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9 Of The Best OBS Studio Alternatives For Live Streaming

This guide will read about some of the best OBS Studio alternatives. So, why are we doing it? 🤔 What is the reason for using OBS alternatives, then is it good enough? That is a good question, and we will try and answer it. 

This is software that is used for live streaming and video recording purposes. The screen can be customized when you are live streaming using OBS. You can use it on Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

The alternatives discussed in this guide can help you experience live streaming in a different direction. Technology is being updated regularly. You can also edit your videos extensively.

We do not mean to say that OBS is not reliable or durable, but when you have better options, why not use it? These apps help you to work continuously.

In your search for the best OBS Studio alternative, you may not be able to get the one that meets all your requirements. 

Hence, we encourage you to compare the software alternatives listed and decide the one best for you. 

An introduction to OBS studio

OBS Studio is open-source software. That means it is free, and anybody can make necessary changes, provided they have the source code.

Apart from performing several functions like live streaming and video recording, you can customize the message, apply a filter, and others. 

So, why do you need an alternative when you can use this app? A look at the market can offer you several options to live stream and video editing.

They come with far better features, and you cannot depend on OBS Studio for a lifetime.

Let’s check out the alternatives and find the best one for you.

Best OBS Studio Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌

1. Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster

The Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster is the first option in our OBS Studio Alternatives list that we felt deserved the first spot.

Let us find out why. When you are a hardcore gamer, you would like a live stream of your games. 

Best OBS Studio Alternatives

If that is so, this app is the best option. It comes with a smooth setup. Not to mention, it is quick to work. Using this software, you can live stream on social media tools like Facebook and YouTube. 

It also comes with 24/7 customer support and customization. This app comes in 2 types. One is the XSplit Broadcaster, and the second is the XSplit Gamecaster. They both are good. The interface is excellent for both of them. 

You can live stream as well as record. Frankly speaking, we found the Gamecaster version essential and light when compared to the Broadcaster. If you are somebody who likes a simple user interface, then you might want to use it. 

They recently developed the VCam tool that lets you replace, remove, and blur your webcam background. This is an exciting feature. However, it comes with some limitations that you would want to know. 

You will find watermarks on the stream at 720p resolution. When you use the VCam feature, you will notice that as well. You can easily access advanced features. Apart from that, this app can be used only by Windows users. 

If you use Apple products, you will want to use another app. Not to mention, you can add community-created plugins. You are also provided with a one-time purchase of less than $200. 

Overall, we felt that this is easy to use and affordable. This is a suitable option when looking for a live-streaming app that is basic but compelling for your Windows PC or laptop. 

It also comes with excellent feature updates, simple plugin customization, and technical support.

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2. vMix

The vMix is ranked second in our OBS Studio Alternatives discussion. We will find out why. On the heels of the Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster comes the vMix, one of the best live streaming solutions.

This was designed for professionals looking for an ideal solution for their work. 

OBS Studio Alternatives

This OBS Studio alternative comes with a barrage of features, including hosting guests, animated overlays, live effects for your videos, virtual sets, and instant replays. It can also support many inputs like DVDs, webcams, playlists, sound cards, PTZ cameras, and NDI.

Additionally, it comes with an audio option for encoding in 4K. Its pricing system is tiered. The software has different features at different rates. It has six packages: SD, Basic, Basic HD, Pro, HD, and 4K. 

You have to pay for the features that you require the most. It does not get simpler than that. The app starts at $60. As mentioned earlier, vMix was developed for professional gamers and live streamers. 

To experience the best, you might want to purchase the advanced package starting at $400. They come with several useful features for your live streaming and gaming purposes. 

The technical support is excellent, and you will be impressed with the professional broadcast environment. Again, this is meant only for Windows users only. You need to look elsewhere if you operate in the Mac environment. 

On the whole, this is perfect for Windows and those who want to experience the best live streaming experience. When you want a simple performance, you can use the necessary packages.  

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3. Wirecast

Wirecast is the next OBS Studio Alternatives that we will be reading about. Telestream’s Wirecast comes in 2 versions.

They are Pro and Studio. These are again suitable for professionals. Of course, those in the amateur range can also try them.

You can think of plenty of features for the rate that you pay. That is good to know. Some of them include being able to animate 3D titles, host guests, unlimited capture, and the ability to stream using different platforms and servers simultaneously.

Using the Pro version, you can use features like live scoreboards, high-resolution ISO recording, NDI output, 3D virtual sets, instant replays, and additional guests on your stream.

There are other features too that you can make use of. The elements can be tested with the help of a trial before you decide to purchase the app. We must mention that Telestream has a Wirecast watermark on all the recordings and live streams.

