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19 Of The Best Brain Games For Android in 2022

From the start of the millennium, Brain Games have been in fashion. Newspapers, books, magazines, everything had a page just dedicated to Brain Games or crossword. While Sunday maze is still in fashion, the still media took over most of the part.

Following the trends, everyone went online with it. Games, brain teasers were in trend. Furthermore, people can access them anywhere they want, that’s what made them fascinating.

With this post, we come with the Most Popular Best Brain Games For Android.

Competing, comparing stats, and got rankings around the globe is what made it even more addicting. While this revolution is subject to the legacy we behold, it has given us a lot.

The level of games and applications we use today is the gift of this revolution. And as they grew, so did the Brainteasers, getting back in the limelight.

Brain Games are something that makes our life interesting. It gives us a platform to compete with ourselves and with others.

Be it a book or an app, if we indulge in it, we tend to stuck with it.

Best Brain Games For Android: Our Top PickπŸ‘Œ

1. The Room

It is a physical puzzler bundled up inside a 3D tactile interracial world. This game has a minimal storyline, but maximum mind call. First of all, on starting the game, you get to see the first of four puzzle boxes.

The Room: Epilogue Teaser

The first box is a tutorial on the game’s controls, which demonstrates how to move around the box, interact, analyze, and learn about the features of the box.

The player has a small inventory for items like keys found in compartments in the box.

A key inventory element is a special lens that, in-game, allows the player to see things made from the β€œNull” element that compose parts of the box.

To blow your brains off, do try this Brain teaser right away.

Download on Google Play Store

2. 2048

19 Of The Best Brain Games For Android in 2022

The brainteaser list won’t be complete without the infamous 2048. As a trend, it got really famous among everyone.

Merging tiles to create a square of a number and lead it to 2048 was something that everyone did. In case you don’t know the aim of this brain teaser, let me tell you – In this game, you have to merge two tiles that are in multiple of 2 and create a square of it.

You have a 4x4 grid for it and you have to lead to 2048 without running out of space. A great time pass if you are doing it right and a disappointment for you if you are failing. But worth a shot if you never tried it.

Download on Google Play Store


First of all, don’t get fooled by the β€œTest” in the name of this game. It consists of some general thinking questions that won’t be solved if you don’t think out of the box. Your IQ is also calculated meanwhile, keeping track of time too.

It is an interesting game as it takes minimal time and develops a good thinking temperament. With over 100 questions, you take tests that evaluate not only your thinking skills but logic too.

Tricky Test 2β„’ Official Trailer (Orangenose Studio)

You get an all-around picture of your mind and thought process. Give it a try, and thank me later.

Download on Google Play Store

4. Elevate – Brain Training Games

Raise is a standout amongst other brain games for Android in the computerized commercial center. This application is intended to support your talking abilities, math aptitudes, memory, consideration, and speed.

Brain Training Games

It creates 40 smaller than usual games, which will assist you with reinforcing intellectual aptitudes. The Elevate furnishes day-by-day cerebrum practices with three to five games, particularly with the ace adaptation.

The most energizing thing is that each game will portray its objective. You will get a month-to-month, week-by-week, and day-by-day execution report.

Accordingly, you will feel serious. You can acclimatize your exhibition with different clients from your age gathering.


  • Improve your composition, talking and understanding ability, and IQ level by day-by-day exercise.
  • Examine your definite exhibition and get criticism.
  • Get the preparation program with the goal that you can tail it efficiently.
  • Get 40 distinct games teamed up with pros.
  • Get your action results and strike down your enhancements consistently.
  • Raise is a standout amongst other cerebrum games for Android, where you can contrast your scores and others.
  • Get in excess of 35 games to accomplish explicit intellectual aptitudes.
  • You can customize your day-by-day exercises, meeting your prerequisites.
  • Discover your exercise schedule to follow your stripes with the goal that you can remain propelled.

Download here.

5. Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is one of the top-recorded free best brain games for Android. While utilizing Lumosity, you can modify it and train your cerebrum with different intuitive riddle games.

Lumosity: #1 Brain Games & Cognitive Training App

The glow will assist you in creating critical thinking abilities by testing your psychological muscles over various fragments. You will have the option to fathom a noteworthy concentration by developing the propensity for preparing your mind for just ten minutes every day.


  • Get different tips to improve your exact speed and system.
  • You can characterize your ongoing interaction to step up your activity.
  • You can practice care drills to accomplish sane proof.
  • Based on your training modes and decisions, get a total arrangement of imaginative games.
  • Improve your calculation aptitudes and resist your assessment proficiency.
  • Improve your understanding aptitudes and furthermore extend your jargon.
  • Appreciate the games you incline toward most to unwind and invigorate your psyche.
  • There are games that you can play within a brief timeframe, so it’s not tedious.
  • The preparation plan planned by this cerebrum game is appropriate for the two children and grown-ups.

