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Evernote Vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Is Ideal for You?


Your Android phones and Apple smartphones come preinstalled with a note app. This default note app is very limited. From the limited number of words per note to the absence of important features.

Evernote and Bear are amongst the best when it comes to alternative note apps. This Evernote vs Bear review will tell you all you need to know.

Before we look at the differences between these apps and how they match up across different yardsticks, let us consider each of these apps individually.


Evernote is your go-to app for note-taking, organization, and task management. It allows you to take not just text notes but drawings, photographs, audio and saved web pages that can be used as notes.

The notes are stored in notebooks, and each note can be tagged, edited, annotated, and exported. 


  • Cross-platform access
  • Consolidates all your ideas in one place
  • Offline usage
  • Can include snipers or entire web pages using the web clipper
  • Easy to use
  • Long term stability
  • A focussed, clean user interface
  • Easy synchronization
  • OCR functionality converts images to searchable text


  • The free version is limited to two devices
  • Limited offline use in free version
  • Security issues
  • Steep learning curve


Bear is a writing app for users of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch. It allows you to organize your ideas in several notebooks and tag them for easy access.

Evernote Vs Bear

Using a beautiful, clean interface is one of the go-to options for Apple device users. After your notes are created, there are several options available to share your ideas in different formats.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to tag
  • Easy note synching
  • Numerous export formats
  • Hashtag support
  • Easy to backup or export the entire database


  • Only available for Apple users
  • Can open only one note at a time, no tabs
  • No in-app editing of pictures
  • Sync problems between iOS and macOS.

Evernote Vs Bear: An In-depth Comparison

Evernote and Bear are amongst the best apps when it comes to note-taking. They not only allow you to take notes and keep a repository of your thoughts, and ideas, they offer other incredible negatives that make it easy for you to keep track of things you have written and share them with others.

I will proceed to do an In-depth Evernote vs Bear comparison. I will use several criteria in my comparisons such as cross-platform availability, price, ease of editing, search features, user interface, and other features.

This will help you to know what to look out for when deciding on which of these incredible Note/writing apps to use.

Cross-Platform Availability:-

I am putting cross-platform availability/OS support first in my Evernote vs Bear comparison because this is the biggest and perhaps the most important difference between the two apps.

Bear Notes is exclusively on Apple. This means you can enjoy the app on iPhones, iPads, and your Mac devices. The idea for a web version has been floated, but there are no plans to open up the device for Windows and Android users.

Evernote on the other hand is available on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and has a web version. This is an obvious advantage for Evernote users who can enjoy the app on all their devices.

User Interface:-

The user interface is another aspect users look out for when deciding to use an app. People want to know if the app looks appealing to the eyes, whether it is easy to use the app and if the app is responsive.

Bear Notes is great when it comes to its user interface. Its intuitive user interface means you will not have a steep learning curve when you choose to use the app.

Evernote Vs Bear 1
Bear User Interface

Not only that, but aesthetics is an important consideration for the designers of Bear. With a dedicated theme store, you have a variety of themes to choose from, this giving you greater control over the appearance of your app.

Evernote on the other hand is not as expansive when it comes to choosing themes. You have a light/dark mode to choose from. However, with a huge redesign in Evernote 10.0, the app has a newer, more beautiful look. Its quick responsiveness matches that of Bear and it has a more native feel to it.

Evernote Vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Is Ideal for You?


Pricing is one of the major considerations when deciding between alternatives. This Evernote vs Bear comparison also takes the cost of using the app into consideration.

Evernote has both a free option and a premium option. In the free option, many of the features are not available. You have to subscribe to the premium option to access those features that have been hidden behind a paywall.

For $7.99 a month you can enjoy Evernote premium. Evernote Business is $14.99 a month. However, Evernote has several sales every year, where you can purchase the premium services at a discount. If you need a dedicated Noyes app that offers the full range of features, consider opting for Evernote premium.

Evernote Vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Is Ideal for You?

Bear is a paid app. For $1.49 a month, you can enjoy the app. This is cheaper than the Evernote premium. It also has a free version.

Evernote Vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Is Ideal for You?

Export Options:-

Sharing your notes is important. Both Bear and Evernote make it possible to share your written thoughts with others. Their approach to sharing is completely different.

Users of Bear note can share their work in several formats. You can share as a TXT file, Markdown, Text Bundle, PDF, HTML, JPG, and ePub. This versatility is a great benefit of using Bear. It allows you to share in the format you consider as most appropriate, or that the receiver will prefer.

Evernote Vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Is Ideal for You?

Evernote allows you to share by mail, and via several other apps. The downside to Evernote is that it is more aggressive with the sharing options.

You can share an Evernote link with others, but that is it. Those who wish to view what you have written will have to click on the Evernote link and read it as an Evernote file.

Notes Organization:-

Over time, you will write hundreds or even thousands of notes. It will be difficult to keep track of all the notes you have written. It is for this reason that note organization is important to look out for in a note app.

Note organization is one of the greatest areas of similarity in this Evernote vs Bear comparison. This is because they both make use of Notebooks and tags. Notebooks and tags make you group the notes you have written based on a theme. It makes it easier to search for notes. You can arrange your notes chronologically or alphabetically.

Bear however has the added benefit of adding icons to your tags. This makes the tags easier to identify.

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Notes Editing:-

The notes editor is an important aspect of both Evernote and Bear. With a good editor, you get to not only ensure that your written work is correct, but also give it the finishing touch you desire.

Evernote takes editing to a new level. With version 10.0 came several improvements. You can change the font, style, size, and even the color of your text. You can use the multicolor highlighter and several other editing tools.

Evernote Vs Bear: Which Note-Taking App Is Ideal for You?

Bear, while offering incredible editing options, is still limited compared to Evernote. Editing is not as easy as it is in Evernote, for instance, you can only change the font style in the settings menu. Also, some important features for editing such as table support are missing.


Evernote and Bear are both feature-rich apps. Evernote has improved over the years and the incredible array of features is a sign of the long experience of the developers in providing a note app that meets all your needs.

There are incredible features in Evernote such as Evernote scan. You also enjoy the ability to search through images. Evernote Home which is a centralized hub that makes it easy to access your frequently used notes, pinned notes, and so forth is another feature of Evernote.

Evernote Vs Bear 3
Evernote Features

An Evernote extension for popular browsers makes it easy to enjoy the web version of Evernote. You also have the option to use the drag and drop editor.

Bear allows you to password protect your notes, and pin your favorite notes for easy access. It supports nine iOS 14 widgets, which come in small, medium, and large sizes.

It also supports the long-press action on iPhone. The Bear developers’ knowledge of Apple is evident in all their features.

Bear Tips and Tricks
Final Thoughts On Evernote Vs Bear

Evernote and Bear notes are amongst the best apps for note-taking. The fact that Bear does not offer support on operating systems apart from Mac and iOS is a big deal for many.

However, for those who use Apple devices, there are several other considerations such as pricing, features, editing options, user interface, and so forth. I have reviewed each of these considerations and others in this Evernote vs Bear comparison. Now you are equipped to decide which app you want to use.

You can also explore our video on “Evernote vs Bear”.

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Personally, I am using Evernote for my note-taking as this one is available on Windows as well.