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23 Of The Best Pet Apps For Pet Lovers and Pet Owners


Do you have a curiosity to know about the Best Pet Apps that will help you to manage your Pet? 🤔


Our guide will help you to find the best one for you.

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Today, people have started living a better life and they also love to do so for their pets. They believe that animals must also get an opportunity to wear lavish clothes and outstanding accessories just like them.

There are people who purchase good beauty products and big meals for their lovely cats or dogs. It is quite surprising that popular brands like LV, Prada, and Gucci have an entire section of their stores dedicated to pets. Thus, it is not difficult to believe that today some pets have a better standard of living then human beings.

For some people, pets are the source of healthy living and happiness as they bring great fun and are also capable of treating serious diseases. Pets can increase one’s efficiency; minimize their levels of stress and also boost mental health.

It helps aged people to deal with their loneliness as they communicate with their pets which also gives a new meaning to their lives. Thirdly, pets also help in developing social abilities and responsibilities among children.

Having pets in the house help in building a sense of sympathy and understanding among children with respect to animals who cannot speak and express. Thus, having a pet always boosts the growth of small children.

It is well-known that having a dog as a pet safeguards the family providing them with complete security. Pets can be trained in many ways and in case of an accident can raise an alarm and save the family members before it’s too late.

In simple words, it is always a rewarding experience to own a pet as they turn into family members after they start living with the family. The concept of having a pet has remained the same over the last many decades but advancing technologies have made things easier.

Today, there are a number of apps that have been designed for pets only. Some of them are goofy, some are funny such as camera apps, games and Twitter profiles are also common. Some apps are meant for pet owners which are very helpful and functional.

Below are mentioned some of the outstanding Android-based pet apps. Modern technology suggests the microchipping of animals to find them in case they get lost.

Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners: Our Top Pick 👌


This app helps in seeking foods that cause harm to the pets. This app is very helpful in assisting pet owners in identifying some of the common food and household items which are toxic to tamed animals.

Best Pet Apps For Dog Owners

It is known to everyone that one should keep chemicals out of the reach of animals but in case it so happens, the app guides the owners to check the toxicity level and take the required steps accordingly.

In case the situation turns serious, owners must immediately make an emergency call to ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for help. This app is found on the Play Store in an Android supported device and can be downloaded for free.

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2. MSD Vet Manual

This manual is has been popular as an animal health reference for the last 60 years or so and includes almost all the disorders and species of veterinary fields all over the globe.

The app offers practical explanations to animal health professionals, students, and veterinarians about the various conditions that can affect the different body parts and systems. It comprises of various etiology, diagnosis, pathophysiology and different modes of treatment.

Best Pet Apps For Dog Owners

The MSD Veterinary app is trusted by one and all and the included topics are updated time and again by veterinary experts all over the globe. It comprises of important videos, illustrations, and photos about common diseases and disorders.

It also has features like quizzes about veterinary treatments, signs, and disorders. Another section of Interactive Case Simulations examines the ability to treat a particular patient during the course of the illness.

There are many important tables, reference guides and clinical calculators for the assistance of veterinarians. All the content on the app is written in simple language so that it is easy for everyone to read and understand.

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3. Veterinary Dictionary: Free Offline App for Vet

As the name suggests, the app is a glossary of veterinary definitions and terms. It comprises more than 44,000 words along with their definitions, vet terms, diseases, and acronyms.

The app also has required bookmarks and search options. The app is simple to use and its free version comprises advertisements. Its pro version can be made available without ads for a purchase of $0.99.

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4. Pet First Aid – Medical Techniques

Best Pet Apps For Dog Owners

This app is dedicated completely towards pets and teaches about pet CPR, medical emergencies and ways to remove something that chokes the throat of the pet. It also stresses on bleeding, smoke inhalation, and other such situations.

It fails to include different types of pets but does focus on common pets like cats and dogs. One should definitely consider trying this app for their pets.

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5. Pet Diary

Pet’s Diary is kind of a reminder app and is useful for people who own a number of pets at the same time. Every pet has its own needs based on their age and breed.

This diary helps in notifying the owners about the feeding times of their pets and alarms about their walking times.

The app is user-friendly as the users just need to create their pet’s profile and include most of the pet types like hamsters, dogs, cats, wallaby, and python.

After creating the profile, the users can keep on adding regular chores as per the pets owned by them. For instance, reminders can be set for daily care activities like water, food and walking and regular notifications will never let you skip a schedule.

Users can also maintain a log of the pets owned by them which serves important while taking the pet to the vet. Maintaining a diary is the best thing for pet owners so that they can track the needs of their pet right from pet appointments to food. It is available for free on the pet store.

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At the time of our research on Best Pet Apps For Dog Lovers and Dog Owners, we found a video about “8 Cutest Dog Breeds That’ll Make You Go Awww” which is worth watching. 🤴🏆

6. Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder

This app serves as a GPS device that users can use directly from their smartphones. The GPS device has to be purchased from the Tractive website and tied to the collar of your cat.