DownloadΒ here.

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6. Peak – Brain Games & Training

The Peak is extraordinary compared to other free brain games for Android that has over 40 games inside the app. This cerebrum game will assist you in improving your critical thinking aptitudes and honing your memory.

Peak - Level up Your Brain

It is logical and intended for all ages; you can find your advancement here. This application moves your regard for your psychological dexterity, coordination, and inventiveness, including feeling control. By the component β€˜mentor’ it reminds you at the correct time for training.


  • You can send requests and play with your online companions and see the outcome.
  • Appreciate in excess of 30 small games that will do the trick with your prerequisites.
  • Get a few conceptualizing games for the two youngsters and grown-ups.
  • You can customize your exercise plan and set an update for the chosen days with the goal that you can play whenever.
  • Appreciate all the games whenever with a little month-to-month membership charge.
  • It works disconnected, which implies you can play from any place without a web association.
  • You can find out about your mind, particularly in which class it dominates.
  • It gives mind preparing practices Peak Pro.

DownloadΒ here.

7. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

The following alternative for you is Brain It On. All things considered, you can actuate your mind and thinking power by playing this energizing and precarious cerebrum game.

There are huge amounts of Physics-based cerebrum games accessible in this game. You need to attract shapes to coordinate Physics puzzles.

Brain It On! Trailer

You can acquire stars and consider yourself to be as there is an accomplishment list. Also, a huge number of levels are there which you can open for nothing by finishing the past level.


  • Many Physics arranged riddles games are accessible.
  • You can contend and impart your methods to your companions.
  • Boundless fix and re-try choices are additionally accessible.
  • You can see the accomplishment rundown to look at your movement.
  • This game is a great idea to improve your snappy reasoning capacity.

DownloadΒ here.

8. Memorado – Brain Games

Memorado is one of the experimentally explored games and a standout among the best brain games for Android. It will assist you with improving intellectual exercises and lift up your IQ.

Β Best Brain Games For Android

The specialists built up this mind game, which furnishes you with an alluring and one-of-a-kind fun interface. This most astounding psyche game will construct your cerebrum usefulness with the assigned and controlled plan.


  • Increment your IQ and memory with this experimentally created application.
  • It consolidates your psyche and minds out and out with the advancement program.
  • Practice its particular 24 cerebrum games with in excess of 700 levels.
  • Exercise your math, rationale, memory, and fixation abilities in the improvement cycle.
  • Appreciate the games and, simultaneously, bring down your worry by that.
  • You can choose and zero in on your intrigued fields of improvement here.
  • Get customized and centered routine exercise according to your prerequisite.
  • You can evaluate your exhibition and do the needful.

DownloadΒ here.

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9. CogniFit – Test & Brain Games

On the off chance that you need to improve your memory, focus, consideration, Planning ability, mental readiness, and thinking, Cognifit is the privileged application for you.

19 Of The Best Brain Games For Android in 2022

Cognifit is one of the extensive memory advancement games that help to distinguish your psychological ability level and furthermore recognize the danger of experiencing dysfunctional behavior.


  • Improve your memory, and simultaneously distinguish your current state by utilizing this application.
  • Find out about your intellectual capacities and improve through simple and fun activities.
  • Example the exercises and contrast your psychological aptitudes and others on the web.
  • Distinguish the danger of psychological maladjustment and intellectual debilitations.
  • This application is clear to utilize and emphatically easy to understand.
  • Cognijit isn’t just a cerebrum game for kids, yet is additionally reasonable for grown-ups, and simultaneously for more established people.
  • Utilize this application for the individuals who are as of now under mental treatment and recovery measures.

DownloadΒ here.

10. Skillz – Logic Brain Games

Skillz is one of the best brain games for Android for logical analysis. This mind game is totally liberated from cost, which can test and improve your memory aptitudes by giving you reasonable cerebrum works out.

19 Of The Best Brain Games For Android in 2022

Little games included here will improve your memory. It will support your cerebrum speed, adaptability, and furthermore consideration.

With a fit test, you can begin with the games, which will naturally align your current ability, speed, psyche, and consideration state. The most energizing thing is that you won’t get exhausted; rather, it will improve bit by bit with heaps of fun.


  • Improve your intellectual aptitudes with logical strategies.
  • It urges you to prepare yourself day by day with a new test.
  • Go day by day, week after week, and month to month preparing programs.
  • It’s adaptable; also, you can prepare yourself and track down the exhibition.
  • Contrast your exhibition and different players on the web.
  • Increase your aptitudes and train your cerebrum with testing errands.
  • Get the chance to prepare your reflexes.
  • Increment your exactness and speed; simultaneously, improve your memory and contact capacity.

DownloadΒ here.

