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9 Best Coding Apps To Learn Real Coding The Fun Way

Traditionally, coders and programmers tend to use their desktops or laptops while working with coding and programming languages.

But as the times and lives of people keep getting busier and more tiring, that reality is not a very convenient one since people cannot carry their desktops with them and sometimes bringing their laptops might not be an option either.

But people tend to carry their mobile phones with them at all times. It will not be wrong to say that mobile phones are slowly replacing desktops and laptops.

Thus, since mobile phones are more portable as well as conventional devices, it is only to match their capabilities to that of desktops and laptops, as much as that can be done.

This is especially true for coders and programmers. With mobile phones becoming able to support and aid them with coding, there is the need of making and coming up with different platforms that teach coding and programming to their users and allow them to practice, develop and run their codes.

Here are the best 9 coding apps.

Best Coding Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Sololearn: Learn to Code (Python, JavaScript, etc)

Sololearn is one of the most popular, most used, and most appreciated coding apps for your devices.

It boasts of being the largest, most advanced, and most efficient coding platform in the world that is also completely free for use for any and every person across the world. It offers more than a thousand coding courses and programming topics to choose from.

Best Coding Apps

This application has a number of different coding programs for all its users. Some of these programs and languages are Web Development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Java, Kotlin, C++, C, C#, PHP,  SQL, Algorithms and Data Structures, Ruby, Machine Learning, Design Patterns, Git, Swift and many others, along with numerous unique and exclusive courses and topics that will not be found on any other platform.

Sololearn is the perfect place for gaining and developing coding skills, refreshing the basics, learning the newest skills, staying aware of the latest market trends, learning about as many coding landslides as possible, and many more.

It also offers a personalized plan for the users based on their interests, skills, preferences, market trends as well as other suitable skills required that would enhance the employment opportunities of the user.

This platform also offers a certificate for every program that they complete. It also has multiple ways solely dedicated to helping the users in revising their knowledge.

These include more than 15,000 questions on a number of different topics as well as over 2,000 quizzes, along with a number of ‘challenges’ that allow the user to gain unique and interesting views about coding.

Sololearn is also a community of learners where people can interact with each other as well as support and encourage other coders about developing new skills.

People can become influencers on Sololearn by sharing their expertise and experience in their specializations. New coders can find the experience and views of the advanced coders to be very beneficial.

This platform also has excellent customer support that is available 24/7 to the users. It also has some in-app purchases that unlock a handful of extra features for the user.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code

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2. Grasshopper: Learn to Code

Grasshopper is another wonderful coding apps that has been highly rated, has had very impressive rankings, and has some very incredible reviewers from all of its users across the world.

This popular coding platform is one of the favorites of beginner coders as well as those who are more geared towards reviewing their basics.

Grasshopper is majorly focused on beginner coders. It offers small and bite sized lessons to the users that allow them to slowly but gradually gain the skills and knowledge required by a professional coder.

This platform is mainly focused on teaching JavaScript to the users. It also offers all these programs in an innovative and engaging way that keeps the coders invested in their lessons and their practical application.

Best Coding Apps 1

This platform is designed in a manner that the lessons, quizzes, and challenges adapt and modify themselves as the user gains new skills and knowledge, thus enhancing their coding skills.

It sought to teach the users coding programs and skills through playing games and fun quizzes to keep the users engaged.

Grasshopper tried to improve and enhance the coding skills of their users by employing the use of numerous interesting methods.

It offers visual puzzles that not only help in revising the coding rules but also improve the problem-solving skills and abilities of the user. These puzzles also enhance the time efficiency and critical thinking of the coders.

This coding platform also offers an eager and supporting customer care service to all its users. It gives real-time feedback to all the coders so as to allow them to realize their errors, correct them and find ways to improve their performance.

The users can also get many rewards and certificates as they complete their training and programs.

As mentioned above, Grasshopper is more focused on coders who are learning JavaScript, especially those who are only getting started with this particular coding language.

