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Essential Google Search Shortcuts


The search engine that started it all is 20 years old this September, but Google is determined to keep it faster and smarter than fresher-faced rivals. once upon a time Google was happy to be nothing more than a search tool, but how times
have changed. These days, Google’s got a tool for just about everything – from generating passwords to accessing your PC from the other side of the world. And there’s no sign that Google will stop churning out new tools any time soon.

One of this year’s best new tools is Google Assistant. You might have thought it was only available on Google’s expensive Pixel phone, but you’d be wrong. We’ll show you how anyone can take advantage of it.

Then there are innovations that have slipped in under the radar, but have nonetheless improved some of Google’s most popular tools. We’ve been very impressed by the new
Personal tab in Google Search, for example. You’d be forgiven for not noticing it though, as Google hasn’t exactly gone out of its way to promote it, so we’ll be telling you all you need to know right here.

Here is Essential Google Search Shortcuts

Google has lots of hidden secret tools that you can access directly from the search
box (if you know what to type):

Flights to [name of destination] instantly launches an interactive flight-finder
covering a range of dates and carriers.

Essential Google Search Shortcuts

$20 in £ (or similar) for an instant conversion, plus exchange rate graphs and
dropdown menus for other currencies.

Essential Google Search Shortcuts

70kg in stone (or similar) for a conversion plus a drop-down menu with many more measurement types, including Data Transfer Rate and Fuel Economy

Hello in Italian (or similar) for an instant translation.

Timer for an interactive countdown and stopwatch

Calc for a web-based scientific calculator.

Metronome for an adjustable music beats counter

Pac man for an interactive slice of gaming nostalgia.

Check if your site is mobile friendly

It’s now easier than ever to test whether your website is mobile friendly thanks to a tool built directly into Google. Type mobile

Type mobile friendly into the search engine, enter your website’s URL and click Run Test.


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Hope my article “Essential Google Search Shortcuts” helps you to search effectively.


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