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11. Brain HQ

BrainHQ is the aftereffect of thirty years of exploration of the mental health program. This application has 29 brain games with varying degrees of challenge. The more you progress, the more trouble will progress.

This is regarded as one of the best brain games for Android as it provides different activities that will expand your memory, speed, exactness, consideration, route ability, and so forth. You can customize the program according to Your ideal field of intrigue.


  • It’s a cerebrum-related treatment program, just as a mental health educational plan.
  • Face the new testing practices step by step with progressively troublesome levels.
  • Safeguard your score and contrast it and the past one.
  • Appreciate the logical exercises, and build up your mind in a pleasant manner.
  • Go through just five minutes every day and see the adjustments in you.
  • Get an update on your planned exercises.
  • Boot up your psychological preparation and amplify your ability by normal and rehashed practice.
  • Figure out how to act quicker, form fearlessness, and eliminate wretchedness from your life.

DownloadΒ here.

12. Memory Games: Brain Training

Another fantastic brain game for Android gadget is here hanging tight for you to get presented. It is called Memory Games. The best aspect of this game is the utilization of your Memory capacity to illuminate the riddle.

Memory Games - Brain Training

It is very similar to preparing for your memory or mind by making a decision about its capacity. The more you make your cerebrum action, the more it will be amazing.

Furthermore, this is the explanation behind the huge prevalence of this game as it makes more chances to make your mind dynamic.


  • Simple to see strategies and systems that will assist you with appreciating judge your knowledge.
  • 2 to 5 minutes of preparing time for your mind each day.
  • It’s a disconnected game. In this way, you can play it at whatever point you need to.
  • It is likewise exceptionally simple to improve your memory power by playing these rationale games.
  • As an apprentice neighborly game, it will assist you with getting a charge out of the game from the exact instant you begin playing this game.

DownloadΒ here.

13. NeuroNation – Brain Training & Brain Games

In the event that you are experiencing a more fragile memory, at that point, this application will go about as a dear companion to improve your cerebrum. It will take just a little way from your daytime for the mental health workout.

19 Of The Best Brain Games For Android in 2022

Your memory will get solid, and your issues will vanish. This famous application has a well-being prize on its name for computerized counteraction from the German Federal Ministry of Health.

On the off chance that you utilize this application normally, your memory will improve, your pressure will decrease, and your downturn will disappear.

In addition, your reasoning pace will increment, and your fixation will create. This application, will furnish you with a far-reaching investigation of your possibilities and make a preparation arrangement as indicated by your necessities.


  • Get an alternate sort of 27 activities with 250 levels.
  • Get offset, preparing with a positive inspiration.
  • A fruitful report uncovers the adequacy of this application directed by the Department of General Psychology at Freie UniversitΓ€t Berlin.
  • Screen your advancement intently and contrast it and the gathering.
  • You can customize your preparation and spotlight your energizing portions.
  • It is extraordinary compared to other best free brain games for android, where you will get another arrangement of activities and exercises routinely.
  • Appreciate the far-reaching client care from the position.

DownloadΒ here.

14. Brain Wars

The Brain Wars is one of the difficult and best mind game applications for Android in the current commercial center. This application produces serious mode inside yourself by setting you against a hard contender.

Β Best Brain Games For Android

You will get a couple of small games in the preset preparing plan where you can prepare yourself to build your level. This application will be the first guide and offer you to challenge somebody with the goal that they can discover your current level.

Practice increasingly more as there is no restriction. This application will build up your perception abilities, center, fixation, science, and mathematical aptitudes.


  • Test your judgment, computation, precision, memory, and speed abilities through various small-scale games.
  • Get a mind map; you will discover your presentation record on it.
  • Appreciate the opposition with the haphazardly chosen mysterious person.
  • You can send emoticons to your adversary, and furthermore can send a companion demand.
  • The application is anything but difficult to utilize and smooth to run.
  • Thrashing your adversaries and procuring the overall positioning.
  • You can challenge your adversaries with continuous rivalries.
  • You can welcome your companions to challenge you through web-based media.

DownloadΒ here.

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15. Left vs. Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

You can practice for real improvement in the exercise center. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about your cerebrum? Won’t you believe that you should exercise to keep your cerebrum dynamic and solid? Truly, you should.

Left vs Right Game Trailer

Some cerebrum games resemble practice for your mind. Left versus Right is such a mind game you can play on your Android gadget. This extraordinary game is explicitly intended to pass judgment on your mindfulness, cerebrum action, memory, reasonableness, etc.


  • Assist you with preparing your mind movement consistently.
  • Without your anxiety, you will get yourself more mindful and savvy.
  • Simple strategies, yet you should have a super IQ level to be an ace.
  • Half of the game is intended to prepare your mind’s action.
  • Generally excellent to taste your mindfulness, insight, tolerance, and accuracy.

