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9 Best Tablet For Illustrator To Buy in 2022

If you are into digital art, then you will find this review helpful. Today, we are going to be discussing some of the best tablets for Illustrator. That is right. Gone are the days when you could see artists, illustrators, designers, and the like using paper & a pencil. 

Times have evolved immensely, and it is only reasonable that the devices used in designing them are developed likewise. You can find smartphones, tablets, and PCs given more attention. They are handy models that are helpful for you to complete your tasks & projects on time.  

The innovation done here has been splendid and popular brands like Apple, Samsung, & Microsoft have done a fabulous job in ensuring that they bring out devices that can be used effortlessly by the masses.

In this comprehensive guide that we have prepared, you can find a review of the best tablet for Illustrator. We have also provided you with a buying guide, FAQs and mentioned some noteworthy models.  

Evolution of the Best Tablet For Illustrator:-

As we said above, a few decades ago, when technology was not in its prime like it is today, people made use of old methods for illustrating. Yes, we are talking about the pen, pencil & paper. 

Thankfully, technology made rapid advancements, and today, we have a tool for almost any kind of task on the planet. Artists, illustrators, and designers found a significant flaw using ancient techniques in that there was no way to rectify an error. 

You have to redo the entire thing. You can imagine the pain, time, and energy spent on something that could have been quickly erased using a tablet and stylus. Thanks to tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Autodesk, drawings have become more straightforward.   

Why the tablet for drawing and artwork? It is quite similar to drawing a diagram or picture on paper using a pen. For example, if you take the tablet and use the stylus, you can draw artwork on paper with the help of a pen. 

So, as you can see, tablets & stylus can bring out an immense enhancement to your artwork. These needed you to blend both traditional and digital techniques to get the right kind of diagrams. The best tablet for Illustrator is the one that can help you achieve them.  

They do not have to be extremely expensive and elaborate. Just any tablet or stylus won’t help your cause. These units are small, durable, and reliable and come with the right kind of elements.  

When you are sure to update your existing device, you will want to learn more by reading the review below. Getting a new tablet is not your everyday task, isn’t it? You need to perform a little research and spend time on the internet. 

This ensures that you end up choosing the suitable kind of device that can help your tasks. It should also fit inside your budget. There is no need to choose ridiculous expensive models. We have researched and brought a list of some exceptional models that can work splendidly  

So, whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, you will find something that suits your requirements in this review. They come in various sizes, specifications, and budgets. You can find something in there for you.  

Buying Guide For the Best Tablet For Illustrator:-

Below are some factors that you would want to consider when purchasing the best tablet for Illustrator.  

The size of the screen:-

It goes without saying that this is the first point that you would want to have in mind. The size of the monitor ensures that you can view your work seamlessly. You do not want to work on a small-sized monitor that might not get your job done.  

The size of the monitor must be such that you can use the stylus while moving around. Artists need to be able to work effortlessly utilizing the tablet and the stylus. Get a tablet that suits your screen size needs, and then proceed further.  

The sensitivity of the stylus:-

As we read in the above paragraphs, the sensitivity of the stylus is another crucial factor. That means it should be able to get the diagrams done in an exemplary manner. The pressure levels of the pen must be suitable for your work.  

Some of you might use the pen very lightly, while some of you might use more pressure on it. The more pressure is used on the monitor, the thickness of outlines increases. We recommend pressure levels of 2048 on your tablet.  

The hotkeys:-

The hotkeys are nothing but the shortcut keys that are present on the tablet for you to use. Hotkeys provide you with the needed assistance that you would require when you are drawing. These keys come in helpful to streamline your work eloquently.  

You will be delighted to know that most firms get rid of the shortcut keys. In most of the models, you can find the remove key. Besides that, you can also notice that other popular hotkeys are also embedded in the tablet.  

