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11 Of The Best Social Networking Sites For Artists

Social media platforms are indeed a great place to showcase your talent and make it reach an audience. With emerging and changing technology, every one of us has our presence on social networking sites. Social networking sites help to amplify your talent and work to a large audience.

In these times of advancement, artists have a great opportunity to showcase their talent through social networking sites.

We know how crucial social media is for building out our artistic specialty and connecting with new clients. But, with so many platforms to choose from, where should you put your efforts? There isn’t just one social networking site for artists; there is a slew of them!

Let us have a look at the best social networking sites for artists!

Best Social Networking Sites For Artists 👌👌

1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site having more than 2.47 billion active users at present. Mark Zuckerberg’s most-used platform: it was launched in the year 2004 and has set off the most crowded social networking platform.

This platform has been upgraded a lot since it was developed. From allowing users to only go through the feed and message people to allow them to even make purchases and hassle-free video calls, Facebook has made its worldwide presence.

Best Social Networking Sites For Artists

It is not of much use now for some people, but for artists to make their presence worldwide, they must have an account to reach out to a large audience.

Creating a presence on Facebook might be difficult for a new artist, but remember nothing is impossible. You can create a public profile so that you can amplify your work and make it reach a large audience.

Facebook helps the creators and artists by providing various features such as public profiles, live videos to interact with, shop, insight tools, short videos, and much more.

How is Facebook useful for artists to make their presence on it?

  • All the artists can join various public groups where they can share their work with others and learn many things from other people there in the group.
  • If you are an artist, you need to focus on being regular with your story and video/picture posts if you want to reach out to the maximum audience.
  • Live video is a great option to interact with the audience and know what they like or dislike about your work.
  • Artists also have an option to sell their products(if any) through Facebook.
  • The more relevant hashtags you use, the more your work will appear in the searches.
  • Facebook Messenger helps you to interact and reply to your audience’s messages to grow more.

2. Instagram

Instagram is the second-largest social networking site with over 1 billion active users currently. It is a picture and multimedia-sharing social networking site owned by Facebook.

In other words, it can be said, Instagram is an updated version of Facebook. Instagram was launched in the year 2010 and was later acquired by Facebook in the year 2012.

Instagram is known to be the most trendy and updated social networking platform these days. It is best for every artist be it dancer, singer, graphics designer, and much more. You can easily create your personal and business profiles and link them together. 

How is Instagram useful for artists?

  • Instagram is best known for having various business communities all over the world
  • You can easily create your business or work profile and monitor all the insights such as the number of accounts reached in the past few days, the interactions, how many people followed you, how many people saved your posts, and much more.
  • Instagram has special tools to amplify your work by showing sponsored ads that are paid.
  • You can follow the ongoing trend easily by creating stories, reels to attract more audiences to your work.
  • Collaboration is just another way for artists to make their presence on social networking sites. You can try finding the brands or individuals for collaboration and increase the audience.
  • Instagram helps in engaging with people through live videos and Question and Answer lives to maintain the interest of the followers.
  • You get paid for your work if the work is really good and you have got a good number of likes/comments/views on your post.
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3. Behance

Behance is another social media platform that is in the limelight these days. It is owned by Adobe and was launched in the year 2005.

As they say, “ It is a social media platform to showcase and discover creative work”. This signifies that Behance is the right platform for you if you have that creativity and talent in your work. 

Best Social Networking Sites For Artists 1

The most popular website for creatives to showcase their work is Behance. Using a website like Behance to display your portfolios is among the most effective methods to showcase your abilities and talent. It offers all the artists to create their portfolios using their talent and post on their feed. 

The site provides a platform for all types of artists to display their work to clients and interact with other artists. It accomplishes this by making it simple for artists to create an appealing portfolio of their work, grouped by topic, that can then be seen by visitors. 

How is Behance useful to the artists?

  • Most businesses are active on Behance and there is an opportunity that your portfolio may be selected by them
  • Artists can easily create an account and upload their work such as graphic designs, drawings, 3d-illusions and much more
  • Behance provides all the artists a user-friendly platform where they can meet the interested clients as well as other artists or creators.
  • The clients can easily subscribe and comment on the artist’s portfolio to avoid the long mailing procedures.
  • The artists have full control over their profile as to who can view their portfolio and who can collaborate with them etc. 
  • Artists can use the field filters to make their content more accurate and this helps them to increase their appearance whenever the client searches for a particular field.

