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35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

Telegram’s improbable rise to prominence in the instant messaging industry continues. In contrast to competitors like Signal and WhatsApp, popular in the Asian market, the social network offers features such as groups or teams video calling, screen sharing, intelligent stickers, screen sharing, and bots.

In particular, the Telegram bot is a handy add-on for power service users. We have selected the greatest Telegram bots to use from many Telegram bots available on the internet.

Before proceeding with the list of the best Telegram bots, we should first define what a Telegram bot is and how it might benefit your overall experience in the app.

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What is Telegram Bots?🤷‍♂️

2015 was the first time the Telegram bots API was revealed to the public. Through this, developers were enabled to create chat applications for third-party users.

It is an autonomous Telegram service where you may engage in conversations and, if you like, use bots in channels and groups. This gave lots of options to the users.

You can construct a Telegram bot for anything out there based on your specific requirements. There are currently dozens of Telegram bots available to pick from, thanks to the many brilliant developers’ efforts.

We have selected the most beneficial ones from the many available options.

When you start working with a bot on Telegram, you must search for the bot’s username in the search box at the top of the screen.

Integrate the bot into the chat room and follow the on-screen prompts to configure the bot’s configuration.

Best Telegram Bots To Unleash the Power of Telegram

We created the list below to present the Best Telegram Bots out there and give our reviews to all of them.

1. The Feed Reader Telegram Bot 

With each new bot added to the list, the number of bots grows exponentially. So we would begin with one of the best Telegram Bots; The feed reader bot (Get Here).

Any website or blog that publishes RSS feeds can enable its users to register to RSS feeds through the Feed Reader application. Following the subscription, you will receive notifications of the most recent posts from that website directly in your Telegram inbox.

Best Telegram Bots

Apart from websites, you may also subscribe to YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and have the most recent posts delivered to your inbox as soon as they are published.

This Telegram bot also has a fantastic feature that allows you to search for specific feeds. For example, if you want to identify the most popular Artificial Intelligence feeds, you can use this tool.

The Artificial Intelligence News Subscription page will supply you with a list of favorite RSS feeds for artificial intelligence, and you can sign up for them here.

2. Tweet It Bot 

The Tweet It Bot targets Twitter users; you can easily get that from the name. It is possible to compose Tweets directly from the Telegram interface thanks to the Tweet It bot (Get Here).

You can attach any media asset to a Tweet, including photographs, videos, and GIFs. To get started, link your Twitter account with the bot. 

3. The Combot Group Telegram Bot 

There are almost 15 million people who utilize Combot (Get Here), it little wonder it is on our list. The bot enables you to transform your group into a fully functioning community. 

It handles all heavy lifting, including moderation, analytics, anti-spam, and providing the best trigger system available in Telegram, among other things. With Combot, you can unlock the potential of group chats and make them more productive.

4. The Robotic Watchdog

This is yet another Telegram bot that will assist you in managing your groups. Add @watchdog robot as a chatroom administrator to your chatroom.

Best Telegram Bots 1

Give the bot the appropriate permissions, such as the ability to delete messages and blacklist users. Now configure the content to be eliminated using a command-line argument.

In addition, you can define filters and establish automation. You can find additional information on the official website if you want to know how to set up the bot and use it to its full potential.

5. The Rose Bot

The Rose Bot deserves a place on our list of best Telegram Bots. For those of you who manage many groups in Telegram, this feature can be really useful. The @MissRose bot is available to aid the user.

Best Telegram Bots 2

In Telegram, even if you have numerous groups under your control, managing the users might be challenging because each group has its own set of rules.

Rose guarantees you smooth and seamless services by allowing users to request a rule review anytime, making your job much more simplified.

6. Banof Group Telegram Bot

A telegram is a great tool for group chats, and Banof Group Telegram Bot is one of the best Telegram bots out there. If you are a group administrator, you may find it difficult to manage your group members. 

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

With the assistance of @banofbot, it is possible to create a poll to kick members out of the group.

7. The GetMedia Bot

GetMedia is one of the best Telegram Bots because it downloads any media from the internet, as its name indicates.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

Users can download music, videos, lyrics, and an Instagram story, among other things, on the platform.

Aside from downloading videos from Twitter and YouTube, this bot may also download them directly from Telegram.

