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What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10?🧐 Is it a virus

Many users nowadays are working through technical devices due to which usage of the different operating systems rapidly rises and Windows is one of the most used operating systems.

The Windows operating system users do not let anything get installed without their knowledge so how does something as big as a folder would not be noticeable to them.

‘REMPL’ is the folder that is downloaded when the system is updated so let’s find the answer to some questions such as what is REMPL? Is the folder a virus?

What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10?🧐

REMPL is basically a special folder that appears in the updated version of theWindows Microsoft system but it appears in some of the users so not all the users can relate to this folder. A user can find a folder with the name ‘REMPL’ in the computer’s Programs file folder that is in the hardware. 

Note: REMPL Folders along with Windows Setup Remediations KB4023057 is only installed in the devices that complain about not able to update their Windows version.

Along with REMPL Folder, another very new program called Windows Setup Remediations KB4023057  is also downloaded in the updated devices. The most important task of the REMPL folder in the updated version of Windows is to help the software in future updating.  

To do so it contains some of the executable files that can help in performing various functions and operations on a computer.

Rempl.exe, Disktoast.exe, Remsh.exe, Sedlauncher.exe, Sedsvc.exe, Logs file, CTAC.json, and Ossrsb.exe are some of the executables that REMPL Folder contains in it so that it can help the user update the system in the future without any hindrance or having any problem.

Rempl.exe, Disktoast.exe, Remsh.exe, Sedlauncher.exe, Sedsvc.exe, Logs file, CTAC.json, and Ossrsb.exe are the files which help in promoting 

REMPL Folder in Windows 10 is a troubleshooting tool that can help in improving the problems and fix them. REMPL Folder is the folder that improves the reliability of the Windows Update service.

Uses of REMPL Folder in Windows 10:-

As said earlier the main task of the REMPL Folder that comes with the Microsoft tag in the C drive in the system’s hardware is to help download the updates or future updates of the Windows so that there won’t be a problem in operating the system. 

It is used as a troubleshooting tool that reveals the problem a device is having at the time of updating and then searches for a way to solve that problem.

REMPL Folder was made by the Windows system to tackle concerns that come when we talk about updating procedures in Windows. The REMPL Folder ensures that any advanced update released by Microsoft is installed in the device without any mishappening.

These issues may stop any important updates necessary for the tasks from getting installed. The main aim of the REMPL Folder was to help the `computer to flawlessly install updates which help in improving the relationship, accuracy, and safety with the users using Windows 10.

Note: The REMPL Folder and Windows Setup Remediations KB4023057 appear only on some updated version of Windows 10 such as 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903, and 1909 and it will only work with Windows 10.

Is the REMPL Folder a virus?🧐

Most of the unknown users are cautious of the REMPL folder because the third party creates it and as it automatically pops out in the device during the upgrading of Windows 10. Many have the same question as it is a virus or not as it uses the application without the concern of the user.

REMPL Folder is a helping hand in installing the updates or futures updates so that it won’t affect the computer’s function and is not a virus or malware that can badly affect the device’s

hardware or something as they do not use personal information in any way. The REMPL Folder is established by Windows to reveal the problems occurring in updating.

It is recommended and is best for devices that use the Windows operating system to have the REMPL Folder.

But there are some viruses that can have an adverse effect on your Computer. They sometimes can even rename themselves to REMPL. Therefore, if your antivirus is showing it to be a virus. Then neither ignore nor delete it. Use the Windows Defender.

To use Windows Defender to delete the viruses in your computer you need to follow the prescribed steps:-

Step 1: Launch the Settings by either searching it out of the start menu or by right-clicking on the start menu and then select “Settings” from the appeared list.

Step 2: Now from the appeared screen, select Update & Security option.

What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10

Step 3: From the left panel of the appeared window, select Windows Security and then click on the Open Security Settings option.

What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10?🧐 Is it a virus

Step 4: This will redirect you to the Windows Security screen, click on the Virus & Threat Protection option from the left panel and then click on the Quick Scan button.

What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10?🧐 Is it a virus

This will scan your computer and hopefully, will delete the virus.

You can even download many antiviruses and antimalware as well. They are many free antivirus and antimalware out there in the market such as Avast, Avira, Malwarebytes, etc.

How the REMPL Folder works to solve the Uploading problems

As everything in the world has its advantages as well as disadvantages so does the REMPL Folder. It has some of its pros and cons that can help the users to decide whether they want to delete it or to let it stay the way it is. 

To achieve the installation of the update, the REMPL Folder may ask the user not to switch off the computer enabling the folder to do its work. The installation won’t affect the sleep configuration of a user.

The REMPL Folder may reset the networking settings while trying to find and detecting the causes in the Windows operating system that is stopping the updates from being downloaded. In this process, it may delete the Registry keys of a user which is restricting the updates from installing.

After detecting the cause stopping uploads from being downloaded, it will try to resolve the problems and will reset the windows database thus deleting the update history of the Windows.

The REMPL Folder may either delete some of the files, folders, applications, or Softwares to clear the disk space or will try compressing the files from the user’s profile folder to make the way for the future updates that may be very important for the functioning of the Windows in the coming time.

Can REMPL Folder be deleted?

The answer to this is question is simple as Yes, a user can delete the REMPL Folder as MS Windows did not declare it as a mandatory file and are only used to help in the completion of updating the Windows and is a kind of troubleshooting tool.

Also deleting the file will not affect the computer’s performance in any known way so a user can easily delete the file but keeping the folder will be beneficial for the users.

If you want to delete the REMPL Folder then you need to follow the prescribed steps:-

Step 1: Launch the Task Scheduler by searching it out of the start menu.

Can REMPL Folder be deleted

Step 2: Now from the left panel of the Windows you need to expand the folders in the following order.

Task Scheduler Library> Microsoft> Windows> rempl

Step 3: Now on the left panel of the Window click on the Delete Folder option to delete the folder.

What is REMPL Folder in Windows 10?🧐 Is it a virus

This is one of the easiest ways to delete the folder.


In this article, we have seen what the REMPL folder in Microsoft Windows is. We have seen that this folder is very important for the well being of your OS.

We have also seen that the REMPL folder is not a virus. But there are some viruses that can harm your computer they can even rename themselves to REMPL folder or create a copy of it.

Therefore, you need to run a test. The best test would be of the Windows Defender, as you need to go to the Settings> Updates & Secruity> Windows Security>