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9 Best Apps To Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

In this post, I am going to show you the list of Best Apps To Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces.

Let’s dive right in.

Apple is trying to set new trends in the digital market and one of the most talked-about gadgets of 2015 was the smart Apple watch and from then seven series of Apple Watches are there in the market. 

If you are one of those lucky who got their hands on Apple watches then in this article, we will about how to make these watches more encapsulating than they already are and to add more personal touches to the watches. 

Best Apps To Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

1. Facer

If you are fine with the interruption of the third-party Apple Watch faces app hen Facer is a nice app to look for. It has a wide range of watch faces that you can easily download on your Apple watch. 

Custom Apple Watch Faces

The best part of this app is that more than half of these watch faces are available at no cost. There will be no obstacles or any problems to go through custom watch faces in the app to increase the collections of watch faces. 

If you want to unveil more of Facer, then go for its paid version, a premium plan. It opens up all the luxury features of this faces app. The sharing feature of this app adds extra wings to your aesthetics as it allows you to share your customized apple watch faces around the globe and with friends so that they can also give the app a try. 

All in all, Facer makes up an app that allows you to create custom apple watch faces for absolutely free, or if you like, can also spend some cash for the premium version. So give it a try if you want to give a personal touch to your apple watch. 

Download the App on Apple App Store

2. BuddyWatch

BuddyWatch is the second on our list as it meets the demands of classy and posh Watch faces lovers. They give more value to quality over quantity so don’t be sad with the quality. Their library holds a wide diversity in its service.

Custom Apple Watch Faces 6

It is one of the customs Apple Watch Faces app that informs you which Watch Face would love better on your watches. Installing the app is pretty easy as you can download the app and can directly access it on your iPhone.

The banging feature of this Faces app is the free services and more than 60% free downloading watch faces.

Download the App on Apple App Store

3. Watchsmith

The next on our list is Watchsmith, another great app to broadcast creativity in customizing Apple Watch faces. It offers an array of contriving features so that you can have fun while creating custom apple watch faces for your Apple watches. 

Custom Apple Watch Faces 1

If what you are looking for is to get to start a new fresh in creating custom watch faces so no, the app does not work that way but it works in the way that you will get a say in how the faces will create. 

You can set your expectations and give them to Infograph watch face who will create in that way only. Furthermore, you can allow a single order to show multiple types of information in the allotted time in a day.

Complications of the Apple Watch are at its par so make good of use to create custom watch faces. You can set complications that will show you the weather when you are stepping out of the house and at the same time, you can set these complications to show you the to-do list of the day. 

The app is at your service without asking for a single penny but if you want more customizing features then you can go for its premium version at just a mere $2.27.

Download the App on Apple App Store

4. Watch Faces Galley

If you are mad after retro and vintage styles of mechanical watches then this app, Watch Faces Galley is the right fit for you. It has plenty of styles of watch faces for you to try and if you are a fan of mechanical, dark themes then go for the app.

9 Best Apps To Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

Apart from watch faces you can also get animated live wallpapers that will appear on the screen when touched. It can either be a short clip of nature scenes, Fractals,  galaxy, abstract, or many more.

You can freely go through the app but to use the app Watch Face you have to subscribe to the app. The rates start at $2.99 a week and unveil every special element of the app.

Download the App on Apple App Store

5. StepDog

Any dog and pet lover here? You do not have to search for an app that will let you post cute images of dogs as a watch face on your Apple Watch as StepDog is one such custom Watch face app that lets you do the exact same.

Custom Apple Watch Faces 8

It let you add animation of adorable puppies as your Watch Faces. You can customize your dog avatar from a long list of customizable features and if you are more of a cat lover then a cat avatar is also possible.

Beagle, hound, golden retriever, Shih-Tzu are some dog breed names among the lost list of dogs. It has a subscription price as low as $1 that opens up some interesting features such as toys, a food bowl, and a dog house.

Apart from bewitching cats and dogs avatar, you can keep a tab on your counts as well as on live weather reports.

