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9 Of The Best Teacher Planner To Stay Organized in 2022

It goes without saying that teachers and lecturers perform the most critical profession in today’s world. Without them, none of us would be where we are today. In America, being a teacher can be strenuous with tons of tasks to complete. 

Not to mention, you also have to take responsibility for each of the children enrolled in your class. It can be tedious and hectic, leaving you with less or no time for yourself. At times, they tend to get burnout from the continuous labor they do. 

Even during weekends, when students hang out and enjoy partying, teachers and lecturers are working from home. If you are a teacher or involved in teaching at school or university, then it is vital that you plan your professional life. 

This way, you can perform your tasks on-time more importantly, have some time for yourself. To avoid stress and burnout, you must make use of the best teacher planner. The role of a teacher or lecturer is crucial for the development and progress of society. 

Only when teachers are healthy, mentally, and emotionally, they can discharge their tasks efficiently. To help you out, we have researched and come up with some of the best teacher planners, we could find online. 

Though you can find tons of teacher planners online, most of them do not make the cut. They only come with tall claims. Apart from the fact that they come priced cheaply, they are definitely not worth your time.

Hence, we have only included some of the best products that can improve your productivity as a teacher. Once you begin to follow the plan that you have set up on your teacher planner, you will notice instant results both in your professional as well as personal life. 

Best Teacher Planner: Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. 7 Period Teacher Lesson Planner Book

Seven Period Teacher Lesson Planner Book is produced by Elan Publishing Company. It is quite convenient and affordable for teachers throughout America. The size is good at 8.5″ by 11″ that gives you ample space to read and write your plans.

Best Teacher Planner
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This is a sublime product that one can use on a weekly basis, coming across the top of the page. Below the top of the page come seven lines that signify each period. You can find 40 recording pages that come with dates. 

The book is ready for your school, though your school does not have a September to June academic year. We felt that the planner is pleasant to look at, and the feel is good too. It has a leather bind that gives it a robust appearance. 

It is durable with the wire binding present on it. The need to worry about the fact that it might tear open with frequent use is not needed. You can also find the daily schedule section coming with eight periods. 

You have other features in the teacher planner, like days given horizontally at the top. There is a section that contains more than 40 columns and space for more than 40 students to record their grades or write other vital data. 

You have five colors to choose from. Each of them comes with its own design and texture. We like all the flexibility in the layouts inside. You can read the positive reviews given by teachers saying that they liked the design and the paper quality is good. 

They were able to use highlighters where they wanted to and are priced at less than $20. There is also a section where you have blank pages for taking notes. It just goes to show the dedication of the maker, ensuring that it can be used by one and all. 


  • It is cheaply priced. 
  • It is well-designed and durable. 
  • The layouts are good for writing and taking notes. 
  • The thickness of the paper is good for highlighter use. 
  • This is a medium-sized planner at 9 inches. 
  • It has pages for 40 weeks and seven periods, planner. 


  • You will find no blank pages for taking down notes. 

Having considered all this, the Elan Publishing teacher planner is the best teacher planner for lecturers and teachers who like to stay on task. It is affordable and comes with a barrage of features that you will find useful to complete your duties on time. 

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2. Blue Sky Day Designer Teacher Planner

Day Designer for Blue Sky, Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Teacher Planner is next to our list of the best teacher planners.

The pages given on the 8.5″ by 11″ planner are useful for recording procedures and planning, not to mention, you can glance and find out what you are looking for instantly. 

Best Teacher Planner
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The design of the planner is well-done. As a teacher, you can be assured that you will begin your academic year on the right note. It comes with two bonus months enabling you to make efficient use of time and effort. 

The planner has 12 months that begins from the month of July and June. You can find monthly and weekly pages for writing your plans for the year. Though the school is not in session, this planner comes helpful. 

We liked the fact that this planner comes with several additional features. This helps you to track and set your goals. Only when you are able to do so, you can finish your tasks on time. You can start using the big picture, on which you realize the direction of the coming year. 

Once that is over, you can set your goals. It also covers your family, personal, and financial goals too. The next thing to do is plan your day. You can then deliberately maximize your efficiency and productivity and stay on course. 

You can plan and track your goals throughout the year. We also prefer layouts that are based on a weekly basis for writing your goals. You can mention your note pages, contact pages, reference dates, and finish your tasks every day, on time. 

If you read the feedback, you will see how teachers found the cover and the features useful. They are lively done, and you will be able to customize them with inserts. The material quality and to-do list are remarkable. 

But they felt that the layouts were not explicitly designed for classroom purposes. Overall, it is an excellent product to use for teachers and lecturers. Like the previous planner, this product is priced less than $20. 


  • The design is robust and durable. 
  • It comes in two bright and vibrant colors. 
  • The layout is superb for setting your goals as a teacher. 
  • It has dates from July to June that is specific for teaching faculty. 
  • Its size is right at less than 9inches. 
  • The cover is flexible. 


