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15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

This is my complete guide to Best Discord Bots that will help you to Improve Your Discord Server. 🤴

Best Part?

We recently analyzed 35 of the discord bots available for use but picked the 15 of The Best Discord Bots for our readers based on their use, performance, and reviews.

Without any further ado, Let’s get started. 📗

What is there not to like about discord? They are the most popular chat server for most online communities, especially the gaming community.

As a dedicated communication channel, discord bots servers help gamers and lots of other people improve their servers and enjoy more time on the internet.

While it is not easy to pick out the best of the best discord bots, they help enhance the interaction between communities, is free, easy to use, and easily customizable with VOIP support. And thanks to the bots, you never have to exit to perform menial tasks.

Bearing in mind that discord bits are plenty and offer different features, we will try to explain in this article some discord bots you should try out.

Best Discord Bots To Use – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Dank Memer

This goofy bot is pretty much the only bot you need to improve your server. It is funny and just pretty easy to use.

Best Discord Bots

Although a fun bot, it is a multi-purpose, versatile bot with memes and can do everything you want it to do, including gaming, currency, sound, images, and many more.

Dank Memer is a premium meme bot with the ability to control over 260 commands and basically anything you need for your server.


  • Consists of over 100 meme commands and the ability to help you create your own unique memes
  • Enjoy free music download and create your playlist with support from Spotify, custom playlist, and bass boosting
  • Has amazing moderation commands and user-friendly intuitive features that allow you access to a host of commands from the simplest to the most difficult
  • A currency features funny memes depicting stealing, gambling memes that will spice up your server.

The Dank memer interacts well with your server, and if you are looking for a bot that will deliver interesting and unusual memes that are easy to use, this is the bot for it.

How to disable/enable commands with Dank Memer Discord bot

2. MEE6

Mee6 is a moderation bot, but this is not the only function this bot has to offer; as one of the most definitive discord bots, there is, it can create and execute all types of set commands, including customizable commands, welcome messages, and many more.

Best Discord Bots

The most incredible feature of the Mee6 discord bot is the ability to keep you active on the server through the leveling and XP This system also allows you to manage permission and by implementing the grinding systems, you will make your chat room exciting and interactive.


  • It has extensive features and the best customer service to help out users
  • Get alerts for Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit when there is something new about a favorite of yours without living the server
  • Ability to earn XP and level by been more active
  • Consist of different package level each with features to suit your needs
  • Create customized commands from your dashboard to manage a specific task or role
  • Welcome messages and automated role assignment assigns permission to new users for certain roles
  • Amazing automated moderation system including commands like mute, ban or kick; you can also set punishments for users who break the rule on the group

Overall, Mee6 is an astounding moderation discord bot with automated features to help create a safe and consistent guideline to manage a large team. Asides from the essential command abilities, it gives you the power to set up your own commands when creating your chat group or building a team.

How To Add & Setup MEE6 Bot to your Discord Server | Best Discord Bot

3. Groovy Bot

As the name suggests, you cannot beat the groovy bot when it comes to compiling a playlist for your server. It is the best and easiest way to go around it without wasting time.

15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

Overall, in keeping with the Groovy theme, the website is straightforward, nice, intuitive, and extremely user-friendly. With this bot, you will have the latest songs, including lyrics from any music store on the internet.


  • It is a stable, easy-to-install, and uses bot with a nice array of musical commands to compile a marvelous playlist on your serves.
  • Easy to use commands including skip song, queue up music, download with lyrics, pause, remove track and pitch a new song
  • Showcase your DJ skills as you play around with the equalizer
  • Upgrade your free package to premium and everything including the ability to turn your discord channel into an exciting online music center
  • Requires no setup and enjoy cool music with one command
  • It is lag-free and won’t cause your server to lag either

Overall, Groovy is the best discord bots for music and supports top-notch music stores like Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and many more. This discord bot supports more music site that any other music bot and have an extensive range of commands to ensure you get the best easily and effortlessly.

How to Install, Invite, & Use Groovy Music Bot on Discord

Update:- Groovy has ended its service. We have received a legal notice and cooperated accordingly.

4. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is a profile anime bot; it allows you to create rich profiles on your server, gaining XP and level according to how active you are in chat rooms.

15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

As a discord bot that revolves around leveling and chat incentives, Tatsumaki in your discord server allows your server members to gain XP and credits from being active in text channels and making use of certain commands.


  • Members compete for the highest server level to gain more XP
  • Credits won from the competition can be used to buy badges, background and more to boost their profile
  • An effective moderation bot with text commands that enables you to kick, ban or mute members from the server
  • Ability to disable command features on specific channels of choice
  • The t@prune command allows a user to delete text messages and more
  • Comes with an automated t@notify command that creates a public log for your server

Overall, Tatsumaki is an excellent discord bot; it gives you the power to control and create a more exciting and lively chat room on your server.

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5. Dyno Bot

The Dyno discord is a search bot. For gamers, being in the right chartroom can boost your gaming skills and even accord you point that will make you a better player. This fully customizable Discord bot is the most versatile and customizable bot to help you manage your time on a server.