Download the App on Apple App Store

6. WatchFacely

WatchFacely is again one of the customs Apple Watch Faces apps that allows you free access to their Watch Faces. There are more than 100 user-made refined and polished Watch Faces ready to be shared with other accessories lovers.

Custom Apple Watch Faces 9

You can find both intricated watch faces as well as simple and fine watch faces. It has made finding most loved watch faces. The majority of the Watch faces in the app are free to use so do not be shy in exploring them.

But if you want to have all the fun WatchFacely can give then pay up just $2.49 per month.

Download the App on Apple App Store

7. AppleWatchFaces.io

AppleWatchFaces.io is not an app but a website that has exclusive watch faces that need some of your attention. It has a collection of user-created watch faces suitable for your watches. It has one the user-friendly interfaces that make changing Watch faces much easier.

9 Best Apps To Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

You can explore with tags and it has some cool themes such as dark, moon, modern. Battery, Mario, abstract, utility, as well as LGBT. It is at your service at absolutely no cost.

8. Watch Maker

Another app to create custom Apple Watch faces is Watch Maker. The app allows you to create custom faces. It has two billing options: free and paid. 

The downside of this app is the limitations in the free services which bounds you to certain features only thus making it more of a waste of time rather than a valuable resource so it is better to go for the paid version.

Custom Apple Watch Faces 2

The price you are going to pay for this app can be high for those who love to create and change Watch faces continuously as the app is asking for $4.68 per week.

If you are not so sure to give $4.68 every week then try out their 3-days free trial. The app is to assist you in creating tailored and polished Apple Watch Faces for your watchOS. 

Not only backgrounds, but you can also add widgets on your watch screen. And if you are not a creative person, and also do not want to spend a penny then you can check out the Watch faces that other artists have created or can also go through pre-existing watch faces in the app. 

It can be a good app to create custom faces for people with full pockets as $4.68 per week and $57.99 annually is not a smart decision for just making Watch Faces. 

Download the App on Apple App Store

9. Using the help of Photoshop to create watch faces

If creativity is your forte, then you can go on the path of Photoshop to design custom Apple Watch faces or can also go for the Adobe Photoshop app.

In simple words, you can create wallpapers for your watches. For applying the created wallpaper, you can sync it on your watch and apply it to the screen along with time with the help of complications.

This alternate asks a lot of time as you have to create a background of the exact measurement of the screen. After creating a blank project, you can start customizing and creating designs on it.

To lessen the load, you can download the images, or if you love art then can use photoshop tools. Then sync transfer the image onto your iPhone in a sacred album and then sync on your Apple watch.

The alternative takes a longer time to create Apple Watch faces but if you can endure the tedious procedure to have backgrounds of your essence in it then Photoshop is one of the most creative means to do so.

Here are the sizes you should use based on your Apple Watch’s size.

  • 38mm watch: 272×340 pixels
  • 40mm watch: 324×394 pixels
  • 42mm watch: 312×394 pixels
  • 44mm watch: 368×448 pixels

10. Watch Faces

Another option to customize Watch faces for watchOS is Watch Faces. You can create as per your convenience either from local images saved on your iPhones or download them from the Internet, and if you like you can also check the already created Watch Faces by other users. 

It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to create Custom Watch Faces for Apple watches. It does not have many features to try so the only task you can do is add overlays to the images or correct opacity so that clock does not get shadowed by it. 

The rate of the pro version starts at $1.99 so check it out. 

This video on “How to create and share customized Apple Watch faces” is good to watch. 😎🤩🤴



11. GMT (watch O7)

From its launching, GMT is a huge hit for providing an app for customizing Watch faces for the watchO7. It let you create and coordinate backgrounds of Watch faces along with setting complications.

Apart from the bare minimum, it let you set complications for the second-time zone so that you won’t have difficulties figuring the time. Although GMT is pretty customizable, users love the default color palette of Rolex vibes. 

Apart from the second-time zone complication, you can go for 4 more complications. It is undoubtedly one of the best custom Apple Watch faces app that you can use for creating Watch Faces for WatchO7. This is also accessible on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

There are many more complications that you can use on your Watch screens such as Breathe detector, calculator, radio, music and the list is too long to write here.

