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9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online

Evite is a well-known social planning site helping its users create, modify, manage, and send different invitations like never before.

Launched in 1998, this is a free site offering advertisement-supported solutions. 

Party-loving individuals are simply in awe of this site that helps them plan parties and even sends invitations to people. They simply need to put in the mailing addresses of the prospective guests, and the site will send emails to the same.

Creative minds can use this platform to unleash innovative ideas for creating some of the best invitations. The site also provides party ideas.

Undoubtedly, no site is as useful as Evite for creating and sending online invitations, greeting cards, and party ideas.

The site allows its users to send these as free or paid services. Nevertheless, it is quite likely that some users to be unsatisfied with the options Evite has on offer. In that case, it is better to look out for Evite alternatives. 

Evite alternatives are popular sites working similarly; Evite allows its visitors to send party ideas, cards, and invitations to others.

Even these sites offer both premium and free services. Evite indeed pioneered the idea of sending online invitations. But the site has become slow now and even features several advertisements. 

So, users have found other sites offering the same service but improved user experience. We will have a look at such sites below:

Best Evite Alternatives For Event Invitations👌

1. Punchbowl – Evite alternatives 2023

Punchbowl will not just help you in sending online invitations for parties and events but will also assist you in organizing and planning your events right from the beginning till the end.

You can use this user-friendly portal very easily, especially when gathering information regarding party organization.

Best Evite Alternatives

It is one of the major developments compared to Evite in that it is more feature-rich and offers many services.


  • The users need to answer several questions regarding the party they want to organize, and Punchbowl offers suggestions regarding invitations based on their answers.
  • The paper-like interface of the site improves interactions between the site and the users.
  • The site comes equipped with varied invitation designs, with users getting the flexibility of putting in the pictures and characters of their choice.
  • Saved characters can be used to make the invitations more appealing. For instance, cartoon figures are available for creating birthday invitations for kids.
  • Users can even see whether their guests can make it to their parties.
  • The site even has party decorations and supplies on sale.
  • Users on the site can import mailing addresses from their mailboxes to make guest lists.
  • Friends can even be invited through Twitter and Facebook.
  • Advanced feature options help users in creating complicated invitations.
  • Even invitees can discuss the event or the party on Punchbowl.  

So, if you want your invitees to have a good impression of you through the invitations you send, you must use Punchbowl as a great Evite alternative.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. Anyvite

Anyvite online invitation and e-card maker gives its users the flexibility to make the best use of some of the most creative tools for coming up with professional-level online invitations.

Best Evite Alternatives

The site provides tools for setting up different invitation cards and even offers the option of sharing invitation cards with friends and other individuals. 


  • This platform will help you create digital invitations and inform the guests about your party through SMS.
  • Twitter integration feature is also available on this platform.
  • Users can also use this site to sell tickets and collect cash from guests while making their invitations.
  • The guests can also be allowed to invite friends, but with a limit on the maximum number of individuals they can invite.
  • Anyvite can also be used for sending open invitations by sharing links provided by the platform.
  • The site even comes with an event reminder feature that allows users to specify the days in advance for the reminders to be delivered. The reminders can be sent to guests who have already confirmed about coming to the party and those who have not replied.

For the ones who are on the lookout for feature-rich platforms that help in creating digital invitations, Anyvite would be the best option.

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3. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is one of the best Evite alternatives mainly because it offers unlimited customization options to its users.

Founded in 2009, this IOS app-based site helps users get the latest designs in sending online invitations.

9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online

 Another exclusivity of this site is that it has a close link to popular fashion designs, Oscar de la Renta, Kelly Wearstler, and Vera Wang.

Many invitation designs on this platform make it easy for the users to send invites to their neighbors, colleagues, and an end-number of acquaintances without hassle. 

The wonderful invitation designs and templates available on this site make it unique and more user-friendly. 


  • The option of rescheduling your event anywhere and at any time.
  • Free cards and invitations can be delivered to around 500 mailing addresses in one go.
  • Flyers can easily be used for sharing information about parties and celebrations on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Email and SMS support are also available.
  • Easy customization possibilities are available for the users. Customizations can be done using different free cards, such as designs or images.
  • Users can also track the invitations they send using Paperless Post.
  • Card designs can be chosen as per preferences, and users can enter text accordingly.
  • RSVP status of the invitees can easily be tracked.
  • The premium plan allows users to send online invitations to 1500 recipients.
  • Sent cards can easily be edited, while event details can be changed.
  • Events can also be canceled, and the same can be notified to the invitees using Paperless Post.
  • Photo Gallery enables users to share images of their events with guests. This feature is private and is available completely free of cost.
  • Cards can be printed, packaged, and shipped to desired addresses for a certain fee. However, there are specific location limitations.

Paperless Post would be one of the best online invitation-sending platforms for people looking for several features and options but within an affordable range.

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4. Purpletrail

With this site coming in handy, you can send invitations for a certain event to a large number of individuals.

Dissimilar to the other platforms falling in the same category, Purpletrail showcases a long list of design templates and themes that can readily be used for creating invitation cards for different occasions. 

