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15 Best Intercom Alternatives For Better Customer Service

There are a ton of applications for a single work with various quirks and features and messaging platforms are no different. In this list of Intercom Alternatives, hopefully, you will be able to find the best one for your needs.

Let’s start our journey of finding the Intercom alternatives by knowing what Intercom is?

What is Intercom?🤔

We are in a technical world where almost everything is on devices and technical marketing is one such sector that we are very rapidly adopting. Intercom is a gift to any large or small enterprise that allows you to have contact with your customers in a minute.

Intercom is an American based software company that functions pretty awesome as a messaging platform. Intercom’s main purpose is to create a close-knit of large enterprises with their customers. 

It aims to be a better and new way to acquire, engage, and retain customers. It is a perfect marketing platform for sales, marketing, and support. Intercom is known for converting website visitors into customers, for providing high-quality personalized help at any scale.

It let you communicate with your customers through websites, social media, or email and offers easy setup to its customers therefore Intercom is known as one of the best in its field.

Intercom is known for providing a messaging platform whose subscription starts from 39$ and can go up to 999$ per month as the top-tier variant.

Why do we need Intercom alternatives?

There are many offers provided by Intercom to its customers such as converting websites to customers by offering them targeted messages, bots, and real-time chat, product tours, email campaigns, and self serve.

After seeing all these qualities of Intercom, Business tycoons are still going after intercom alternatives due to their high ranking packages. The range tag is provided to you based on total user conversations.

Leading spirits when opening their enterprises, set money as the cardinal rule and spend according to it and spending a huge amount only on communication may not be what they want or simply many entrepreneurs want to reduce their expenditure.

39$ per month may deter their customers as starting something is in itself difficult and spending 39$ on just one aspect may stall the business before it took off.

Next reason why we need Intercom alternatives is that it does not function easily when we talk about creating campaigning equipment.

Best Intercom Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

If you are bored with Intercom services or simply wanted to have a change of services then here we have chronicled some of the best and cheapest Intercom alternatives that will help you select the best alternative to Intercom.

This list of Intercom Alternatives is in no particular order.

1. ZenDesk Chat

Zendesk is known for its trusted CRM platform and if they are already known in the industry then why sit back in live messaging platforms. Zendesk made its debut by Zendesk Chat in a live messaging platform environment.

Zendesk Chat offers some basic features that others forget to add in their widgets such as a visitors list, pre-chat forms, chat badges, and offline lead generations to improve your already perfect gadget.

If you are looking for an Intercom alternative that gives you a replica of its chatbots then that is also available in Zendesk Chat, it tries to create a conversation that will target their customers by taking over the conversation and using profile linking.

Zendesk Chat offers cross-platform support, automated message triggers, agent reports, chat routing, conversion tracking, and real-time monitoring

If you are a beginner looking for the best live chat widget then Zendesk Chat may not be as helpful as it would be for already existing businesses because it allows customers to have a chat only with concurrent users. You can restore your chat history of 14 days.

If you want to increase your choices further than what you already have then Zendesk Chat only asks a minimum of 15$ for the paid services that can increase your boundaries.

Overall, it is not a hard widget to access, offers pre-chat forms, handy visitors list, improves the visibility of widgets by chat badges, and offers some offline lead generation forms.

A person using any operating system whether it’s Web, iOS, and Android can access this intercom alternative and they only have to worry bout its automation as it does not always work smoothly.

2. Mailjet

The second Intercom alternative that can pretty much function all the tasks functioned by Intercom is Mailjet. Intercom provides email and SMS features and Mailjet, Intercom alternative just provides the same, and if not better than it.

It has skillful email and SMS transactional features that lead you to have flexible communication through the right widget.

Mailjet is one of the easiest and highly compatible widgets that allows you to have a fully compatible experience. It has a straightforward infrastructure due to which you don’t have to access any other app and you easily get a knack for it.

Mailjet: The email marketing platform for teams around the world

Its easy infrastructure helps you in spending less time understanding its functionality and more time in actually having a smooth conversation with your customers. In streamlining emails, Mailjet, the Intercom alternative gives cutthroat competition to Intercom.

The one thing that you can say as a drawback of Mialjet is that it does not offer you the same high-end tools that Intercom provides and lack versatility in third-party tools. It changes the situation by providing other facilities like Zapies, a notable tool that let you complete task from one place.

Mailjet also lets you badge productivity tools along with the chats for much easier work. By listing all the features we can proudly say that Mailjet is one of the best Intercom alternatives that will help you in a long way.

