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Task Manager Shortcut : A Guide to Open Task manager with Shortcut

The Task manager is one of the most used tools on Windows. Using the right task manager shortcut remains a valuable asset regardless of the version of Windows one uses.

Forcefully ending unresponsive programs, monitoring system performance and system activity, and starting new tasks are but a few of the importance of the task manager.

The task manager, however, is one of those tools that can be accessed in a number of ways. This article explores the options of opening up your task manager.

Here is the Possible Task manager shortcut

Use of Keyboard Hotkeys

These are my favorite methods. Combining keyboard keys to access the Task Manager remains the fastest way. the following are keyboard hotkeys that open the task manager.

1 Using CRTL + SHIFT + ESC.

Just press down “Control” + “Shift” and “Escape” on your keyboard at the same time. This instantly causes the Task Manager to pop open.

Task Manager Shortcut : A Guide to Open Task manager with Shortcut


2.Using CTRL + ALT + DEL

This is about the most common and earliest Task manager shortcut. It is a two-step process.

First press down “Control” + “Alternate” and “Delete” on your keyboard at the same time.

Next, select the “Task Manager” option and that is it.

Task Manager Shortcut

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3. Using Win + X hotkey

This is another two-step process. on your keyboard, simultaneously press “Windows” and “X“.Task Manager ShortcutNext, select the Task Manager from the options presented.

Task Manager Shortcut

From Run Box

To open the run box in Windows 10 use keyboard hotkey Windows  + R. Next type “taskmgr” and then hit Enter.

Task Manager Shortcut
“taskmgr.exe” is the name of the executable file for the task manager.

Using Search from the Taskbar

On the lower left corner of the task manager, click on the magnifying lens icon.

Task Manager ShortcutIn the text box in the pane that opens up, type “taskmgr“. Next click on the Task Manager option that appears.

Task Manager Shortcut

Using Command Prompt

This is another sleek Task Manager shortcut. First, open your Run Dialog by using hotkey “Windows” + “X” as explained above. Next, type “cmd” and hit enter.

When the command prompt opens, type “taskmgr” and hit enter. This opens up the task manager. Note that to do this, opening up the command prompt as an administrator is not necessary.

Task Manager Shortcut

Using File Explorer

Open any folder in your PC. Navigate to the following location: C:\Windows\System32. Search for taskmgr.exe and double-click it.

Task Manager Shortcut

Using the Taskbar

This is a very simple method. It is a quick two-step Task Manager shortcut. Just right-click on your Taskbar and select task manager from the list of options displayed.

Task Manager Shortcut

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Final Thoughts

Windows has been very flexible and this is obvious in the number of ways allowed for performing just one single task. This list may not be exhaustive but is a good go to if you need options for opening up your Task Manager.