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7 Of The Best Asana Alternatives For Project Managers

To support the project managers, the market now offers many project management software like Asana. In this blog, we will look for top Asana Alternatives.

Managing teams is not an easy task. Team management can be very painful and chaotic at the same time. It becomes messy when the team is large and involves hundreds of people.

The process is even more stressful for project managers. If project managers skip or miss to achieve a target, the entire business might take a big blow. Today, when our world is fast-paced, and everyone loves speed, our project managers need some assistance to get their job done efficiently.

Asana is software that is used by many for all their project management needs. Developed by some elite developers who have also worked for brands like Facebook, it is quite famous in the market.

The software may be a famous one in the markets for project managers but, is it the best? Well, probably not! And, maybe thats why today youre here looking for some of its alternatives.

Before we dive in to explore the alternatives of Asana, lets see what Asana can do and what it cannot do. Then in a while, we will talk about some of its counterparts so that you can make the right choice.Asana, as a software, looks power-packed and very promising. However, it also has some positives and negatives.

Asana is an excellent tool for managing small teams. The design is responsive, and one may also add plug-ins to the software. Plug-ins allow the user to make the tool more efficient and better for the teams productivity.

It includes the facility to customize the dashboard as per the users requirements. There are various plans that organizations may choose as per their needs.In fact, it also features a free plan for new users or users with minimum requirements.

This software allows the users to set priority for their tasks, and this feature is quite helpful. Setting priority to the tasks as per their urgency and importance helps teams to stay focused on the tasks.

Asana also allows users to invite people for projects and collaborations. It enables organizations to maintain secrecy thanks to its confidential cloud storage. All these features in the software present it as the go-to choice for many.

Still, some users look for Asana alternatives because of various factors such as complex user interfaces. The newbies or the less experienced project managers find the software very sophisticated and complicated.

Some users look for new options because the software cannot track time.Time is money for big businesses, and they cannot afford to lose it. Softwares inability to track the time taken by a member to do a specific task puts more workload on the team. And, thats a big no for various brands and project managers.

Many users have complained, when the teams grow with time, Asana tends to lose its effectiveness. Some users have reported that the software gets slow when there are a huge number of people in an organization. The software also gets too confusing at times.

The availability of a lot of features perplexes the Project Manager, and that leads to delays. Many argue, adding plug-ins and modules is time-consuming and slows down the entire process. Some users find their turn-off in the inability of Asana to share files externally in the Pdf or Excel format.

Maybe, you too have faced these issues, or youre exploring your options for reliable project management software.

Lets check out what software can work best as Asana alternatives.

Best Asana Alternatives: Our Top Pick

1. Trello

Trello caught our attention and a place on our list because of its varied features and simplistic design. Trello is the go-to option for many businesses that are on a tight budget.

Best Asana Alternatives

The free version of the software allows the project managers to collaborate with as many participants as they require. This feature has a limit in Asana as it enables only fifteen members on the free version.

The collaboration process is quick and smooth for Trello users. Trello might do it just right as an Asana Alternative. Lets find out.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Trello that earned it a spot in our list of Best Asana Alternatives.


1. The simplistic design of the software allows new users to learn the software rather quickly than Asana.

2. Further, Trello offers a wide range of features that teams may use to get their tasks done quickly. Trello enables users to share files immediately and to make comments in real-time.

3. The search feature of the software is also compelling, and it makes Trello a reliable option after Asana.

4. Trello also allows users to merge a variety of productivity tools like time tracking, email applications, and much more.

5. The visuals of the software make it stand out from its competitors. The software lets the user create cards to manage the tasks. These cards are based on Kanban technology, which enables the user to customize them as per his requirements.

6. The cloud management of the software is amongst the most powerful ones. It allows users to see where they might get stuck well before the occurrence of enormous pressure on the team.

7. Trello is known for making team and task management easy and fun. The drag and drop feature for managing tasks is quite impressive.

8. The software may be used even from mobile phones as Trello offers a mobile application for both Android and iOS.

9. With Trello, you can monitor everything and everyone carefully, even on the go. These promising features of Trello ensure your team does tasks on time, and you stay ahead of your competition.


1. Trello cannot cope with extensive, large-scale projects. The software cannot help a team with work like creating estimates, budgets for the projects, and dependencies.

2. Budgeting the expenses and creating estimates of costs for the project is a necessary task for the project manager. If your tasks require you to create budgets and estimates frequently, you may not want to go with Trello.

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2. Jira

Jira is another popular project management tool available in the market. They originally started as a tool to track bugs. It is popular with brands in a variety of niches. A technical software that allows the users to be productive and efficient.

Best Asana Alternatives

Probably, it is the software that can be customized the most. It will enable users to merge about 3000 external productivity applications. It is a tool that can meet the needs of just about anyone.

Best Asana Alternatives

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Jira that earned it a spot in our list of Best Asana Alternatives.