  • Few teachers felt that the layouts are not specific for classroom purposes. 

The planner is most suitable for teachers who wish to maximize their goals. When you find yourself unable to meet your professional and personal aspirations, then this planner can increase your productivity manifold. 

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3. House of Doolittle Teachers Planner with Seating Chart

House of Doolittle Teachers Planner with Seating Chart is a smashing teacher planner. The planner has a seating chart, seven periods of layout, and 8.5 X 11inches blue leatherette. We found that it is one of the best teacher planners in the market. 

9 Of The Best Teacher Planner To Stay Organized in 2022
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If you are on a limited budget, then this is the one for you. Of course, the pricing need not be the only factor in choosing it. That is because it comes with features like enabling you to keep academic records in it safely. 

Not to mention, the blue leatherette cover gives it a remarkable appearance. You will be delighted to know that the planner is printed using recycled paper. The week is presented on a two-page along with days of the week.

We felt that the spacing is proper, enabling you to jot down essential data. On the right-hand side of the page, you can even make use of the miscellaneous notes. Here, you can also write in the to-do notes. 

As a teacher, you can keep track of the attendance and tests of students for 45 weeks. Professors like the fact that the planner is convenient to write down data horizontally. Apart from that, the layout is user-friendly. 

But a few users wanted to see more pages for writing down the grades. 


  • It has useful layouts that are suitable for teaching fraternity. 
  • The planner is affordable for one and all. 
  • There is sufficient spacing taking plans for lessons. 
  • It comes with a one-week two-page spread offering adequate spacing. 
  • It is made from recycled paper. 
  • The paper is certified by FSC as having soy inks. 
  • The days of the week can be found across the tops periods on the right side. 
  • The design is covered with a blue leatherette cover. 


  • Few teachers noted that more pages for writing the grades would have been better. 

The House of Doolittle Teachers Planner can be on your shopping list for this month when you are on the lookout for a cheap and environment-friendly product. Think about it; the planner comes with everything that you want and is made from recycled paper. 

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4. Orange Circle Studio Monthly Pocket Planner for Teachers

Orange Circle Studio Monthly Pocket Planner for Teachers is the best teacher planner for your requirements.

Unlike other teacher planners discussed on the list, this one is compact. We found that the small design is ideal for teachers carrying it around everywhere. 

9 Of The Best Teacher Planner To Stay Organized in 2022
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At times, you may suddenly remember something or want to note something down. Then you can immediately take this planner out from your pocket or handbag and do what is necessary.

It is alright to have something large to note down things, at the same time, using something more compact, is better. 

The Orange Circle Studio is a 17 months compact planner that fits inside any handbag or purse. It comes in 7 different colors and designs. This is 4.5″ by 6.5″ when closed and has 60 pages. Every page has two mini-calendars and a column for taking notes. 

Teachers liked the fact that it is compact, and that enables them to write down notes anytime. The quality of the pages is also good and splendid. But, the sheer size of it may not be suitable for the teaching profession. 


  • The design is adorable. 
  • The floral designs on the outer layer are noteworthy. 
  • The compact size is attractive and beautiful. 
  • The spaces for the calendar are suitable for recording events. 
  • It is a 17 monthly teacher planner. 
  • The book consists of 60 pages.


  • Some users felt that the cover is not stable. 

If you are somebody who loves to use small and compact things, then the Orange Circle Studio teacher planner is suitable. When you want to note down lessons, meetings, events, and the like, then you can do so on this pocketbook, which is compact and handier. 

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5. Hardcover Seven-Period Dated Teacher Lesson Planner Book

Hardcover Seven-Period Dated Teacher Lesson Planner Book is your ideal keep if you are on the lookout for a robust and stable planner. Some planners are just not designed well enough to handle the wear and tear of regular use.

Best Teacher Planner
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But, the Hardcover Seven-Period Dated planner is not one of them. It is affordable, comes with an excellent design, and has smashing features that any teacher would like. We liked the main feature of this book called today’s bookmark. 

First off, bookmarks are not a common thing fixed in planners. You can quickly go to the page and get down to business. Like one more planner discussed in this list, it comes from the makers of Elan Publishing Company. 

The quality and style of the product are out of the world. It runs from August to June. There are weekly layouts where you can find seven periods listed and five weekdays on the top. It comes with a two-page spread. 

Users can also use the layout for recording procedures, holidays, marking periods, and vacations. You can find a regular schedule of eight periods and record lists for textbooks. It is an 8.5″ by 11″ that is ideal for your table. 


  • The planner comes with a wide-spread layout. 
  • It is suitable for table use. 
  • The binding is flat and ideal for writing quickly. 
  • It dates from August to June. 
  • This is an 8.5″ x 11″ notebook planner. 
  • It has seven periods, with seating charts, and a daily schedule. 
  • There is a two-sided pocket. 
  • It comes with a leatherette cover. 