The resolution of the monitor:-

The resolution of the monitor is the next thing that you would want to see. It enables you to design top-notch artwork. Choosing the best tablet for Illustrator that comes with graphics provides you with clear image clarity.  

When you compare them to the 4K technology, you can quickly notice the difference between them. The higher the LPI rate, the better the image quality. When you are keen on using a crisp monitor, then please verify the LPI for it.  

 The stylus:-

The stylus is the pen that you will be using to draw your artwork on the tablet. Most of the manufacturers today provide you with a stylus that is compatible with their model. However, you can find some models that do not come with them.  

You will have to make the purchase separately. We may not recommend using these tablets. If you find them on the list, please ensure that you buy the right kind of stylus. The battery stylus units are splendid and come with immense power in them.  

The price:-

Finally, the price of the tablet will decide your choice. As you know, the price of the unit can vary from manufacturer to brand. The price point can be from $200 to even $1000. However, you will want to choose a model that fits your budget. 

You can even choose those that come under $200; they are good enough for your artwork. They come infused with their specifications. When you are particular about using a tablet produced by a reputed brand, you can use Apple & Microsoft.  

Best Tablet For Illustrator: Our Top Picks👌👌

Let us now read about the best tablet for Illustrator. We have researched and ranked them based on the specifications, feedback from users, responsiveness, and price point.  

1. 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro 

The 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro is the first product on our list of the best tablet for Illustrator. As you are aware, Apple launches few upgrades in their products every year.

This year was no different, and the iPad Pro comes with an 11″ screen embedded with impressive features.  

Best Tablet For Illustrator
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It is not surprising to note that the iPad Pro has always been the number one option for drawing professionals due to its impressive performance. Likewise, the maker has focused intensely on the keyboard and the camera of the device. 

Besides, you will find several exciting features that work wonders for your designing work. You can perform plenty of creative work using the device. The drawing experience provided by the device is enjoyable. 

Sadly, many users have felt that the model does not seem like you are drawing on paper. The pencil, too, can take some getting used to. First-time users can feel a bit awkward. However, once you get used to it, things can considerably improve.  

We liked the new design of the pencil from Apple. It now finds itself on the side of the device and comes to wireless charging. Not to mention, it has a new mat finish. Using the double tap option, you can work effortlessly on your diagrams with it.  

The unit comes with the M1 chip that offers tremendous ability if you look at the performance. The 11″ liquid retina screen also comes with the True Tone feature in it. We noticed that there is a LiDAR Scanner for immersive AR. 

The battery life is splendidly allowing you to work for almost 10 hours. It comes with enough connectivity ports. It weighs only 1.3 pounds making it incredibly lightweight. You can now carry it with you wherever you want to effortlessly.  

Be it to university or work, you can place it inside your backpack and stroll away easily. Does it come with any drawbacks? Well, if you already own the 12.9″ iPad Pro, then it makes no sense whatsoever to get a unit.  

It is priced less than $1100. For now, you may have to pay the same price mentioned. Since it is a new product, there is no chance of getting a discount on it. Though expensive, it comes embedded with specifications that you might not most likely find in most devices.  


  • The model comes with a flawless designing ability. 
  • It comes with a phenomenal Apple Pencil. 
  • It has a powerful M1 & camera.  
  • The battery in the unit can work for 9 hours.  
  • The connectivity options are stunning.  


  • The model is costly in the market as of now. 

The 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro is the best tablet for Illustrator for a wide range of users. When you want to make a mark in the field of illustration, artwork, and rendering, you might like to recommend this flawless device for your project.  

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is another exceptional model from the makers of South Korea. Samsung is known for producing superior products; this one comes right on the top. The Galaxy tablet has managed to place the maker among the top in the segment.  

We begin with the S pen that comes included with the package. That is correct. You can now take down your notes, design your images, and edit videos as and when you want. Many users have commended the flawless movements of the pen. 

