New hints were offered for the right logo quiz answers.
  • Users can start their games on their phones and continue on their tablets. Cloud save option is available.
  • Players can swipe screens to switch between varied logos.
  • Scores can be compared with those of friends.

Logo Quiz will not just test your knowledge of different brands and their logos but will also give you a clear understanding of the company logo if you are not good at recognizing them.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

10. HQ Trivia

This app is probably the closest individuals can get to when it comes to experiencing the original quiz shows. Dissimilar to the other quiz applications for Android, this app features an original host who asks all the questions.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

The questions are asked at preset intervals, and only those players can make progress who answer the questions correctly. The ones who are not able to answer the questions correctly are eliminated. Prize money is distributed among the remaining participants.

You can tune in to this application regularly to answer trivia questions. The app also lets you solve word puzzles ranging from hard to easy.

Some of the most significant attributes of this general knowledge pub quiz are as follows:-

  • Users can turn on notifications if they do not want to miss out on live shows that can help them win big.
  • Even friends can be invited to join the fun. The ones who use the codes of already existing players help the players in getting extra lives.
  • The app has already given away a huge amount of money in prizes.

HQ Trivia is one of the most popular live gaming show applications where players get the chance to win original cash rewards free of cost. 

Download on Google Play Store

11. Quiz Your Friends

With this quiz app, you are positioned in the creative seat. This app offers you the potential to create an ideal customized quiz that matches your preference and interests.

Users of this app get to choose from almost anything starting, from places to TV shows or whatever they like.

They can even save quizzes for later and send them out to their friends instantly to test their skills.

General Knowledge Quiz

The app features an instant quiz mode, which takes all the effort out of setting questions for your very own customized quiz.

With more than 300 million quizzes already taken through this app, it does not surprise that Quiz Your Friends is one of the best ways of connecting with friends and associates.

Exclusive attributes of this app include:-

  • Users can make their very own quizzes.
  • They can even take some of the most popular quizzes.
  • All customized quizzes can be saved on the app.

 With more features coming in soon, Quiz Your Friends plans to offer the best in quizzing to all its users. Opting for this platform four of your quiz fun dosage daily will be a great idea.

Download on Apple App Store

12. Popcorn Trivia

As is evident from the name of this app itself, this is a fun and exciting movie quiz app that will offer your hours of entertainment and learning. This app has gained huge popularity as one of the best mobile quiz apps within a very short time.

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

Movie enthusiasts and experts have designed this entertaining quiz app. Developers add new movies to the categories that span various genres weekly. This app will take your movie information or knowledge to a new level.

It will allow you to test your movie knowledge while challenging friends and hosting your game show using different movies.

Some of the noteworthy features of this application are:-

  • Users get to earn ranks, which further helps them in making progress. Points get them bonuses that can be strategically used to get lifelines for answering extra-difficult questions.
  • Players can choose questions from different movies spanning varied genres.
  • True cinephiles have crafted the questions on this app cleverly.
  • Answers provide trivia bits on the favorite movies of the players.

Overall, Popcorn Trivia is one of the best and the ultimate in movie quiz apps available for Android users. It is addictive, entertaining, and fun.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

13. DK Quiz

15 Best General Knowledge Quiz Apps To Enrich Your Knowledge

So, you are madly in love with quizzes and love taking up challenges at the same time. DK Quiz would be the perfect app for you. The app will help you answer thousands of general knowledge questions free of cost.

Important attributes of the app include:-

  • Leaderboards are available for the players to compete against their friends. This also enables users to check their rankings through players worldwide.
  • Quiz topics include animals, plants, sports, inventions, travel, insects, food, history, film, and music.
  • The app features a highly addictive and interesting turn-based challenge method allowing gamers to go step by step with their friends. The only thing that the players need to do is enter their usernames or connect through Facebook.

DK Quiz is one of the most amazing quiz apps boasting more than 100 quizzes that range from topics like history and science to music and food.

