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23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Google Doodle is an art piece that is sometimes interactive and often educational (you will learn to whom the Doodle is dedicated).

Doodles have also provided us with several basic but always fun video games that we have spent multiple hours on — yes, precious hours of our time. For this article, I have gone to retry some of them, and as expected, some were really time killers.

Let me walk you through some of the ones I loved the most. I would not be surprised if you get hooked on playing a few of them.

Best Google Doodle Games – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Scoville

google doodle games

Have we not all swallowed a whole hot pepper? Immediately, we battle to get rid of the searing feeling, filled with immediate remorse. Hopefully, you now realize that rushing to the fridge and getting a gallon of milk is the best way to relieve discomfort, according to Wilbur Scoville.

Thanks to Scoville, we also know how to assess the quantity of heat every pepper emits. The Scoville Doodle, created to celebrate Scoville’s 151st birthday, allows you to show that fiery pepper which the real boss is by hitting it with a scoop of ice cream.

You’ll notice a circled bar going back and forth at the base of the battlefield. You will aim to stop the circle as near to the center of the bar as possible while hitting the pepper with an ice cream scoop.

By clicking the mouse, you may bring the circle to a halt. The peppers get increasingly hotter as you advance. Test your skills to see if you will beat them all!

2. Loteria

google doodle games

Loteria is a classic Mexican card game that is also known as Mexican Bingo. The announcer displays a card, and it falls on you to rapidly determine whether your card matches the one with the announcer.

In contrast to bingo, the sequence you must create on the card varies from game to game; this is the second Google Doodle game in which several players may participate!

Basically, you have to listen for the announcer’s card call, glance at it, and check to see if it matches your card. If you have a matching card, you will be required to pull and drop a bean onto the car.

If you don’t, wait until the next card is shown by the announcer. To win the game, you must match the needed pattern. Good luck! This game is entirely up by chance.

3. The Garden Gnomes

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Have you ever wanted to use a catapult to launch gnomes across a garden? Here’s your opportunity to shine! The Garden Gnomes is a Google Doodle that provides some information on the history of garden gnomes, and it includes their origin and how they are manufactured.

The goal in this game is to hurl the gnomes as far as you can past the garden using your catapult. Flowers are planted depending on how far you throw them.

To play the game, hit the spacebar once to ready the catapult and once again to unleash the gnome. You will have to time your release properly to fling the furthest throws.

4. Doodle Champion Island Games

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

This ranks within the scope of lengthier Google Doodle games, lasting around two hours. Doodle Champion Island Games was supposed to be published before the 2020 Olympics, however owing to the Covid pandemic deferring the event by a year, Google’s Doodle team had extra room to work on the project, and this paid off, making the game more fun than expected.

To play this game, you will have to navigate your avatar throughout the globe map and take on each presented obstacle.

Each game has its own set of controls, and players would need to read the instructions to be familiar with them. Try to compete in every competition to reach the top of the scoreboard.

5. Meow-loween

Best Google Doodle Games

This game is a creepy Google Doodle produced in 2016 to commemorate Halloween. A player plays Momo, a cat that must defend the magic school from the assault of spirits in Meow-loween.

Each ghost in this game has an emblem that displays over its head. To return a ghost to the unknown world, a player must draw the symbol with their mouse by clicking and dragging it across the screen. Keep in mind that the further you advance in the game, the more ghosts you will encounter!

6. Sonic-like Pangolin Game

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Pangolins amount for the most traded animals on the planet, and they are on the verge of extinction due to poachers hunting them for medicine, meat, and fashion. In 2017, Google created a love-themed Doodle to honor this endangered animal on Valentine’s Day and raise awareness of the issue.

The Google Doodle is a kind of side-scrolling game similar to Sonic. Players will use the arrow keys to move the pangolin and the spacebar to make it leap. The aim is to gather as many objects as possible before the timer runs out.

7. Pony Express

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

In the nineteenth century, the Pony Express was a letter transportation service. On April 14, 1860, the very first successful package delivery was made.

As a tribute to that heritage, Google’s Doodle team has created a fun Pony Express game where you gather mail while riding a horse and dodge obstacles.

