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13 Best Monitors For Digital Artists: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a designer or video editor looking for the best monitors for digital artists? Then today is your lucky day because we will discuss some of the best models available.  

It is quite apparent to note how these monitors play a crucial role in developing your creativity. Not to mention, they come infused with several features that make them easy to work on.  

You can find the high resolution provided on the monitor. This aspect enables you to work on a precision level, offering you fine details. Users may not have been able to work in that kind of pristine condition a few years ago. 

There is the fusion of specific technologies that make them what they are. You can adjust depending on your kind of contrast, complement, and choices. Artists can make use of the shading and gradation that is provided.  

Currently, the pandemic has caused a massive surge in the production of monitors. Manufacturers have become inclined to the features infused in them. The units also have outstanding features, making our decision challenging.  

One look at the market, and you might become overwhelmed by the number of choices you can find there. That is why our research team has done the homework for you. This way, you know that you will choose the best monitors for digital artists, come what may.  

You get to lay your hands on the most suitable unit for drawing, graphic designing, illustrating, and other purposes. They come with powerful features, the best resolution, and a barrage of connectivity abilities with other devices.

Monitor requirements for digital art:-

Here are some things to consider when choosing a monitor for digital art:

Resolution:- You’ll be able to notice more detail in your artwork if the resolution is greater. This is crucial for digital painting because even the smallest details may significant impact.

Color accuracy: To perceive the genuine colors of the images you are making, good color accuracy is essential for all types of digital art. Select a monitor with a wide color range and excellent color accuracy.

Size: Larger monitors might make working on them more comfortable, particularly when doing chores that require a lot of scrolling or zooming.

Adjustability: Look for a monitor with brightness, contrast, and color temperature settings that can be changed. This will enable you to adjust the presentation to your tastes and the particular requirements of your artwork.

Response time: To prevent ghosting or other artifacts, a low response time is crucial for digital art that includes quickly moving elements, such as animation or video.

Viewing angle: A monitor with a wide viewing angle is a fantastic option if you want to observe your work from different angles or if you intend to work on your art with a group of people.

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Best Monitors For Digital Artists – Our Pick👌

Below are some of the best monitors for digital artists available today. You can be confident that they have been chosen based on client feedback, ratings, and prices.  

1. Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR

The Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR is one of the best monitors available for digital artists.

With a resolution of 6016 x 3384 pixels, the Retina 6K display gives an amazing level of detail. It is simpler to view minute details in your artwork because of the Nano-Texture Glass technology’s contribution to glare reduction and image clarity.

13 Best Monitors For Digital Artists: A Comprehensive Guide
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A wide color gamut and true-to-life color representation highlight the Pro Display XDR’s superb color accuracy. For digital artists, this is crucial since it enables you to see the true colors of your work and make precise alterations.

The 32-inch display is large enough to provide enough workspace and is fully customizable, allowing you to modify the viewing angle and other settings to your taste.

Those looking for the finest viewing experience and the highest quality display should consider the Apple 32-inch Pro XDR.


High resolution: The Pro Display XDR’s resolution of 6016 x 3384 pixels enables the creation of incredibly clear and detailed images. As you can see minute details and make precise alterations to your work, this is extremely useful for digital art.

Excellent color accuracy:– A large color gamut and true-to-life color representation make the Pro Display XDR excellent for digital art, where color accuracy is crucial.

Adjustability:- The Pro Display XDR is completely adjustable, allowing you to modify the viewing angle and other settings to your tastes.

Nano-Texture Glass: The Pro Display XDR’s Nano-Texture Glass technology aids in lowering glare and enhancing image quality, making it simpler to see your artwork.


Price: The Pro Display XDR is an expensive monitor and is priced as such. Some digital artists might not be able to afford it.

Dependence on technology:- The Pro Display XDR depends on technology, which might be susceptible to hardware failures or software errors. This is true of every digital art setup.

Limited tactile experience: The Pro Display XDR, like any digital art system, lacks the tactile feel of traditional art because there is no tangible medium to work with.

This could be a drawback for some artists who value the sensory stimulation that comes with making art.

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2. SAMSUNG 49” Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

The SAMSUNG 49” Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor is one of the best monitors for digital artists on the market. 