This will help the owner in monitoring the location of the kitty, monitor the device’s battery and set a radius and any movement of the cat beyond it will alert you. Cats are playful by nature and like to roam far away when left outdoors.

Thus, this app is the best for the ones who own such cats. There are a number of other GPS trackers available in the market for pets but somehow this seems to serve the purpose quite well.

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7. PetDesk – Pet Health Reminders

PetDesk helps in tracking the vaccinations, medications and health status of the pets along with other metrics and measurements. It records reminders about the time to get the pet vaccinated, has a to-do list, lists all the animal vets and hospitals nearby, etc.

Best Pet Apps For Dog Owners

It is actually a unique all-inclusive shop for the ones who own a pet and supports various pet types also. The app is available for free and has no advertisements and in-app purchases.

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8. Dormi

Today, advanced technologies have helped in designing monitors for pets just like we have baby monitors for newborn babies. Dormi is one such app which can be set up by pet owners at their home for monitoring their pets while they are out of their homes.

This idea is superb for the ones who own a problematic or newborn cat which can be troublesome while nobody is at home. It has a free version that offers 4 hours of monitoring every day and the paid version is simply unlimited monitoring.

Some of its features are free of cost and the paid options are $0.99 monthly, $4.99 annually and $8.99 of a single charge.

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9. Chewy – Where Pet Lovers Shop

Another good app for pet owners is Chewy and has more than 1000 brands of items available for pets and offers free shipping on some of the products. They have goods for all types of pets like fish, birds, cats, and dogs.

They offer unique food items when compared to other pet stores. The shipments can be scheduled as per the requirements of the pets.

The app performs quite well and is free to use. The Chewy – Where Pet Lovers Shop app ranked number 9th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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10. Time To Pet

This app assists the pet owners to look for clinics and shelters all over the country. It also helps in receiving details about the lost cats and dogs in your locality. In case your cat or dog is lost, all their info fed into Time To Pet can alert the app to start looking for them.

It also provides a lot of information on ways to seek a lost pet and has many heart-touching stories about micro-chipped pets that were found on being lost and reunited with their loving family. The Time To Pet app ranked number 10th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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11. RVC Pet Diabetes

Diabetes is quite a common disease that affects both humans and animals alike. Thus, RVC Pet Diabetes is an app designed for keeping track of the blood sugar level of a pet and its supposed treatment.

The users just need to create their pet’s profile by filling all the mandatory fields maintaining a log for the ones suffering from diabetes along with the medication given to them.

Reminders can also be set for insulin injections and medication and a notification will automatically be sent to the user on time. The app, in general, is simple but users might find it difficult to get accustomed to it.

A number of surveys can be found on the app which can be filled by users for enhancing the app and can also apply for various clinical trials. Anonymous data is sent by the app to its developers for creating a superior platform for pets suffering from diabetes.

The app is the best for pets suffering from diabetes. Currently, users can use it only on Android supported devices. The RVC Pet Diabetes app ranked number 11th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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12. 11pets: Pet care

11pets is an all-inclusive app suitable for pet owners. This app is used worldwide by users for setting reminders and managing pet medications. Appointment reminders for hygiene, vaccination, deworming and grooming can also be set through the app.

It has a feature for tracking supplies which reminds the pet owner is anything needs to be re-stocked. Medical records can also be set like medical conditions and lab testing that is due.

When compared with Pet’s Diary, this app generates a comprehensive report about the medication and food of the pet.

Beginners find this app easy to use but it is also available for professional groomers and Animal welfare organizations. It is found on both iOS and Android. The 11pets: Pet care app ranked number 12th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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13. Puppr – Dog Training & Tricks

Puppr is an app that can be used for teaching new and cool tricks to your dog. It is a fascinating and equally challenging job to teach new tricks to a dog. This is because it requires a lot of patience, treats, timing and precision.

One major problem is resolved by Puppr which is better training of the dogs. The app has a number of tutorials for teaching different tricks to the dog accompanied by various difficulty meters.

Pet owners must grab a few treats before they start training their dogs. The app has a number of lessons from where the owners can choose and begin.

For instance, advanced lessons such as ‘skateboard’ can also be taught to the dog using this app. The Puppr – Dog Training & Tricks app ranked number 13th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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14. Dog Care Encyclopedia

This app serves as an encyclopedia which helps the dog owners know everything about their pet. An individual who has recently adopted or bought a dog as a pet needs to know a lot about it to avoid conflicting situations.

This app is comprehensive as it includes all the information like toxic food items, behavior, first aid, and healthcare. It provides good information on taking care of small puppies and big dogs as they both need personal care.

The app is available for free and new owners are suggested to have it downloaded on their devices. The Dog Care Encyclopedia app ranked number 14th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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15. Bark – Monitor. Detect. Alert

‘The Bark’ is a culture magazine dedicated to dogs. It is a kind of digital magazine covering numerous topics such as travel, activities, behavior, and health. Every quarter a new magazine is issued.

