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What Does GG Mean and And How The Acronym GG Is Used

For internet users who aren’t conversant with gaming acronyms and gaming language, you might find it hard to understand most times what is being said in the game chats. You might have come across the acronym GG and being stumped, asked this question, what does GG mean? 

What Does GG Mean? 

The simple answer is the acronym GG means “Good Game”. It is usually used by online gamers and sometimes used in a social media interaction.

This term is really complimentary but as usual, everything can be used in a bad way and sometimes GG could also be used as a form of teasing. 

What Does GG Mean

Most gamers though treat it as a common practice after gaming sessions, it is similar to fighters bowing or bumping gloves before a fight. It can also represent a gracious defeat from losers or acknowledgment from the winners about the losers’ skills. 

The Evolution Of GG

The beginning of online gaming brought with it a whole new language. The speed coupled with the concentration of gamers has made them use shorter words to convey information amongst the gaming community. The term GG is really old. 

It is reportedly more than 20 years old with more reports stating it is perhaps even older. It has become a rite that must be followed, part of the gaming etiquette that gamers must follow to ensure a smooth gaming session. 

Where The Acronym GG Began

When LAN (Local Access Network) made multiplayer games possible, there began to be a gaming community that slowly built up into the ever-growing worldwide band of online gamers. 

Reports suggest that the game StarCraft released in 1998 was a huge help in ensuring the term GG was propelled into the mainstream online gaming world. In subsequent years, the term became so widely used that using it to tease losers became commonplace. 

As households with computers increased, online gaming increased and that had a positive effect on the term GG, building it up as the accepted post-match greeting. In recent years, you will come across the slang GG in a lot of in-game chat rooms. 

What Does GG Mean

Some notable internet niche corporations like Google have even noticed the popularity of the acronym GG and made efforts to pay homage to an acronym that has become much more popular than the games being played.

In April 2012, Google made attempts to recognize the huge draw of the strategy themed game StarCraft with the GG message. If you input a common StarCraft strategy (Zerg rush) into the Google search bar, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful display of letters that in the end spell out GG. 

A reference to the fact that it is perhaps one of the most famous words that have transcended borders with Asian gaming communities and other continental gaming communities getting involved in the use of GG. 

How To Use The Term GG When Gaming 

Like we have discussed, GG means a Good Game. This already points out that a game must have been played before you can use it. Some gamers send GG messages before the game starts. It is considered very rude and obnoxious by the gaming community. 

The right way to use it is when the game is over. Of course, we might never know the intent behind the chat messages but usually, when winners say it, it is probably because the loser gave them a tough time and it was really close. 

When losers say it, it is usually because the winner played better and they’re trying to acknowledge that by informing the winner about his superior gaming skills hence Good Game. 

How To Use GG In Sentences 

You might be wondering if it can work in sentences that might make intent clearer. Here are some examples you can try to ensure you follow the proper gaming etiquette. 

  • That was a crazy match, GG. 
  • You really pushed me, GG. 
  • GG, that was one heck of a winning play. 

How To Use GG Offline 

You might be wondering if you can use the acronym GG in day to day conversations. Well, the answer is yes. The term GG has actually moved from just being a really famous online term, it is now really common among sports like darts, poker, or even basketball. 

You don’t have to necessarily use the term only in sport-related activities. As long as the action is competitive, the term GG can be used at the end of every competition to signify a little bit of goodwill between competitors. 

Other Important Online Gaming Slangs You Should Know

A noob is basically a novice (to explain it nicely) in the online gaming world (like anybody asking what does GG mean) and you will get that a lot unless you can smartly communicate with other game players during a game session. 

Gamers use a lot of slangs and acronyms to send messages to each other pretty fast, here is a list of some of the most common slangs you are likely to come across. 

GG – Good Game 

GGWP – Good Game, Well Played 

GLHF – Good Luck, Have Fun 

GGEZ – Good Game, Easy 

Take My Energy – Goodluck 

TDLR – Too Long, Didn’t Read 

RW – Real World 

LUPP – Luckiest Person On The Planet 

GGA – Good Game All 

Sticky – Represents The Sticky Hand Grenade In Halo 

SEAL – Slaying Everyone And Laughing 

FF – Focus Fire 


The online gaming experience cannot be complete without communication between gamers and this communication over the years has evolved into a type of language that only a few people will understand at first glance. 

The growth of the acronym GG has long been mapped from the 90s to the present day. It has risen to become one of the most popular online gaming phrases. 

So, whenever you pick up that console and start a multiplayer online game, you will do well to remember the words to use, how to use them and when they should be used to avoid being classed as a noob. 

What are your favorite words to use online and what do they mean? We would really like to know, please use the comment section below. Thanks for reading, I hope it was useful to you.

Now we have answered the question “what does gg mean”, in addition to the host of recorded acronyms, I would like to know other acronyms gamers are fond of.