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11 Of The Best Discord Music Bots For Your Discord Server

Do you want to listen to music with your friends right from your Discord server? 🤔 Awesome.

In this post, We collected 11 Of The Best Discord Music Bots for your discord server only.

Let’s get started. 🎶

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard the name ‘Discord‘ before. Discord is one of the most popular chat platforms in the gaming community. It has rightfully earned its place because of its robust built, intuitive interface and highly customizable features. 

If you have used Discord before, you might be aware that it is pretty customizable. Discord allows you to add bots to your server, thereby improving its functionality to a great extent. Not only does this bring you a lot of add on features, but it is also a great way to manage your server in a better way. 

Among the discord bots, the ones I love are discord music bots. These music bots help you to listen to your favorite music in the background while you are chatting with the community. Before we get into our list of favorite discord music bots, let us first learn how to add discord bots to your server. 

Before we begin, note that you should have the managed server permissions on the server you are using to be able to add bots to your server. 

Adding bots to your discord server is a pretty simple process. 

As a first step, you should log in to your Discord account. There are a large number of Discord bots you can add to your server. We can go to the next steps after you have selected the Discord bots you want to add to your server.

Visit the Discord website on your browser and log in to your account. Firstly, you should have access to the ‘Manage Server‘ option on your server. Click on ‘add bot to the server‘ on the Carbonitex website. Click on the option called ‘invite’ if you are adding the bot from the Discord site.

You will be presented with an authorization screen next, where you will are given the option to select the server. Select the server on which you want to add the discord bots. 

You have to now click on the option authorize, upon which the bot of your choice will be added to your server. Your bot will appear on the sidebar of your server once it is added to the server. 

Adding Bots to Your Discord Server!

The steps mentioned above are to be followed if to add a discord bot to your server. You can find several Discord bots on GitHub as well. However, the installation process may be slightly different. 

Now that we have learned how to install the Discord bots on your server let us discover some of the popular Discord music bots.

Best Discord Music Bots – Our Top Pick 👌

1. Fredboat 

Fredboat is the first Discord music bot on our Best Discord Music Bots list. It is one of the versatile and powerful music bots out there as it supports plenty of websites. Some of them are Twitch, SoundCloud, YouTube, direct links, and Bandcamp. 

Best Discord Music Bots

A convenient feature of this bot is the option to make playlists. You don’t have to worry about choosing the next song after the current song ends.

You can make a list of your favorite songs and let them play for a long duration. Fredboat is a trustworthy discord music bot as it is an open-source bot. 

It also has a search box feature which makes things all the more straightforward. You don’t have to copy the links from websites like YouTube to play your songs.

You can key in whatever song you want to play in the search box, and you will be provided with options to choose the music you want to play. 

2. Rhythm 

Rhythm also happens to be one of the best Discord music bots out there. The functionality of Rhythm is quite similar to Fredboat. Like Fredboat, Rhythm also supports various websites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitch. 

Best Discord Music Bots

Once your current list of songs comes to an end, Rhythm has the option to automatically queue songs from your list. There are two ways in which you can play your favorite songs on Rhythm.

You can paste the links of your favorite tracks on Rhythm, or you can key in your favorite songs in the search box and Rhythm will do the rest. 

It will show up the song results from which you can choose and play your favorite tracks. It has a straightforward user interface. Rhythm stands out from other Discord music bots with its ability to fetch lyrics of the songs that are playing. 

The only downside to Rhythm is that it works only for voice channels and not for text channels. You can have a look at other Discord music bots on our list if you want music bots for text channels.

3. Groovy 

Groovy (Visit Here) is an impressive choice for the best Discord music bots because it offers many features that other music bots don’t. Apart from websites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp, it also supports sites like Apple Music and Spotify. 

Not many discovered music bots offer this feature. Like other Discord music bots on our list, Groovy offers features like playlists and search boxes for your convenience.