8. File to Bot 

Telegram allows you to send files up to 2GB in size through a chat conversation. It is possible to save files in the cloud and organize them into different categories using File to Bot.

It is also possible to link to a certain file so others can download it. Anyone with access to the URL can view and download the file stored on Telegram.

9. Skeddy: ReminderTelegram Bot 

This one’s for you if you are the type of person who constantly forgets tasks or important stuff. SKEDDY is a reminder bot that reminds you of critical tasks by sending messages.

A simple Telegram message such as “Call Aman in 10 minutes” will trigger a reminder notification from Skeddy, sent 10 minutes after the original message.

Instead of opening a task management app and setting up reminders, you may use your phone’s calendar.

10. IFTTT Telegram Bot

IFTTT is a web-based service that allows anyone to construct conditional applets with a few clicks.

Conditional indicates that if a specific event occurs, it will cause an automated event to be triggered in response to that occurrence.


For example, if you connect to your business WiFi network, your phone will automatically be silent.

To construct different automation applets for your Telegram forums, you can use the IFTTT Telegram bot. Certain social media networks can be used to send particular posts, and there are many more possibilities.

Adding the @IFTTT bot as an admin to your Telegram channels

This way, depending on your needs, you can connect your channel or group to more than 360 different services.

11. Spotify Telegram Bot

Are you fed up with a clumsy Spotify experience on a computer or a mobile device? With the aid of this Spotify Bot, you may connect your Spotify information to the Telegram service. (@spotify down bot).


Spotify tracks can be downloaded, listened to, and managed directly from the Telegram interface.

12. Trello Telegram Bot

Trello has become a leading name for Telegram Bots. . In addition to personal tasks, this well-known project management application is also great for group projects.

Best Telegram Bots 7

To do so, users who write @trello bot in Telegram can view and respond to card events in any chat in real-time. Also available through the Telegram app is the ability to search for and create cards.

13. Gmail bot 

This is among the best Telegram Bots for Gmail users who are extremely proficient. Using the official Gmail bot, you will never have to leave the Telegram interface to receive, send, or reply to emails.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

First, enter @gmailbot into the search window and click on the button to start a chat.

14. DeLorean

You can use the DeLorean bot to transmit messages to the future, much like Doc McFly’s DeLorean sent Marty McFly back in time in the film series of the same name, using the DeLorean bot.

You can specify a precise time or a time interval starting from the current instant.

15. BotFather

In its description, BotFather portrays itself as “the one Bot who rules them all.” It allows you to establish new bot accounts and manage the bots you already have.

Best Telegram Bots 9

As soon as you open the BotFather app within your Telegram client, you will be sent to a page containing support files for Telegram bots and the Bot API manual. This goes to the top of our list of best Telegram Bots.

16. AlertBot

The objective of AlertBot is obvious, but it is quite useful. Simple alerts and reminders can be created using the following format: /alert time text.

17. Dr. Web 

Dr. Web maintains the security of files and links exchanged via Telegram by performing on-the-fly security checks. The bot claims to be the world’s first anti-virus bot, a bold claim.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

You can either email files directly to Dr. Web or forward files from other chats to him via Dr. Web. To ensure that all files and links are checked, you can add it to a group.

18. DropMail.me

You can use the DropMail.me bot to build a disposable email address and then use that address to receive emails from other people. For example, typing /get will produce a random email address, while typing /start will initiate a chat with another user.

It uses the dropmail.me email service, a throwaway email service. Typically, you will use it if you require a throwaway email address for anonymous registrations on shady services or websites, which is more common than not.

19. FB Video Download Bot

You may download Facebook videos with the help of the FB Video Download Bot. Simply put, all a user must insert the relevant Facebook link to the video into their Telegram dialogue box while operating the bot.

20. File Converter 

Image, audio, and video files can be converted from one format to another using this File Converter bot, which is simple to operate.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

It allows video and audio messages sent via Telegram and WhatsApp, as well as papers, eBooks, and font files stored on the device. It now supports 63 different file types and 579 different conversions.

21. GameBot

You may find GameBot on Telegram, one of the most established bots available. Telegram Gaming Platform is being demonstrated in this demo.

