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11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

The gaming industry is one of the most profitable industries on the planet. Hardware such as the PlayStation 5 and software like Fortnite have seen exponential sales and growth.

Alongside gaming hardware and software, game chat technology has seen huge growth. Game functionality, such as within consoles, has seen significant growth, with Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and the Nintendo Online System seeing huge numbers of users daily.

Although each differs in its approach, some online systems, such as Nintendo, use mobile-based chat functionality compared to Xbox and PlayStations online network chat, and all have significant user bases.

Thus, the ability to chat with friends has never been so readily available and popular due to the rise of multiplayer games and the competitive scene through Esports.

Furthermore, privately owned apps like Discord are seeing surges in ownership and use across the industry. Likewise, the sheer quantity of chat apps on the gaming market has also increased.

Many new chat apps are entering the market, which differs in quality and how they function. Many apps are poor.

This article will outline the 11 best gaming chat apps professional gamers use and the ones you must pick up. 

Best Gaming Chat Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Discord – Best voice chat app for gaming

The most famous app on this list and possibly the best-known chat app is Discord. Discord, originally released in 2015, is a digital chat-based app on PC and mobile devices.

The app was initially founded by Jason Citron and succeeded with Esports and competitive gamers. Discord sees 150 million active users and 350 million registered users.

The app is one of the most popular apps gamers use, with many PC players using the app to talk with friends. Although Discord is not present on consoles, the active user base is staggering as of yet.

Best Gaming Chat Apps
Create an invite-only place where you belong.

Most PC players use Discord to communicate with others. It has become a staple of PC gaming and one of the main components of PC gaming. Discord features video calls, voice chat, and basic messaging, allowing you to connect with your friends wherever you are.

The app also features community-based chat rooms, allowing you to get together with others, whether colleagues or friends.

Furthermore, Discord features servers that enable up to eight hundred thousand people to get together and chat about common interests.

Although it can be unreliable due to bugs, Discord is one of the most reliable chat apps on the gaming market. Thus, it is one of the best. From a functionality and features standpoint, Discord is up there with the greatest Gaming chat apps on the market.

Discord is easy to use and a breeze to pick up. As a result, the app ticks nearly all the boxes regarding features. Despite not being on consoles, the app was bought out by PlayStation, with the brand now owning a majority stake in the company.

Thus, in the future, PlayStation will look to integrate Discord into its PlayStation services, allowing gamers from across platforms to chat without interference.

Although there is no sign Xbox will manage to get in on this action, they may likely introduce a similar app to their consoles. Nevertheless, it is a smart move by PlayStation to integrate Discord into its PlayStation Network, especially with the release of PlayStation games on the PC and the rise of cross-platform gaming.

Similarly, it also allows PlayStation to compete with Xbox in terms of its cross-platform play and communication with PC by helping to integrate existing PC players into the PlayStation family.

All in all, Disord is the cream of the crop regarding chat apps. It is a great app with fantastic functions and features.


  • Great variety of features
  • Large server and chat rooms
  • Multipurpose use


  • Can be buggy
  • Often complex

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2. Teamspeak

Teamspeak is another popular video game chat app used by many gamers, especially PC and competitive players. Teamspeak was first released in 2001, making it one of the older apps on this Gaming Chat Apps list.

Unlike more complex apps such as Discord, the app features voice calls, allowing you and your buddies to chat simply using your voice. It does not feature video calling and large servers like other apps on this list but features advanced voiceover functionality.

Over the years, Teamspeak has seen multiple different updates and redesigns. The most recent redesign of Teamseak was released in 2019, introducing a vast range of new features to stay competitive.

Functions included improved audio functionality, global chat, and a new and upgraded user interface. Although apps such as Discord have many active users, many consider them far too complex, with many different features.

Teamspeak is painfully easy to use and uses voice chat, with the only requirement being a headset. The app offers an interesting and great alternative to the other apps on this Gaming Chat Apps list.

It is simple and does what it says on the tin. Teamspeak is also great for multiplayer games, with the app being a number one go-to for competitive gameplay.

Best Gaming Chat Apps 2

Likewise, it is relatively cheap, with the app being free for servers of up to 32 people. With prices ranging between $55-$500 for users above that range.

If you are looking for an easy to setup app that you can use to play multiplayer games with your friends, then this app is for you. The only drawback is the lack of features.

Nevertheless, it gets the job done. Teamspeak is only available on PC, Android, and iOS apps and not on consoles such as the PlayStation 5.