You can either paste links to your favorite music from other websites in Groovy or enter the name of your favorite tracks and start listening. 

It has other cool features like a shuffle option to shuffle songs in your playlist, a remove song option to delete a particular song in your playlist, and a song loop option to listen to your favorite songs on repeat.

You can also access the lyrics to your favorite songs right here on groovy using the lyrics search option. 

If you are looking for a Discord music bot that is a notch above the others, groovy is the best alternative for you. The user interface is lag-free and provides you with a rich User experience. There are very few Discord music bots that support as many commands and music websites as Groovy.

How to Install, Invite, & Use Groovy Music Bot on Discord

You can also experience more great features like volume control, different audio effects like nightcore, vaporwave, and bass boost, and save your playlist to access it later if you have a premium account.

You can access the premium account for a nominal charge of $4 a month if you are using a single server. You can get the same features for three premium servers for a fee of 6 dollars a month. Groovy also offers an option of a yearly subscription if you prefer.

Update:- Groovy received a legal notice from google for directly using their youtube video commercially on their platform which is violating google policy and they cooperated accordingly.

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4. ErisBot 

ErisBot is different from other Discord music bots of its flexibility to configure commands. You can create your prefixes and use them with the commands using ErisBot. It is a feature that is unique to ErisBot. 

11 Of The Best Discord Music Bots For Your Discord Server

The only downside however with ErisBot is that, if you are parsing a YouTube link on ErisBot, sometimes it will start playing the video inside of playing just the audio. 

Apart from this small drawback, ErisBot is a powerful Discord music bot with features that are similar to other Discord music bots if you are looking for a highly configurable discord music bot, I recommend Erisbot.

5. Octave 

Octave is a simple Discord music bot that has Spotify support as well as volume control apart from the regular features like play and pause, search and playlist options. You can access music from websites like YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, mixer, and Spotify. 

The user interface is pretty simple. To search for a song of your choice just key in the name of your favorite song in the search box. The bot will return with the top results from various streaming websites, and you can choose from the results.

How to Install & Use Octave (Discord Music bot) in your Discord Server

This bot is configurable to a great extent. The users on the server can vote to skip the currently playing song. The owner of Octave is Melmsie, and the head developer is Aetheryx.

Apart from music, you will find Octave under tags like memes, media, and soundboard, to name a few. All in all, it is an excellent Discord music bot to enjoy high-quality music across hundreds of servers.

6. Tony Bamanaboni XD 

Tony Bamanaboni XD has a unique-sounding name in our list of best discord music bots. Thankfully, using this bot is not as tricky as the pronunciation of this bot is.

It has all the general functionalities that a discord music bot should have like automatic playlists, a search box to key in your favorite tracks, a play and pause option, an option to make a playlist of your favorite songs, and more. 

To add to this, it also has access to two different music websites like Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Apart from these general features, this bot also has unique features like audio effects including bass boost, pitch and speed changer, tremolo, flanger, vibrato, contrast, extra stereo, low pass, high pass, phaser, compressor, pulsator, ear wax, crusher, and overlay, to name a few. 

These audio effects will help you change the sound output according to your preference. If this sounds interesting to you, you should check out Tony Bamanaboni XD.

It also has an option to sign up as a Patreon if you want to support the bot. It helps to keep the bot alive and also gives you a lot of extra features. 

Some of the extra features you can access as a Patreon are:-

  • Server-wide votelock bypass
  • Up to 10 overlayed entries 
  • 24/7 music playback 
  • Higher bitrate 
  • Up to 100 SFX with a 5MB file size limit

7. 24/7

24/7 is another excellent addition to our list of Discord music bots. This music bot is developed by deluxe. Along with having access to various music websites like YouTube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud, it can also stream any radio stations across the world. 

What’s more, if there is a live event that is being streamed on YouTube, you can access it on this music bot. You can find typical features like play and pause options, creation of playlists, and 24/7 music playback.