Therefore, it might not be extremely useful for advanced coders, other than brushing up their skills and knowledge.

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3. Mimo: Learn Coding in HTML, JavaScript, Python

Mimo is another great platform for learning to code for free. It is also highly rated, highly reviewed, and has a large number of users who incredibly appreciate it.

This application allows the users to develop and enhance their coding skills and experience as well as develop an intuitive knowledge about computer science and coding.

Learn coding with Mimo!

The application is best for all those coders who wish to learn Web Development skills like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and many other skills.

This platform is an exceptional place for all types of coders including extreme beginners, those with some prior experience as well as advanced coders. It offers small and 5 minutes lessons per day that keep the users interested and engaged.

The lessons help the users to develop their coding skills in a step-by-step and methodical manner. This ensures that the users are confident and have a firm grasp of their basic coding knowledge.

This mobile code editor actually works like an IDE and allows the user to run and modify their coding on the spot with their mobile phones. It is programmed in a way so as to allow the user to learn multiple programming languages and implement them simultaneously.

Mimo has a wide learning community. The coders using this platform can interact with each other. They can share their experiences, tips, and suggestions with other coders.

This platform currently has millions of users. Becoming a part of such an enormous and diverse community would encourage the user to give the best efforts in their coding skills and projects.

This application allows all of its users to learn coding at their own pace. The users can simply review any topic that they do not understand or might have missed by easily finding and navigating through that particular subject.

The coding challenges provided by this platform also allow the user to develop their skills innovatively. The users are also given certificates for successfully completing any course.

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4. Programming Hub: Learn to Code

Programming Hub is a wonderful application that provides a user-friendly, efficient and effective platform to all the people who wish to learn coding and programming on their own.

It is also one of the highest-rated coding apps available on the web. All of its users and coders have nothing but wonderful praises for this application and its services.

This platform is the best place to learn a variety of coding programs and languages like HTML, Java, C Programming, C++, JavaScript, R Programming, CSS3, Python 2.7, Python 3, Linux Shell Scripting, Swift, jQuery, SQL, Assembly 8086, Artificial Intelligence ABS many more.

Programming Hub: Learn to Code

Due to all these programming languages, Programming Hub is counted amongst one of the most diverse, advanced, extensive, and efficient coding apps for mobile phones.

Programming Hub was created in collaboration with many coding experts associated with Google. This was done to ensure that this platform would have the most suitable, effective, useful, and easily understood methodology of teaching and instructing coding and programming language to the users and help the users to develop their own skills through the very same platform.

It is also extremely popular and well known for its diversity. This platform provides more than 5,000 programs or coding examples for the user’s convenience, with over 20 different programming courses that are constantly increasing to widen the knowledge and expertise of all the users and create a one-for-all coding platform for all types of users.

It is a highly accredited coding platform that has been proclaimed as one of the best coding apps a number of times by Google Play Store as well as Apple Store.

The lessons provided by the platform are bite-sized, concise, and to the point that only enhance the learning experience of the user through the ‘teaching through playing’ methods.

The small games, quizzes, challenges, and review features are also very useful for learning and revising the lessons and concepts. Programming Hub is also known for being updated on a timely basis that comes with new lessons, quizzes, and programs for the users.

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5. Programming Hero: Coding Just Got Fun

Programming Hero is the fun, effective yet quick way of learning and practicing coding and programming languages.

It sought to keep its users engaged in their lessons by providing the concepts and teachings in the forms of games, quizzes, competitions, etc. It’s small in size yet efficient lessons allow all of its coders to learn and develop their coding skills.

This platform offers a multitude of useful, helpful as well as interesting lessons on programming and coding.

