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11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can’t Miss

Have you been using any tool to collect your data for multiple aspects? Well, we are talking about getting customer’s feedback, filling forms, job or internship forms, surveys, registrations, events, etc.

All of these cannot be done manually anymore and the best way to do it by creating a form on the web and forwarding it to everyone who is interested in the purpose.

For this, you can use the very popular Google Forms and we have created a list of the best google forms templates so that the forms can be more interactive.

Not everyone who first starts to use it knows about the potential Google forms has. With the help of such forms and the incredible templates, you can even help users to feel more interacted and urge them to fill out the form.

These forms are very important for any company or event to collect data and use it in the future for multiple other purposes.  Choosing the right template for your form is an important task.

It all depends on the type of template you are using. Users are more attracted to those forms that have good design and speak out to them. Let us look at the list of the cool google forms templates.

Best Google Forms Templates: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Customer FeedBack

Customer Feedback (Download Here) is the most commonly used Google Form on the web. Every company or individual providing services has a customer feedback form intact in their emails or websites so that they can know more about what their customers think.

Best Google Forms Templates

This helps a lot for every organization to improve and make changes according to what they think.

With the help of this Google form template you no longer have to manually create one specifically for your company. Well, simply click on the form and you can edit it accordingly as per what you need to ask from the customers.

You can even start off by preparing a list of all the questionnaires based on your product or service. Likewise, you can add them one by one in the form using the tools. From adding an image to a video, everything is made available to make the most interactive.

There are options where you can change the color theme as well. With the responses, you can understand more about the mindset and what service issues if at all you are having to make the required changes as we know.

2. Contact Information

One of the widely used and most popular Google templates is Contact Information (Download Here). With the help of this, you can know every little detail about your customer and use the data to reach out to them in the time of need.

Best Google Forms Templates

This form comes under the personal category since all your personal info is a part of this. A lot of companies use this or while you are scrolling on other websites of any company.

As soon as you head over to the Contact Us page, you will find that the companies have been using Google forms to collect data from their potential customers.

Such forms ask for your name, address, Email, Phone number, and comments if any. Once you click on the template, this is what you will find as default, however, as we said you can make changes based on the info that you need from your customers.

It is also important that you add everything about your company or the event as well so that everyone could know the reason or the purposes of the form. In fact, most people make no edits and start with work.

3. Event Registration

As soon as you open the Google Forms on your system, click on templates and head over to the Event Registration form (Download Here). The default form is just an example of how you can set one for yourself as well.

Either you can edit the one already made or create from fresh. These templates are very useful for every beginner who may not have enough ideas for what all topics are required to be mentioned. 

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

You need to be prepared with the details of your event so that you can enter it in the description. Every form has been given multiple choices that you can choose to go for with every question. It can be a checkbox, multiple-choice, Dropdown, and a lot more than you can choose from within a question.

For event registration, the ideal entries you would need are the names, contact, days you will attend, whether you will be participating, about your profession, company details(if any), and some more options based on the type of event.

It even has options where you can make the question to be mandatory or if you can leave the space blank. A lot of people do not wish to enter their company details at times or any other info they are not comfortable with which can be kept under optional.

Furthermore, you can try to change the color, image, font style of the form to make it look more attractive and convincing. All the responses are recorded in the tab so that you can get access to it whenever you want.

4. Job Application Form

Job application forms (Download Here) are yet another of the best google forms templates you will find on the web.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

From large multinational companies to small startups everyone makes use of Google forms since it is free of cost and also does not have a limit on the number of responses it can store. So, with the help of this template, you can create any job application to hire the most suitable person for your company.

You might have come across multiple such applications and use the content from such forms and make one for yourself as well. This template consists of Name, Email, phone number, position you want to apply to, and submit your cover letter.

Other than this, you can add a section to enter the link to your resume or CV, current profession, expected salary, skills, etc. Such a form can be used to hire freelancers as well.