  • Easy to use
  • Optimized voice chat functionality
  • Great for multiplayer games


  • Lack of features 

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3. Guided – Gaming chat apps for gaming communities

Guilded-Chat, Stats, LFG is one of the best chat apps on the market. Guilded-Chat, Stats, LFG is like any other gaming chat app on the market but features unlimited emotes high-resolution video chats, and world-class voice chat.

11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

It provides a premium service for gamers and non-gamers, offering fantastic audio functionality for those who want to play multiplayer games with friends.

Likewise, you can also build your bots and play against other servers. The app supports all the best multiplayer games, such as Among Us and Roblox.

It is also free, making this app a must-have. It is an app perfect for mobile multiplayer games, although its design is a bit bland and looks similar to Slack, lacking originality. Likewise, its community is lacking due to being relatively new.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Robust servers
  • Popular game support


  • Dull design
  • Small community
Guilded vs Discord... 5 Reasons Why Guilded is Better!

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4. Skype

Skype is perhaps the biggest audio and video app-based platform on the planet. Although the app is mostly used for job-related purposes, the app is also useful for gaming. 

Skype is relatively simple to use, featuring simple channels of communication that are easy to set up and free. Skype was first released in 2003 and developed by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom.

The app was one of the first to feature video, voice calls, and instant messaging. The app also features mobile and landline calls for a charge alongside several other features.

It is estimated that Skype is used by 100 million people every month and 40 million people every day, making it one of the biggest telecommunication platforms on the internet.

11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

Despite this, Zoom has managed to take a large percentage of the platform’s users and market share due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with working-from-home arrangements suiting the functionality of Zoom. Nevertheless, Skype is still one of the major players in app-based videotelephony.

Currently, Skype is available on PC and mobile software such as IOS and Android. Skype features a smooth interface, instant messaging, and voice chat through audio and video.

These features are great for Podcasters, allowing them to capture video and audio from conference calls. Likewise, it is also great for gamers, with players able to talk with one another seamlessly.

Similarly, Skype features chat rooms allowing multiple people to speak to one another at once, creating opportunities for multiplayer games.

Moreover, party games such as Among Us work well on Skype, allowing you to see and play fun party games with friends without being in the same room. Thus, Skype can be a great gaming chat app if required.

Nevertheless, despite the praise, Skype is not the most gamer-friendly app on this Gaming Chat Apps list. Although it is easy to use, requiring a simple skype key for linking up calls, the app is better suited for business and work-related purposes due to lag interference.

Many games, especially multiplayer games, require on-point communication. A poor user connection could render communication obsolete. Thus, Skypes connection issues may be a problem for gamers that need excellent communication with friends.

Nonetheless, for most games with friends, Skype will do the job as one of the best chat apps out there. Likewise, these connection issues are continuously being worked on and could be resolved. 


  • Great Features 
  • Easy to use 
  • Smooth user interface 
  • Great for party games


  • Connection issues
  • Not good for intense multiplayer games

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5. Mumble

Like Teamspeak and Skype, Mumble is one of the older chat apps in gaming. Mumble was first released in 2005 and is very similar to Teamspeak in that both are simplistic and feature voiceover channels and no video options.

The software uses client servent architecture allowing two individuals to talk with one another seamlessly. and includes low latency and high-quality sound for fantastic communication without interference.

Mumble also features cross-play and is available across mobile devices and software such as IOS. Mumble is perfect for multiplayer games allowing users to connect multiple channels to create large ones.

11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

It also allows you to customize each channel individually, setting rules and game options for users to follow.

As a result, depending on what Multiplayer game you are playing, Mumble will allow you to set options with servers, such as control schemes.

For example, you and your friends are playing a Call of Duty match. Mumble will enable you to set tactical loadout options for every player on the server. As a result, the voice chat app is perfect for multiplayer.

Although Mumble does not feature the same functionality as other apps on this list, it accomplishes everything it sets out to do and more.

The app features excellent sound cancellation, reducing the echo of even the cheapest headsets and high-end security, protecting you and your credentials.

Similarly, the app features advanced positional audio that maps your character to other players based on your position in the game. The further a player is from you, the harder it is to hear them.

All in all, Mumble is an excellent Gaming chat app with top-notch audio and customization and is easy to use.

If you want a multiplayer app with unrivaled audio quality, Mumble is the app for you. It is a great chat app available on PC and across mobile. It will not let you down.


  • Great audio
  • Customizable servers
  • Supherb multiplayer functionality 
  • Good security
  • East to use


  • Lack of features 

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6. Google Chat – Gaming voice chat apps

Google Chat is a cross-platform instant messaging service introduced in 2013 by Google. The app features conversations between users using their Gmail accounts and thus is available on PC and mobile devices.