To play, players must maneuver the rider up and down with the arrow keys. The goal is to collect as much mail as you can while avoiding cactus, rocks, fences, holes, and other potential hazards. In all, there are three levels —try to gather every single mail-in each one!

8. Rubik’s Cube

Best Google Doodle Games

The Rubik’s Cube, which has 6 colors, 6 sides, and 54 squares, has been in existence since 1974. The Rubik’s Cube Doodle was launched by Google in 2014 to commemorate 40 years of aggravating people all around the globe.

By twisting and rotating the blocks, the goal is to make each side of the Rubik’s Cube the same color. Click and drag your mouse to rotate the Rubik’s Cube or spin the blocks to play this game. Best of luck!

9. Coding for Carrots

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

The Google Doodle team published Coding for Carrots to commemorate 50 years of Kids Coding. This basic drag-and-drop game for youngsters explains the idea of coding by sending the bunny in the proper way to collect carrots using building blocks.

An arrow points in a specified way on each block. To accomplish each level, players must place the proper blocks in the exact order to guide the rabbit over the platform and gather all of the carrots available. The sequence grows increasingly challenging as the difficulty increases.

10. Basketball

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

The Basketball Doodle, is a single-player, time-passer, shooting a basketball game. This game was part of a 4-day Google Doodle marathon, during which you could also test your slalom canoe and soccer talents. These 3 games were played over a billion times in 4 days, according to Ryan Germick, the Google Doodle lead.

The game’s basics are straightforward: press and maintain the spacebar to gain power, then let go to fire. You will miss if you hold for too long (or not enough). Time yourself to see how many basketballs you can net in 30 seconds!

11. Baseball

Best Google Doodle Games

On July 4, 2019, the Baseball Google Doodle was unveiled, and it just seemed like the best way to celebrate independence; some good ol’ baseball? You play as nachos and cheese or hotdogs during a baseball game to make things even more American, while the opposition side as peanuts.

When the game begins, you will get a random food item on the dish. When the pitcher tosses the ball, press your Spacebar to swing the bat. The pitch’s pace and style will change as you collect more points. When you strikeout, the game is over.

12. Pac-Man

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Pac-Man is a never-aging classic, hence, it’s only fitting that this arcade game from the 80s features on my list. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman, Google issued this amusing Doodle on May 21, 2010. You will chew on some dots, different fruits, and perhaps a ghost or two to get a taste of reminiscence.

The game’s goal is to remove all of the dots from the level while evading the ghosts. It’s game over if a ghost touches you. The direction is managed using the keyboard’s arrow keys. If you wish to play with a buddy, double-click on “Insert Coin” and Ms. Pac-Man will appear!

13. Doctor Who

Best Google Doodle Games

A game honoring Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary requires you to control your surroundings in order to win.

Begin by choosing a character, and then plan how to get them to their destination. Choose a location on the route where you wish to go. Players may need to activate levers to open up new pathways to the objective while avoiding the nasty figures on your tail.

Make your way across each lettered level as quickly as possible to spell “Google.”

14. Quick, Draw


23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Brush up on your drawing abilities in preparation for an exciting game of Quick, Draw.

You will be given 20 seconds to draw six drawings, one at a time. The “neural network” will attempt to predict what you’re drawing as you draw each one. You’ll be asked to draw anything from a bulldozer to a snake, so give it your all but don’t take too long!

After you’ve finished, you’ll be able to examine your drawings as well as those that were properly predicted. Then, you may post your works of art on Twitter or Facebook for some social love.

15. Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Celebrate the magnificent masterpieces of Ludwig van Beethoven with a perplexing music challenge.

Drag each broken sheet music piece to its proper location. The music plays once all of the components are in place. A green checkmark will appear for appropriately positioned ones, and a red X will appear for those that aren’t. You may listen to the components individually before placing them.

The goal is to switch around the pieces until you’ve solved each problem and can listen to a couple of Beethoven masterpieces simultaneously.