Read more in detail

12. Count Up

Count Up is one of the apps that comes in handy for sportspeople or for those who are on their journey to become the fittest version of themselves.

It let you customize the stopwatch on the Apple screen. It is again one of the Watch Faces that is accessible on Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch SE and later. 

9 Best Apps To Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

The downside to Count Up is that it does not fulfill the promise made to the users to give a lap detector but if you can overlook this major downfall then it lets you have 4 other complications as well as color customizing features. 

Yes, you get customized features that let you change the ring’s color as well as allow you to set 4 other complications other than putting up a stopwatch on the screen so check out this app.

13. Modular Compact

Modular Compact is another Watch Face that is accessible on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 only. This Watch Face lets you encapsulate a lot of complications on your watch screen.

Custom Apple Watch Faces 4

You can set complications on a long list of features on your Watch such as an Alarm to wake up at right time, a compass not to go in the wrong direction, a calculator, a camera, and the list is never-ending. 

It is pretty customizable as you can select the digital or analog dial’s color as per your taste. You can also directly check your heartbeat as well as blood oxygen level using the 3 complications provided by Watch Faces.

There are a total of 6 complications areas with 3 icons at the middle that you can convert into common contacts, thus paving you the path to directly place the call from the Watch. 

14. Solar Dial

Solar Dial is one of the practical watch faces that works on a theory and is accessible on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

The Watch Face has a circular as well as digital or analog 24-hour watch dial, one that traces the sun and another that moves opposite to the sun path respectively. It is pretty customizable and has complications that let you keep an eye on your oxygen and heartbeat rate.

It let you keep a tab on the solar measure as well as weather measure so that you will be aware of weather temperature, climate as well as wind rate.

Apple Watch - Solar Dial


15. Unity

A recently launched Watch Faces by Apple, Unity is a Watch face created to embrace, acknowledged, and fight for Black human beings’ rights and Black History Month. The developers took inspiration from the Pan-African flag.’

Custom Apple Watch Faces 5

The color mix depends on your style and taste so it would be better to say that you can get color customization features in Unity. The developers were making sure that these Watch Faces will go on well with a limited edition Apple Watch strap.

The Apple company is trying to contribute to initiating unity between all the races with the help of one of the customs Apple Watch Faces.

16. Photos

Next on the list is Photos, another great Watch Faces launched by the Apple company. iPhones are known for the quality of their images and using the same images for your Watch’s screen seems to fewer tasks and work. 

It let you showcase the images from the photos app on the watch. The customizable features include color, content, and time position. You can set alarms, check battery level, set reminders, check the heartbeat and the coolest feature of this Watch face is the moon phase.

The Watch face has an automatic motion detector that changes the images every time you raise your wrist or touch the screen. You can set complications as per your choice so if you want less to appear on your display then it is also completely fine. 

17. Gradient

Gradient is a watch face available for customers who are on the style with Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later. If you are not a fan of graphical backgrounds and are more into bold and believe in the simple is the best. 

The best part of the Watch Face is that it automatically turns into dark mode if your wrist is down. It has customizable features so that users can have plenty of palettes to make them look exciting. 

You can set basic complications for alarm, activity, battery, and reminders, as well as put up maps, radio, music, and news on the screen. Easy access to contacts is also possible by setting complications for favorite contacts. Reports of Weather temperature and conditions will be on your tips and many more complications can be set. 

It is, therefore, one of the coolest Apple Watch Faces believing simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

18. Chronograph Pro

Next on our list is Chronograph Pro. It has a tachymeter as default but if you want you can customize the dial and change it to 60,30, 6, and 3-second timers. It is pretty easy to start the dial as you only need to tap the dial and hit the green button.

The Watch Face is available in the market for Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions. It has a wide list of complications that users can set on the screen such as favorite contact, find people, voice memos, music, timer, sunrise and sunset, and many more. 

19. Meridian

Users rocking WatchOS 6 can have the Meridian Watch Face, integrated with the Apple Face Gallery. The Watch Face has secured a high rank among other custom Apple Watch Faces and is most-like by its users.