13 Best Monitors For Digital Artists: A Comprehensive Guide
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It offers a spectacular visual experience ideal for producing digital art with its 1000R curved screen and dual QHD display.

Viewing minute details in your work is simpler because of the QLED technology’s brilliant and realistic colors.

To concentrate on producing without interruptions, the 240Hz refresh rate and support for NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro assure fluid and seamless performance.

This monitor is a fantastic complement to any artist’s workspace because of its small and sophisticated appearance.

The SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor is an excellent option for digital artists searching for a high-quality display because of all these characteristics.


  • The 1000R curved screen and twin QHD displays provide an astonishing visual experience.
  • Vibrant and precise colors are provided by QLED technology.
  • G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro support, as well as a 240Hz frame rate, guarantee slick performance.
  • Thanks to its slim and modern style, it looks amazing in any artist’s studio.


  • The high pricing point might put some artists off.
  • Some workspaces might find the monitor’s size to be excessively big.
  • It may not have all the functionality that some artists may be searching for because it is mostly aimed toward gamers rather than having
  • features that are expressly designed for digital art.
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3. XPPen Artist24 Pro

The XPPen Artist24 Pro is the best budget monitor for digital art. With a 2K QHD resolution, this 23.8-inch display offers incredibly clear and detailed visuals.

best budget monitor for digital art
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More natural and realistic brush strokes are possible thanks to the passive pen’s tilt capability. Additionally, 20 programmable shortcut buttons let you quickly access your favorite tools and features with a single button push.

With all of these capabilities, the XPPen Artist24 Pro is the ideal option for artists on a tight budget who desire a high-quality drawing monitor without going over their budget.


Large, high-resolution display: The 23.8 inch, 2K QHD display gives you lots of room to work on your digital art and the resolution’s high level guarantees that it will appear clear and detailed.

Passive pen with tilt functionality: The passive pen has tilt functionality, which is useful for producing more realistic and natural brush strokes.

Shortcut keys that can be customized: With the 20 shortcut keys that can be customized, you can easily access all of your favorite tools and features, saving you time and effort as you work on your art.

Affordability: The XPPen Artist24 Pro is a fantastic low-cost solution for artists due to its many high-quality features and still-low price.


Limited color gamut: Artists who require highly accurate color reproduction may have a problem with the XPPen Artist24 Pro’s display because it may not have the same broad color gamut as some more expensive monitors.

No touchscreen:- A touchscreen, which some artists might prefer for interacting with their digital art, is absent from the XPPen Artist24 Pro.

Only supports passive pen: Although the passive pen has a tilt feature, it lacks pressure sensitivity, which can be a drawback for some artists.

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4. LG Monitor 27MD5KL-B Ultrafine

If you’re in the market for the best monitor for designers using a Mac, the LG Monitor 27MD5KL-B Ultrafine should be on your radar.

Thanks to the remarkable 5K UHD resolution of this 27″ IPS LCD, your creations will be seen in all of their minute details.

13 Best Monitors For Digital Artists: A Comprehensive Guide
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For creative workers who need to see their work as others will eventually perceive it, Ultrafine’s wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction make it the ideal choice. The monitor’s sleek, contemporary style will look fantastic on any desk.

For any Mac-using designer who values image quality and a polished appearance, the LG Monitor 27MD5KL-B Ultrafine is a great option.


High resolution: The LG Ultrafine’s 5K UHD resolution offers an outstanding level of detail for digital artwork. When working with text or little details, you’ll be able to notice every subtlety of your designs, which can be very useful.

Accurate color reproduction: The IPS LCD on the Ultrafine is renowned for accurately reproducing colors. This can be significant for digital artists whose work depends on accurate color matching.

Wide viewing angles: You can see your work clearly from practically any angle because of Ultrafine’s display’s wide viewing angles. This is advantageous when working in a group or presenting your designs to clients.


Price: The Ultrafine is a high-end monitor; therefore, it comes with a hefty price tag. This might not be a concern for some digital artists, but it might be a turnoff for others.

Size: Ultrafine’s 27-inch size may be too much for certain digital artists. This may not be beneficial if you prefer a smaller display or have little desk space.

Compatibility:- Compatible with Apple Mac computers only; the Ultrafine is made just for them. You might need to buy extra cables or adapters to use the monitor with a different type of computer.