Best Evite Alternatives

Users also get the option of creating customized invitations as per their individual preferences. Interested users need to sign up before effectively using any of the features available on this platform. 


  • Users get the flexibility of editing the different components and details of their online invitation cards.
  • One of the best features of this platform is its no advertisements. This makes it very easy for users to use it to create invitations digitally without any disturbances.
  • The exclusive application of this site is available on Apple App Store.
  • The platform can be used for chatting and interacting with guests. Such interactions can further help get suggestions on timing and venue for the event.
  • Different themes are available for creating invitations in varied categories.
  • Every aspect of an online e-card can easily be customized using this platform. You can add your very own message, embellishment, and photo.
  • It is a straightforward affair to use this site.
  • Images with appropriate sizes can easily be uploaded on the site
  • Tracking invitee response is a breeze.
  • Personalized planners can also be created using Purpletrail.

The paid services of Purpletrail help users in printing and ship the invitations right to the doorsteps of their guests.

5. Facebook – Free evite alternatives

There is hardly any platform easier and more convenient than Facebook when sending digital invitations. Boasting more than 2.5 billion active monthly users, Facebook is available for all major and minor digital requirements of its users. 

This platform even works wonders when used for sending invitations to people. It is quite simple to send invites using this site.

You first need to create an event on the platform by navigating https://www.facebook.com/events/, Clicking on “Create Event,” and creating your event.

Best Evite Alternatives

Here you have two options 1. Create a Private Event, and 2. Create Public Event.

9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online

Fill your Event details and then use the “Invite” button to invite people in bulk. 

9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online

Apart from sending general invites, the site is also useful for sending personal invites to family and friends simply by using or entering their mailing addresses, mobile numbers, or names in the space provided. Invitations sent using Facebook are free and also easy to be delivered. 


  • You can send invitations for business, social, and personal events.
  • It is the best platform for advertising a private or public event and capturing the target audience’s attention.
  • Invitees get information about public or private events through notifications.
  • Options are available for the invitees and the host to discuss an event by posting on the event wall.
  • Option available for the users to promote their party or event off Facebook on some other sites by using QR codes.
  • Users on Facebook can even sell tickets for third-party events.
  • Event performance can also be measured using the installed features in the Facebook event section.

For the ones who are on the lookout for wide-based platforms for creating online invitations, Facebook would be highly recommended.

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6. Shindigg

You can use Shindigg popular event creator in the form of an event management podium. It helps its users in setting up events, tickets, and cards.

9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online

The platform is ideal for selling and managing event tickets online through its dedicated event production and management mechanism.

With Shindigg all of your pains will go away, and all matters related to event ticketing will be a cup of tea. Reliable and something one can bank on

 It is one of the most reliable online invitation-creating platforms giving its users some of the greatest blowout bashes regardless of the limit on the number of guests that need to be invited.

The site was created by Trisha Logan, the firm’s creative and product development director.


  • Events can be created and managed according to the preferences of the users.
  • Event pages need to be created on the site, and then they can be customized by adding pictures, text, animations, and videos.
  • Properly tracking and timely authentications are the characteristics of this app
  • The event page contains all the information or details of the event.
  • Once the page is ready, invitations for the same can be sent using Shindigg or different social media sites like Facebook. You can also send invitations for events using emails.
  • Users on the site can earn good money by selling tickets for third-party events.
  • All transactions are duly tracked, so the users do not face any problems using Shindig.

If you want to do tasks like organizing events and sending invitations for the same easier and more hassle-free for you, then Shindigg would be a great choice. It especially comes to play when the ticketing is for a bulk number of people and diaspora.

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7. Sendomatic

The best thing about Sendomatic is that it can readily be used for all possible events, both business and personal.

The site offers 100% exclusive and customizable designs.

9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online

Users on the site also choose invitation templates from Sendomatic’s assortment of some of the most elegant designs. The templates are to die for, and no doubt make you stand out from the rest when you want your tickets to be dazzling.

Several invitation templates are available for the users to choose from. Enhanced solutions are also available to the users, including organizing, creating, managing, and promoting events using different installed features.

It has a stock of templates and features for various multipurpose situations, cards for business, and other events.

Some of the most exclusive features of Sendomatic make it in our Best Evite Alternatives list:-

  • Several invitation templates are available to suit varied events and occasions.
  • It has the option of sending advertisement-free invitations. However, a small fee is levied for sending invitations devoid of advertisements. This is just for the members who want a more hassle-free experience.
  • Users can also edit or post-event links manually on Facebook.
  • Response management is easy once the party invitations have been sent using Sendomatic.
  • All information can easily be exported to Excel files.
  • Guests can be informed about changes in the event venue or date.
  • Reminders can also be sent to the guests, reminding them of the same.
  • Invitees can easily remind themselves about the event at hand by syncing it with iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Google Calendar, or iCal.
  • The site even offers the functionality of putting event tickets on sale and collecting money for the same.
  • Options available for organizing potlucks where invitees can be informed about the things they need to bring along.
  • Other exclusive features of the site include polling, online RSVP, video embedding, ticket management, social tools and promotion, and customer support.

