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11 Best Apps Like Premise To Earn Money For Tasks

Are you looking for the best apps like Premise? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage. In this article, we are going to share a list of the best apps that are similar to Premise.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Premise – What do we know about it?

Premise is a very popular mobile application that allows users to earn some money by completing simple tasks. It is an app designed to help businesses and organizations of all sizes and types to collect data so that they can plan their business strategies accordingly.

As a Premise user, you can help these businesses and organizations to collect data more efficiently by providing them with the details they want. For example, you have to share local information about your city and pictures, such as places to visit, the location of construction zones, and more.

For this, Premise will share the task location with you, and you can either accept or reject it. If you want to complete the task, simply accept it and go to the location and complete it. Once you have completed your task, you will get paid through PayPal.

Other than that, Premise also pays you to take surveys. In these surveys, you will be asked basic questions about your city, such as the price of milk, grocery, and other stuff at your local store, your favorite brands, and other similar questions.

While Premise is a great app, it is only limited to 121 global cities. Therefore, if your city is not in the Premise app, you will not be able to get benefits from it. On the other hand, there are plenty of Premise alternatives that are globally available.

On top of that, most Premise alternatives also offer higher rewards and commissions than Premise. We are not telling you not to use premise tricks, but if you are using it, you can couple it with other apps like Premise to get more paid tasks to increase your earnings.

Best Apps like Premise – Our Top Pick👌👌

Here we have the list of the best apps like Premise –

1. Roamler

The very first Apps like Premise on our list is Roamler. Similar to Premise, Roamler also helps businesses by helping them provide data collected by Roamler users. It is an Amsterdam-based company founded by Michiel Muller and Patrick Schoenmakers in 2010.

Roamler has a massive network of users who collect data for the company on a daily basis and earn rewards in exchange for it. According to Roamler, their users complete over 2 million tasks every day, which is quite amazing.

Roamler tasks are also quite similar to Premise. These tasks include things like taking surveys, checking prices and product availability in local stores, ratings, taking pictures, and more. Roamler offers better rewards than Premise, which is another reason why you should use this Premise alternative.

The best thing about Roamler is that it covers more areas and is available globally, making it a great choice for people across the globe.

Best Apps like Premise

You can further localize your tasks based on your location. Roamler is quite active in European countries, making it a great choice for people living in Europe. Sadly, it is not available in Asian countries.

The user interface of Roamler is quite intuitive and easy to use. You get all of the tasks adequately categorized in various categories such as For Everyone, Product & Service Tasks, Ratings & Reviews, Technical Tasks, For Professionals, and Merchandising and Sales. This makes it easy to find and select the task that you want to complete.

To complete a task, you need to accept it first and then proceed to complete it. Once you complete your task, you will get paid. However, keep in mind that some tasks may take more time than usual, and therefore, you should read the task instructions before accepting any task.

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2. Survey Junkie

Next, we have Survey Junkie on our list. It is an amazing app, and in my opinion, it is much better than Premise for some good reasons. It is an online market research community wholly owned and managed by DISQO, Inc.

This company delivers the data collected by users to the market research industry so that they can take appropriate actions to boost their sales and business.

It is one of the highly regarded task-completing and survey-taking apps like Premise, with an active user base of over 11 million users. Survey Junkie users complete millions of tasks and surveys daily to help businesses create their business strategies.

Best Apps like Premise 1

Survey Junkie has an excellent score on Trustpilot that shows that users actually trust their service. It is also one of the highest-paying survey applications and has a higher number of surveys to complete, making it a must-have app on your phone. The user interface of Survey Junkie is quite simple and easy to use.

However, Survey Junkie is not exactly an app like Premise. For example, it doesn’t ask you to complete tasks such as visiting a place and adding information about it and more.

It is mainly a survey-taking app, meaning you will mostly be taking different types of surveys. You can also earn some points by completing simple tasks such as verifying your email or completing your profile.

We suggest you complete demographic surveys first to become eligible for the targeted surveys, as targeted surveys pay you the best rates. Once you have completed the demographic survey, you will also be eligible to enroll in product trials and focus group surveys.

You can join these product trials and focus group surveys only once a month, for which you will get paid $5 to $50.

Isn’t it amazing? In addition, you can install and use Survey Junkie Pulse, a browser that pays you to collect information about the websites you visit. This helps you earn some points on autopilot mode.

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3. Field Agent

Field Agent is another app like Premise that uses data collected by users to help companies audit stores, drive trails, generate reviews, and connect with buyers across the globe. This can help companies and organizations to create strategies for their upcoming and currently running products and services.

Field Agent is quite popular and is being used by some of the leading US brands such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, SCJohnson, and more.