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5. Dell U-Series 32-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor 

Dell U-Series 32-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor is the first product of our best monitor for graphic design and photography. We can assure you that it is a top-notch unit suitable for artists, gamers, and designers. It is a colossal 31.5″ monitor that comes with intense clarity.  

That is due to the Full HD feature in the model. You would love the resolution of 3840 x 2160 that provides you with a clear image. Besides, it has an ultra-HD 4K. It has incredible details and the colors offered are genuinely stunning.  

Best Monitors For Digital Artists
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There is a peak of brightness at 400 nits. You can also use the depth of the color, which comes at 1.07 billion colors. The contrast ratio is also pretty high. Its consistency is also good.  

It has a 99% sRGB coverage that can give you astonishing images. Users can take pride in the fact that it comes with DisplayHDR 400i and HDR content playback support. This feature is something that you do not get to hear often.  

The response time is excellent at 8 ms. It comes with a 60-hertz feature. Overall, the image quality is something that you won’t be compromised with on this monitor. You can adjust the monitor according to your comfort.  

You can use features like swivel, tilt, pivot, and even set the height. It provides immense comfort to your eyes due to the flicker-free monitor having Comfort View.  

It can decrease the blue light emission, which is not good for your eyes. You can sit in front of the monitor for several hours without hassle. The monitor has a barrage of connectivity options & slots that come to 11.  

You can effortlessly connect to the device of your need seamlessly. It is priced at less than $1344. The pricing of the model is reasonable.

It is undeniable that the American manufacturer has made an exceptional product here in the form of the Dell U series 


  • The product has a sturdy build design.  
  • The color calibration is truly the best.  
  • It comes with an HDR feature.  
  • It has very thin bezels. 
  • The product has a wide range of connectivity ports & slots.  


  • It has average backlighting.  

The Dell U-Series 32-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor comes with everything that you would want in it. The unit has a 90W charger and regular USB ports. It comes 60Hz for generating stunning images and picture quality, with a thin bezel. 

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6. EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge Color Graphics Monitor 

The EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor is a 27″ unit with outstanding features and capabilities. It is a popular brand that finds decent sales figures throughout the US.  

It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, offering you decent images. The monitor has the DUE feature, also known as the digital uniformity equalizer. Here, all the color tones are beautifully planned and penned down on the screen.  

Best Monitors For Digital Artists
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You can notice there are no variations across the LCD monitor. Besides, the distribution and the color purity are splendid. A consistent color temperature is maintained across the monitor, ensuring the color mixes are stunning.  

It helps provide the right colors and a lovely blend of support points. You will take delight in the built-in sensor that is there for self-calibration. This feature is designed into the housing frame for maximum color accuracy.  

This feature is ideal for offering you the kinds of colors present on the monitor. For digital artists and graphic designers, working on powerful image processing is required. It can be done on this unit.  

There is the ColorNavigator 6 hardware calibration software. Users can work opulently and have their settings without using a graphics card.

You also have the 10-bit color depth providing you with 1 billion colors having the most delicate gradation. 

Using the PQ mode, you can access the luminance warning. This allows users to mark the areas that do not require a lot of brightness. They can be observed in yellow or magenta. 

Thanks to the wide range of ports and slots, you can connect any device to the monitor. The product comes with an excellent ergonomic stand that can be adjusted accordingly. It comes with features like tilt, rotation, and height adjustment.  

You can use it for landscape and portrait viewing. It comes with protection for decreasing glare. Now, you can work using the monitor without a problem for several hours.

You can now adjust the monitor according to your needs depending on the alignment of the seated pose. 


  • The color options on the monitor are ideal for artists, coders, and designers.  
  • The ergonomic adjustment setting is fantastic on the unit.  
  • It has breathtaking connectivity options.  
  • It comes with a sun protection cover.  
  • The customer support from them is splendid. 


  • As you can notice, it is expensive. 

The EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor is among the best monitors for digital artists. Searching for the ultimate monitor for your artwork, design, or illustrations cannot get better than this particular model. 

7. Acer Predator XB273K IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Monitor 

Acer Predator XB273K IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor is a budget model. If you are looking for a 27″ unit that comes reasonably priced, this one is.