16. Swing Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York City, transports you to the Swing Era.

In this game, players must press the key provided at the appropriate moment to keep rhythm with the music. Keep an eye on the musical note’s trajectory and be ready to push the key when it lands. You keep scoring while keeping on time and rhythm with the music from the big band.

Keep your eyes on the note, and don’t be sidetracked by the dancers!

17. Cricket

Best Google Doodle Games

In this Cricket Google Doodle game, players play cricket as an actual cricket. It was created to commemorate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

The game is easy, and all players have to do to score runs is hit the bat button. It is, however, a bit addicting. I scored 99 runs despite the fact that I could have just opened it and screenshot for this article.

18. Soccer

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

If you’d rather watch soccer than cricket, the 2012 Soccer doodle is one to try. The purpose of a goalie is to prevent goals from being scored.

To do so, use the keyboard arrows to move around and the Space key to halt the oncoming ball from flying. Overall, if you like soccer, this is a fantastic game that you can play for hours.

19. Rockmore

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

While it’s not a conventional game, Rockmore simulates the feeling of playing the Theremin. This is an electronic instrument that doesn’t need physical touch. Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday was the inspiration for the Doodle.

You may operate the theremin using your mouse or by touching the notes. It’s the most unusual game on the list, and if you appreciate experimenting with music, you’ll probably enjoy it. You may also change the settings menu’s scale, key, waveform, and octave.

If you are not sure of what a Theramin is, the sitcom “The Big Bang theory” depicts the character Sheldon Cooper playing a Theramin. Video HERE (One of the funniest scenes)!

Sheldon's Theremin

20. Fischinger

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Fischinger is a music-themed game made to commemorate Oskar Fischinger’s 117th birthday. You may use your mouse to build your personal visual music composition by clicking on the screen. Presets, a slider for tempo adjustment, and other customization options are available to help you obtain the tone you want.

21. Hurdles

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

When you’re bored, play Hurdles, it is another thrilling Google Doodle game. In the game, players play as athletes tasked with jumping over obstacles. To make the player run, use the arrow keys (Left and Right) alternately, and the Space bar to leap.

Depending on how quickly you hit the arrow keys, the player increases or reduces the running pace. While running into a hurdle by mistake does not end the game, it significantly reduces the player’s running pace. That’s all there is to this game. Go on and give it a go!

22. Slalom Canoe

best google doodle games

The Google Doodle Slalom Canoe was made to honor the competitive sport of canoe slalom. Canoe slalom is a sport in which competitors race against the clock to sail a canoe across a river.

In the doodle game, you should sail a boat to stay faithful to the game’s theme. To row the canoe, use the left and right arrow keys. Make it to the finish line after passing through all of the gates.

23. Earth Day

23 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022

Bees are living evidence that good things come in little packages. Bees are small in size, but they significantly impact our environment. You must pollinate with the aid of your bees in this game, and you will also learn about bees. This game was published to commemorate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary.

Google Doodle Games FAQs

Q. Can we play Google Doodle games from the past?

Yes, you certainly can. Google keeps track of historical Doodle games on its Google Doodles website. You may search the Google Doodle Archive for historical games and doodles that the business utilized on the search engine’s home page in the past.

Q. Which of the Google Doodle Games is the oldest?

The first Google Doodle commemorates Black Rock City’s 1998 Burning Man festival. The Doodle was created by the co-founders of Google Larry Page & Sergey Brin and debuted on the 30th of August, 1998.

Q. What exactly is a Google Doodle?

The Google Doodle is a unique version of Google’s Doodle created to commemorate significant events and accomplishments throughout the globe.

Q. What is AR Doodle Application?

This AR Doodle is a Samsung software that allows you to use your finger or S Pen to Doodle in 3D and add stunning designs to your movies. It’s unrelated to Google’s doodles.

Q. Is it necessary for me to download Doodle games?

Google Doodle games are not required to be downloaded, and you may use your web browser to play them.

Closing Thoughts

It is impossible to tell you the best way to have fun, but if you are looking for some game time, then you must not rule out any of these google doodle games. I have taken time to test them out, and I’m sure you will find a few winners in this list no matter what your preferences are.

As always, I am excited to hear your thoughts, so be sure to meet me in the comments.