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4. Ello

Ello is a social networking platform that was launched in 2014. As they say ” Ello is a platform built by artists, for the artists” this justifies what they offer various artists globally. It has over 1 million users.

Best Social Networking Sites For Artists 2

Moreover, it is primarily the network for creators and artists and is very much different from other social media platforms because it concentrates on innovation and artists. Ello, unlike many other social networking sites, proactively seeks to connect artists and give possibilities.

This platform helps you to build up your career as an artist by providing you with the best connections with artists and businesses globally. You can log in to the website and through the android or iOS app as well.

Ello helps to associate with brands, agencies, and publishers to help the artists in finding suitable work for them. 

How is Ello useful for the artists?

  • It has a special designated “curatorial team” that posts and promotes the content of artists there in their communities every day. This helps the artists to get more reach of their work.
  • Like other social networking sites, it is also a community website, but the users are focused and dedicated towards the work only.
  • Ello is the best platform that helps artists collab with brands.
  • It publishes a unique monograph/ zine known as Underscore. This Underscore is posted quarterly which includes the work of 10 artists. The work of 1 artist is published in monographs and all the other ones get their work promoted through zine that is published along with the monograph.
  • Ello is a platform where different clients, agencies, businesses post their artist’s requirements and the artists can easily apply for their field by sending their portfolio.
  • It keeps on bringing new giveaways for the artists to help them with one or another thing.

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5. Pinterest

Every one of us knows how much Pinterest is in the limelight these days. It is a social networking platform that was launched in the year 2009 and has been getting advanced day by day since then.

Whether you are looking for a good wallpaper for your phone or background for your project or any animated GIF, Pinterest has it all.

11 Of The Best Social Networking Sites For Artists

For those artists and creators looking forward to making their presence on different social networking sites, this platform is a must to add their work.

The platform has its global appearance, so whether you are in the US or India, or any other country you can just post your work on it and make it reach a global audience.

Pinterest is like google and Instagram if we talk about search engine working and visual aesthetics.

How is Pinterest useful for Artists?

  • Pinterest is a graphical website that allows you to link any work you upload to a URL of your choosing. When you’re using a pinned picture to promote your product, business, or information, you can ensure that the pin goes straight to the correct page on the website.
  • Artists can use different tags and hashtags to make their work appear in top searches.
  • The content that any artist posts on Pinterest is saved forever on that so there is no expiry limit of your work.
  • Artists get a great opportunity to view insights while using Pinterest that helps them have an idea about ongoing trends, fashion, and what other artists are doing to create trendy content to attract more audiences.
  • It gives new artists a platform to grow and make their presence by showing their skills and talent through pics, videos, animated gifs.
  • It’s a free app so you don’t have to worry about paying money if you are an emerging artist.
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6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an America-based social networking platform that focuses mainly on business and employment. It was launched in the year 2002 and has over 690 million active users currently. 

As we see, LinkedIn is getting a large number of new users day by day, it is gaining popularity among people engaged in content creation, artists, business, and more. It helps individuals and businesses connect easily.

Best Social Networking Sites For Artists 4

This platform allows users to connect with, communicate with, and create connections with a large number of high-profile, high-achieving users who otherwise would be unavailable to you.

If used correctly, LinkedIn can prove to be the best social networking site for professionals or artists or creators be it new or old.

You might be thinking that it is not a much known and famous social networking site like Facebook, Instagram, etc., but it’s even better than that when it comes to building a presence and professional career.

How is LinkedIn useful for artists?

  • LinkedIn is primarily a platform that is used mostly for professional and business purposes which means that artists have a greater opportunity to make their presence or get some work.
  • Artists can easily post pictures or videos to showcase their talent and skills and what’s more important is that they don’t need to mandatorily post new work, they can also post their older content.
  • LinkedIn has a special creator mode that allows creators and artists to turn their profile into a creator’s profile and provide more tools to help them reach more audiences.
  • Artists can easily search for the groups they are interested in, share their posts, and work on those groups to gain more reach.
  • LinkedIn is a platform where almost every individual or company looking for an employee posts their ad, so artists have a great opportunity to apply for many jobs as well.
  • More relevant hashtags give all the artists or creators a chance to reach out to a large and wider audience.
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7. Twitter

Twitter is an American social networking site. Launched in the year 2006, it has emerged as the most used social networking site over the years. It is useful for every type of artist be it engaged in sports, designer, art and craft, and much more.