The 27″ monitor comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, providing you with eloquent image quality.  

Best Monitors For Digital Artists 1
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The screen comes embedded with a widescreen IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible display. That means the pictures offered by the unit are beyond anything you would have seen. It also has a refresh rate of 120Hz and overclocking, ranging from 144Hz. 

It also comes using two display ports. There is high brightness, and the contrast is pretty good. The monitor is VESA certified DisplayHDR 400. This model is a 4K resolution offering you opulent visuals. 

The IPS panel embedded in it provides you with an extremely fast refresh rate of 144Hz. It also comes with a G-SYNC unit that helps give your work a new dimension.

A user based in California said that it comes with exceptional response time and fantastic clarity.  

It also comes with built-in speakers. You may not find units that can work 4k at 144Hz. He found the setup a bit long, but he was alright. It makes use of 2 DP cables that are provided with the purchase.  

We entirely agree with the user. The monitor comes infused with several ports that help you connect to the devices of your need. You no longer have to worry about getting your setup fixed fast. It is priced at less than $627.  


  • The monitor is 4K 120Hz. 
  • The unit has a magnificent color profile.  
  • It provides you with excellent accessibility options. 
  • It has excellent pivot and ergonomic abilities.  
  • The monitor is priced very affordably.  


  • The stand sticks out too much. 

Acer Predator XB273K IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor is an affordable device with stunning features. This 4K 120Hz model has a magnificent color profile, offering excellent accessibility options and ergonomic features.  

8. BenQ 32 inch, 4K UHD Monitor 

The BenQ 32-inch, 4K UHD Monitor is among the best 4k monitor for designers. When you are a professional artist or designer, you might prefer to use a large 32″ monitor.

It has a widescreen display with 4K resolution for enhanced working capabilities.  

13 Best Monitors For Digital Artists: A Comprehensive Guide
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The contrast ratio is impressive at 1000:1 and 100% sRGB color space. You will be delighted to know that the unit can provide 100% support Rec 709 for CAD modeling. You can work efficiently in dark-lit environments.  

A notable feature of the monitor would be the KVM keyboard video mouse. You can make use of the switch as a second device at the same time. When you are working in a tight space, then this switch comes in handy.  

The BenQ PD3200U model has a barrage of adjustment options where you can rotate and tilt the monitor as you want up to 90 degrees. It also comes with sufficient connectivity options.  

Eye care technology also ensures your eyes are safe and free from strain. You would like the fact that when using it in portrait mode, the orientation sensor can rotate the monitor to display the content.  

It is VESA wall mountable. It is priced at less than $845, which may seem slightly expensive for some users. But it is a good choice for those looking for a reliable, durable, and pristine device. You can never go wrong with BenQ monitors, period.  


  • The image quality on the screen is stunning.  
  • There is eye care technology infused with it.  
  • It has good ergonomic features too.  
  • The unit is VESA compatible.  
  • It comes with several connectivity features.  


  • The backlighting is not very uniform. 

The BenQ 32-inch, 4K UHD Monitor has several ergonomic features, a unique keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch, and eye care technology. 

9. LG 27UL500-W

LG 27UL500-W 27-Inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor is an excellent choice for artists, designers, and gamers. LG is known for producing impeccable products that have stood the test of time; this unit is no different.  

It is a decent 27″ monitor with a UHD IPS display. You can be assured about the quality of the images generated from it.

Best Monitors For Digital Artists 3
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The monitor also comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. It has an SRGB 98 percent color gamut, and the viewing angles are pretty good.  

It is also infused with Radeon free sync technology. The monitor offers opulent picture qualities for users. It comes with deep color saturation. There is a stunning brightness along with the sharpness from it.  

You can note that the image quality is something you do not usually see in most models in the same price range. Thanks to the IPS technology and the 8-bit color depth, you can notice the clarity of the pictures.  

The Radeon feature offers you a new viewing angle that is ideal for animators. Not to mention, thanks to the unit’s position, you do not feel any strain on your eyes.

The monitor offers ample connectivity options in the form of USB-C, USB-B, and HDMI. It is priced at less than $350. 