It lets you participate in chat games with your friends and provides links to a few sample games.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

When you first activate the bot, you will receive the following message: “I can bring you three entertaining games.

Simply pick “Play with friends” from the drop-down menu, then select a conversation and game.” Afterward, you can select your friend and game, after which you can begin playing.

22. GitHubReleases Bot

This chatbot sends you notifications via Telegram anytime a GitHub repository you follow a new release.

The /follow command is used to select the GitHub repositories you want to follow, and then the command is executed.


Then, one can use the /list command to determine which rules they have complied with. You can unfollow someone who followed you if at any time you decide to.

23. ImageBot

ImageBot was first created as a sample bot by Telegram’s beta testers to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities.

It is a straightforward bot that will fetch photos when you request them. For example, you can use the command /get to acquire photos and the command /getgif to get GIFs.

24. Meme Autobot 


Memes have been widely popular in recent years, and they can easily go viral. This bot can make memes for you in a short amount of time and with no effort.

25. Movies Tracker Bot

This IMDB Movies Tracker Bot will give you details on a video if you supply the required info. 

To find a film, use the command “/search /filmName”, which searches for the film name within single quotes.

26. PollBot

PollBot is one of the bots available to Telegram beta testers. It creates simple polls that you can subsequently distribute to a group.

27. PosterBot

PosterBot is a tool that allows you to publish content from various social media platforms to your Telegram channels.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

To your Telegram channels and chats, you can upload content from various social media platforms such as Instagram, VK, RSS feeds, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and other Telegram channels and other social media services. This makes it a very useful tool; hence we added it to our best Telegram Bots list.

It provides numerous customization choices, including the types of posts made, the filtration of adverts and keywords, the delivery of attachments, and the hours during which the bot will send messages.

Messages can also be customized in terms of their look. Examples include creating reaction buttons and inserting more text.

28. RateSticker Bot

This bot allows you to rate random stickers and find new sticker sets by interacting with them. If you send the bot a sticker, it will respond with a rating for the sticker based on the votes of other people who have seen it. 

When you double-tap any sticker you want to use in your Telegram chats, you will be taken to its sticker set, where you may choose which stickers to use.

29. Sticker Downloader

Almost every messaging service has now incorporated the ability to send stickers into its functionality. Telegram also features a range of stickers; however, they can only be used within the Telegram application.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

Stickers from Telegram can now be used in other chat programs with the help of the Sticker Download Bot. To easily send any sticker to the bot, provide any PNG, WEBP, or JPEG file, and it will return a sticker in the requested formats.

In the form of stickers, these formats might be incorporated into applications such as WhatsApp and other messaging services.

If you send a pack of stickers, it will return the formats in a Zip file that can be easily imported into your WhatsApp account.

30. URL Shortener Bot

This URL Shortener Bot, by employing sites such as tinyurl.com and bit.ly reduces the long URLs to just the first few characters of the URL.

Like the above bot, link shorteners help users deal with long URLs that seem difficult to comprehend and awkward to scroll through. This is a well-recognized tool included in our list of best Telegram Bots.

31.URL2IMG Bot

Although the name of this bot appears to be a messy collection of letters and numbers at first glance, if you read it carefully URL2IMG, it accurately defines what the bot does – it takes a web page (URL) and converts it into an image (IMG) that can be used as a screenshot.

32. NewsBot

You have guessed correctly; this NewsBot will give you the most up-to-date news worldwide. Do not worry, it will not send any other information to your email address.

The user can specify what type of news he or she is interested in, and the system will curate the most relevant results based on that desire.

When you select the /start option, it will retrieve the most recent news from the Internet. You will be sent to the news website where the article was initially posted by clicking on the Read More button.

33. AppFollow Bot 

Before this, finding superior applications for mobile devices was far easier. For consideration, only a small number of apps were provided.

Open any play store, and you will find hundreds of programs connected to any other genre.

Using an app discovery bot, such as AppFollow, you may discover which of the coolest and most popular apps in a particular category are now accessible for download. Alternative applications are available in addition to the top-rated applications.

34. Babelgram Bot 

Are you chatting with someone from a different nation or speaking a different language?

Babelgram could save you the time and effort of copying and pasting translated text fragments. Alternatively, one can use Babelgram; this would enable the person to translate messages as he types them to another person, which is convenient and quick.