It has served its services to over 2000 brands from 7 international markets and has over 2 million active users. This shows that Field Agent is a genuine company, and you can trust it.

11 Best Apps Like Premise To Earn Money For Tasks

Unlike Survey Junkie, Field Agent doesn’t ask you to complete surveys. Instead, it asks users to complete a variety of tasks such as display audits, on-shelf availability, price checks, and more.

You can also become a mystery shopper, give concept and product insights, and review products, and in exchange for completing these tasks, you can earn rewards.

One more amazing feature of the Field Agent app is that you can apply for product testing. Basically, you will receive a test product that you have to try, use and then provide its genuine feedback to the manufacturing company so that they can improve their products. This is a nice way to collect some free stuff.

Even though Field Agent tasks cannot help you become a millionaire, it can surely be a great app to create some passive income. Plus, it is available for Android and iOS, and the sign-up process is free. So, you have no reason not to try this app.

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4. Swagbucks

Next, we have Swagbucks on our Apps like Premise list. Swagbucks is an app that is quite similar to Survey Junkie as it rewards you for completing surveys. The best thing about Swagbucks is that it lets you complete surveys right from the comfort of your home.

11 Best Apps Like Premise To Earn Money For Tasks

Besides taking surveys, you can earn some Swagbucks points by completing regular tasks such as watching videos or playing games. After completing each task, you receive some Swagbucks points where each Swagbucks point is equivalent to 1 cent.

Technically, Swagbucks has no minimum withdrawal limit. However, most reward options such as PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, and more start at $3, so we can consider that as a minimum withdrawal limit. To be frank, completing $3 or 300 Swagbucks points is not a big deal.

Swagbucks also offers a $10 sign-up bonus. However, note that this sign-up bonus is available for a limited time. Additionally, it is also tied up with several banks, and if you create an account on these banks using Swagbucks, you can get handsome rewards.

For example, opening a business checking account on the North One Bank and depositing $50 will give you 15000 instant Swagbucks points, which is equivalent to $150. $150 is quite a lot of money, and thanks to the online account opening process, it just takes 10-15 minutes to open an account.

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5. Surveys On The Go – Apps like ivueit

As the name suggests, Surveys On The Go is a great app like Premise that you can use to make money in your free time by answering simple questions or surveys. You can use the app whenever you want – whether you are at a grocery store purchasing some groceries or drinking coffee at a café.

It uses your geo-location to help you offer curated surveys you can take and get paid in exchange for your effort.

The best thing about the app is that the more you travel or move around your city, the more surveys you qualify for. It is a hassle-free way to make extra bucks that you can use during your adventures.

Best Apps like Premise 4

It also keeps a normal check of your internet browsing, which also helps you get personalized surveys. Even you get some reward points for visiting websites and opening applications. All these things make Surveys On The Go a perfect app to have on your smartphone.

This app also considers user privacy as a priority, and therefore, all of the data that it collects from you will remain anonymous. This is important to note as many survey-taking websites and applications don’t treat user data fairly and sell the collected data the way they want.

One thing that I didn’t like much about this app is that its minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Now, it is not a big deal, but you will not be able to withdraw your earnings daily, as to reach $10, you will have to spend your entire day on the app taking surveys.

But that is not a big deal, and since it is available for Android and iOS, you should definitely try it.

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6. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a great Premise alternative as it allows you to earn rewards for watching videos, completing surveys, and shopping online. It is one of the highly-rated apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and has paid over $60 million in rewards to its users.

The majority of tasks that you will complete on InboxDollars will be taking market research surveys, watching advertisements and sponsored videos, and reading emails.

Since these are quite low-effort tasks, you don’t get paid much, but if you use the app consistently, you can get enough to maintain a decent account balance.

Like all other applications on this list, InboxDollars also sells the data collected by users to big organizations and businesses. However, its policy clearly says it doesn’t collect or sell personal user information. It only sells the data submitted by users through surveys or other modes.

InboxDollars is available for Android and iOS, and when you sign up, you receive a $5 sign-up bonus. You can withdraw your earned points through PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, and more. You must complete at least one task every ten days to keep your account activated.


However, there are a few things that I didn’t like about InboxDollars. The very first one is that its minimum withdrawal amount is $30, which is quite high.

On top of that, you have to pay $3 as a processing fee for every withdrawal request. If you are okay with this, you can definitely consider using this Premise alternative.

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7. Gigwalk – Daily task earning app

Next, we have Gigwalk on our list. It is another great app, similar to Premise, that lets you earn money while completing tasks based on your local area.

Even though Gigwalk is available across the globe, I recommend you to use it only if you are from the US or European countries because the majority of tasks on the app are available for these regions only.

The majority of tasks you have to complete will be taking photos of specific products in a store, checking the price of products in your area, taking normal surveys, and more. You will also see some other types of tasks, such as providing a review of any specific location or your opinion on that location.