  • The monitor has a UHD IPS display. 
  • The unit comes with an SRGB 98 percent color gamut. 
  • It has Radeon free sync technology. 
  • It comes infused with deep color saturation. 
  • The product is highly affordable at under $500. 


  • Reliability can be an issue, as pointed out by some users.  

LG 27UL500-W 27-Inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor is a budget model. When you are a student or professional artist looking for a cheap monitor, you might want to consider this one because it has decent features and a low price.  

10. Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display 

The Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display is the following product on our lineup. You know that it will be exciting, keeping in mind it is an Apple product. Well, it will be worth the price. It is for us to find out by reading the review below.  

As they know, the iMac is produced from a durable aluminum chassis that is also recyclable. It gives the monitor an elegant and lovely appearance from a distance. When you place it next to most other monitors, you can find the one that easily stands out.  

Best Monitors For Digital Artists 4
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Its slim bezels and the large frame that also comes with some edges around it provide an attractive look. We were disappointed that the manufacturer decided not to do anything about the stand.  

Sadly, users cannot adjust the height but only tilt the monitor. You cannot swivel it to the sides either; they make it slightly annoying if you want to discuss something with teammates.

Unlike the MacBook, you get to use several connectivity ports that you can use on your devices.  

Moving on to the unit, it has an outstanding 5K resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels. Without a doubt, the images are truly breathtaking.

One must see them face-to-face to believe the sheer sharpness and clarity at which the images are produced from the monitor.  

The notable feature in the unit would be the solid-state drive (SSD) storage. It helps you read the files quicker, and you can now work faster with the SSD at your disposal. They are also energy efficient. 

We liked the performance of the webcam, and the audio sounded splendid. A user from the US pointed out that it is an excellent unit to work with.

He uses it for working on Adobe Premiere Videos and was surprised with the handling capacity of the monitor.  

It is priced for less than $1800. The unit can be expensive, but so do Apple devices. But they are reliable, have exceptional customer support throughout the US, and are durable. This is an excellent device for artists, designers, and developers.  


  • The unit is pretty durable.  
  • It comes with a Retina 5K display on it.  
  • It has slim bezels and a large frame. 
  • The iMac is ideal for artists, designers, and developers. 
  • The device provides you with decent connectivity options.  


  • Apple products come with a common flaw; they are costly.  

You don’t have to be an Apple fan to buy the 2020 Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display. You do not have to be a user of Apple products to like them. Mostly, it is the other way around. Their products are released after intense research and development.

Hence, they are a cut above the rest. It is a strong contender for being among the best monitors for digital artists. When using an Apple product, you know you cannot go wrong if you can afford it.  

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11. ASUS VP278QGL 

ASUS VP278QGL is another budget model on our list of the best monitors for digital artists. Though you cannot compare this under $300 model with the likes of Dell and Apple, the device does its job.  

That is what you want. The monitor is a large 27″ screen with decent HD capability. The response time of 1ms and the refresh rate at 75Hz make things excellent for you.

13 Best Monitors For Digital Artists: A Comprehensive Guide
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It comes with connectivity ports and slots in the form of DisplayPort, VGA, and dual HDMI. You can find the adaptive sync technology infused in it.

You also have the eye care technology produced by Asus, ensuring users have a comfortable time.  

The audio system embedded in the monitor is quite good. Without the external speakers, they provide you with 2W stereo audio. Users have commended the model because of its ergonomic features like swivel, tilt, and height adjustment capabilities. 

It comes with a 3-year warranty ensuring you have no issues with it. The unit has a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It has ultra-low blue light technology in 4 different filter settings. The cable management provided on the device enables you to use it neatly.  

It is priced at less than $210. The features for the price point of the unit are decent. Users must not expect too much from it. Asus has done an excellent job in producing this sublime device. However, there can be some improvements in many areas.  


  • The image clarity is good because of the contrast ratio.  
  • The model has an ergonomic design for flexible work productivity.  
  • The audio system provides astonishing sound quality.  
  • It comes with ample connectivity options.  
  • It has a 3-year warranty service.  


  • The image quality could have been enhanced.  

ASUS VP278QGL is a budget model. We were quite surprised to note consumers were slightly disappointed with certain aspects of the unit. But when you are keen to begin your career as an artist, designer, or gamer, this model comes in handy for under $300.  