It has an intuitive interface, much more compatible, cutthroat competitor, streamlining email, monitors results, manages contact, notable tools like Zapies, but lacks versatility and does not offer end tools. The paid services start at 9.65 $ per month. 

3. Olark

Olark is akin to Intercom that sets its eyes on the functionality along with the aesthetics of its chat widget. Olark is similar to Intercom in pinpointing real-time reporting for chats volumes, searchable transcripts, automated replies. 

Best Intercom Alternatives

You can easily integrate with some known tools that include Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mailchimp along with some other known apps. When we talk about facilities that we will get in the fire tier then it has limited features such as only 20 conversations per month which is by far the least compared to other Intercom alternatives.

You can access Olark for 14 days as a trial and after it, you can not access it for free. Olark is not only for beginners but it also offers paid services that can unlock all the features of the app within 20$ per agent a month. 

The best feature we can see in Olark is that it allows you to customize the app according to your choices, you can select a background theme whether it’s dark or light, gadget shape or size as well as corner type to go with your brand. 

Apart from all these features, you can also make it more compatible with your preferred language.

In precis, it has widget customization, automated and targeted replies, a major focus on real-time reporting, transcripts, tools such as Google Analytics and Salesforce, and improving mechanisms. It is one of the Intercom alternatives that allows you a 14-day free trial and then paid services starting from 17$ per agent a month.

4. SendinBlue

The fifth contender in Intercom alternatives is SendinBlue that holds a high rank in this business. It is the hub for marketing tools because of its large collection that enables you to have everything together rather than searching for it everywhere like mad.

SendinBlue offers the best tools such as pivotal tools that will make emailing, SMS, ads, landing pages easier. All these tools enable you to have hassle-free communication with your customers as well as provide help when you need it most.

Best Intercom Alternatives 1

It has one of the best automation modes that does not make you waste your precious time on useless things, therefore, increased productivity is guaranteed in the Intercom alternative.

Every task from email and SMS marketing to immediate communication with your client functions pretty well so that you will be faster than others.

SendinBlue has a dynamic CRM that allows you to gaze upon your client so that you can have a close-knit relationship with them. There are numerous options for you to make it as you want such as fine-tuning the design, engagement, and predictability of transactional emails.

In the market, SendinBlue is widely known for its CRM and Transactional emails so if you want the app that solely focuses on this department then it is the best place.

In the abstract, you can say that it has robust CRM, has digital marketing tools arsenal, email and SMS marketing, transactional email as well as homey feeling due to personalized options.

5. UseResponse

Let’s start our ranting with the line that UseResponse is a people’s app that aims for making people feel free and with no restrictions.

It is different from present apps that function on AI-enabled bots whereas UseResponse allows its users to access this platform as a customer interaction platform.

It let you have not only its messaging platform to communicate but also allows you to connect with popular messaging sites such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and many more. You can have unlimited visitors at this chat gadget.

It is the perfect catch for people who are looking for a robust CRM messaging platform. It offers some cool features that any brand would want to grab such as sign-on, email automation as well as analytics. 

All these features improve your understanding of the user base so that it will not let any obstacle stop you from gaining high productivity. UserResponse just like Zendesk Chat not only lets you have live chats but also gives you the option to choose from 3 additional modules that are Feedback, Help desk, and Knowledge Base. 

Just like another Intercom alternative, Olark, UseResponse also lets you use the app for 14 days at no cost, and the paid service for all 3 modules is the same so you can choose any one of them. These modules cost 49$ per 2 agents a month.

All in all, It has dynamic CRM, integrating popular messaging platform, sign-on, email automation along with detailed reports but not everything is perfect so we can see that it cost a lot compared to other widgets and lacks a free tier. It is not available on Android and iOS but you can easily access it through the web.

6. Freshchat

Fresh Works is providing a brand new widget in its stockpile with the name Freshchat. It is making Intercom run for the money with its features. It is one of the best sales and proactive messaging platforms that it is taking reign over the intercom.

The third name can very well be the best intercom alternative that provides almost the same facilities as Intercom. Freshchat allows you to have a satisfying experience. It is a free tier widget that offers unlimited contacts, ten against as well as 30-day chat history at no cost.

15 Best Intercom Alternatives For Better Customer Service

If you could not make your mind then Freshchat allows you 30 days free access and then ask you to make your mind. This free access not only allows you to have the experience of messaging but also of engagement tools that no other will allow.