Best Discord Bots

If you have been looking for a discord bot that can do it all, invite Dyno bot now and upgrade to premium to enjoy all the features from a robust dedicated easy to use dashboard.


  • An amazing moderation bot with fully automated features that allows you to mute, ban, and more
  • Configure the bot to automatically detect spam and eliminate it
  • Download your favorite music and create your playlist with the Dyno music bot. it also allows you to be a DJ and mix, organize and delete your playlist without stress
  • Gain full control of commands and features that allow you to manage your server efficiently
  • Share messages r announcements easily in the community including welcome and ban chats
  • Assign roles to users in the community to perform certain tasks on your behalf
  • Enjoy live music stream from YouTube, get an overview of Google results with the integration of Cleverbot on the discord server

Overall, Dyno discord bot is a bot you should install on your server. It is free, comes with a reliable customer service system, and eases the way to work on your server with intuitive abilities.

Discord Dyno Bot Quick Guide - a "How to Discord" tutorial

6. Pokecord Bot

If you love the anime cartoon and video game Pokémon, then having this Pokecord bot on your discord will be a thrill.

15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

Currently used by over 3.5 million players across 900,000 servers in the world, it was first launched in 2017 to enable Pokémon lovers to enjoy this popular gaming character in a different light.

It boasts of simple, addictive characters that allow you to invite friends for a game, win and collect more rewards.


  • Invite your friend to play catch – this is when a random Pokémon appears on your screen and the first person to capture it gets a new character in their collection
  • Battle Pokémon in discord with simple interactive commands to make the game more exciting and interesting
  • Level up your Pokémon, gain more XP and credits to shop with on the site
  • Collect as many characters as you can catch

While this is not the original Pokémon game, for millions of Nintendo fans, it is worth the play and appearance on discord. With options to battle and collect characters with other gamers in the chat room, it is definitely one bot that will keep you busy.

Pokecord Discord Bot - Getting Started Tutorial
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7. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeon is a bot that allows you to bring your Role-playing Adventure to the discord server, which will allow you to go on adventures, collaborate with friends to fight a common enemy, and be part of a guild.

It is efficient; saves your progress, and allows you to get back to where you stopped, in case you are off the server for long periods.


  • Because it centrally stores all your progress and character you can play the adventure or any other one on any discord server with this bot on
  • Ability to play on your regular browser or mobile phone using the discord mobile app online
  • Share your progress with friends or invite them to play.
  • Enjoy hours and hours of adventure games with regular updates
  • Progress is back up on noticeable on your dashboard
  • Compete with friends or work together to defeat an enemy
  • Enjoy seamless command control and showcase your mastery in different skills including trading on a global market
  • All settings are customizable and easy to use

Overall, this role-playing adventure game will enable you to explore scenes far and near. If you are looking for something new and fun in the gaming space, discord dungeon role-playing will put your IQ to the test.

8. Gaius Bot

This discord bot is a powerful but complicated bot that is designed to build healthier and safer gaming communities or others online via the removal of dangerous and inappropriate content before it spreads.

As a moderation bot, Gaius Cicereius is ensuring that online communities have the best representation regardless of the body or system they belong to.


  • Ability to create custom filters for the automated moderator
  • Detect and remove unwanted contents without worries
  • Build communities that are compliant with the discord guidelines and Terms of Service
  • A powerful global ban feature that helps keeps malicious users and spam account away from communities
  • Customizable anti-spam and anti-raid tools
  • Helps welcome and verify new users

Overall, moderation is a draining task, but with Gaius bot, you can relax as the bulk of the workload is handled efficiently through an automated moderation solution that will ensure that the community is safe and secure from negative people and content.

9. Discord Translator ( Translation Bot)

The language barrier is the biggest hiccup to smooth and effective communication in the gaming community.

Best Discord Bots

While you can choose to stick with people that understand your language, you can also decide to install this translation bot that helps you understand multiple languages and build a long-lasting relationship in online communities.

Below are some of the features of the Discord translator that earned it a spot in our list of Best Discord Bots.


  • An excellent and wide array of translation commands to help out with communication
  • A powerful command that allows you to translate messages to over 100 languages
  • Support multiple language translations at once
  • Real-time Automatic translation is available just by
  • Flexible styles that allow you to customize and manage the bot on your server

Overall, this is a useful multilingual discord to have if you deal with people in other parts of the world. Certainly takes the stress of trying to learn a different language to make friends online.

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10. MedalBot

This integration bot will fit into any gaming application with its rich features that support the automatic sharing of game clips over the discord.

MedalBot discord is a very useful gaming app that will run perfectly on a lot of servers via the integration of the medal.tv, which is a game-sharing site.

Below are some of the features of the MedalBot that earned it a spot in our list of Best Discord Bots.


  • Simple, intuitive, and robust bot
  • Win reward by sharing gaming clips with others
  • Ability to play your playlist

Overall, this discord medalbot is the third trusted choice for gamers looking to set up their own discord server, and with over a million users and testimonies, you know they must be doing something right.