You can also become a Patreon and get access to premium features. Some of the premium features include 

  • Control volume server-wide 
  • Repeat one song 24/7 
  • YouTube playlist 
  • Higher audio quality 
  • Import/export queue

8. Zandercraft 

Zandercraft is more popular as a chat and productivity bot than a music bot. It is unique because it can play hiFi music which is in high definition. If you are really into music, this is a discord music bot that you must have on your server. 

Standard features that the bot offers are, a play and pause option, a search box to find your favorite track, an option to create your playlist with your favorite numbers, and adding songs to a queue. 

The music player features in this what is activated by using the command +voice. To find your favorite track from YouTube or SoundCloud, you can use the command +request.

If you are impressed by what this bot can offer and want to support them, you can do so by making donations of as minimum as 11 Dollars a month and get access to extra features like 

  • Unlimited Pages 
  • HTML Embed
  • Unlimited Storage 
  • Analytics
  • 3 Stock Images

9. BMO 

BMO gives you the option to use more than 300 commands. Using the bot, you can get access to games, utilities, image manipulation, gambling, and HD music. Since our article covers Discord music bots, the functionality of BMO is pretty standard. 

It offers standard features like ok a search box to find your favorite song, a play and pause option, and an option to add your favorite tracks to a queue.

Although you can use a wide range of commands, it may require a lot of time to learn and use them. As far as its functionality as a music player goes, it is pretty handy and is highly recommendable.

10. Vexera 

Vexera is one of the best Discord music bots out there. It currently serves more than 300000 Discord servers. The interface is free and very smooth to operate. You can control your music queue directly from the channel or the web panel. 

11 Of The Best Discord Music Bots For Your Discord Server

You can moderate your server members efficiently by using this bot. You can kick, voice kick and or ban your server members using the moderation system of this bot.

You can also bid farewells to your server members or greet them with a welcome note when somebody enters your server. 

You can enjoy high-quality music on this discord music bot in its voice channels. Play your favorite song by using the command +play. Vexera will start playing the music by joining the voice channel. Searching your favorite track is accessible on this bot.

You can look for your favorite track by using the command + search and then choose from the first five suggestions that pop up by entering the relevant number. 

Vexera has access to music from various websites like YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitch, Mixer, Vimeo, and more. 

If you want to access music from Spotify, you may have to get a premium subscription. However, you should know that the songs will not play directly on Spotify, but will be played through YouTube. As of now, you can only play singles, playlists, and EPs. You may have to wait for a little while if you want to play albums on this bot.

If you are a premium member, you can also play a song by using a custom URL. A queue on Vexera can hold up to 2000 songs.

If your limit is reached, and you would like to delete some of your songs you can do so by using the command +clear. It has various other features like play, pause, resume, stop, and also an option to skip music. 

Another cool feature is you can share your favourite playlist with your friends by using the command + playlist share. You will be instantly provided with a link that you can share with your friends and have them listen to your favourite tracks.

Without a premium subscription, you can also control the volume and have access to the lyrics of the songs as well. 

By opting for the premium subscription, you not only get access to your great features but also help in the further development of the application. The premium subscription can be availed at prices as low as 3 dollars a month.

There is also a pro subscription which comes with even more features and can be availed at a nominal cost of $5 a month. All in all, it is an excellent discord music bot to have and is definitely among our favorites.

11. MEE6 

MEE6 is the last discord music bot on our best Discord music bots list. Nevertheless, a Discord music bot to have in your arsenal. It has excellent features to moderate your server.

It helps a great deal in keeping the spammers away from your server. You can keep track of all the activity that goes on in your server using this bot. By using the commands on this bot, you can relieve the moderators of the server from many repetitive tasks. 

Best Discord Music Bots

The music bot is very stable and intuitive. Along with regular features like play, a search, record, volume, and skip options, it also has a visual player using which you can control the music. You can search for your favorite music, play it, and audit it according to your preference. 