Like Skype, you can use Google chat for simple voice calls and even video. Essentially it mirrors skype in nearly every way, with the ability to make landline and mobile from Google Hangouts.

Likewise, much like Skype, it is largely meant for business and job-related purposes rather than gaming with a limited but still present gaming communication tool. 

Google Hangouts is one of the least popular chat apps on the internet. Many see the app as a way for Google to gather more information and make it easy to share personal information with other people.

Nevertheless, Google hangouts are still one of the better chat apps on the market. In 2019, Google announced that Google Chat, a new app, would slowly replace Google Hangouts and be available early for everyone in 2022.

Nonetheless, for now, Google Hangouts remains the top google based chat app on the market. Overall, Google Hangouts is a great app for calling and chatting.

It has a range of features but is unfortunately not that gamer-friendly. Nevertheless, it can still be used with friends to play multiplayer games seamlessly. 


  • Abundance of features
  • Multipurpose use 


  • Limited functionality of games 

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7. Element – Secure Messenger

Element is an instant messaging app developed by New Vector Limited and released in 2016. The element uses top-notch instant messaging services to connect you to your friends in seconds.

The app can integrate other instant messaging apps, such as Telegram and Slack, to create an instant messaging hub.

Similarly, the app can also incorporate video and audio-based chat. As a result, Element is full of features and is one of the more popular web-based chat apps on the internet.

Similarly, the app is also popular due to its use if an end to end encryption. Which uses cryptographic keys to ensure private conversations are secure and confidential and cannot be accessed by third parties.

11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

Essentially, the app functions as a cryptocurrency wallet, encrypting conversations with similar keys to ensure security is not compromised. It does this by giving users only a set of keys they know about.

This feature is a nice addition to the app, as many apps on this list are owned by corporations such as Google, which have not been particularly great at securing user privacy. Element is, therefore, one of the securer apps on this list.

However, with more secure software also comes more complexity. Element’s use of cryptographic keys makes this app complex and often difficult to use with convoluted authentication processes.

Thus, it is not user-friendly, especially if you want to use the app to talk to your friends when playing a game.

Despite this, once you get over the app’s complex nature, it is great to use and can be used effortlessly to chat with friends while playing a Call of Duty Warzone game.


  • Abundance of features
  • High level of security 
  • Incorporates different apps


  • Complex authentication process
  • Not user friendly

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8. Slack

Slack is a relatively new gaming chat app released in 2013 by Slack Technologies on mobile operating systems such as IOS and PC.

Slack features constant chat rooms organized by topic, direct messaging, or private chat rooms.

Unlike other instant messaging services, Slack is a constantly evolving chat service that continues your conversation until the thread is deleted.

Slack can host hundreds if not thousands of chat rooms and users and is very popular amongst businesses. Slack also features the ability to voice and video call, much like Skype.

The app can host up to fourteen users anytime, making it great for online multiplayer fun.

Furthermore, the app allows the integration of popular online services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Likewise, the app allows free access to the 10,000 most recent messages, making for a user-friendly and accessible experience.

Although Slack is predominantly used for the workplace, with the app gaining more popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can use the app for gaming; Slack features an excellent easy to use interface, instant messaging service, and audio and video call that allows you to connect with your friends instantly.

Thus, you can use Slack for multiplayer gaming or creating gaming communities due to its constant chat rooms; although often full of connectivity issues, the app is still great for multiplayer games.

However, Slack is often underrated as a gaming chat app, touted as an app used in the workplace. Despite this, Slack can and should be used for gaming with friends. It is one of the best gaming chat apps on the market.


  • Great instant chat 
  • Excellent video and audio features
  • Easy to use and user friendly


  • Connectivity Issues 

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9. Ventrilo – online gaming chat apps

Ventrilo is a voice chat app released in 2002 by Flagship Industries Inc for PC. Ventrilo features voice chat for up to eight people on one server, making it one of the smaller voice chat services on this list.

The app is integrated into Microsoft windows and can be used on the platform. Although the app has limited functionality, with only voice chat available for people to use, gamers often use the service for multiplayer games.

Best Gaming Chat Apps 8

Ventrilo offers a minimalistic voice chat experience rather than a larger chat experience provided by other applications mentioned on this list.

Likewise, the app is largely outdated compared to other voice chat apps, such as Discord, featuring significantly fewer features.