12. EIZO CS2420-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor 

EIZO CS2420-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor is another exceptional choice for you. Yes, you can purchase the Eizo model for less than $1000. Today, we found a model that might be one of the best monitors for digital artists. 

The unit comes infused with ColorEdge, which is synonymous with the maker. Is this Eizo worth your time & money? Can it compete with the top-end model of the same make priced higher than the iMac? The 24″ model comes with the ColorEdge series.  

Best Monitors For Digital Artists 6
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It is quite large despite being a 24″ unit. The resolution of 1920 x 1200 is quite suitable for producing decent image quality.

This is ideal for artists, video editors, and graphic professionals. It has a new matte panel providing a dimension of IPS and white LED technology.  

It also has a 16-bit LUT table that covers the gamut accordingly. You can work efficiently using software tools like Adobe. Hence it comes under the graphic arts monitor. Let us read about the resolution now.  

This unit comes with a new satin-finish IPS panel. It is a 93.8 PPI and may not be a Retina; however, the image quality is decent. We noticed that the backlighting is almost on par with the previous model.  

You will be glad to know that the panel has an anti-reflective coating enabling you to watch the pictures effortlessly. That is because it does not mark the pixels anymore. Not to mention, the calibration software used on it is the popular ColorNavigator. 

It has the VESA hole spacing (100 x 100 mm), a manual setup. The unit helps you provide simple calibration. The unit does not make use of the integrated calibration sensor. You may want to have a compatible sensor for using the unit.  

The monitor provides you with ample connectivity through HDMI and DisplayPort features. It is priced at less than $950. It comes with a 5-year warranty and is a durable model. The unit ensures that it remains color-accurate.  

The manufacturer offers you a 24/7 tech support desk in America. Overall, it is one of the best monitors for digital artists and comes with decent features and a good price point for most professionals.  


  • The model provides IPS and white LED technology. 
  • The unit offers an exceptional contrast ratio for deep black details. 
  • It comes with a satin-finish IPS panel. 
  • It has many connectivity features for artists & other users. 
  • Users in America can make use of the 4-year advanced replacement.  


  • The VESA hole spacing can be slightly annoying for some users.  

The EIZO CS2420-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor is a terrific unit with remarkable features.

The IPS and white LED technology offer a magnificent contrast ratio for deep black details and comes with a satin-finish IPS panel and excellent connectivity features. 

13. Iiyama 27 ETE – Best monitor for art and gaming

The Iiyama 27 ETE Gaming Monitor could be one of the best monitors for digital artists. It comes with a top-notch 4K unit providing you with a 1-millisecond response time and an affordable price point. 

Best Monitors For Digital Artists 7
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The monitor has 2560 x 1440, providing you with decent images. You would want to note the viewing angles present on the unit. They are sublime and provide decent photos.  

However, it is not a PS panel, and the pictures might not be on par. You can find them on top-end models like Dell, Apple, and others. You can use the connectivity options in the form of many ports.  

You can now connect on the devices you want during presentations & meetings. There is also a height adjustment feature on it too. Using that, you can adjust the unit depending on your preference.  

A small but handy feature that even the iMac ceases to have. It is priced at less than $630. This price makes it reasonably priced. 


  • The unit has stunning image production.  
  • The product comes with a 1440p QHD resolution. 
  • It has a height adjustment feature.  
  • It comes with adequate connection abilities.  
  • The unit is cheaply priced for users.  


  • The color can decrease accuracy at the edge.  

The Iiyama 27 ETE Gaming Monitor is not your run-of-the-mill product. It has decent specifications that can bring a smile to any user, like an artist, illustrator, designer, or gamer.


Best Monitors For Digital Artists

Some popular monitors for digital art include the Dell UltraSharp U2718Q, the BenQ PD2700U, the ViewSonic VP2768, and the Acer Predator XB273K.

What type of monitor is best for digital art?

In general, monitors with IPS panels are a good choice for digital art because they offer wide viewing angles and accurate color representation.

TN panels may have quicker refresh rates but typically have less accurate color reproduction. VA panels provide a good compromise between the two; however, they might not be as accurate as IPS panels.

It’s crucial to think about the monitor’s size, resolution, and other features that might benefit you, such as a high refresh rate or support for HDR.