Other cool features include 24/7 music playback, the option to loop your music, seek, and volume-boosting. There is also an option that enables the users of the server to skip a song by voting.

This bot has access to all the popular music streaming websites like YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, and more. 

You can also organize fun games like guessing the name of the song or artist. You can challenge your friends on the server to take part in a music quiz.

You can play a short sample of the song and ask them to guess the name of the song or artist on. Earn points by guessing the name of the song before the time runs out. 

The commands used on the bot are pretty simple. For example, use “!join” to make the bot join your voice channel and use “!leave” to make the bot leave your voice channel.

You can also record your favorite tracks and once recorded you can share the link for the audio file with your friends and have them listen to your favorite music. 

You can also get a premium subscription and support the development of the bot. A Premium subscription is available for as low as $5 a month.

Some of the extra features that you can get by subscribing to a premium subscription are multiple twitch channels, various YouTube channels, a leaderboard that is ad-free, and a plugin for the music quiz and recording.

You can also unsubscribe from the premium subscription anytime you want by going to the billing section.

✅FAQ on The best discord music bots

Are there any music bots for Discord?

There are people who listen to the lofi music when they are working or even studying. The bot provides you with lofi music playback for 24/7, having a fantastic uptime guarantee. You would be delighted to know that Chill Bot offers you with opulent quality audio.

Is MEE6 a good music bot?

MEE6 is definitely a good music bot. It is simple & easy to use because of the music dashboard that is present on it. But it is a paid version, and you need to do that to be able to access it. At the moment, Chip is a free version Discord music bot offering you with proper audio effects.

What Discord bot plays Spotify?

The Botify is a Discord that plays Spotify that allows you to play audio content from Spotify. This has to be inside your channels. It is compatible with YouTube, and you can now play content from Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, and others.

What music bots still work in Discord 2022?

Some of the music bots that work with Discord include Hydra Bot, Mee6, Fredboat, and Probot. You can make use of them when you want to listen to music on the go. Most of the music bots are free, but some of them come paid. You can choose them likewise.

Does MEE6 still play music?

Yes, the MEE6 plays music and comes infused with several of the other cool features. Now, you can play the music directly from Discord as and when you want on your Discord voice channels. It can be done by using songs or playlists from YouTube.

What's the best music bot?

The best music bot to listen to songs would be Chip, Zandercraft, BMO, and Vexera. You can use them as and when you want to listen to your favorite tunes. They are safe and reliable too. You can be assured that they offer some of the latest music for you.

Is FredBoat free?

Yes, FredBoat is free. It is a free Discord music bot offering you with high-quality music for your Discord server. You can use this accessible music bot for listening to music on your server as and when you want to.

What bots play Spotify playlists?

The bots that play the Spotify playlists include Spixx, Green-bot, FlaviBot, and Musical Tune. You can make use of these bots to play the Spotify playlist. These would be your best bet when you are bored, tired, or just want to pass some time.

Conclusion on best discord music bots

There are many Discord bots that offer different features like games, memes, Pokecard, anime, gambling, chat, gifs, streams, role play, PUBG, Rocket League, leveling, media, soundboard, utility, Minecraft, economy, and more. 

Discord bots play a significant role in your chat experience and also help in the active moderation of your server. It takes away a lot of repetitive tasks from the moderators of this server by automating some of the functions.

The fact that discord bots are highly customizable makes it easy to add a ton of additional features to your server. 

However, Our article focuses only on the music Discord bots. So, We tried to gather the best discord music bots all in one place for your convenience. If you are using Discord for the very first time, you may have a hard time enabling the streamer mode, push talk, for two-factor authentication on Discord. 

However, there are tutorials available for all of these on the internet. Hope you enjoyed our choices for the best music discord bots.

Let us know in the comments which one of these music bots is your favourite and why? Also, drop a comment if we have missed out on any other cool discord music bot.