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What size hard drive do I need

When purchasing a new computer, it can be very confusing as how much storage should you get. How much size is enough that you do not run out of space and neither blows your bank account. It’s a struggle to define how big is a terabyte in terms of your own need.

The storage disk is the heart to store everything from your operating system to download files and installed program. The bigger size doesn’t add the bulk to your computer. The size in bits has nothing to do with physical size or volume of the disk. Samsung has been able to put a 2TB in a palm-size disk. What size hard drive do I need
By now you should have known that there’s no single answer to how much is enough. If it were, there would be only one sized hard drives in existence.

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Personal preference:-

This is the trickiest part to figure out. You want me to figure out, but I leave it to you to figure it out. Don’t worry though, I’ll be along. While you don’t have to be a statistician to find out average hard disk size used, you should also look at the minimum and maximum sizes used.

What kind of user are you?

How many heavy large files like videos, movies do you plan to keep on the disk? The more files, the more storage.
If you plan to just keep programs and use the computer for browsing the internet, 500GB would be more than enough. For a heavy downloader, who downloads new games every month and stores them or keeps Blu-ray in the hard disks, a 2TB may not be enough after a while.

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Classify yourself:-

Classify yourself into a category: Light, Moderate, Heavy user. Do not be overexcited and buy higher category than you need. You’re here to get one that just meets your need, and costs as low as possible.

Light Usage:-

Word, Presentation, take a few megabytes at maximum. You don’t have to worry about them at all. Combinedly, they’d take a few GBs even after a few years. You don’t have to even account for them.

A thousand music tracks 10MB each would be 10GB on your hard disk. There won’t be 1000 tracks at any time that you’d actively listen. If you’ve a lot of thousands you might want to get rid of them. How about a streaming solution? It’s on the go, always at your fingertips.

Pictures take a good space on hard drive. But the good enough quality photographs do not take a lot of space, luckily.

A few TV series and movies will be able to have their place with light usage on a 300-500GB disk.

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Moderate Usage:-

Moderate usage is associated with higher quality music (FLAC!), a lot of higher quality photos. More movies and more TV shows. It can have some small games, small as in under 5GB.
All you’ll need is a 500-700Gb of space to have everything in your hard drive.

Heavy Usage:-

A heavy usage needs a larger storage. Let’s talk about the difference from moderate usage. Heavier movies and TV shows, full HD, some games. All other aspects of moderate usage go in here.
Consider getting no less than a TB of storage for your need. We recommend getting a 2TB.

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It can be tough to visualize how much hard disk space you need. The size requirements are tough to calculate beforehand.
As a word of caution, we’d say do not buy more storage for future proofing. The future has cheaper but faster storage. More and more use of cloud storage means you’ll need lesser locally. Buy now for now, we’ll recommend for future in the future.
If affordable get an SSD, they’re slightly expensive but very fast, degrade slowly and are not damaged by mechanical shocks even if you drop on a ground.