Do you need a 4K monitor for digital art?

A 4K monitor can be a good choice for digital art, as it has a high resolution that allows you to see more detail in your artwork.

To create digital art, a 4K display is not strictly necessary. The particular demands of your job and your preferences will determine if you require a 4K monitor.

If you utilize a 4K monitor for digital art, be aware that it could need a more powerful computer to function properly.

Additionally, some text and interface components may be more difficult to read on a 4K panel due to the greater pixel density.

What kind of monitor do I need for graphic design?

For graphic design, it is essential to have a high-quality monitor with good color accuracy and resolution.

A monitor with a resolution of at least Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) is advised, but for applications like photo editing or working with high-quality graphics, a higher resolution such as Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) or 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) may be advantageous.

The sort of monitor panel that is being used must also be taken into account. Graphic designers often prefer IPS (in-plane switching) panels because they have the best color fidelity and widest viewing angles.

While TN (twisted nematic) panels might offer quicker refresh rates; they might not reproduce colors as accurately.

What do professionals use for digital art?

Professional digital artists often use a combination of hardware and software to create their art.

Professionals frequently employ high-end monitors with good color accuracy and resolution, as well as graphics tablets and styluses for more accurate input. The Dell UltraSharp U2718Q and the Eizo ColorEdge CG319X are two popular displays for digital art.

Various software alternatives are available depending on the genre of art being created and the artist’s preferences.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, and Procreate are some of the well-known software tools used by professional digital artists.

Professional digital artists frequently employ additional tools and gadgets, including 3D modeling software, virtual reality goggles, and drawing tablets with integrated monitors.

Do I need an i7 for digital art?

An Intel Core i7 processor can be a good choice for digital art, especially for more demanding workloads.

Since newer models of the i7 CPU typically run quicker and more effectively than older ones, the precise model and generation will be crucial.

What is the best resolution for digital drawing?

For high-quality prints, a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) is generally recommended. This will guarantee that the artwork will be distinct and clear when printed at a standard size.

A resolution of 72 PPI is typically sufficient for screen presentations of the artwork, while greater resolutions might be employed for higher-quality displays.

The size of the artwork should also be taken into account. Aim for a minimum of 2550 x 3300 pixels; for instance, if you’re making a digital design that will be printed on a sheet of paper that is standard 8.5 x 11, to ensure that the artwork prints at 300 PPI.

Is higher resolution better for digital art?

Higher resolution can be better for digital art, resulting in a more precise and detailed image.

In general, it’s a good idea to use the artwork at the maximum possible resolution, given the intended application for the piece and the capabilities of your program and technology.

It is advised to choose a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) for high-quality printing. A resolution of 72 PPI is typically sufficient for use on screens.

Is 4K overkill for a monitor?

4K resolution is generally considered overkill for a monitor for general computing tasks, such as web browsing, word processing, and email.

Even though a 4K display can offer an extremely high level of clarity and resolution, most users might not need one.

For example, a lower-resolution monitor may be suitable if you are dealing with text and don’t need to view fine details in images.

For applications that call for a high degree of clarity and detail, such as graphic design, gaming, and photo and video editing, 4K resolution can be advantageous.

A 4K monitor might be an excellent option if you perform many of these chores and have a computer that can handle the higher resolution.

Is a curved monitor better for design?

For some users, curved monitors offer a more immersive and cozy viewing experience, which can be helpful for activities requiring a lot of screen time, like picture and video editing.

Due to the screen’s curvature, users don’t have to constantly refocus their eyes when they transfer their sight from one area of the screen to another, which helps alleviate eye strain and tiredness.

Curved monitors may also have certain disadvantages, though. They can be more expensive than flat monitors, and their curved screens can distort images, which can be an issue for graphic design and web development requiring fine pixel-level precision.

Is 600 dpi better than 300 dpi?

600 dpi (dots per inch) is generally considered higher quality than 300 dpi. This is so that a crisper, more detailed image is produced with a higher resolution and dpi value.

A resolution of 300 dpi is sufficient to deliver excellent results for most printing tasks.

On the other hand, 600 dpi can produce better results for applications requiring high precision and detail, such as printing finely detailed artwork or images.

How many pixels is good for digital art?