When you use the inline functionality, you can type anything and select the language you want to translate. It takes care of the rest, and your message will be sent to the recipient in the appropriate language.

35. TeleFeed

Are you tired of having to manage your telegram business every day? Do you need a bot to gather messages from multiple sources and post them to one or more destinations?

TeleFeed is a bot created specifically for you. The main focus of this tool is to forward messages from groups, users, and channels.

The main idea is to turn them into feeds. That way, you can clone messages from other channels to your own. It’s a cool way to share messages fast and provide great offers, information, and benefits to those on your channel. 

This bot allows you to easily change the message format if desired, which helps push the experience to the next level.

On top of that, you can also filter messages based on type or text keywords, as needed.

35 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time

Add to that that you can do that quickly thanks to the very fast and professional performance; then you can see why it makes a lot of sense to automate most of the process and make it work the way you want. 

You would assume that a bot that automates Telegram would cost quite a bit. That’s not true; we believe everyone should have free access to great Telegram automation. TeleFeed allows you to automate telegram forwarding 100% free. 

If you want to start with Telegram automation, TeleFeed is the right tool. It conveys the right features you want and is also a free tool that will help push the boundaries and provide amazing results.

The greatest advantage of this bot is that it’s also very fast, it has tremendous filtering solutions, and you will find that it works incredibly well. You can even choose to delay messages how you see fit.

That’s the thing that makes it very powerful since you can automate the message-forwarding process knowing it’s done right! 

Telegram bots list for groups:-

Here are some useful Telegram bots that can be used in groups:

  1. @PollBot – Allows you to create polls and surveys within your group.
  2. @GroupAgreeBot – This enables you to create custom polls for group members to agree or disagree with.
  3. @HotOrBot – Can be used to vote on a particular topic, such as which movie to watch or what restaurant to go to.
  4. @GiphyBot – Lets you search for and send GIFs within your group chat.
  5. @Stickers – This allows you to create custom stickers for your group.
  6. @ImageBot – Can be used to search for and send images within your group chat.
  7. @TriviaBot – Provides trivia questions and quizzes for group members to participate in.
  8. @PokerBot – Let’s you play Texas Hold’em Poker with other group members.
  9. @MemeGeneratorBot – This enables you to create and share memes within your group chat.
  10. @MusicQuizBot – Provides music trivia quizzes for group members to participate in.

Best telegram bots for students:-

Here are some useful Telegram bots for students:

  1. @MathToolsBot – Allows you to solve mathematical equations and get step-by-step solutions.
  2. @DictionaryBot – This lets you look up words and definitions in various languages.
  3. @QuizModeBot – Provides quizzes and practice tests for various subjects.
  4. @LingvoBot – Can translate words and phrases between various languages.
  5. @StudygramBot – Allows you to create and share study materials with your classmates.
  6. @NoteBots – Let’s you take and organize notes within Telegram.
  7. @WikipediaSearchBot – Can be used to search and read Wikipedia articles within Telegram.
  8. @ScientificBot – Provides scientific news, facts, and trivia.
  9. @GrammarCheckerBot – Can check the grammar and spelling of your texts and documents.
  10. @TranslateBot – Translates text from one language to another.

Best Telegram bots for channels:-

Here are some useful Telegram bots for channels:

  1. @ChannelControllerBot – Allows channel owners to manage and control their channel, including adding or removing members and moderating content.
  2. @LinkyBot – Can be used to automatically share links to new posts from your blog or website within your Telegram channel.
  3. @S4ChannelsBot – Provides various tools for channel owners, including message scheduling and analytics.
  4. @RSSFeederBot – Allows you to post updates from RSS automatically feeds directly to your Telegram channel.
  5. @Storebot – This can help you find and discover new bots for your channel.
  6. @PreviewBot – This enables you to generate previews of links and content to be shared within your channel.
  7. @MentionMemberBot – Let’s you mention or notify members of your channel by name or user ID.
  8. @AutoPostBot – Can be used to automatically post content from various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, directly to your Telegram channel.
  9. @MyPokerBot – Let’s create and play poker games with your channel members.
  10. @NewsFetcherBot – Can be used to post news articles and updates within your Telegram channel automatically.