Best Tablet For Illustrator 1
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The beauty of this pen is that it can be found on the right of your device. You can find the pen quickly and begin your work. The unit is designed in a very slim manner and is light. You can also make use of it for entertainment purposes.  

It comes with dual speakers providing you with exceptional audio. They are worked on AKG with the Dolby Atmos surround sound. You can charge the tablet with the help of the USB-B port. 

Additionally, you can also connect the devices using the UI connectivity feature. It weighs almost similar to the iPad Pro at 1.02 pounds, making it extremely simple to take it around. 

The device is lightweight and portable such that you won’t realize that it is there inside your backpack. It is priced less than $350. This model is affordable and comes infused with splendid specifications. 


  • The unit is lightweight & portable for travel.  
  • The suitable model for beginners in designing and 3D artwork.  
  • It is easy to use and draw pictures on it.  
  • It comes with a 12-hour battery working life.  
  • The device is quite affordable.  


  • Users have said that taking screenshots on the model can be challenging.  

As you can see, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is not hovering around $1000, making it relatively affordable. This model would be highly suitable for beginners and students learning the art of drawing, designing, and 3D video making.  

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3. Microsoft Surface Go

Is the Microsoft Surface Go the best tablet for Illustrator?🤔 Let us read to find out. For now, it does have all the capabilities to become one among them. It comes with a decent 10″ monitor that provides you with exquisite image quality.  

The monitor also has a PixelSense feature to touch, view, write, and draw your work. You will be delighted to know that the aspect ratio is 3:2. The battery life is quite decent and comes with 10 hours.  

Best Tablet For Illustrator 2
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You can make use of Windows 10 in S mode. When you do that, you can activate all the features that are usually found in a PC. Some of them include Windows Defender, Microsoft verified security, and parental controls. 

You can make use of the wide range of connectivity options that come with it, like the headphone jack, USB- C, and fast charging Surface Connect. The unit has a resolution of almost 1800x1200 providing decent images. 

We liked the fact that it comes infused with the powerful Intel Pentium Gold processor. Now, you know that your work will not be affected, and you can have a peaceful experience. Your files can be used and worked upon with any lag.  

It comes with a weight of 2.8 pounds, making it relatively easy for you to take around with you. You can place it effortlessly inside your backpack and walk around. Besides, the device can store your work with the 128GB storage space in it.  

It is priced at less than $400. This model can be called expensive because you will need to purchase the peripherals separately. However, when you look at it, the model is a reliable product from Microsoft themselves.  


  • It has a breathtaking monitor.  
  • The aspect ratio is a decent 3:2. 
  • The model has a powerful battery life of 10 hours.  
  • It comes with the ability to work in Windows 10 in S mode. 
  • The tablet has good connectivity options.  


  • Users should buy the peripherals separately.  

Microsoft Surface Go may be an expensive choice for most of you. However, you will be amazed to know that the product comes with stupendous feedback on the internet. Perhaps, it is incredibly reliable that it makes the best tablet for Illustrator.  

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4. 2020 Apple iPad Air 

The 2020 Apple iPad Air is almost close to the iPad Pro. Though the specifications and features of the iPad Pro are slightly higher than the iPad Air, performance is on par with the former. Besides, it is going to cost you less.  

Apple seems to have nailed it with the iPad Air. It comes with a 10.9″ liquid retina monitor that comes seasoned with True Tone and P3 wide color. You know that the pictures offered are going to be opulent in them.  

Best Tablet For Illustrator 3
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It also has the A14 Bionic chip that comes with a neutral engine. You can make use of the battery’s working life of 10 hours for the whole day. There is also the USB-C connector for charging the device, and it comes along with many accessories.

There is adequate support for the magic keyboard and the pencil. However, you will need to purchase them separately as they do not come with the package. It is priced at less than $720. This makes it the cheapest Apple tablet in the market.  

When you are particular about using the Apple iPad, then this would probably be your best chance. Why leave it out when you can use the device and experience happiness in performing your work flawlessly.  