  • Jira supports the Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban technology, which enables the users to create stories and tracking issues.
  • It also allows the user to track the bugs and monitor the time spent on each task.
  • The software keeps receiving interactive updates frequently so that it can help you get to use the most modern features.
  • The teams get access to essential insights into their sophisticated processes. The insights are provided to the clients because of the softwares data-based reporting. Jira Query
  • The language of the software allows the users to raise queries and change data as per their needs.
  • The softwares simple interface will enable users to collaborate with team members quickly.
  • Jira lets the users customize the software as per their requirements that helps the teams in several ways. Customization allows the team to pick pace and efficiency while delivering their orders.
  • The unique identity of Jira comes from its allowance to users to customize as much as they require. Thus, we recommend Jira because it is quite impressive when it comes down to customization and helping teams with being efficient.
  • The other best feature of Jira is, it can also be accessed through mobile phones.
  • Jira offers compelling applications for both Android and iOS. These efficient mobile applications ensure that you and your team can work even on the go.
  • No doubt, Jira is another excellent alternative to Asana.


  • Jira comes with a set of rules that should be followed while using the software.
  • The software is highly technical might seem strange to non-technical users.
  • Some project managers say, if Jira would have been less technical, we would never look for anything else.
  • Jira might be great for the techies, but learning to operate the software for non-tech people might be a task itself. If your team is full of expert technology enthusiasts, then only, Jira would be an excellent choice for you.
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3. ProofHub

7 Of The Best Asana Alternatives For Project Managers

ProofHub features a variety of functions for the users. These features are intended to make the processes quick for the new businesses and the already existing ones.

It is a smart and straightforward tool that you would prefer to switch Asana with. Is ProofHub the best Asana Alternative? Well, maybe.

ProofHub - How ProofHub Works

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Jira that earned it a spot in our list of Best Asana Alternatives.


  • The simple interface and a wide range of tools let the users sort all the project management tasks efficiently with it.
  • This software seems like the most efficient project management tool in the market.
  • In Asana, tasks are assigned to an individual alone but, thats not the case with ProofHub. It allows users to allot tasks to multiple users.
  • The software also enables the users to assign a due date for every job and sub-task.
  • One may also comment and discuss in real-time with their entire team.
  • The software comes packed with Kanban boards. These boards allow the user to see whats happening with each task.
  • The Gantt chart, on the other hand, enables the user to swap and change plans for the project.
  • The Gantt chart feature is beneficial when managers have to make some changes in work plans, deadlines, and dependencies of tasks.
  • Besides, ProofHub lets the users review and quickly proof files with an integrated proofing system.
  • It provides full control to the user. Thanks to the custom role feature of ProofHub.
  • Custom roles let the manager decide and give access according to the workload on each member.
  • It dramatically helps the manager to maintain dignity and uniformity.
  • ProofHub aims to take away a lot of worries from the project managers. One such worry for project managers is time management.

It also takes this worry away from project managersit emphasizes providing the users with an overall solution for all their needs. So, to achieve this and put aside the competition, it empowers the users to make announcements within the software.

ProofHub gives fierce competition to Asana with its interface to help newbies and experts the same. You might want to consider ProofHub as your Asana Alternative.


1. Proof hub as a project management software is powerful and very much compelling to replace Asana. And, in the recent past, it has given Asana fierce competition. For some, the disappointment with ProofHub comes with its pricing.

2. People and teams on a tight budget might hesitate from considering ProofHub.

3. The software doesnt offer any free plans. But instead, it allows users to add unlimited teammates on any paid plan.

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4. ProjectManager

Best Asana Alternatives

ProjectManager is an extremely reliable Project Management software. It is trusted by thousands of people and project managers around the globe.

The software has won several awards and is trusted by some of the biggest names. ProjectManager serves the United Nations, Nasa, and Volvo as its vast clients.

Expertly designed to meet the management requirements of everyone despite the size of their projects, its the customer-oriented approach of the developers of ProjectManager that ensures the users have all the necessary tools.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Projectmanager that earned it a spot in our list of Best Asana Alternatives.


  • It will ensure your projects are ready to fulfill your promises of on-time delivery.
  • ProjectManager is designed to pace the product launch and other project management tasks of the new project managers and their clientele.
  • ProjectManager can compare the estimates and the evaluated progress of the project with the actual outcomes.
  • It enhances the user experience with the help of its robust and straightforward Interface.
  • Using the software, one may quickly build their task list, add comments, and attach files related to the project.
  • It also offers exceptional customer support to help all the new clients getting habitual of the software.
  • This is a unique offering by the developers to create better customer relations.
  • It can do all that you need and expect from a complete project management tool.
  • ProjectManager offers a vivid range of end-to-end tools to help your team.
  • It has all the tools needed for tracking, planning, and reporting the tasks.
  • It enables the manager to create jobs and groups online.
  • The manager may also update the individual tasks and groups from any location.
  • Moreover, ProjectManager is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • The teams can customize the entire software as per their needs and requirements.
  • ProjectManager might be a great Asana Alternative.