  • The quality of the paper may not be ideal for thick ink. 

If you want to use a robust planner that comes with decent features and is affordable for the academic year, then you know what to do.  

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6. At-a-Glance Teacher’s Planner

At-a-Glance Teacher’s Planner is the ideal combination of a grade book and a notebook. Users can instantly know that this one comes with excellent features.

If you are somebody who prefers using a diary-like a teacher planner, then the At-a-Glance planner is a good option. 

9 Of The Best Teacher Planner To Stay Organized in 2022
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Its layout has two pages spread with each day of the week listed at the top. There are more than eight lines, and you can use ten periods every day. We preferred the additional layouts available on this planner. 

You can note records, seating charts, and use writing notes. This is produced from 30% consumer waste and comes at a large 8.75″ by 11.48″ size. There is also wire binding on its meaning; all pages can be used on the weekly layout. 

Its layout is good, and you can make use of the entire week that comes available with it. Teachers can make changes instantly, and the vintage design is something that caught everybody’s eyes. 

It is priced at less than $14, which is quite cheap. 


  • The build and design are stable and vintage. 
  • It is suitable for giving to your teacher or professor. 
  • The layout is effective and straightforward. 
  • It is two in one notebook and a grade book. 
  • There is space for nine subjects each week. 
  • It is a huge 8.75″ x 11.48″ notebook. 
  • The binding notebook is done on the left.
  • It has a simulated leather-like cover. 


  • Few teachers thought that the cover could get easily damaged. 

The At-a-Glance planner is a bang for the buck. When you are looking for a two-in-one notebook that can handle all your teaching needs, then it has got you covered. The pricing is reasonable, and the cover is elegantly designed, helping you to stay on schedule.

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7. Teacher Planner Book by Erin Condren Planner

Teacher Planner Book by Erin Condren Planner is a huge planner for teachers and professors alike. If you are a teacher, then you may want to read carefully about this best teacher planner. The design is good, and it comes at a size of 8.5″ x 11″. 

9 Of The Best Teacher Planner To Stay Organized in 2022
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The teacher planner comes loaded with several features that are designed by Erin Condren. We think this is one of the best teacher planners in the market for its simplicity and ease. Teachers believed that the spacing of the two pages was suitable for writing monthly notes. 

It also comes with an inspirational quote. The teacher planner has more space to write anything. It has a section for noting weekly plans. This is ideal for use when your school begins for the academic year, without losing focus on the overall month.


  • The notebook comes with covers that are interchangeable.
  • The lesson note in the book is adjustable to your requirements. 
  • The resource space where you can keep important things is in front. 
  • You can also note the volunteers and events are happening in your school. 
  • This is a January to December notebook. 
  • It has a 4-sticker sheet.
  • The pages on the planner are lined, graph, and increase your efficiency. 


  • However, if you begin using this notebook from the middle of school, then you are in for several wasted pages. 

Overall, this is an excellent buy for you as it is organized, affordable, and comes with all the features that a teacher would need. The crucial information that you need is ready and at your fingertips with the planner. 

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8. Scholastic Teacher Planner

Scholastic Teacher Planner is one of the most affordable options for a teacher. It comes with an undated monthly calendar, weekly plan pages with specific times, birthdays, specific dates, and a class roster. 

Best Teacher Planner
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We liked the birthday section where you can write down the birthdays of all your students. Teachers also found the undated times useful because you can write down to your plans. The inspirational quotes are helpful as they come in colorful pages. 

Unfortunately, we felt that this notebook is suitable for PKG teachers. If you are an elementary teacher, then it is alright. But if you are a senior school teacher, then you may find this teacher planner not suitable for your needs. 


  • Its design and built quality are excellent. 
  • The notebook has a colorful touch to it. 
  • The birthday section enables you to note down the birthdays of your students. 
  • Its updated times mentioned in the notebook are helpful for your cause. 
  • The inspirational quotes help you write inspiring quotes. 


  • The design of the notebook is slightly on the bland side. 

It is an excellent option for those of you searching for a no-frills teacher planner. This teacher planner can help you be organized throughout the school year. The build quality is excellent. The planner comes with inspirational quotes that can be seen throughout the whole year. 

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Our thoughts 

Having the best teacher planner is a necessity for any teacher. After all, you have to be organized and efficient throughout the whole year. How else can you keep yourself planned and active, without these teacher planners?

They have been designed to help you and save your precious time. When you are in the teaching field and are finding it hard to keep things at bay, the teacher planner will come into play. It is all about finding the right teacher planner. 

We can assure you that the teacher planners mentioned above are good enough to meet your needs. They are affordable and come with rich features to ensure you stick to using the planner.

Whether you are old-fashioned or prefer some of the flashy notebooks, there is something for you. We sincerely hope that you can find something from the list we compiled for you. The best teacher planner will help you work professionally and improve your productivity. 

Could this be the year that you wanted to remain productive?