Programming Hero || Learn Programming || Learn coding

Some of them are Web Development (HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap), Data Structures (Stack, Queue, Linked List, Dictionary, Tree, Graph), Algorithms (Binary Search, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Time Complexity), OOP (Object, Class, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, etc.), Database (SQL, Database, SQLite, Relational Database) and Game Development (Game Development Basics, Pygame, Build Games From Scratch).

Programming Hero is best known for its game development program. All of the coders who use this platform learn how to create, code, and launch their games by themselves.

In fact, the users can start creating a game soon after they start with their lessons as the hands-on approach of this platform will help them in gaining experience as a coder.

This application has fun and short games and quizzes that help the user in revising their skills and knowledge.

It teaches and explains coding and programming through fun and engaging teen conversations that keep all the users hooked on the lessons along with having their clear attention and concentration.

The web development and app development programs of this application are also very efficient and attractive. It also has a forum feature where all the users and coders can interact with each other and share their experiences, tips, suggestions, and ideas.

Its interactive and attractive interface is bound to interest all of its users with its multitudes of wonderful features.

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6. Enki: Learn Data Science, Coding, Tech Skills

Enki is another brilliant platform to learn and practice coding and programming languages. Not only is it highly reviewed and rated, but it has also helped its users and coders in gaining practical experiences and skills.

Enki happens to be one of the best award-winning coding apps that helps to improve and enhance the coding and technical skills of all of its users and coders.

This application is a great place to learn and develop a variety of technical skills including Coding Intro, Python, SQL, Data Science, Data Analysis, JavaScript, React, Blockchain, CSS, HTML, Web, Security, Git, Computer Science, Regex, TypeScript, Docker, Golang, MongoDB, Linux, Java,  Spreadsheets, Webflow, Zapier, Airtable and many more. There are more than 15,000 lessons regarding more than 20 different skills and topics.

This pattern provides a unique as well as intriguing way of learning and practicing coding and programming skills to the users and coders.

It offers an interactive learning experience to the users that keeps all of them engaged and interested in learning and practicing their coding and technical skills.

With over a million users, this is one of the greatest coding apps for any and every person, from a person with no technical skills whatsoever to more experienced and advanced coders.

It offers personalized workouts, quizzes, and challenges, designed to suit the experiences and skills of each user. It has a planned and structured curriculum that provides a step-by-step and practical learning method to the users.

It also has a mentor review feature that checks, modifies, and suggests changes to the codes that are being run by the users.

This platform also employs the use of the scientifically proven spaced repetition system to provide efficient revision and learning to the user.

There are numerous other features like daily reminders, bookmarking lessons, and revision workouts that remind the users not to miss their coding and programming lessons for the day.

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7. DataCamp: Learn Python, SQL, and R Coding

The DataCamp mobile application is one of the best online platforms to learn and practice coding, data science, analytics, and machine learning in Python, SQL, and R Coding for any and every user across the globe.

Its efficiency, effectiveness, usefulness, as well as its amazing interface, makes it one of the highest-ranked coding apps available to the general public on the web for free.

Although there are a few additional in-app purchases, they are completely optional and do not affect the functioning of the free version in any way.

DataCamp for Mobile

DataCamp helps its users to learn and develop a number of useful and interesting skills and coding programs.

Some of them are Python (Introduction to Python, Intermediate Python, Python Data Science Toolbox, Introduction to Importing Data in Python, Data Manipulation with pandas), SQL (Introduction to SQL, Intermediate SQL, PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions, Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL) and R Programming (Introduction to R, Intermediate R, Introduction to the Tidyverse) along with many more upcoming courses.

This application provides small in length, only 5 minutes long, but highly efficient and interesting lessons that help the coders in developing and enhancing their skills by themselves. Data science and analytics become fun, delightful, and engaging through the gamified way of learning of this application.

This platform offers the best of coding programs and skills to be learned in the easiest of ways. It offers the highest quality of lessons and content to all of its users.

Each and every lesson is designed to suit and accommodate every user’s skill level and expertise. It has an excellent customer care service that is always eager and ready to help and support its users.