Paid services allow you to access user properties, data analysis, launch in-app, or email campaigns. It has a deadly back-end-UI and apart from this you can easily amalgamate known social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger to increase your customer circle and have direct contact with them.

Freshchat is a new widget in the messaging widget environment, due to which it lacks major features but Fresh Work is known for rapid development therefore in no time it will conquer the problems. 

Web and iOS users can access Freshchat as an intercom alternative but not android users so we can consider this as a drawback but we can expect its development soon. 

Summing up we can say that it is a proactive sales and messaging platform that provides you the best Intercom alternative and messaging solution, as well as easy, amalgamate with social media.

The only problem you can see is that Email Campaigning may not be what you want but the Fresh work platform matures quite fast so we can expect its solution too. The paid services start at 15$ per agent for a month.

7. Skype Web control

If you are not a technical person and don’t want to use the app where you have to spend your time understanding its interface then Skype Web Control is the best solution for you.

Best Intercom Alternatives 3

Skype is the most common platform known in this industry for serving only best to its customers in the communication department.

Skype Web Control allows you to join the Skype chat widget that allows free visitor interaction. Starting your journey with Skype web control is very easy as you only have to click a link to customize the skype chat widget and then enter 2 digit code and there you go.

It has some formidable developer tools that add charm to Microsoft’s chat platform like text messages, file attachments, and stickers along with a facility that not all the chatting platform gives, voice, and video calls.

This facility allows you to solve any problem in a minute as it’ll help you clear all the doubts and confusion. Skype Web Chat has a developer preview mode but is the best solution for any rookie that wants communication. 

Eventually, Skype Web Chat can be accessed with eyes shut, permit free visitor interaction, groovy chat platform, the special magical feature of video and voice calling but only lacks high-end tools.

It is one of the best Intercom alternatives that have apps accessible through the web, Android, iOs, as well as on macOS.

8. Zoho Desk

When we talk about competition, then Zoho Desk is the best competitor for Intercom that will offer you the best chatting platform.

It is one of the known alternatives that can let you have an armory of tools to provide the best services to your customers, it saves your precious time by doing it efficiently only by automating frequent tasks. 

Intercom provides many integration apps and the same happens in Zoho Desk. Zoho Desk is an app full of essential tools such as email, phone, live chat, and social media integration that allows you not to search it anywhere. 

What is Zoho Desk? - An Overview

It allows users to rest assured that they do not have to look through different facilities to operate. It has one of the tools important for the growth of a business, in-depth analysis. It helps in figuring out the trends and patterns due to which you can easily check the shortcomings.

Analyzing these shortcomings can help you in giving more attention to it along with making it right. You can have an armory of tools, integrated apps along with in-depth analysis, live chats, and last but not least social media tools. 

The only thing you can not have is a steep learning curve and to fix the deal you can spend 18$ per agent a month and more.


Tawk.to is the best deal that you should never let go of because it is a totally free messaging platform that has the cheapest package. If you are looking for a free messaging chat then Tawk.to should be your number choice.

It is a live messaging platform that enables you to amalgamate distinct chat widgets in your app but does not have an advanced UI that almost every intercom alternatives have. You may be behind other alternatives in the case of marketing tools used for driving sales. 

Meet Mel - the tawk.to bird.

Tawk.to was developed while keeping in mind to provide free services along with a wide range of tools. It let you customize the chat gadget, conversation through your personal number, in-depth analysis, and trigger actions to have a communication.

As a customer, you can enjoy various options to make the app as per your likings such as removing the Tawk brand, video, and voice calling. Not only this but you can also charter agents in just a dollar from your dashboard.

Tawk.to is the best deal you can find anywhere so grab the deal before it’s gone.

10. LiveAgent

If looking for an app that puts more emphasis on CRM then LiveAgent is the best place to look through without wasting any time. It has some of the best facilities like live chat, ticket management, social messages, and a customer support system in just a single place.

To have full access to Live Agent, an account or a phone number may be required.

It has a different infrastructure than the Intercom because you don’t just type and wait for the results in LiveAgent. It searches and then links you with a live representative for a two-way conversation.

LiveAgent allows one of the most extinct features in these chatting platforms, it queued you until any representatives become available. It is not the best place for people who want a simple working alternative as its back-end UI is not simple to work with so it may be a while before you get the knack for it.