The best thing about Gigwalk is that it pays a really impressive commission to its users when they complete a gig. The pay ranges from $3 to up to $100 per gig, which is quite a lot, but since you have to move a lot to complete these gigs, this app may not be a perfect fit for everyone.

Getting started with Gigwalk is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is install the app on your smartphone, create an account and enable your GPS to find nearby tasks. Once you find a task that you would like to do, simply accept it and complete it.

Once the task is completed and submitted successfully, it will undergo the review process, which hardly takes a couple of minutes. Once your task is reviewed and approved, you will get paid via PayPal cash. The app is available for both Android and iOS, meaning you have no reasons not to try it.

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8. Streetspotr

Streetspotr is a top-rated micro job platform that helps businesses connect with users. It allows businesses to post gigs for users; whenever a user completes the task, he gets paid. This app, Streetspotr, is similar to Gigwalk.

The tasks offered by Streetspotr generally involve visiting the specific location and capturing pictures, recording audio or short video, and then uploading them with your review about the place. This is basically everything that you have to do.

Like other apps, you have to accept the task you are interested in, and once accepted, you will have a specific timeframe to complete it. You will mostly get 12 hours to complete those tasks, but sometimes, it can vary depending on the gig.

11 Best Apps Like Premise To Earn Money For Tasks

Once you complete the task and submit it, it goes for the review. The review process usually takes a couple of minutes, but sometimes, it can take more time. Once your task is approved, you will receive the payment from Streetspotr. It is as simple as that.

One thing to note here is that you will only receive tasks available in the 400-meter radius. Therefore, the best way to get more tasks is by roaming around in nearby areas. However, that is not necessary as you can get plenty of tasks in your location.

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9. YouGov

YouGov is one of the leading research and analytics firms. It is based in the United Kingdom and boasts over 9 million users from six countries. Arguably, YouGov stands amongst the world’s largest research networks.

YouGov collects user data from over 40 consumer markets, including finance, health, and electronics, and sells this data to businesses and companies. YouGov is a highly accredited organization for data and survey results, and data produced by YouGov is often referenced in mainstream media.

11 Best Apps Like Premise To Earn Money For Tasks

Earlier, anybody could sign up for these surveys and give their opinions, but those surveys were not paid. But recently, YouGov introduced the paid survey service where users get paid to complete surveys.

When you first join the app and complete your first survey, you receive a total of 1500 points (1000 bonus and 500 survey reward). However, once you complete a survey, you have to wait for the next survey, which will be emailed to you.

Basically, unlike other applications, you don’t get to choose the surveys you want to complete. Instead, the YouGov algorithm analyzes your profile and offers you a survey that matches your profile.

This way, you will receive fewer chances to complete surveys, but each survey you receive will be highly personalized.

The only downside of this app is its minimum withdrawal. The least amount you can withdraw in cash is $50, while the minimum withdrawal amount for a gift voucher is $15. If you consistently complete surveys, it will take around 30-35 days to earn $50, which is not that bad overall.

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10. Ibotta Jobs

Lastly, we have Ibotta Jobs on our list. Unlike Premise or other apps on this list, Ibotta Jobs doesn’t offer you money or other rewards for completing tasks. Instead, it is an application that helps you earn cash back for your regular shopping.

Basically, whenever you make an online purchase using Ibotta Jobs, you receive a fixed commission and exclusive offers. This app helps you save a lot of money while also receiving rewards.

11 Best Apps Like Premise To Earn Money For Tasks

Ibotta Jobs has partnered with thousands of top retailers such as Walmart, eBay, Hotels, Groupon, Old Navy, and more. Whenever you purchase from any of these retailers, you will receive the brand offers as well as additional cashback offers offered by Ibotta Jobs.

There are two ways to use this app – installing it on your smartphone or installing its browser extension on your Chrome web browser. We recommend you use the mobile app as it is quite intuitive and easy to use, while the browser extension seems a bit complicated.

To sum up, I would say that Ibotta Jobs is an amazing application for people who do regular online shopping. It can help you save a lot of money while earning some cashback.

However, if you are looking for apps that can help you earn rewards by completing tasks, Ibotta Jobs might not be a good application.

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Closing Comments on Apps like Premise

There you have it – a list of the 11 best apps like Premise.

Premise is a great app but not the only option to get paid by completing micro-tasks, taking surveys, and exploring different areas of your city. There are plenty of great applications that you can use to replace Premise or couple with it.

My favorite suggestions for taking surveys are Survey Junkie, YouGov, and Surveys On The Go. On the other hand, if you want to earn handsome rewards, Gigwalk, Streetspotr, and Swagbucks can be great choices for you.