The Watch Face is a perfect mixture of design and functionality. Bold colors give an authoritative vibe and Meridian is the right fit for users who wants to go all out. It has a clean, bold touch that is spiced up with 4 complications in the center of the dial.

It is not as up to par as Infographics Face (talked about later on) but it is quite good for minimalist users. 

20. Activity

The best calorie-tracking Watch Face is Activity which is made for all the Apple Watch series. The bold format along with a clear depiction of your activity makes keeping tabs on the progress easier. 

The colors and dial time is pretty easily tailored according to your choices. You can set complications for keeping tabs on Heart rate, blood oxygen, as well as breathing level. Apart from this, you can also detect your vitals and burn calories. 

The most loved feature of this custom Apple Watch face is its digital activity face in the center. You can keep an eye over rings, burned calories, session timing, and stand hours. 

21. Artist

A very artistical approach to Watch Faces, Artist Geoff MCFetridge wanted to create something unique so in this Watch Face, you will see the time in the representation of faces, specifically the eyes and nose. 

Artist is one of the custom Apple Watch Faces that let users customize the faces. Technical gurus rocking Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 6 can also look on the face’s outline. It is theoretical but completely different from other Watch Faces. 

22. Memoji

Memoji is the new black and wouldn’t it be fun to have Memoji as the Watch Face. If you are using Memoji on your iPhones then you can export it onto your Apple Watch. Memoji is a pretty customizable and flexible Watch Face that not allows you to select the Memoji as per your choice but also lets you play with the small info panel situated at the bottom.

23. Typograph

Moving on with Typograph, which claims to be one of the classiest Watch Faces allows you to make your screen look elegant with the edgy font. The analog dial is in the center so that presentation is clear.

You won’t face any complications whatsoever when giving your watch a personal touch. If you like, you can switch to more elegant fonts, or if words are not your style then go numerals along with it the font’s colors.

All in all, the Watch Face has a customizable typeface and color but without the features of setting complications.

24. Stripes

If checks and stripes are what attract you the most then Stripes is the Watch Face launched by Apple to fulfill your demands. This is one of the Watch Face with the most features being able to transform completely. 

Whether it is the number of stripes, colors of the stripes, angles, or directions, they are flexible. You can modify the watch face and play with it, it can be converted into a square or circles with not a single problem. 

If football is your love then you can transform your watch’s screen into a classic football strip. The watch face is one of the most loved among custom Watch Faces launched by Apple itself. 

25. Infograph

If you are looking for a complication-rich Watch Face, then Infograpgh is the right decision to go for. The watch face is completely devoted to complications.

You can set up complications to 18 and can be the best asset to Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 as it uses the corners of the Watch. You can also keep an eye on the current weather reports, whether it is temperatures or wind. 

In the middle, you can add shortcuts to daily used apps such as activity, music, maps, mails, calculator, calendar, or any other apps. It is 100 percent customizable so you will have fun giving your watch a new style.

26. Siri

If checking the to-do list app all the time is taking its toll on your work and you can not afford your own assistant then Siri can be your personal assistant. 

It will help you to remind all the work that you are due for the day. The complications are set up in the upper screen and one of the best features of Siri is that it reduces the need of carrying a phone all the time. 

The work you were doing from your iPhone can be easily done by your watch with the help of this assistant Apple Watch face. Colors can be changed accordingly with no hassle at all.

27. Simple

Sometimes getting up from your comfy and warm places to get remotes seems absurd so if you are one of those lazy Apple users then Simple is there for you to help remove the remotes with the watches. 

You can set other complications as well to control other Apple gadgets other than converting the Apple Watch into a remote of Apple tv. The style, as well as color, is ready to be changed so go and try this custom Apple Watch Faces in your Apple Watch. 

28. Mickey Mouse

Last but not the least, who does not love the ole imaginative friend, mickey mouse. And if you like Woody better then can also go for Pixar. The app lets you integrate the world of cartoons and the magical world into your Apple Watch.  

If you love the straightforwardness and tardiness of Carrot then don’t be afraid to go for the theme park in the Watch face. You can also check out and catch your won pokemon with Mickey mouse.