LiveAgent 2021 | Better Customer Service Starts Today

One of the biggest disadvantages we can see in LiveAgent is that there is no free tier and does not offer a freemium model so you have to take 29 $ per agent a month out of your wallet. After 14 days of the free trial, you can decide whether to take that much out of your pocket or not.

LiveAgent is the best intercom alternatives that provide ticket management. Chat widget, customer care support, queued you until representatives are available to respond to your queries.

11. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch like any other orthodox company is using the same omnichannel, unlimited contacts, and chats functionality but not for free, at a paid service. It has an extreme, fast, and interactive chat widget UI that challenges Intercom’s UI.

It offers you multi-channel messaging in which you can extract context from a single user and put it in one spot, it does not matter if that context is normal messages, email, the chat widget, or be it social media.

15 Best Intercom Alternatives For Better Customer Service

HelpCrunch is able to do so as it can collect all the personal and behavioral customer data, not only this user can also have their chat history up to date to have more utilitarian intuition. You can also lookup a query for emails or instant solutions.

HelpCrunch has only one major downfall that an agent can only add the chat widget to a single platform which basically tells you to have multiple agent accounts so that you can reach a larger mass. 

A person on any platform whether it is through the Web, Android, or iOS can access HelpCrunch. You have 14 days to examine all the facilities in HelpCrunch and if you are satisfied with the examined facilities then you can spend 12$per agent a month for the live chat feature.

After 25$ per agent a month you can also have email automation in your subscription so don’t waste your time and grab the deal. All in all, it has a multi-channel system, robust UI chat widget, a massive database of personal context, but only has one downfall that an agent can only add the chat widget on a single platform.

12. User.com

Just want an Intercom alternative that is pretty simple to use and will do the work for you then User.com is the best solution that you shouldn’t let go of if you want these qualities in Intercom alternatives.

It has a pretty simple interface that you can easily set up and has a wide range of customization tools. If you don’t like something then you can make it the way you want it to be with ease.

It has mostly the same features that you can see in Intercom such as Integrated social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Magento, Weebly, Trello, Google Analytics, PrestaShop, etc.

Users with all these social media can have a large group interaction with the clients and can easily check it from a single spot.

User.com has profound modules that allow you to have communication with your client whenever you want to but only lack automation efficiency when compared to Intercom. It gives you the best deal when we talk about campaigning creation.

For effective communication, you can get built-in tools for creating the best marketing campaign in User.com that is very simple to get.

Apart from all the above-mentioned facilities, the only restriction is that the free version is limited as well as lacks automation precision. You can have a Premium subscription that starts at 49$ per month.

13. Live Chat

If you want a list of the cheapest Intercom alternatives present here then Live chat would take the first place. Live Chat,  before known as chat.io  has many tricks up its sleeves such as message sneak peeks, agent ratings, chat routing as well as chat widget integrations.

LiveChat & Shopify: Customer Insight

It not only has special features but just like any other software it also has basic features like Intercom. Not only the beginners who want customization and a piece of cake software can access this but any creator can use this software to make it homey.

Live Chat is the best place for developers as it has APIs that will help in thinking and creating. The downfall of Live Chat is the absence of analytics as well as customer data management support.

In Live Chat, you can use the software for 14 days with zero bank balance but after that, you have to use your credit card and have to spend just a small amount of 10$ per month. It is the best deal for users who want to start their business in an economical manner. The subscription package can start from 10$ and ends at 16$ per account a month.

14. Crisp.Chat

Intercom is very popular but if you are someone who wants the best experience then Crisp.Chat is the way to go. Its biggest weapon is that it is easy-to-use and understand. It supports basic media such as audio, video, or image as well as GIFs, emoticon, documents, and many more.

It is perfectly integrated with some of the major social media sites such as Twitter and messenger. 

If we talk about pricing for a bit then will find that crisp.chat is a bit ahead of the competitor as it has an un-paid plan which has limited features but can be useful for some users. 

But if you are serious about your business then you have to purge $25/month to buy the premium plan. With it, you will get four user support, a user location map, unlimited chat, and many more.

Or if you are running an enormous enterprise then the best bet for you would be to buy an Unlimited plan worth $95. It has all the features in the previous plan but adds some other features like real-time video calls, customer action tracker because of the magic browser. 

The only caveat here is that it is a bit expensive for most users. But if you want a software solution that works on all the major platforms such as macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS then spending the money is worth it.


In this article, we have seen 14 Intercom alternatives. Intercom is one of the most famous messaging apps but it is not the only messaging app. In this article, we have tried finding them out so you can pick the best one for you.