  • It comes with robust image quality with True Tone and P3 wide color. 
  • The performance of the device is simply flawless.  
  • The battery life works for 10 hours.  
  • The pen works magnificently on the device.  
  • It has connectivity options like the USB-C port.  


  • Its accessories are sold separately. 

The 2020 Apple iPad Air could be the best tablet for Illustrator. When you search for a splendid device that can help you achieve your drawing goals, you will want to make use of the iPad Air.  

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5. Google Pixel Slate 12.3-Inch 2 in 1 Tablet

Google Pixel Slate 12.3-Inch 2 in 1 Tablet is a stunning product from the search engine giant. This unit comes with a massive 12.3″ monitor offering you opulent images. That is possible thanks to the molecular display of 6 million pixels. 

9 Best Tablet For Illustrator To Buy in 2022
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Your artwork comes with living with them. Besides, if you view something like movies or images, it enhances the viewing experience. The unit is a workhorse as you can do many activities like browsing multi-window, split-screen, and work on sheets, slides, and google docs.  

The storage space of 64GB can be slightly underpowered, but you can always use the flashcard. It has 2 USB Type-C ports for extensive connectivity. The device can automatically update the background without much hassle. 

You can view the unit from the wide-angle lens that works fine in low light. The battery performance is quite good at 10 hours. Sadly, the pen and keyboard are sold separately. Otherwise, it is an exceptional product. 

It is priced at less than $1000. The model can be termed as expensive. But you are purchasing a product that Google manufactures; you know that you can expect some fireworks from it. 


  • The performance is flawless.  
  • The storage space and memory are stunning.  
  • It can be used for several purposes.  
  • The battery’s working life is good for artwork.  
  • It comes with several connectivity ports.  


  • Some users complained about the speed performance of the tablet.  

The Google Pixel Slate 12.3-Inch 2 in 1 Tablet can be slightly expensive for a tablet. But when you are looking for a great device that can help get your tasks done effortlessly, it can have the best tablet for Illustrator sold in the market.  

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6. Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, 10.1″ FHD Android Tablet 

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, 10.1″ FHD Android Tablet is a decent product that can be used by artists, illustrators, and designers. It comes infused with several features that make it ideal for users.  

This is a product from Lenovo. The maker is known for producing sublime units in the market. It comes with a 64GB storage space that is sufficient to store your work files there. The model is quite a handy device. 

9 Best Tablet For Illustrator To Buy in 2022
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The unit has a weight of 1.7 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. The battery working life of the tablet is close to 10 hours. That means you can work for the whole day without having any problem. 

The monitor offers you crisp and bright images. Users have commended the sound quality on the device. It is splendid. The device is extremely quick and responsive. You will admire the fact that the battery can be charged quickly.  

Its photo quality is phenomenal, and you might want to update it to Android 10. It is priced at less than $230. The model is one of the cheapest tablets in our list of the best tablet for Illustrator.  


  • The unit has top-notch performance. 
  • The device comes with splendid storage space. 
  • It has a battery working life of 10 hours.  
  • It is very responsive and has no lag.  
  • It is affordable for users as it comes under $250.  


  • A user complained that they received a defective backlight. 

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, 10.1″ FHD Android Tablet is one solid product that is ideal for illustrators. It is lightweight, infused with outstanding features, and the performance is beyond what you can expect.  

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7. HUION KAMVAS 22 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet 

HUION KAMVAS 22 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet is a massive 21″ weighing 8 pounds that comes with a pen to meet your drawing requirements. The monitor has full lamination technology that enables you to use the cursor as you want. 

It comes with an anti-glare glass panel that immensely decreases the glare coming out from the screen. The monitor has a fantastic QD LCD that is infused with the Quantum Dot. Users have pointed out that the monitor has a color accuracy of 140% RGB.  

