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Most Popular Best Brain Games For Android


From the start of the millennium, Brain Games have been in fashion. Newspapers, books, magazines, everything had a page just dedicated to Brain Games or crossword. While Sunday maze is still in fashion, still media took over most of the part.

Following the trends, everyone went online with it. Games, brain teasers were in trend. Furthermore, people can access them anywhere they want, that’s what made them fascinating.

With this post, we come with a Most Popular Best Brain Games For Android.

Competing, comparing stats and got rankings around the globe is what made it even more addicting. While this revolution is subject to the legacy we behold, it has given us a lot.

The level of games and applications we use today are the gift of this revolution. And as they grew, so did the Brainteasers, getting back in the limelight.

Brain Games are something that makes our life interesting. It gives us a platform to compete with ourselves and with others.

Be it a book or an app, if we indulge with it, we tend to stuck with it.

Here is the List of Top 5 Best Brain Games For Android

1. 2 Cars

Best Brain Games For Android

Do you love multitasking?, do you love to use both sides of your brain?. This is the one for you. 2 Cars is a game focusing on your left brain right brain collaboration.

All you have to do in the game is to control two cars running on a four-lane road with obstacles in the shape of square blocks and points in the shape of circular disks.

You have to control a single car on left two lanes and another car on rightmost two lanes at the same time. Tricky, as it sounds, it is an awesome brain teaser.

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2. The  Room

It is a physical puzzler bundled up inside a 3D tactile interracial world.

Best Brain Games For Android

This game has a minimal storyline, but maximum mind call. First of all, on starting the game, you get to see first of four puzzle boxes.

The first box is a tutorial to the game’s controls, which demonstrate how to move around the box, interact, analyze and learn about the features of the box.

Best Brain Games For Android

The player has a small inventory for items like keys found in compartments in the box.

A key inventory element is a special lens that, in-game, allows the player to see things made from the “Null” element that compose parts of the box.

To blow your brains off, do try this Brain teaser right away.

3. 2048

Brainteaser list won’t be complete without the infamous 2048. As a trend, it got really famous among everyone.

Merging tiles to create a square of a number and lead it to 2048 was something that everyone did. In case you don’t know the aim of this brain teaser, let me tell you – In this game you have to merge two tiles who are in multiple of 2 and create a square of it.

You have a 4×4 grid for it and you have to lead to 2048 without running out of space. A great time pass if you are doing it right and a disappointment for you if you are failing. But worth a shot if you never tried.

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Biology enthusiasts, I have a treat for you all over here. Let me introduce you to the brain teaser names as Splice. With a set of moves, you have to place scattered cells into places using certain moves allowed to.

If you get it right using minimum chances you’ll be awarded “Angelic” achievement. Through the journey of 77 levels, you’ll come across many variations of cells.

Some cells destroy themselves as well as their daughter cells, and such interesting touches are included in this game to keep you going.

This will fascinate you and addict you at the same time, do try it.


First of all, don’t get fooled by the “Test” in the name of this game. It consists of some general thinking question which won’t be solved if you don’t think out of the box. Your IQ is also calculated meanwhile, keeping track of time too.

It is an interesting game as it takes minimal time and develops a good thinking temperament. With over 100 questions, you take tests which evaluate not only your thinking skills but logic too.

You get an all-round picture of your mind and thought process. Give it a try, thank me later.

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