Best Telegram bots for books:-

Here are some useful Telegram bots for books:

  1. @BookReaderBot – Allows you to read books within Telegram in various formats, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF.
  2. @BookTrackBot – This enables you to track the books you’re reading and set reading goals.
  3. @AudioBookBot – Can be used to find and listen to audiobooks within Telegram.
  4. @EbookSearchBot – Provides a search engine for finding and downloading free e-books within Telegram.
  5. @PDF_bot – Allows you to convert and send files to PDF format within Telegram.
  6. @LibraryBot – Can be used to search for and borrow e-books from various libraries.
  7. @GetBookBot – Enables you to download e-books from various sources within Telegram.
  8. @QuoteBot – Let’s you create and share quotes from books you’re reading.
  9. @ReadMeBot – Provides summaries and key takeaways from popular books.
  10. @BookyBot – Allows you to track your reading progress and set reading goals, and suggests new books to read based on your preferences.


Which is the most useful bot Telegram?

The most useful bot on Telegram depends on your needs. However, some popular and widely used bots include @gif, @weatherman, @vote, and @sticker. These bots can help you find and send GIFs, get weather updates, conduct polls, and create custom stickers respectively.

Are bots safe in Telegram?

Telegram takes the security of its users seriously, and bots on Telegram are generally considered safe. However, as with any online service, it’s important to be cautious and only uses bots from trusted sources.

Additionally, it’s important to review the permissions a bot requests before adding it to your chats.

What are the best Telegram bots to add to a group?

Some of the best Telegram bots to add to a group include @groupbutler, @Pollbot, @TriviaBot, and @VoteBot. These bots can help manage the group by moderating messages, conducting polls, playing trivia games, and conducting votes.

How to search Telegram bots?

To search for Telegram bots, use the Telegram Bot Store or browse the list of bots available on BotFather. You can also search for specific bots by name or function using the search bar within the Telegram app.

Can I make money with Telegram bots?

Yes, you can make money with Telegram bots by creating and selling custom bots, offering paid services through a bot, or integrating ads or affiliate marketing within a bot.

Can Telegram bots see my messages?

Telegram bots cannot see your messages unless you permit them. Additionally, all messages on Telegram are end-to-end encrypted, which means only the sender and receiver can access the messages.

Why do people use bots on Telegram?

People use bots on Telegram for a variety of reasons, such as automating tasks, moderating groups, providing information and entertainment, and facilitating communication.

Can Telegram be traced?

Telegram uses end-to-end encryption, which makes it difficult for messages to be intercepted or traced. However, like any other online service, Telegram can be vulnerable to hacking or surveillance if proper security measures are not taken.

How to find random Telegram groups?

To find random Telegram groups, you can use the search function within the Telegram app and search for keywords or topics that interest you. You can also check out third-party websites and forums that list active Telegram groups.

Which Telegram bot tags everyone?

The @allmessenger bot can tag everyone in a Telegram group. However, using this feature responsibly and avoiding spamming or abusing it is important.

How to find cool Telegram groups?

You can find cool Telegram groups by searching for keywords or topics that interest you on Telegram, using third-party websites and forums that list active Telegram groups, or by joining communities related to your interests and asking for recommendations.

How much does Telegram bot cost?

The cost of a Telegram bot can vary depending on the complexity of the bot and the services it provides. Some bots are free, while others may charge a one-time or recurring fee.

How can I know who owns a bot in Telegram?

To find out who owns a bot in Telegram, you can usually check the bot’s profile or About section for contact information or links to the creator’s website or social media profiles.

Who is the most powerful bot?

There are many powerful bots on Telegram, but it’s difficult to determine which one is the most powerful as it depends on their function and the user’s needs. Some bots, such as @sticker, @vote, and @gif, have a wide range of capabilities and are widely used.

What is the best bot on bots?

The best bot on bots is subjective and depends on your needs. However, some of the most popular and highly used bots on bots include @alarobot, @gif, @translate, and @weatherman.

Which is the most common use of a bot?

The most common use of a bot on Telegram is to automate tasks and save time. Bots can help with various tasks, including scheduling reminders, conducting polls, and providing weather updates.

How can I make money fast on Telegram?

There is no guaranteed way to make money fast on Telegram, but some options include creating and selling custom bots or offering paid services through a bot.

How can I get paid from Telegram?