Best Tablet For Illustrator 6
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There is a wide viewing angle of 178degrees providing you with crisp images on the monitor. The main benefit of using the tablet is that it comes with the Huion PW517 pen. You will be delighted to know that the pressure sensors are susceptible.  

You will find no lag from the pen. The short pen nibs offer you a stunning grip on the tablet, ensuring that it has a strong possibility for enhanced accuracy. It comes with a firm pressure level of 8192.  

Users can easily connect their tablet to the devices of their need using the 3in1 Type-C cable. Also, using the USB-A port, you can connect to another device easily. You will love the highly adjustable stand. 

You can work on your MacBook, Windows, and Android devices without much hassle. It is quite affordable, priced at less than $600 for the features given. Users claim that it may not work as well as you want using the latest MacBook with the M1 chip. 

So, if you own the older MacBook, then you can purchase this fantastic device. Otherwise, you might want to make use of Windows devices effortlessly. It is priced at less than $550. This model is quite good and comes with breathtaking features that make it very ideal for designers.  


  • The model is infused with spectacular features.  
  • It is a large screen offering opulent pictures.  
  • It comes embedded with a phenomenal pen.  
  • The drawing abilities of the pen and screen make a sublime combination.  
  • The tablet is quite affordable.  


  • It is heavy at 8 pounds.  

2020 HUION KAMVAS 22 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet is not a portable device. But you can perform a wide range of drawing and artwork using it. The unit provides you with the ability to design art, enhance photos, and modify videos.  

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8. Wacom One Drawing Tablet

Wacom One Drawing Tablet is the largest tablet on our list of the best tablet for Illustrator. The unit comes with a massive 13.3″ monitor that provides you with stunning image quality and performance.  

Your drawings come to life, and the surface is slim, almost like paper. Users have complimented the design of the tablet that resembles drawing on a thin area. The pen quality is tremendous, and you feel as if you are using the right kind of tool. 

Best Tablet For Illustrator 7
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The pen comes with the ability to help you make use of different kinds of strokes. That is very advantageous because you can now do your artwork stupendously. Artists can work on numerous projects with the help of the pen.  

You can modify your artwork, sketch, draw outlines, and even edit your videos seamlessly. You might want to register on their Wacom One to get a barrage of tools & features that can immensely help your projects. 

You can connect the tablet to your PC, MacBook, or even the Chromebook if you want. Besides, you can also use smartphones and other devices as well. Keeping the pandemic in mind, the tablet is helpful for distance education & working remotely.  

It is heartening to know that users who own the iPad Pro & top-end devices find this unit convenient for their work. The flexibility offered in it is probably the main reason for the preference. 

It weighs around 4 pounds, which cannot be called heavy. You can place it inside your backpack and move around freely, either in the university or your workplace. That should not be a problem. 

It is priced at less than $388. The model is priced reasonably well, and you have yourself a deal if you get one of the best tablets for Illustrator. Professionals swear by it because of the features and performance of the unit.  


  • The performance of the tablet is flawless.  
  • The pen is exceptionally flexible, coming infused with several features.  
  • It is an intuitive device that lets you experiment on the surface. 
  • The tablet provides you with ample connectivity options.   
  • It is quite affordable when compared to other devices.  


  • Users felt that it was suitable only for drawing and not note-taking.  

The Wacom One Drawing Tablet is a splendid device that enables you to give your work a new dimension. The pen is solid and has distinctive features that allow you to take your drawings to higher grounds. Why not place an order to see what it is capable of?  

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9. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab is our final product. The model is on par with the iPad Pro and comes with an 11″ monitor, a powerful resolution of ‎2560x1600 that provides you with opulent images. You can make use of the tablet that comes with a Qualcomm SDM865+ octa-core with powerful performance.  

The unit can be expanded for storage space of 1TB. Users can also change the setting to PC mode if they want to with the help of DeX. The model comes with outstanding entertainment features and offers you sublime cinematic viewing coming with a large edge-to-edge display. 