Although useful in its own right, it comes no near to apps such as Discord regarding functionality, use, and impressiveness. Overall, Ventrilo is a useful app but lacks major features to be a competitor on this list.


  • Good audio functionality


  • Outdated and lacks features 
  • Limited compared to competitors 

10. Pinch – Gaming chat apps For  Voice Chatting

Pinch is a relatively new chat app developed by Gamerlink inc and released in 2021. Pinch is a voice chat application that allows you to chat with friends while playing some of your favorite games.

The app is not designed for console or PC but for mobile gaming. You can talk with friends in the background while playing games such as Minecraft Pocket Edition.

11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

The app is easy to use and has a great interface, allowing you to play mobile games seamlessly with your friends. Pinch features basic voice chat functionality and includes a simple party-based chat.

Thus, although its simplicity makes it easy to use, the app doesn’t have much more to offer and lacks many features in other apps.


  • Easy to use and great interface
  • Works well


  • Lacks features 

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11. Parallel

Parallel is another voice chat app that allows you to chat with your friends while playing mobile games. The app features stereophonic sound and smooth audio, creating an unparallel audio experience.

Parallel also lets you create groups with your friends, allowing you to text and call them. Similarly, the app allows you to see your friends in real-time on the app.

11 Best Gaming Chat Apps Used By Professional Gamers

Parallel is one of the easier voice chat apps to use on the market and looks great on mobile. The app has over one million users, making it one of the more popular apps.

Despite its popularity, much like Pinch, it lacks features and more advanced technology. 


  • Easy to use
  • Great audio quality 
  • Popular user base


  • Lacks advanced features 

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What app do gamers use to talk?

Most gamers use Discord to talk to other gamers. Discord runs as a web app on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and iOS.

You can enjoy discord as a web app using Slack or IRC. Through Discord, gamers can also communicate through text and video chat.

Where can I chat with gamers?

Discord is regarded as one of the best chat apps for gamers. Apart from Discord, gamers can use Mumble or Mumla, Pinch, and Element for voice chat to talk with their friends while playing mobile games. Most apps come with encryption to protect your data across multiple servers.

Which voice chat is best for gaming?

If you are looking for the best voice chat apps for Web, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows gaming, you can opt for Mumble, Discord, Element (formerly Riot), SteamChat, Blizzard Voice Chat, Overtone, and TeamSpeak. You can also use these apps on Android and iPhone.

How do gamers talk to each other?

Gamers use the Discord app to talk to each other during games. Discord is the highest-rated app due to its free chat service for gamers.

You can also form a group to chat with multiple players through voice and text. Players can also create a server link to invite other players to the chat.

Is Mumble better than Discord?

Discord is often regarded as the best voice chat app for gamers. Discord has cloud synchronization, security, and protection, while Mumble doesn’t. Discord also uses bots for welcome messages and polls that Mumble doesn’t offer.

In which game can we talk with friends?

Many multiplayer games offer you the option of talking with your friends during the game. You can play PUBG Mobile and other live games while talking to your friends.

If you are playing on a PC, you can use Discord or Mumble to chat via voice or text while gaming.

How do you voice chat with friends while playing games?

In-game voice chat, Third-party voice chat software, Console-specific voice chat, and Mobile apps are several ways to voice chat with friends while playing games.

Is there an app like Tinder for gamers?

LFGdating, Kippo, Gamer Dating, and GameTree are apps and websites similar to Tinder but specifically for gamers.

How do I find good gaming friends?

Join gaming communities, Using social media, Attend gaming events, Be a good teammate, and Be patient are some tips to help you find and build lasting friendships with other gamers.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this article has highlighted the eleven best gaming chat apps used by professional gamers. This article has highlighted the sheer diversity of chat apps within the gaming market.

From Skype to Slack and Element, each app has similar but unique features which make them stand out. Although you can use many of these apps for multiple purposes, each does have excellent game chat capabilities.

Slack can be used for gaming or work, while other applications, such as Teamspeak, are predominantly used for competitive gaming. This article has also shown the diversity of the app’s features, with some apps, such as Mumble, featuring advanced audio hallmarks.

In contrast, others like Element have superior security capabilities through cryptographic keys. Highlighting that although many chat applications carry out similar functions, each needs to find its niche in the gaming market to stand out.

Thus, like many competitive markets, only the most innovative survive. As shown, the gaming market is very competitive regarding chat apps.

It is likely that as hardware and software continue to evolve, this market will become even more competitive.

Big gaming corporations such as PlayStation and Xbox are also looking at chat-based apps to integrate into their services. They see the value of these services in the future and want to capitalize on them.