Users can interact with, engage with, and develop relationships with a significant number of high-profile, top users who otherwise would be unreachable to them.

It might not be very helpful for the artists to sell their products but it is surely a great platform for new and old artists to build connections with other people.

Twitter has more than 145 million daily active users. The main aim of this platform is to help people connect with other people and give them a platform to share their views.

How is Twitter useful for Artists?

  • Twitter is famous for having a large group of professionals so the artists have an opportunity to get great exposure.
  • Artists can use a lot of hashtags to promote their content and work to a larger audience.
  • It does not support the selling of the products but it is a great platform for artists to promote their content, website, and other things related to their work and portfolio
  • Artists get an opportunity to follow other creators to know what they are doing and can learn from them and share their views on a particular post by simply commenting.
  • They can retweet anything they like and the other users can also retweet their work which will help to increase their audience and their presence on the platform.

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8. YouTube

It is a video sharing and social networking platform that is America-based but has its presence globally. As the reports say, it is the most used platform by users across the globe. YouTube was founded in the year 2005 and today, it has everything that any person might need.

From food videos to drawing and artistic videos, YouTube has a large amount of content. It is very easy to find the answer to anything here, but it might be a difficult task for an artist to make a presence on this social networking platform.

How is YouTube useful for artists?

  • YouTube has been the most powerful social networking site for years and is getting powerful each passing day with more and more artists creating their channels.
  • It allows artists to post creative videos showcasing their skills to a larger audience and also helps to promote their website and other platforms.
  • Artists can use public posts to make a connection with their audience through videos, slideshows, comments, texts, and much more.
  • YouTube offers channels a paid ad plan which can help them to promote their work and channel to a larger audience.

9. Dribbble

If you are a graphics designer and have been looking for a social networking platform, Dribbble is the one you need to go for.

You can showcase your portfolio in front of millions of users and grab projects too. Apart from this, Dribbble has even helped some of the giants in the market such as Airbnb, Google, Apple, and others to hire expert creatives for their requirements.

11 Of The Best Social Networking Sites For Artists

In fact, this is a great platform for all brands or companies to post a job opening and get the best person from thousands of designers here.

The best aspect of this platform is that you can simply put your design work and write short messages with it. Earlier, people used to call it the “Twitter for Designers” where you can increase your reach and show your creatives.

How is Dribbble useful for artists?

  • Dribbble offers artists to showcase their work on the platform to gain exposure and recognition.
  • You can get a great number of projects based on your skill and talent.
  • You can even get a full-time job from multiple companies posting job opportunities.
  • Create your portfolio and share your other social media platforms to increase your reach.

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10. 99Designs

Well, since we are talking about the best social networking sites for artists, we cannot miss out 99Designs. When we talk about digital artists who are excellent in making graphics designs, art, digital designs, etc., 99Designs stands out among all. It has a brilliant interface and you are going to love everything about it. 

This platform was founded in 2008 for designers all around the world to connect and grow their reach. It is more of a freelancing site where you can showcase your portfolio and connect with clients in exchange for your service.

There are hundreds of contests that are held each year that help new designers to come forward and earn more recognition and money through it.

How is 99Designs useful for artists?

  • 99Designs focuses on creating a connection between the client and the designers rather than simply running a platform as a freelancing site.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with the work given to them following certain criteria.
  • Allows you to run blind content where artists can submit their projects and no one else can view them other than the client.
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Best Social Networking Sites for Artists: Verdict

In these times of high competition, it is very challenging for the artists to gain popularity amongst the audience and make their presence globally but all it takes is hard work and to be consistent with posting the content on different social networking sites.

Every social networking site has its advantages but the aim of all of them is to help the artists make their presence and give them a platform to showcase their skills to a larger audience. We have provided a list of the best social networking sites that every artist must use to post and amplify their work.