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7 Whitepages Alternatives To Find People & Phone Numbers

Suppose you are in a situation where you are in search of someone whose whereabouts are nowhere to be found, and phone directories or other documents have failed you already.

In that case, you can consider using a free people search online to track that person down. This method is productive and is used by many people around the globe. 

In order to make this online search work, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools. These tools will help you to find someone’s phone number, physical address, and email address, see their relatives, and find some records related to work and criminal documents if any. 

Most of the people-finder websites are available for free. You can use these websites to look up different people or to dig for information that is related to your personal life or people you may know or strangers.

Using these websites, you can get all sorts of data about strangers. But the data is limited to the amount that is available in the public records. 

Whitepages is a website used for finding strangers on the internet. The services of this website are not available for free; you have to pay a subscription fee to use the website.

This website has the potential to offer a lot of data regarding a particular person, but they are not always accurate, which is why we came up with this list of Whitepages alternatives. This list will help you find more websites like Whitepages. 

Best Whitepages Alternatives – Our Top Pick 

1. TruePeopleSearch 

TruePeopleSearch is considered to be a people-finder website that offers its services free of cost; there are no subscription fees to enjoy the services of this website.

The services of this website help you to find people by their addresses, phone numbers, and names. As it helps people to find strangers, we included this website in the list of Whitepages alternatives.

This website is better than Whitepages because its search results are better and more useful. TruePeopleSearch offers its users a detailed search experience. 

Best Whitepages Alternatives

The reverse phone lookup and address lookup services offered by this website are efficient and productive. Using these services, you can easily get results by simply entering a person’s phone number, name or address.

The results offered by the website include all sorts of data, including the person’s past and current phone number, relatives, addresses, roommates, business ownerships, friends, and many more. This shows how efficient and detailed the website’s search results are. 

The detailed search results also include the person’s current and past location, age, wireless phone number, and many different things. 

TruePeopleSearch has a filter option on its website to narrow down the search results, which will help the user to search from billions of public records. All these features are available for free, and that’s the best part about this website. 

The TruePeopleSearch website doesn’t have any policy to save your search history on their server. Users can search the whereabouts of different persons without even logging in to their websites.

This saves people’s time and makes the website more productive. These are some of the main reasons that make people prefer TruePeopleSearch over Whitepages. 

If you are not satisfied with the information you have got from TruePeopleSearch, you can always demand more data, but that will cost you some money.

Each person’s page has a separate link, you just have to click it, and you will land on a separate site where you can pay for getting a full report on that particular person.

This happens in rare cases because the information provided by TruePeopleSearch is enough to find a person. 

2. TruthFinder – Whitepages alternatives For Public Records Search

TruthFinder does a satisfactory job when it comes to finding a person who is not in touch for years. Even the search results of this website are more detailed and thorough than the search results of Whitepages.

Considering the performance and features of this website, we concluded that they are perfect for getting included in the list of Whitepages alternatives.

People who are dependent on the Whitepages website can blindly trust this website to find those who are not in touch for years.  

Best Whitepages Alternatives 1

The TruthFinder website has the potential to search for any misdemeanors, court records, bankruptcies, traffic offenses, felonies, online profiles, phone numbers, relatives, sexual offenses, arrest records, mugshots, permits, weapons, and more. This shows how powerful this website is compared to other people-finder websites. 

Once the website has checked the background of the person you are trying to locate, its interface then starts searching for the person’s education history, job information, email address, death and government watchlist records, social media images, dating profiles, registered domains, online interest, and blog posts.

With the help of the above searches, the website becomes capable of finding a person who can be present anywhere in the world.  

The one drawback with TruthFinder is that you can’t see more information for free. The only thing that you will get for free is the person’s name.

You need to pay some amount for getting access to all the detailed information regarding a person. The detailed information will include a person’s age, name, past or current location, email address, and the last four digits of their phone number. 

Once you have paid the subscription fee and become their registered member, you can get access to all sorts of information mentioned above without facing any troubles.

If you want to pay less, you can take a two months subscription at once; it will cost a little cheaper. 

One of the most powerful features of TruthFinder is known as Dark Web Monitoring. This tool is considered personalized cyber risk intelligence software that helps a user monitor social security numbers, email addresses, medical identification numbers, driver’s licenses, credit or debit card details, social network accounts, and more. This feature of TruthFinder makes it one of the powerful Whitepages alternatives.