You can get paid from Telegram by offering paid services through a bot, integrating ads or affiliate marketing within a bot, or accepting payments through a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe.

How many bots are allowed in Telegram?

There is no official limit on the number of bots allowed in Telegram. However, using bots responsibly and avoiding spamming or abusing them is important.

Can we chat secretly on Telegram?

Yes, you can chat secretly on Telegram using the Secret Chat feature. Secret Chats are end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed on the participants’ devices in the chat.

How do you know if someone saw your Telegram?

You can see if someone has seen your Telegram message by checking the message status. If the message has a single checkmark, it means the message has been sent but not yet delivered.

If there are two checkmarks, it means the message has been delivered. If there is a small eye icon next to the message, it means the recipient has read the message.

How do you tell if you are talking to a bot on Telegram?

You can tell if you are talking to a bot on Telegram by checking if the messages are automated and if the bot responds with predetermined messages or actions.

Do Telegram bots get deleted?

Telegram bots can get deleted if they violate Telegram’s terms of service or if the bot’s creator decides to delete it. Additionally, bots that have not been active for a certain period may be automatically deleted.

What happens when you start a bot in Telegram?

When you start a bot in Telegram, it will send you a message with instructions on how to use it. The bot may also request permissions to access certain information or perform certain actions.

Can police see deleted Telegram chats?

It’s difficult for police to see deleted Telegram chats as messages on Telegram are end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed by the sender and recipient.

Can deleted Telegram messages be recovered?

Deleted Telegram messages cannot be recovered, as messages on Telegram are end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed by the sender and recipient.

Can I view a Telegram private group without joining it?

You cannot view a Telegram private group without joining it or being added by a group member.

Which is the biggest group in Telegram?

The biggest group on Telegram is reportedly the @durov Telegram Fan Club, with over 5 million members.

Which Telegram group is best?

The best Telegram group depends on your interests and needs. There are thousands of groups on Telegram covering a wide range of topics and interests.

How to confuse a Telegram bot?

You can confuse a Telegram bot by sending unexpected or nonsensical messages or using unusual syntax or formatting.

How to find the best Telegram channels?

To find the best Telegram channels, search for keywords or topics that interest you on Telegram, use third-party websites and forums that list active Telegram channels, or ask for recommendations from other Telegram users.

How can I join a random group chat on Telegram?

To join a random group chat in Telegram, search for keywords or topics that interest you, browse the list of active groups, or use third-party websites and forums that list active Telegram groups.

Is Telegram popular in the USA?

Telegram is not as popular in the USA as in other countries. However, it has a growing user base and is becoming more widely used for secure messaging and communication.

Who owns Telegram?

Telegram is owned by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur who co-founded the VK social networking site.

How to get a free Telegram bot?

You can get a free Telegram bot by creating it using the Telegram Bot API or one of the many free bots available in the Telegram Bot Store.

What is premium Telegram?

There is no such thing as premium Telegram. However, some bots or channels may offer premium services or content for a fee.

Are Telegram bots safe? 

Every communication sent using Telegram is always safely encrypted. Client-client encryption is used for messages in Secret Chats, whereas client-server/server-client encryption is used for Cloud Chats, which are encrypted and kept on the Telegram Cloud. However, cybercriminals can use bots to steal important data.

How many bots are there in Telegram? 

It is impossible to keep count of this figure. Bots are used for different purposes, and a host of them have been created over the existence of the service.  

Is the Telegram voice bot real or fake? 

It may be difficult to detect whether you’re being conned since Telegram bots employ AI and natural language processing to have real conversations. 

Do Telegram bots pay? 

Now, bot creators may easily receive money from customers anywhere in the world: You may purchase services or products from bots that offer them if you have at least Telegram 4.0 installed. This allows these bots to include a Pay button in their communications. 

How do I monetize Telegram? 

You may charge for access to premium material on a Telegram channel, sell your goods or services, sell adverts, or sell the channel itself. 

Final Thoughts

No question, Telegram bots are a useful add-on for each Telegram user who wants to communicate with others. Every person is certain to find something they would enjoy. Information on this list is sure to be helpful to you, and we hope that you will find it useful.

Alternatively, you may use a search engine to find additional Telegram bots to add to the chat app.