The platform is so easy to use too, all you need do to start a game is press a button, receives a link, and sync to the cloud of your phone to enjoy multiple games alone or with friends.

11. TriviaBot

If you love trivial and putting your knowledge to the test or you just like learning about new things, then invite this discord on your server immediately.

Aside from being able to play with a friend and other members of the community, it is a great way to keep the kids busy while you tackle the chores of the day.

This discord is a great way to make chat rooms more lively and flush fun through a community any day.


  • Consists of 3000 questions in 24 categories in all areas including science, film, sports, nature, television and more
  • Easy to use a command like a trivia help for help, trivia start to begin a game, etc
  • Multiple player game allows for more fun and excitement

Overall, you Lose some, win some, but the fun never stops. The discord trivia bot game allows you to learn something new without any lag on your server.

12. Patreon

Unlike most multi-purpose discord, Patreon is a platform that is allowing business owners or startups to create and build their own membership to their specifications. This allows you to work with people that will grow the business, that need your services and generate revenue while at it.

15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

Patreon discord bot is used by everyone, including musicians, visual artists, video and content creators, online communities, writers, journalists, game creators, and even charity organizations.


  • An automatic bot that assigned roles to your patrons
  • Create your platform the way you envisage it
  • Generate and predict revenue on a regular interval
  • Easy to set up your page and build membership
  • Fans get firsthand information when something new is coming up
  • Connect directly with your subscriber, fans, and people who like your business idea or products
  • Give your fans a sneak peek of what is coming to get them excited and ready for it
  • The process is very simple as fans can engage with your brand and follow you on social media for exclusive benefits or rewards.

Patreon discord bot is a tool that every business person should have, especially if you are trying to build an online community of loyal followers Furthermore, its seamless integration with other tools and apps takes this discord a step higher for any content creator. Overall, Patreon is the best way for content creators to sustain their business and make money.

13. GameStats Discord Bot

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see all the statistics of all the games you play online, you know something like a report sheet? Well, if you have ever thought of that, now you have a discord bot in the name of GameStats to help you do it all – or see it all.

This easy-to-use bot works by you setting up a profile of your gaming aliases, getting all the stats, and sharing with your friends.

It allows you to see the stats from a variety of games, including Rust, Xbox Live, and World of Warcraft, DOTA2, Playstation Network, and Rainbow Six: Siege among others.

Below are some of the features of the gamestats that earned it a spot in our list of Best Discord Bots.


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Commands are a bit different but user-friendly
  • Check your game stats just by typing the alias

Overall, it is a very valuable bot that will boost your play performance and create new targets that you can share with your gaming community.

14. Vexera Discord Music Bot

There are plenty of discord music bots, but none like Vexera. Not only is this the best multi-purpose discord bot, but it is also absolutely free.

That is not all!

Vexera can play music from different music stores and platforms like Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and many more.

15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

Additionally, as the most widely used discord bot, it is also available in over 15 languages with control features that enable you to skip, pause, start, delete or download a playlist of your desire.

This music bot allows you to create your own playlist, but the best part about this bot is you can stream music from any musical source directly to your voice channel. It also serves as a control bot for auto balance.

Below are some of the features of the Vexera Discord Music Bot that earned it a spot in our list of Best Discord Bots.


  • Welcomes members with a smile and bids them farewell too
  • Amazing moderation command allows you to kick, ban, mute, un-mute, any member that is misbehaving in the community
  • Simple and very easy to understand and use
  • Get full control of who does what in a community
  • You get control of your music queue on any channel

Overall, Vexera has over 300,000 users on its discord, and with the smooth, lag-music playback. You will never be disappointed using this discord for music purposes.

15. Pancake Bot

15 of The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Discord Server

This is a simple, high-quality, and versatile discord bot for music, fun, and exceptional moderation on your server. One reason why the pancake bot has been able to distinguish itself among others is the multitude of commands, and functions that make the server a breeze to use.

Below are some of the features of the Pancake Bot that earned it a spot in our list of Best Discord Bots.


  • As a music discord bot, users can request music from SoundCloud, YouTube, and twitch platforms; this request allows you to get better audio quality and clarity than downloading it from the internet as it is coming directly from the source.
  • Ability to form a music queue to enable you to listen to everyone’s music or use commands like skip, pause, and others to jump to the next song on the playlist
  • A server moderation tool that automatically assigns roles to first-timers in a community
  • Get customized messages to welcome new users to the text channel
  • Simple commands like mute and ban enable you to control and manage your community effectively
  • Delete messages in bulk to clean up the server and prevent any issue with lag

Overall, this discord bot is an astounding discord for music, simple moderation, and a fun bot that allows you to get the best from servers. However, this discord bot has a plethora of commands, so we will advise you to read through to enable you to enjoy all the benefits this discord bot offers.

Conclusion on best bots to add to discord

Discord has become a useful and must-have bot on most servers. Asides from enabling you to chat and play games, it is a fabulous way to stay organized, listen to music, moderate, and manage your community without the stress of continually lagging in your affairs.

To have them working on your system, invite them, and you are good to go, the above discord bots listed here are useful ones you will love.