Another thing that you might want to know is that Telestream is a large company. You can always expect new updates, new features, and other development occurring regularly. It also comes with professional customer care. 

For an extra $300 annually, you can be covered entirely. When you are not familiar with using advanced features, then it may seem intimidating. Some features are interactive, and you can master them quickly. 

However, certain features are easy to learn. Unlike the earlier ones, this works on Mac as well as Windows. Sadly, it does not support 4K streaming. Few of you might not be pleased to know that. 

Summing up, Telestream’s Wirecast is one of the best options that you have for live streaming. Using the advanced features, you can professionally design and create your variations on it. 

4. Elgato

Elgato is perhaps an unknown name in the OBS Studio alternative list. But we found it interactive and useful. It has a simple user interface, and many users found it easy. Probably, this is the feature that gets them attracted to it. 

If you are unfamiliar with live-streaming technology, you might want to begin your journey with Elgato. A few features of this essential OBS Studio alternative would be flashback recording. This lets you record the parts that you missed. 

Additional features of Elgato are customizing the video effects, controlling the audio parts, and others. Not to mention, this is reliable software.

Overall, the app is high-performance software that enables you to achieve what you want. 

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5. Lightstream Studio

The Lightstream Studio is one of the best apps for a PC or laptop that comes with low specifications.

When you want a powerful tool to live stream your videos or games. You do not have to be a professional gamer or music composer. 

OBS Studio Alternatives

You could try anybody who wants to use an OBS Studio alternative for your cause. This is software that is based on the browser.

Using it, you can live stream on your primary PC or laptop. Like Elgato, this one is suitable for those who are starting.

One of the main features of this app is the ability to allow several individuals to stream a single video. It is an efficient live-streaming app. It allows you to work on how things are operated on the Cloud. 

It is that simple. You gather all the sources on your PC, and they do the composting. Using the services of Lightstream, the rest is completed. It means that you require lower usage of the CPU as well as power. 

Some of the other features that you can find on Lightstream include guest hosting, slick overlays, and native support of streaming tools like Streamlabs. You can also perform remote scene switching using your tablet or smartphone. 

Apart from that, you can also have support on live chat. Your scenes, projects, and assets get saved on Cloud. This is beneficial, so you do not have to compose them repeatedly. It can be annoying because you might have missed out on the earlier ones. 

Overall, this app is suitable for beginners and those of you starting as a musician or video editor. It can monitor your internet connection and adjust according to the bitrate automatically to keep your stream from buffering.

When you want to live stream on your less powerful PC or device, with minimal CPU usage, then use Lightstream Studio.

6. Nvidia Shadowplay 

Straight on the heels of Lightstream Studio, which works on a less powerful system and consumes less CPU, we come to Nvidia Shadowplay.

When your PC comes with a GeForce graphics card, the app will provide you with an experience of a different kind. 

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Hence, the name Nvidia Shadowplay. It comes with the Nvidia GeForce graphics cards that are often used by professional gamers.

It is not surprising that several users have commended its ability to work amazingly. 

The software is suitable not only for professionals but also for learners. It is one of the main USPs of this app. It works fantastic with the Geforce graphics card because it has all the required drivers. 

This also maintains the performance of your PC or laptop. When it encodes from the GPU. The GPU sees that the speed of your computer system is not compromised when you are live streaming. 

This is a mix between software and hardware. Using both, the performance is flawless. Unlike other apps that heavily rely on the CPU, this needs a powerful GPU for optimum performance. 

The streaming software offers your PC CPU power for enhanced performance. But, according to some users, the OBS Studio alternative does not come with the required features on several apps. 

The app comes with several sources and comes with no overlays. The gameplay screen can only be live-streamed. This is a quick encoder where professional gamers are not entirely content with the quality of the live stream. 

Few users have complained that it sometimes blurs the finer game details. This can be slightly annoying when you plan on live streaming or editing videos for your content. You will be glad to know that it comes with NVidia’s special NvEnc encoder.

This helps in live-streaming videos and also record programs. It enables you to select the NvEnc encoder for offloading the CPU. Several users have felt content using it, and along with the keyboard shortcut, you can record the last part automatically.

On the whole, Nvidia Shadowplay has powerful features and relies on the GPU more than the CPU for performance.

This app is suitable for gameplay recording, and when you make use of NVidia graphics cards, you might want to use it. 

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Other OBS Studio Alternatives

7. Player.me

Player.me is another of the popular OBS Studio alternatives you can consider for your requirements. It has a simple UI. The features are also useful. The app is suitable for professional gamers. 

It helps you to make your live stream session interactive and useful with others. The software offers different templates that enable you to use your live stream. This app can bring the gaming community closer if you want enhanced live-stream sessions. 