Download on Google Play Store

14. Trivia 360

This is one of the latest apps combining some of the most exciting aspects of different quiz apps. Many questions are featured on this app mixed up in a riddle, true/false, and various other styles.

General Knowledge Quiz

The app comes with an easy-to-use interface. Players will surely like the landmark questionnaire that tests their geography memories from school. This free-of-cost quiz app can be used on Android.

It is one of the most amazing brain games that enhance the human brain’s immaculate through addictive IQ challenges and thinking. There are different trivia puzzles included in the game.

Exclusive attributes of Trivia 360 are as follows:-

  • Quizzes in this app have been set in varied categories like true or false questions; Classic-4 answer questions; landmark riddles, flag quiz, and more.
  • Users get the option of choosing questions from the selected mode. They can even check the number of questions they answered right.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • There is a leaderboard for the players to check the performance of the other players.

This is one general knowledge quiz application you need to download instantly if you want to enjoy brainstorming sessions like never before.

The random brainstorming sessions of this app will offer you hours of fun and entertainment. So, you no longer need to think about different ways of spending your leisure time productively.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

15. Quiz of Knowledge 2022 – Free Game

This app is the perfect scope for improving your understanding and knowledge of general topics. It consists of 4000+ GK questions categorized into five difficulty levels.

Quiz of Knowledge Android Game Promo Video

The app’s easy questions and user-friendly interface will make it a fun experience for the players to undertake the quizzes.

Categories covered by the questions include agriculture, world geography, animals, games, plants, general knowledge, and environment.

Some of the most important features of this General Knowledge Quiz app are:-

  • Players get 20 seconds to answer each question.
  • There are three lives available to the players.
  • One life is gained by answering five right answers in a row.
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Supports all tablets and mobiles with Android.
  • Small in size, taking only 4MB.
  • Offline mode is available.
  • Players can add their questions simply by submitting the same to the in-game submitter of the app.

Quiz game enthusiasts can always look forward to this app if they want to get several hours of quizzing fun.

Download on Google Play Store


Which app is best for learning GK? 

World GK Quiz App, Daily Current Affairs and GK, QuizUp, Trivia Crack, Quizoid, etc. are some of the best apps to learn GK and offer complete knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge from various fields.

Which app is best for quiz questions and answers? 

AskNicely, Typeform, Brandquiz, GetFeedback, and Google Forms are some of the most prominent apps for creating questions for quizzes as well as submitting their answers.  

Is there a free quiz app? 

Yes, various free quiz apps are readily available to create questions and answers for all types of online quizzes. You can try out apps like TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline, Trivia Crack, QuizzLand, TRIVIA 360, Quizoid, etc.  

What is the most popular quiz website? 

Sporcle, PsyCat Games, Beano, ProProfs, Fun Personality Quizzes, etc., are a handful of the most popular quiz websites and allow you to create all types of quizzes and answer them.

Is Quizizz free? 

Yes, Quizizz is free for students. They are not required to pay to use the platform’s quizzes or lessons, and it offers features like: 

  • Millions of quizzes are available: Any public quiz may be imported, edited, and customized. 
  • (Game plus Lesson) Editor: Choose from six distinct questions to transfer questions from previous tests and lessons while adding graphics, video, and audio. 
  • Reports: For each quiz, you will receive thorough class- and student-level insights. To track a student’s development, share with parents or guardians. 

How do I make a Google quiz? 

Going to g.co/create a quiz is the quickest approach to making a quiz. 

  • Launch a Google Forms form. 
  • Click Settings at the form’s top. 
  • Make this a test turned on. Optional: Click the Down arrow next to “Responses” to collect email addresses. And enable the collection of email addresses. 
Final Word

The above-mentioned general knowledge quiz apps are simply amazing, not just because of the questions and answers they offer but also because of the way they make learning fun for the users.

However, keep your personal information protected through a VPN when using these applications. This way, your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

The above apps will surely offer you great fun and entrainment while simultaneously strengthening your learning curve.