For high-quality prints, a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) is generally recommended.

If the artwork will be displayed on a screen, a resolution of 72 PPI is generally sufficient, although higher resolutions can be used for higher-quality displays.

Why does my digital art look pixelated?

There could be a few reasons why your digital art looks pixelated. Here are some common ones:

Low resolution: If your digital art has an inadequate resolution, it will appear pixelated when seen up close or expanded.

Incorrect file format: Different file formats have varying abilities to display images. For instance, the lossy nature of JPEG means that when an image is saved, its quality will be reduced. Pixelation may result from this.

Wrong color mode: Digital art can be saved in several color modes, including RGB and CMYK. Pixelation can occur when the incorrect color mode is used for the intended result.

Artboard size: Pixelation may result if the artboard in your digital art software is too tiny for the size of the image.

Monitor issues: Pixelated digital art can appear if your display is not calibrated properly or has a low pixel density.

Interpolation: To suit the new size of an image when it is scaled, the software must add or subtract pixels. The employment of a low-quality interpolation technique may result in pixelation.

What is the best DPI to scan artwork?

The ideal DPI for scanning artwork will depend on the original piece’s size and the image’s final application.

If you scan artwork to display on a website or print at a small size, a DPI of 72 or 100 may be sufficient.

However, a higher DPI may be necessary if you are scanning artwork to print at a larger size or to create high-quality prints.

For example, 300 DPI is a common resolution for printing photos and a good choice for scanning artwork.

Why is it advantageous for a digital artist to have a dual monitor?

There are several advantages to using a dual monitor setup as a digital artist:-

Extra screen space: Using two monitors gives you more workspace, which can be very helpful when working on large or intricate art projects.

Improved organization:- The ability to open distinct programs or windows on each monitor while using a dual monitor configuration can help you keep more organized and speed up your workflow.

Enhanced multitasking: A dual monitor arrangement lets you have numerous windows or programs open simultaneously, simplifying multitasking and switching between tasks.

Greater productivity: By giving you access to an extra screen area, a dual monitor configuration can help you work more effectively and complete more tasks in less time.

the best monitor for art and gaming

Dell Alienware AW3420DW, Acer Predator X27, ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ, and BenQ PD2700U are some recommendations for monitors that are well-suited for both art and gaming.

best monitors for graphic design under $300

Acer R240HY, BenQ PD2700U, ViewSonic VP2458, and Dell UltraSharp U2415 are some recommendations for monitors that are well-suited for graphic design and are available for under $300.

How do you choose the monitor for a digital artist? 

Besides, you can also decide on the price and features infused in them from the factors mentioned above. While expensive models come with sensational features, you may not require them. Your taste, preferences, and budget come into play.  

As a graphic designer, do you require 4K monitors? 

Whether a graphic designer or artist, you want to use the 4K monitors. They come embedded with stunning UHD features that produce clear pictures. These images & photographs enable you to work on the finer aspects of your work.  

What kind of monitors do animators use? 

Typically, designers & animators use IPS screens. They do that to get wide viewing angles to ensure that their work is top-notch. Unless they can do so, they may not be able to generate sublime animations.  

Should I use curved monitors for working or gaming?  

Curved monitors are truly unique because of the shape that they come in. You can notice the spectacular design placed on the edges offering you pristine image quality. These units can stretch the pictures according to your requirement.  


We have come to the end of our review on the best monitors for digital artists. I hope you found it helpful and we can make up your mind. Each of the monitors discussed comes embedded with its unique features.  

It helps you to choose the ultimate model to provide you with the best image quality. Besides, the sharpness is also something you would be stunned to see and notice. We have discussed them with the pros & cons making it easy for you to decide.  

Did we like something? We highly recommend the Dell U-Series 32-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor, EIZO CG279X-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor, and the 2020 Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display.  

These monitors come with tremendous potential and features infused in them. The other monitors are good in their way.

They also come with terrific specifications and features. However, consider the budget and your preferences before placing the order.  

It is a valuable tool for any aspiring designer and artist. Besides, you will sit in front of the monitor for prolonged hours, and you do not want to strain your body & eyes. Doing that can cause pain in the strain on your eyes and other health issues.  

Hence, you would want to choose the best monitors for the digital artists mentioned above.