Once the identity of the person you are searching for matches up on the dark web, you will get a notification from TruthFinder, after which you can control every piece of information that you want the site to control on your behalf.

Along with all these features, the site also offers a free lookup service for those who cannot afford the paid plan of this site. When you are in a paid subscription, it will take only 15 minutes to get the search results which is really first.  

3. BeenVerified 

BeenVerified offers seven products to its users, which makes them capable of doing more than just searching for data about different people on the internet.

With the help of this website, users can get access to people’s background reports, phone numbers, contact information, email address, physical address, criminal records, and much more.

Best Whitepages Alternatives 2

If you are planning to use this site, we can assure you that you will get all sorts of data here, which is why we considered this site one of the Whitepages alternatives.

The website helps its users find anyone with its searching potential, but you need to enter some information about the person you are searching for to get started with the searching process. Information that you can give to the website includes email address, name, or phone number. 

 If you are among those users who are ok with paying for their searches, you will get access to query more than 50 websites at once with the help of username searches to find a person online.

This makes the searching process faster for the users and saves a lot of time. Users who have a limited time for such things can opt for paid services on the website.

If you are taking a one-month membership on this website, you will get offered unlimited reports and faster results. If you want to save money and get a discount on the membership fee, you can opt for the three-month subscription plan. 

Users who have paid subscriptions get reports that include maps showing a person’s past or current location, the last date when the data got verified as accurate, asset details, loan records, and built-in social media feeds.

All this data makes the search results more productive. With the help of this website, you can get access to different data from multiple sources. The website always tries to protect its member’s privacy. 

Different companies also use this website for generating leads and reconnecting with target customers. If you are a buyer or seller, you can easily look for online buyers or sellers using this platform to execute transactions. 

In order to get a detailed search result on this website, users have to pay a subscription fee. You can’t get access to detailed reports for free.

But once you become a member by paying the subscription fee, you will be capable of finding any person’s information around the world. 

4. ZabaSearch – Whitepages Free Alternative

ZabaSearch is another of those sites that are offering people searching services for free. This site offers services like reverse phone lookups and advanced people searches.

They execute advanced searches for a particular person by scouring public records and information, court records, and phone directories. 

To start with the search, you have to first provide the site with some information such as a phone number or name regarding the person whom you are looking for.

7 Whitepages Alternatives To Find People & Phone Numbers

After which, the site will provide you with information like contact information, full names, age, and address. If you are not satisfied with the given information, you can always go for more detailed information by clicking on the links given on the search results page to get deeper reports. 

Using the reversed phone number lookup service, a user can enter any number, known or unknown. Based on that number, the website will try to get information from the US public records if that is possible.

On the search results page, the website will show the data that matches the name or address given by the user at the time of starting the search process. 

ZabaSearch is entirely free, and one can enjoy its services without paying any subscription fee. You don’t need to add any credit card information or register yourself in order to start using their services.

Just enter the number whose whereabouts you want to locate, and you can find that person for free on this website. However, if you are not satisfied with the reports, you can always go for a paid plan in order to get more detailed information.

Almost every free people-finder website has a paid plan for those who want advanced searches and a lot more than basic data. 

The advanced search reports include information such as marriage and divorce records, social media profiles, criminal and arrest records, and many more.

You can get all sorts of data regarding a person if you are subscribed to the paid plan. Considering the features and services offered by this website, we came to the conclusion that this website is a perfect fit to come in the list of Whitepages alternatives.

The only drawback that might annoy you about this site is that it is not updated and operates in old traditional ways. The site also contains a lot of ads. 

5. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is considered to be a professional networking website that can be used for searching for people. Using this website, you can also search for networks that the people got involved in.

This is considered to be different from the information you get from sites like Whitepages because LinkedIn is a professional website in which most of the searches are professional and work-related.

Despite being professional, this website can prove handy to find the person you are looking for, which is why we included this website in the list of Whitepages alternatives.

On this website, you need to create your own profile by signing up. During the signing-up process, you are asked to give all your personal and work-related information.

You have to mention the business name if you own one or give the job profile you are working on. Then the website will ask you to select some details about how others are connected to your business or job profile. 