Best Tablet For Illustrator 8
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The audio is also stunning, with the AKG quad speakers having Dolby Atmos surround sound. Bring the console gaming with the aid of a Wi-Fi connection. You can charge the device instantly with the help of the fast-charging USB-C port. 

It has a battery working life of 15 hours that enables you to work for 2 days at least before keeping the device charged. The charging is also smooth. You can capture the eloquent clarity from the rear dual camera of 13MP and the front camera of 8MP. 

When you are using Samsung devices, then you can effortlessly connect to them without any issues. Lastly, the S pen is one of the best in the market. According to many users, this pen provides stupendous capabilities.  

It has a 9ms pen latency. It comes redesigned and can immensely control the presentation you want to and enable you to take notes seamlessly. It is priced at less than $650. The unit is quite reasonably priced under $700.  


  • The model comes with a stunning performance. 
  • The unit has a battery working life of 15 hours. 
  • The pen is one of the best in the market.  
  • It comes with excellent storage space and a processor.  
  • It is priced reasonably under $700 in the current market. 


  • The apps cannot be moved on the SD card. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a powerhouse of a tablet that comes with outstanding features. When looking for the best tablet for illustrator that can help you perform your drawings and artistry effortlessly for an affordable price, it has to be this model.  

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 (Q) Can tablets run with Illustrator? 

The tablets that are sold in the market today are very much capable of working on Illustrator. There is no reason why it should not operate on Adobe illustrator and photoshop. The devices discussed on this list can work effortlessly, so you need not worry about it.  

(Q) What should I look for in a graphics tablet? 

In the buying guide, we have already mentioned some of the most crucial factors to note when getting the best tablet for illustrator.

Besides, we strongly feel that the pressure sensitivity of the stylus is critical. You might want to ensure that it comes close to the 2048 level. Would you please make it a point that the unit comes along with the stylus?  

(Q) Is Photoshop better on a computer than on a tablet?

That is not necessarily so. Photoshop works fine just on the tablet and as well as the PC. Consumers should not find much of a difference besides the size of the monitor. Though the operating system is different, you can find the tools quicker to work on them.  

For example, the screen is much larger, and you can work effortlessly using the computer peripherals on them. However, the tablet makes it simpler to work on. Graphic designers, gamers, and 3D users have claimed that the tablet is much easier to complete work.  

(Q) What should I expect to pay for a tablet? 

The price range of the tablet can begin from $400 and move all the way up to $1000. The higher the price of the model, the better the features that you can expect from them.

However, you will want to know that cheaper units come with decent features too. They can be priced under $200 also. In the end, it depends on your requirements and preference.  

(Q) Do you require a drawing tablet for Adobe Illustrator?

Like we said in the above answer, it comes down to your needs and preference. When you want to contribute to the graphic designing sector, we suggest getting yourself the best tablet for Illustrator. 

You would be amazed to have the know-how to use the right tool to immensely enhance your drawings and artistry. Many designers have experienced that, and it is right that you do the same using your talent. 

Wrapping Up 

In closing, we would like to say that the above devices can immensely aid your artwork. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional graphic designer. These tablets are produced mainly for illustration purposes.  

The models mentioned above come with their features, price range, and specifications. You can rest assured about their capabilities and choose them accordingly. We highly recommend the 2022 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and the Microsoft Surface Go.  

They come with some magnificent features embedded in them. Additionally, they are suggested by most of the users in the reviews that we researched. Our top-ranked device would be the iPad Pro, without a shadow of a doubt.  

However, the other models are decent too and come with their unique features. It ultimately comes down depending on the budget, requirement, and usage. When you are beginning your journey into the beautiful world of art, you can consider the cheaper models that we have discussed.  

However, when you are keen on establishing yourself in the market, we recommend the best tablet for Illustrator. Did you like what you read above? Please write to us if we missed out on anything; we will be more than happy to hear from you.