DownloadΒ here.

16. Smarter – Brain Training & Mind Games

This time, it isn’t something provocative and against loosening up the game. You should play Smarter, a loosening up mind game for your Android gadget.

Smarter Brain Training & Mind Games

The remarkable aspect of this game is that you can play it with a tranquil psyche; however, your cerebrum will even now be working. Here, there isn’t anything that can make you stressed. Thus, you can play with no weight.


  • It is basic to improve the intensity of your precision and estimation.
  • It gives the most effortless approach to improving your memory power.
  • It encourages you to be an ace in science.
  • Improve your performance on multiple tasks.
  • You will figure out how to keep consideration in each and every detail that will improve your centering power.

To download one of the best brain games for Android from google play and get the best experience for Left vs. Right: Brain Games for Brain Training, click here.

17. River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games

Waterway Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles is one of the most famous cerebrum games you may find out about. I’m not discussing the Android game, yet the consistent inquiry you may get with a pear or another person in your adolescence.

River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games

In light of that mainstream intelligent IQ games, a gaming organization has dispatched a cerebrum game that has picked up acclaim and fame with no time. It is the game here. I trust you will appreciate it with a sharp nostalgic inclination.


  • Precarious and testing games that you should cherish.
  • It causes you to expand your IQ and knowledge.
  • It is going to cross the waterway with your IQ by not losing any of your mates.
  • Besides the waterway crossing puzzles, there are likewise numerous other insights making decisions about games.
  • Simple toward the start yet difficult to be the ace.

To download one of the best brain games for Android from google play and get the best experience for River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games, click here.

18. Brain Out – Can You Pass It?

You can likewise give Brain A shot. It is a great game that must make you chuckle and upbeat, yet there are loads of deceives you need to experience utilizing your reasoning abilities.

You can discover your IQ levels and progressively increment it by playing this game. This addictive game is loaded with precarious riddles and questions. You have to actuate your coherent reasoning capacity, memory, reflexes, and fixation to pass each level.

You will get a major zero in the event that you attempt to address the inquiry customarily. Thus, you should appreciate an alternate gaming involvement in it.


  • Huge amounts of random data tests are here to support your intellectual competence.
  • A brilliant decision to invest your free energy.
  • It is likewise useful for your children, as it improves their intellectual competence and engine memory.
  • Entertaining sounds and fulfilling designs with top-quality enhanced visualizations.
  • A sudden method to illuminate the riddle is the best for this mind game.

To download one of the best brain games for Android from google play and get the best experience for Brain Out- Can You Pass It? click here.


Which mobile game is good for your brain?

The best mobile game for your brain is Sudoku, and it can immensely help you sharpen your mind. Though it is an old game, it is one of the most popular games played by both young and old. The game is free to download, and you can play several levels on your smartphone.

Which is the No 1 brain game in the world?

The number one brain game in the world is Lumosity. Lumosity is definitely one of the most successful brain games for Android. The maker provides you with an app that is available for both Android for you to download for free.

Which game is better for brain?

The games that involve crosswords are good for the brain. That is because they make your brain work harder. Besides, they help to improve your critical thinking and reasoning. You can also play board games, checkers, and analog games.

What games can boost IQ?

Some of the games that can boost your IQ are Lumosity Brain-Training, Chinese Mahjong set, Scrabble, and Sudoku. You may want to download these games on your Android device and begin to play them.

Do brain games on smartphones actually work?

Yes, they can help you improve your concentration and memory to a certain extent. However, you cannot depend on these games alone. You will also have to consume nutritious food and have an excellent physical regime.

How do brain games help to improve your focus?

The brain games help to enhance your focus as they make you dig deep inside for the answers. Moreover, they also test your mental ability, agility, and critical reasoning ability, and all these are crucial for you to generate the solutions efficiently.

Why do these games work for kids and older adults?

Kids usually play brain games on their smartphones, and older people mostly do. They can help improve the focus and knowledge with memory-related questions. Two generations of individuals are being supported here.

Do brain games help those with memory loss issues?

They may not help the individual entirely. If it is aged-related, then the chances are pretty less, but there is no harm in trying it out. These games are fun, exciting, and extremely interesting when played with 4-5 people.

What are the benefits of brain training?

The brain games are kind of a brain training exercise. They help you grasp things quickly and help you make crucial decisions instantly. Your time to react and planning skills improve with time.

How often should you play brain games?

This depends on your time schedule. When you are free, then you can play games as and when you want regularly. You can play the games once or twice a week with your family as a student or a working professional.


The character of an individual gets uncovered through his mind. The human mind is a major aspect of this manner. So select any of the above-examined cerebrum games to build up your attributes and fortify your brain.

This component will, hopefully, will help you in picking the best brain games for Android to create a better perspective in life and help you to be smarter.