This website is just like a social media platform, but it is more formal compared to other social media websites. On this website, you can search for a person by giving his/her name on the search bar and find out where that person works if that person has registered himself/herself on the platform.

You can also get other information from this website, such as where the person has worked previously, with whom the person is working at present, to whom the person reports currently or previously,  and recommendations that are given to that person.  

How to Use LinkedIn Search Filters | LinkedIn Sourcing

This website was built for recruiters and job seekers in order to connect them with one another. Most of the hiring firms find new recruits for their company from this website.

This website also comes with filters that help a person to search according to his/her preference. A recruiter can find the perfect person for the role he/she is searching for by using the filters provided on the platform. The filters include jobs, countries, groups, experience, sector, and more. 

With LinkedIn, you can search for different people by synching your contacts with the website and inviting your contacts to join LinkedIn so that you will get a platform to connect with them.

LinkedIn has a people you may know section just like Facebook, where they show the accounts of some people who are related to your profile in some way. People that are shown in this section might be your college mate or a colleague in your office. 

In LinkedIn, a person’s information that is shared on the platform is controlled by the person who is sharing it. The person can change the privacy settings as per his/her preference.

So if you want to get specific information about a person on this platform, you will get the information that the person wants you to get and nothing more than that.

LinkedIn doesn’t use public directories to get information about different people. On top of that, the person can also see the ones viewing his/her profile. 

You can opt for a LinkedIn premium membership to get access to more features that might help you in your searches and get a good job.

In terms of professional information, LinkedIn provides more information than Whitepages. The only drawback of this platform is that you won’t get detailed information about a person from this platform because of the privacy settings.  

6. PeekYou 

Whitepages is known for searching people online by using various records and not just their phone numbers and email address. Unlike Whitepages, PeekYou uses a different method to search for people online.

Best Whitepages Alternatives 4

They take the help of social media platforms for searching people whom their users want them to search. In today’s generation, everybody has a social media account which is why this method proves productive compared to other traditional methods.

As this website helps you to find a person, we included this website on the list of Whitepages alternatives. The site collects the data and combines it before giving it to the users in the form of search results.

The data that is collected by the site is spread across various platforms such as social media sites, blogging platforms, and homepages. The site comes up with comprehensive online identities after combining all the gathered data.

The site tries to cover every social media platform present on the world web so that they won’t miss out on anything that can be useful or proved to be productive. 

When it comes to public weblinks, the website checks each of them in order to find out who built them and whom they are talking about. The website goes through more than a billion links to come up with relevant and valuable results.

The users who are searching on their website are offered a new perspective by placing them at the center of the web. Hence, it will help the users to find the person they are looking for instantly. 

The contents that are collected by the website are adequately analyzed to know the person who is behind the content. This is executed during the creation of comprehensive online identity records. The website creates such records by combining scattered digital footprints. 

Using PeekYou, you can get access to a lot of information about a person. The website offers its users multiple search options and some useful tools.

However, the results given by this site are always fewer compared to other Whitepages alternatives, and PeekYou is full of ads which makes it difficult for the user to work with their interface.  

7. PeopleFinders – Whitepages alternatives To Find Anyone

If you want to find someone quickly and without any hassle, then PeopeFinders can be the right website for you. This is known to be an efficient website that has the potential of giving some useful information regarding a person.

7 Whitepages Alternatives To Find People & Phone Numbers

This website can give you some details for free such as a person’s age, family members, aliases, and sometimes you can also get some of the digits of a person’s phone number.

This website gives excellent competition to sites like Whitepages and PeekYou, which is why we considered this website as one of the Whitepages alternatives. 

The website has the potential to offer search results with lightning speed whenever the searching and delivering results are coming from some public databases.

If you want, you can go further with the public records, reverse phone searches, and background checks with the motive to discover Whitepages listings for a particular person. 

The records of PeopleFinder include contact information, criminal records, property records, and reports related to relatives.

If you are not satisfied with these results, then you can opt for the paid services of this website for getting more detailed reports about a particular person. The website offers comprehensive reports to those who are subscribed to their paid plan. 

One of the most secure and safest ways to find people is by reverse phone number directories. From these directories, you can get more than 43 billion records in the public records and US People Search.

These records contain detailed information regarding different persons. PeopleFinder has access to almost 6000 databases for giving appropriate search results to its users.

