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Easily Dictate any Text using Microsoft Dictate


Thanks to a new add-on from the experimental workshop of Microsoft, you can now start dictating text instead of writing it. Microsoft Dictate (available at http://dictate.ms/) can be integrated into Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint from version 2013 onwards.

After the installation, the new tab “Dictation” appears in the menu group with the start of the text program. After clicking on the tab, the “Start Dictation” button appears on the left. As soon as you press this button for the first time, the add-on will initialize the microphone.

Easily Dictate any Text using Microsoft Dictate
No keyboard, no problem. Use dictation for your Word Document using Microsoft Dictate

You can then start with voice input after a few seconds. The text spoken by you will subsequently appear next to the microphone icon in the text field. The tiny additional program can do something more. A bit further on the right in the group “Language Options”, you will find the language option that will support you with translation tasks.

Enter the language in which you dictate, in “From” field. Select a language for the “To” field in which Dictate should transfer the text and translate it for you. The only flaw of
Microsoft Dictate is that it only accepts punctuation and paragraph commands in English. With “New Line”, the cursor jumps to a new row, while the voice command “Delete” deletes the last voice input and the command “Stop Dictation

lets you stop the voice detection. You can put a full stop with the command “Full Stop” or “Period”. To enter a question mark, you have to say “Question Mark”. Command “Open Quote” is for opening the quotes and “Close Quote” is for closing them. “Colon” is the command for double dots and “Comma” is for placing a comma.

Fix Microsoft dictate unable to start speech client:-

I found many users are facing problem with dicate client, if dictate client is unable to start try to uninstall Dictate client and install it again.

Second thing that you can do to fix this error is Run SFC/SCANNOW command.

Read our detailed guide to Run SFC command Properly to fix this issue.

Run SFC Command in Windows 10 to repair System files

Hope my article “Easily Dictate any Text using Microsoft Dictate” helps you to work efficiency. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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