DataCamp makes learning and practicing fun and exciting. It has a number of features and facilities for extra revision and workouts.

These include new exercises, quizzes, challenges, flashcards, and revision notes for the users. The application is updated on a fairly regular basis that comes with new lessons, programs, and skills for the coders to learn.

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8. Master Coding: Learn Coding from Zero to Hero

Master Coding is an excellent platform to learn and practice one’s coding, programming, and technical skills.

This wonderful coding application was created with the aim of allowing people to learn a number of coding skills, put them to practice, and share them with the rest of the world.

It is a completely free platform with absolutely no in-app purchases or paid versions. Anything and everything that this application provides is completely free and of the highest quality.

Master Coding App - Learn Coding from Zero to Hero

This application allows the users to learn and develop a number of useful and beneficial technical and coding skills.

These include Python Lessons, Arduino UNO course, C++ Lessons, Android lessons, Flutter lessons, Kotlin lessons, Java lessons, Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP, Database and Coding Questions along with their respective topic discussions, video tutorials, quizzes, and revisions.

With its amazing and engaging lessons, the user can start their journey of becoming a professional coder. It is the perfect place for beginners to start learning and practicing coding and programming.

The users can put their codes into practice immediately after going through and understanding the lessons and concepts.

This platform has an engaging community as well. The users and coders can ask for suggestions, tips, and help from other more experienced coders and receive instant feedback and replies.

With its diverse courses and lessons, the people using this application have different but equally enriching experiences that can also help the users and coders.

Master Coding offers more than 400 coding lessons to its users. It teaches its coders how to think and code like a professional and experienced coder.

This application is updated quite frequently, therefore, the user can expect to get new content and lessons on a regular basis.

Some of the new lessons that are coming soon on this application include Web Development (Advanced JavaScript, Bootstrap React), Machine Learning, and many more.

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9. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is another great application for learning and practicing coding and programming for iPhone users. Like many other coding apps in this list, Swift Playgrounds has a ‘learning through playing’ method.

Its interactive and engaging interface and small but fun lessons make learning and developing coding skills an extremely exciting and invigorating experience.

9 Best Coding Apps To Learn Real Coding The Fun Way

This application allows the user to learn, develop and practice a wide variety of skills. These skills include Swift programming language, SpriteKit for 2D games, SceneKit for 3D graphics, UIKit, Animations, and other basic programming and coding languages and skills.

It is especially suitable for extreme beginners who are interested in learning the Swift programming language.

This application is completely free of cost, there are no extra in-app purchases or paid versions. It is an excellent place for beginners to learn the core aspects of programming and coding completely by themselves.

This application was created in collaboration with Apple itself and is specifically focused on the Swift programming language. It is a one-of-a-kind platform dedicated to a particular language only.

Swift Playgrounds has a user-friendly and extremely helpful interface that comes with a complete guide and related information about navigating through and accessing the entire application.

It is extremely easy to use, manage and run with tools and options that make it an incredibly simple and efficient coding platform for the users.

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Some Final Thoughts

In today’s world, IT and Computer Science is an exceptionally useful, interesting, and informative field that has amazing growth potential and employment opportunities.

With new technological discoveries and advancements, the needs and requirements of coding and programming professionals are growing continuously and this field is bound to become one of the most desirable, advanced, enjoyable as well as employable fields in the whole world.

But in such an employment boom, competitions are bound to arise as well. Only the most advanced, analytical, and efficient coders and programmers are and will be, able to reap the benefits of this rapidly growing industry.

Therefore, it is essential that each coder and programmer is always at the top of their game and have the knowledge of the latest advancements and modifications that are launched with each update of the coding languages.

Having an application or platform that teaches and helps its users to develop and practice the latest coding practices and procedures can be a boon for all those who wish to make a career in this field.

But it is also essential that the user or coder is clear about which programs they wish to learn and choose the best coding apps or platforms suitably.