  • Everything has limitations, and ProjectManager is no different. The software is very reliable and user-friendly, but it might not suit some people because of its pricing.
  • The software does offer minimal features with the free version. One has to pay at least $15/month for five users to check the software thoroughly.

5. Workzone

The thin line of difference between Asana and Workzone lies in the user-friendliness of the former.

7 Of The Best Asana Alternatives For Project Managers

However, when we begin to look deeper, the lines become broader. Workzone weighs heavier than Asana, and thats because of a variety of things Asana is incapable of doing. Workzone is packed with features like task dependencies, displaying portfolios, viewing all the projects from the dashboard, and much more.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the work zone that earned it a spot in our list of Best Asana Alternatives.


  • The most significant ability of Workzone is its integration with Microsoft.
  • It lets you share Microsoft project files and Excel sheets.
  • The software enables the managers to customize to-do lists for everyone on the team. Thats not all. These lists can be emailed daily through automation.
  • Softwares unique interface lets the users sort documents by project. It leads to better and efficient storage of all crucial documents in one place.
  • Workzone saves the time of teams with its responsive interface and design.
  • When teams use Workzone they know, the responsibilities should be fulfilled without using any unfair means.
  • It enables the managers to see who is responsible for which task.
  • Workzone is a reliable friend of project managers who are tired of Asana.
  • It allows teams to keep their data confidential.
  • And, the software takes pride in its abilities to maintain no casualties of losing data.


  • There are some drawbacks to Workzone as well. Some users have mentioned, Workzone needs to fix workload tracking.
  • As per users, Workzone is incapable of providing the number of hours it would require to get a task done. This problem only occurs when another job has been missed.
  • The software serves the users with a variety of functions. Still, some glitches in it make the whole process quite frustrating at times.
  • One may fail to archive the documents of the previously done tasks.
  • And, the applications can be improved a lot with regular and frequent updates.

6. Wrike

Wrike is another award-winning project management tool that you may consider for replacing Asana. The software that makes the project management process quick, smooth, and efficient in the distributed and co-located groups.

Brands like Google trust it, so you know, Wrike got some great potential.

[OLD] Manage Work, Collaborate, and Track Projects with Wrike

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Wrike that earned it a spot in our list of Best Asana Alternatives.


  • Wrike enables the users to plan, schedule, and keep track of progress and work in real-time. One can do all this with just a few clicks.
  • It is user-friendly, and its navigation makes things very easy for everyone in the team.
  • The storage facilities provided by the software are beyond words. Its unique features ensure that all the important information stays with the authorized person only.
  • The software may also be accessed using mobile phones through applications available on both Android and iOS.
  • The software is packed with some distinct but powerful features.
  • It comes with tags and a folders features.
  • The tags allow the users to simply tag the user that they want to share a specific file.
  • The folder feature, on the other hand, ends the users task of duplicating files before sharing them.
  • It also allows teams and users to sort files by tasks and projects along with this, it brings attention to any specific issue.
  • Wrike is very engaging as a project management software, and it allows the manager to view even the minute details closely.
  • The collaboration feature of the software makes it the go-to option for many managers.
  • The collaboration tool allows the teams to collaborate with their creative teams and boost up the processes.
  • Enterprises may also use Wrike for their audit needs.
  • These audits are great for managers and admins to monitor any suspicious activity.
  • It allows managers to track group and individual activities.
  • Wrikes audit feature suits enterprises the best if there are variously internal and external threats.
  • Wrike also allows users to integrate their Dropbox, google documents, and other boxes.


  • Some Wrike users complain about its customizability. They find the feature of customization intriguing.
  • Some of the users find Wrikes folder navigation as hard to use feature.
  • Maybe, with future updates, Wrike could settle these complaints of various users. Apart from this, theres no other major con of Wrike.

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The markets are overflowing with PM software options. There is much more powerful and compelling software than Asana. It is challenging to pick the right choice for your management needs.

We have carefully explained what all this software can do and what its limitations are. Everyones needs and preferences are different from others. However, any of the above-given project management software should be your preference as an Asana alternative. They are among the best to replace Asana with.

We think the needs of the users may be different, but the ability of the software makes all the difference. If you were to take our consideration, we would suggest you go with Wrike as your Asana alternative.

If you do not want to go with Asana for various reasons, you may consider picking the second recommendation.We nominate ProjectManager as our second recommendation for users to switch with Asana. ProjectManager is an award-winning tool, and you can give it a shot.

We are sure these two recommendations out of our six Asana alternatives will serve you the best. If you choose as per our advice, please share more about your experience with us.

If not, you may also give your insights to make our community well informed.