For the ones who are on the lookout for sending online invitations without advertisements and at affordable rates, Sendomatic would be the perfect Evite alternative.

One last point about this site is it allows its users to get their work done within ten minutes, and that too, without putting in a lot of effort.

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8. Celebrations

If you are looking for a site to make the best of those celebration cards, and add your personal touch to the event party, look no further than celebrations.

This site is where one can use ample resources to be creative, as the occasion is mostly informal or party-based.

Best Evite Alternatives

Noteworthy features are as follows:-

  • It has two features:- to create dashing invitation cards and second is for the management parties and decorations.
  • It can be shared across multiple social platforms and enjoyed by one or many.
  • It is user-friendly, and the charges are very low.
  • A plethora of templates are available for one to choose from

9. Canva Invitations

With the rise of this pandemic, people are slowly able to adjust and find ways to celebrate special occasions intimately with their family, friends, or colleagues personally or virtually, which has become the “in thing” today.
Canva’s invitations allow users to transform their imagination into an actual design by creating from scratch.
9 Best Evite Alternatives To Send Invites Online
It is also ideal for users who don’t have design expertise or probably have time-sensitive invitation projects by effortlessly choosing and editing from the hundreds of customizable templates to fit every occasion and theme. 
Most of Canva’s invitations are in landscape, portrait, and square layouts for that minimalistic, modern but classic feel.  


  • Canva’s all-in-one invitation page includes templates for invitations for various occasions, a choice of paper types and paper finishes, and articles that inspire users to boost their design.
  • Users can choose from a massive selection of graphic elements such as stickers, shapes, frames, stock photos, and even short videos that can be added to e-vites for that extra vibe.
  • The real-time collaboration feature allows users to ask for help from their family or friends to incorporate their ideas into their desired invitation design.
  • This tool is available on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, so users can edit, share directly through email, and upload to various social media platforms anytime, anywhere.
  • Users can opt to print the invitations at their homes or offices or avail of Canva Print for eco-conscious, high-quality hard copies of their invitations delivered straight to their doorstep.
  • If the user avails of a Canva Pro version, he can access the background remover feature if he uses photos to integrate into the invitation. 
Create a fun Video Birthday Invite with Canva

10. Zoji

Zozi is a very simple site that can help you create online invitations within seconds. Out of all the different Evite alternatives available online, this is the one you can depend on.

This straightforward platform will help you make the best and most elegant invitation cards and e-cards without creating a mess.

Within a very short period, this site has grabbed a lot of attention, and it is all set to make its presence felt for years to come.

It is a very decked-up site that offers an array of tools to make those cards stand out from the rest within seconds. 

Some of the best features of this platform are as follows:

  • Offers online tools for planning activities offline.
  • The service offered by this site allows users to manage parties and events for varied themes.
  • Get-togethers of social groups can also be managed easily using this site.
  • BBQ buddies, relatives, and friends can be invited using the design templates available on the portal.
  • A simple user interface makes creating online invitations a breeze.
  • The response tracking feature is also available for tracking the invitees’ replies.

If you want to create online invitations easily, Zoji would be your right destination. This adds another flair to your cards, and your colleagues are sure to get impressed.


What is the best online invitation site?

The best online invitation list includes Evite, Minted, Greenvelope, Paperless Post, Etsy, Punchbowl, etc.

Is there a free version of Evite?

Yes, there is a free option of Evite that allows you to design invitations with a large section of designs. The invitation can be sent through social networks, email, and text.

Do people still do Evites?

Evite has been available for around 24 years and continues to do so regarding email invitations. It might get caught in spam for people who do not read emails.

What is the new Evite?

Evite is among the leading digital invitation platforms. It has thousands of free and premium designs that can also be customized. It makes celebrations memorable and has about 120+ million annual users.

What is better than Paperlesspost?

The top competitors of Paperlesspost are Tiny Prints, Minted, and Socializr. They are widely used for sending digital invitations.

How do I make an electronic invitation for free?

Open Canva and search for ‘email invitation.’ Now select a template and customize it per your suitability. You can use the available features and reflect your creativity. Once you personalize your design, it is ready to get published and shared.

Conclusion on the evite alternatives list

Organizing parties and sending invitations can be challenging if you carry them out independently, especially if you are doing it for the office or an institution where the specifics are of utmost importance.

Decentralizing by manual means can also be irksome and hectic; hence, to provide more stability to your tickets or invitations, these handpicked evite alternatives can be a beacon of hope for many.

Nevertheless, the same tasks can get all the more convenient and easier if you take the help of Evite alternatives as mentioned above.

These sites will help you create party invitations online and give you the scope of grabbing party ideas that can be huge hits. 

So, there’s nothing for you to coax or worry about when you have these alternatives ready.

Simply master their usage and be ready for the next event or party you will be throwing out soon!

Take help from the manifold templates, pop on your creativity hat, and these alternatives will ensure your invitations stand out from the rest and are appreciated in bulk.