In their 30 years of service, they have expanded and improved their site a lot to become efficient and productive. 

When you want to meet a relative who is not in touch for years or reconnect with some old friends who are nowhere to be found, you can trust this site for finding them instantly from their databases. 

PeopleFinder has the potential to go beyond public records for getting more information regarding a particular person. The site executes in-depth background checks and is way better than Whitepages. 

Well, all these features and services are only available when you pay for their premium plans. They have included all their premium services in underpaid plans, so if you want an in-depth search about a person, then you have to become their member by paying the subscription fee. The reports are satisfactory and productive under the paid plans. 

8. Pipl – Professional Whitepages alternatives

Pipl is another people-finder website that is meant for professional use. It gives good competition to Whitepages, which is why we included this website in the list of Whitepages alternatives.

With the help of this site, you can find phone numbers and email addresses. This site has the potential to offer a huge number of results very easily. 

You can search for a person on this site under some parameters such as email, phone number, name, or username, which is why this website is considered to be comprehensive and powerful. Using this website, you can get results that are related to a person’s personal and professional life.  

Pipl SEARCH Product Overview

Unlike Whitepages, this site doesn’t come with a free plan. They used to have a free plan, but they shut it down recently. So in order to get instant search results and detailed information about your search, you have to pay a subscription fee.

The subscription fee of this site is not cheap as they are meant for businesses. However, their advanced features make the website worth the cost, which is why businesses do not hesitate to pay big amounts for subscriptions. 

The comprehensive data API that comes with Pipl’s website has the potential to give fraud and investigation support or automated identity verification.

The API comes with client libraries that are developer-friendly and some code samples that make adding real-time identity information to your app easy and simple. 

📗 FAQ on whitepages alternatives

Can Whitepages be trusted?

Yes, Whitepages is trustworthy because they have been around in the market for several decades now, since 19997. They have been serving millions of users now, and also they have been endorsed by Forbes and accredited by BBB.

Is Whitepages worth the money?

Unfortunately, some users have felt that Whitepages is more like a scam, which they are not. They think that the company is advertising falsely. That is not the case. However, not all the information that is provided can be considered of as genuine.

Can you remove yourself from Whitepages?

You can remove the listing from Whitepages by filling out a form to opt out. Then you need to verify the request using your phone number. When you have done that, you can find yourself out of Whitepages in 24 hours’ time.

Does Canada have Whitepages?

Yes, Canada does have Whitepages. You can log on to their website at WhitePagesCanada.ca, which is the online White Pages Directory of Canada. Here, you can find the citizens of the country and get their names along with their addresses.

How do I delete my information from Whitepages.com?

You need to visit the website. Then, you have to choose the opt-out page and paste the URL of your listing. Now, you can verify that record and click on the remove me option. You have to provide your phone number to receive an automated call for confirmation on it.

What are some of the best Whitepages alternatives?

Some of the best Whitepages alternatives include TruePeopleSearch, TruthFinder, BeenVerified, and ZabaSearch. You can use them to find out more about the individual you are looking for in America.

How do I find someone’s address for free?

You can do that by going to the website anywho.com which shows you anybody residing in the United States of America. You can then look for the person, using the name or city. You can also use a reverse phone number search when you think the person owns a landline.

Is Whitepages accurate?

Like most websites that provide information on a person, Whitepages can be inaccurate sometimes. However, most of the data provided on the website are accurate, and they are ensuring that errors are rectified if pointed out.

What is the best free background check?

Some of the best sites that you can make use of for doing a background check would be TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, Intelius, and InfoTracer. You can make use of these sites to find more details about somebody whom you want to get in touch with.

How can I find someone with just a name?

It is possible to find the details of somebody using their name. You can visit some of the sites like Whitepages or ZabaSearch to get more information on them. These sites offer you with the details like geographical area and phone number.

Conclusion on Whitepages alternatives

People finder websites can offer you a lot of information about a person online. However, they don’t have the superpowers to give you all sorts of data that you are looking for because everything is not public.

Any one of these Whitepages alternatives has the potential to give any information about a person only if the information is available in the public domain.

So information that is available in the public domain can also be found without paying for it, so before planning to pay for a subscription fee on these sites, do proper research on the resources that are available free of cost.