8. Discord – Free alternatives to obs studio

Similar to Player.me, Discord has brilliant features that make it attractive to many users. It comes with the ability to access it using the browser directly. This is something unique and different from others. 

You can also design and create your games to sell to other professional gamers. This is a feature that you may not find on other apps.

Though it is similar to the Steam app, you can also communicate with different friends to enhance your gaming sessions. 

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Things to know when choosing a live streaming software

With so many options out there, it may sometimes seem intimidating. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right kind of live-streaming software and one that meets your needs. 

  • What is your ability to use technology? 
  • What is your budget capacity? Can you afford to pay the monthly or yearly service fee? 
  • What is your knowledge of live streaming? Here your usage comes into question. 
  • What are the features that you need for your live streaming? 
  • What is the primary purpose? 
  • What kind of hardware do you own? 

📗 FAQs on OBS Studio Alternatives

Below are a few queries on OBS Studio Alternatives that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Is there an alternative to OBS Studio?

Streamlabs Desktop is an excellent OBS Studio alternative. It is a free streaming software with advanced features like prop themes and simultaneously streaming.

Is there a better screen recorder than OBS?

Movavi screen is an excellent mid-level alternative for OBS. It has a built-in editor and provides scheduled captures, the highlight feature. You can record live streams and webinars using this option.

Is Streamlabs or OBS better?

Both options are open-source and free. You can easily download and try them out. OBS may require fewer system resources; however, Streamlabs may be a better option if you are a gamer.

Is OBS Studio the best?

OBS Studio is the number one choice because of its flexibility and power.  It is open source, and one does not require much learning to record computer screens using this. It is excellent for gamers.

Which is better, OBS or XSplit?

XSplit and OBS are both beneficial in recording videos and live streams. XSplit is better suited for YouTube videos than OBS because of x264 and x265 video codecs. You can also optimize videos and audio. However, OBS offers more file formats, including VLC.

How much does OBS cost?

OBS Studio is open source and free for recording live streams and videos.

Can you find something better than OBS?

Though OBS comes with many benefits, there are many better options for OBS. You can find Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster, and vMix are excellent options. The SLOBS comes with better support than the OBS Studio.

It features a real-time troubleshooter and discord support that is real-time. However, it is an excellent tool for streaming individually. If you are somebody who wants to earn money through live streaming, then you can make use of it. 

Do you have to purchase the OBS Studio?

No, you do not have to purchase it. That is because it is an open-source solution. It is free of cost. The open-source solution is suitable for live streaming and recording games. With its help, you can work on several sources and design a broadcast free of disturbances. 

However, this post discusses other options to help you with gaming and live-streaming requirements. We again reiterate that OBS is one of the best solutions, but there is no harm in trying an alternative. 

Is OBS Studio good?

Like the Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster and vMix that come with a barrage of features, this one also has excellent qualities. Some users have commended OBS Studio for its immense capabilities. 

It is an excellent program for advanced users. You can configure it according to your requirements for your applications. Not to mention, you can design products on a professional level for social media tools like Twitch and YouTube. 

Is OBS studio a virus?

According to a few users of OBS Studio, when downloaded on their PC or laptop, virus or malware occurred. Well, this is common in many files. Hence, downloading the file requires you to check the website’s authenticity. 

That is why it is safe if you download it directly from the OBS website or the GitHub repository.  Just make sure that the website you want to download it from is genuine and reliable. 

Is OBS good for YouTube?

Yes, OBS is worth using for YouTube. You can now easily broadcast game streams on Twitch and other social media tools. Apart from that, users design screencasts on it. This is a powerful program that comes with reliable features too. 

However, it might prove overkill when trying to capture solutions for your games. Other apps throw up overlay in-game. This is not found in these games. It depends on your choice of the game you want to play eventually. 


This is the end of our OBS Studio Alternatives list. We hope that you found the alternative options discussed useful. This way, you can now go ahead with your prospects and requirements. After you have read this post, you now have options for Open Broadcaster Software. 

You can now capture videos on your PC or laptop. You can record your gameplay and, most importantly, do live streaming. OBS Studio is good and comes with several features and plugins that are released from time to time. 

The app gets updated often too. However, you may have issues using OBS properly. Hence, we shared the best OBS alternatives for you to choose from. So, what is the best streaming software? 

We highly recommend that you choose Xsplit Broadcaster & Gamecaster and vMix. Of course, the others mentioned on our list are good. But, when looking for the best OBS studio alternative, these are suitable options. 

Several factors come into play when you want to decide it. While the app that seems ideal for you may not necessarily be the best option for others. Hence, you might want to spend some time researching and looking at each of them in detail.  

This helps you decide on the best solution for your requirements. You might also want to take advantage of the free trial with most of the software. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy live streaming!