For example, if you are looking for a content writer, you can add more sections on this form such as a link to the previous article, exected pay rate, expertise, etc, and other sections you would want to know.

5. Event Feedback

A very important aspect that a lot of organizers forget is to get customers to feedback who have attended the event after it is over. It is easier to send them an email with the Event Feedback form (Download Here) since you have all the details of the ones who have registered through the registration form.

Best Google Forms Templates

Simply gather the email id of the people and send them this particular form. You need not put a lot of effort in this, and just go for the Google template with the questions.

The reason you will be needing this form is to ensure that you have an understanding of how the event was and what changes can be brought in in the future based on the feedback.

Using the template above will give your customers a chance to provide honest opinions about the event. You can either use the template as it is or adds more questions based on what you would want to know.

In such forms, the best aspect is to go for multiple-choice grids as it is easier to and faster to fill out the form. Feedback forms are the best when kept short yet informative enough so that it is easy to analyze for you and also for the attendees of the event.

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6. Party Invite

Having to fill a form for a party invite (Download Here) may sound odd but it is really helpful to manage the guest list.

In multiple countries and society, this norm is followed where you can simply fill a form to let the host know whether or not you will be attending the party.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

The reason why such a Google form template exists is that sometimes a party can have hundreds of guests and managing their data becomes out of order.

Hence, asking the potential attendees to fill the form and confirm their attendance gives an edge to the one organizing it. You can layout the tables and arrange for food only according to the numbers of people.

Furthermore, the default template looks brilliant and it is actually perfect. However, if you have some specific professional party in your office, make the changes to make it look formal.

Some of the entries that you can enter on the form are by writing the description of the part i.e the venue, timing, purpose, etc.

Now add sections for Name, a number of attendees, the kind of dish the attendee will bring by multiple choice to choose from, email address, and other entries as well based on your party theme.

7. Order Request

The best manner to keep a track of all the orders of your service or product is by choosing the best google forms template for Order Request (Download Here) and forward it to your potential customers.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

With the help of this not only can you keep the track of orders but also get a good database of all the new and regular customers. To start with making sure to keep it attractive by choosing different themes, background images, color, and font style. In the description, the panel does write short info about your company or service.

It works best for freelancers as well. Add this form to your portfolio website so that people can fill it out and place orders for your service.

If you are a graphics designer use the form to allow clients to fill in their requirements so that you can schedule a small conversation with the person at the said time.

Other than this, if you are a company or simply service providers, add sections such as Name, Contact info, email id, address, service, or item that you will be ordering, etc.

Furthermore, a lot of order requests also allows customers to choose in the mode payment so that they can be clear on how things can go further.

Also, make sure you put up adequate info about the company or service and enter the ideal customer service contact number so that they can easily trust and reach out to you in need.

8. Time Off Request

It is not easy to get a leave from your boss especially when you are having a job that requires you to be present every day. Well, the worst part is when it comes to confronting a leave to take time off work.

This is why companies have proposed a Time Off Request form (Download Here) where you can mention all the details to take a leave and the reason to do so. For this, you can easily find the best google forms templates online and create one for your company too.

Best Google Forms Templates

The best aspect of this form is it saves a lot of time and also you may not have to submit a letter as well to your supervisor. It can be a little tough communicating with other people and this form works in the best manner.

Whether you are talking about sick leave or simply going out, simply fill out the form and you are done. This way your supervisor can also keep a track of the leaves you have taken and act accordingly.

In the form, you will find sections such as your personal info, date & time of leave, reason, and type of leave.

For example, if you are hoping to get a period leave, some women may find it uncomfortable to ask for one in front of other people, hence the form can be really helpful to describe the reason rather than calling out loud.

9. Course evaluation

Has your college or school ever brought you a survey yet where you can anonymously give feedback on your teachers? Well, every college does this every term of the course.

It is not only for the teacher but the course subject as well and the evaluation of how each student feels about the curriculum and the teaching of the class.