A payment of $12.99 has to be made annually for subscribing to the magazine and receive its benefits like columns for expert advice, videos, and quarterly issues.

The app can be downloaded for free and a magazine can also be purchased wither through annual subscription or via in-app purchases.

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16. Anti -Dog Whistle

The Anti-Dog Whistle is an Ultrasonic sound app designed for disciplining the dogs. This app helps in disciplining a dog who barks for no reason. A sound frequency is emitted by the app which compels the pet to behave.

The frequency needs to be adjusted as per the requirements of your dog. After the perfect frequency matching your dog has been found, you can play the sound to refrain the dog from barking.

Sometimes, these sounds can also be irritating for the dog because they have sensitive hearing. One should never let this app run in the background as it hurt the ears of the dog.

The app is available for free and comprises of ads and is easily available on the Play Store. The Anti -Dog Whistle app ranked number 16th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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17. Dog Walk – Track your dogs!

Dog Walk is an app that helps in tracking the route followed by your dog. As the name is, it helps in tracking the dog’s walk as it saves the distance and time covered by the dog and traces them on a map.

Also, pee or poo by the dog on the way can also be marked on the route. Pictures can also be taken on finishing the walk and it will be automatically posted on the app.

You must create different profiles for different dogs and you can take them for a walk on their favorite route. It is easy to share these routes with your friends and others using the app.

It is available for free and you can also purchase the GPS device from the app for tracking your pet. The Dog Walk – Track your dogs! app ranked number 17th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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Cat Alone 2 is an app designed for cats to train them to play with various digital objects. The reason behind the popularity of this app is that modern-day apartments do not have many insects and rodents that can be killed by cats.

As the name suggests, it is the 2nd edition of the game named Cat Alone. It acts like a satiation object which helps the cats to fulfill their prey drive. There are 6 games, glowing insect, dandelion, water drop, feather, rat, and spider.

Either one of them can be chosen or a few of them can be merged to make it interesting for the cat. The games are quite random which do not bore the playful cats.

It is available for free on the App Store and Play Store. The CAT ALONE 2 app ranked number 18th in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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19. Relax My Cat

Music has a similar relaxing impact on both cats and humans. There are a number of tunes on the app that have designed to entertain cats.

Every tune triggers a distinct mood like some make them sleepy, some make them playful and some soothes their separation anxiety.

It is quite user-friendly as you just need to select the track and set the time limit for it. The functioning of the app depends on the way a cat accepts it. The Relax My Cat app ranked number 19 in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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20. Aquarium Note

Aquarium Note is designed mainly for aquarists as it is a complicated aquarium logger assisting in the maintenance of the fish tank.

Users can log on to 24 water parameters, supervise the changes through a graph, calculate all the expenses related to the aquarium, set-up reminders and make the to-do lists, etc. to fulfill all the maintenance activities on time. The Aquarium Note app ranked number 20 in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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21. Aquarium Care

Aquarium Care is a great app for new aquarium buyers who do not have any idea about the plants and fishes bought by them. It has in-depth care sheets about more than 900 types of fish, invertebrates, and plants.

All the information is easily available so that aquarists can get acquainted with fishes and learns ways to provide them with the best living environment within an aquarium.

It has a huge database comprising of pictures of various species and biological data about them. The Aquarium Care app ranked number 21st in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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22. Aquarium Manager

This app is available for free and can be customized for hobby aquarists and also for new aquarists responsible for taking care of the fishes left with them temporarily by their family or friends.

It has many useful tips on feeding, optimal measures, water value, maintenance tips, reminders, etc. It also has a photo library and an aquarium diary. The Aquarium Manager app ranked number 22nd in our Best Pet Apps For Pet Owners list that you should download.

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Pet Care Without an App

It is true that technology is advancing with each passing day but at the end of the day, every task cannot be dependent only on apps and technologies. Traditional steps have to be taken to care for a pet staying at your home by maintaining a suitable temperature within the house and appoint pet sitters or vets for treating them in the right manner.

Feeding your pet

Do take out time to read about the different pet foods available in the market. Before making any purchase, make sure you read about its ingredients. Some of the pet foods claim that they are healthy for the pet but in reality, it is not so. 

Do not opt for over-feeding a pet. They might look hungry and compel you to give some extra helpings or treats. Excess feeding can make the pet bulky resulting in death and health issues.

Do keep your pet hydrated because water helps in flushing the toxins out of the system and keep them healthy. 

Grooming your pet

Do not bathe the pet time and again because animals suffer from the problem of dry skin. This can make them uncomfortable and itchy.

Do try to use a number of supplements as they help in filling dietary voids and safeguarding the skin of the pet from dryness. Do keep checking your pet for ticks and fleas. The best available product for treating them is Frontline.

Wrapping UP

Above mentioned are few of the apps that I have found useful in playing and managing my pets. The best app by far for training dogs is Puppr. Cat Alone helps me in keeping an eye on my Cat when I am out. Apps like RVC Diabetes, 11pets, Pet’s Diary help me in managing diabetes, medication, and food for my pets.