We too have been there and it was fun when you are anonymous. Many times students are too afraid to speak in front of their teachers or speak about them out of fear. Hence such forms come in handy when you wish to speak out genuinely. 

Once you open the form, you can either choose to keep it this way or make the changes according to the course. So, either keep the name of the students compulsory or you can remove the section so that they can make the entries secretly allowing them to speak the truth.

This course evaluation (Download Here) is needed since it will help teachers to understand where they stand and what has been growing wrong. Some of the sections you will find are the effort level, learning contribution, about the tutor, and your learning capabilities as well.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

We believe this is the perfect form you can think and does not need any changes whatsoever. All the multiple-choice questions are needed and it is fun to also do it. Either this or choose your own questions or menu options other than the multiple-choice.

10. Event RSVP

We have another form with the name Event RSVP (Download Here) where the template brings about a form for the event invitation. Here the word rsvp has been used as part of what french call it as répondez s’il Vous plaît that means “Please Respond”.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

Here this form demands to have a response to the invitation they have got of the party, event, or any other situation. You can start by writing down the description of the event so that the person can respond accordingly and make their choice.

Next up, you can start with the template as given for your personal details, contact info, and then all the info of whether you will be available for the event or not.

Also, it is important to mention in the form the number of people attending it. Well, this particular info does a lot of work since you can manage the seating, food, and other activities accordingly in a systematic manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Google Forms Templates

Google Forms Templates Advantages:-

  • It gives a good personal touch to the form since you can edit the content manually and make it more convincing.
  • All the data collected can be brought together in the form of a spreadsheet to maintain a proper database.
  • Acts as a great help of R&D purposes since collecting data here and segregating them as per your end is super easy.
  • Simple to use and implement
  • Multiple form templates are available to give you a start.
  • Data is presented real-time and can be accessed by multiple users
  • Integrated with multiple google tools such as Google Sheet and saved to Google Drive.
  • Set it to automatically gather the email of the respondents or you can leave it anonymous in multiple cases such as Course feedback.
  • Perfect to gather information about different people in terms of the survey.
  • Add any number of questions in any manner it may seem comfortable.

Google Forms Templates Disadvantages:-

  • Can be difficult to start with if not familiar with the tool
  • Limited customization at a point
  • No conditional question functions available
  • The design could have been improved

Embed Google Form Poll into Email

With Google Forms, it’s really easy to create a survey that people can directly fill inside the email.

To create a new survey, Open the Google forms, You have two options either create a form with a Blank template or use an existing template, we are able to embed it in both cases.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

In my case, I selected the “RSVP” template as shown in the above screenshot, Do all the necessary changes that you want to do with this forms.

Once your change is done, click on the “Send” button.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

here you need to select the “Include form in email” option to embed this google form into an email.

Embed Google Form Poll into Email

If you want to add Collaborators in this form, click on the “Add collaborators” option.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

If you want to embed this pool in your Website, Click on the Embed option after clicking the Send. Copy the HTML code and embed it on your website.

Here you also have option to share this google form with Facebook and Twitter.

11 of The Best Google Forms Templates That You Can't Miss

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5 Google Forms Tips Every User Should Know!


Final Thoughts

So, here we are with the best google forms templates free that you can use to make one for yourself for whichever purpose. The data is secure and has been kept encrypted from anyone to access.

The responses are only available who have been given access to the form. Furthermore, it is super simple to use and edit as well so that you can make one easily with no hassle. There are other such forms making sites that have a more modern approach and people love to use them.

That is something Google can work on to provide them with a better design or add more customization options. It can be used for any purpose such as an event, feedback, invitation, orders, survey, job application, etc.

Even if you do not like the template and the content, you can create one by yourself and start fresh. All you have to do is take an idea from the template to how it’s done and add content to it with more questions.

Other than this, there are other form templates too that can be put to great use but they are not very popular. However, you never know when the need would arrive hence it is better to know. If at all you have any queries regarding google form templates you can let us know in the comment section below.