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9 Best Google Forms Add-ons To Make Forms More Interesting

Google Forms are the most efficient and one of the best tools by the tech giant to create feedback forms, job applications, questionnaires, polls, and many other purposes.

We have mentioned the best Google forms add-ons that you can try out that are the most popular among all. But this does not end here; there are multiple add-ons that one can try to make it look even better with much more functionality.

There are no limitations to what you can do with these cloud-based solutions. With these add-ons, you can connect third-party applications such as Google Sheets, Form notifications, Icons for slides and docs, etc.

All these are available on the G Suite Marketplace with hundreds of such functions that you can add to your form and make it even better.

Let us look at all the possibilities and choose the best Google Forms add-ons.

Best Google Forms Add-Ons – Our Top Pick

1. Form Publisher – Approval Workflow

Form Publisher (Download Here) can enhance your use of Google Forms. By adding it to your form, you can get all the data collected in the form of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or PDFs.

Best Google Forms Add-ons

This feature makes it even easy to access all the data and put it to your use in the most effective manner. Once the user submits each form, this particular add-on automatically creates a doc by importing all the data.

Once you select the form of document or file you need, such files are stored on Google Drive immediately so that you can always get hold of it and are secured from any other user. All the fields created have their number that allows you to look for one when needed.

As a respondent, once you have filled up all the answers, the Form publisher automatically sends you an email on your id as a notification of your contribution. 

This application has a special Approval Workflow where you no longer need any external workflow tool. With this, you can easily create an approval process for the file generated without understanding coding skills.

It is even needed for an e-signature to validate document approval. Above all, it saves a hell of a lot of time in the entire process so that with automatic approval.

Form Publisher - Turn your form submissions into personalized documents


  • Automatically generates files such as Google Docs, PDF documents, etc
  • Sends an email after form submission
  • All the data is stored in the Form Responses sheet
  • E-signature to validate document approval
  • Accessible for everyone in the G Suite domain

2. DataScope

Data Scope is the perfect tool for everyone that works seamlessly on your mobile phones, whether Android or iOS. This tool helps to automate your operations on the Google form and make them easier and a lot better to function as well as collect data.

Best Google Forms Add-ons

The best part of this tool is that it can be accessed from a mobile app and offline. You can easily create custom PDFs, Export them to PDF, Excel, and 2000+ apps.

To start with the basics, you can create, edit, and even assign forms using this tool. Apart from simply adding questions and images, you can also add signatures, geolocation, and checklists to make the form more interactive.

With the tool available offline, your team can make reports easier and provide real-time data. After the data has been collected, you can export it in a PDF or excel form. All the data can be viewed in real-time and automatically graphed in the Dashboards section. 

Another important aspect that you would find useful is that it can be integrated with more than 1,500 platforms using Zapier or through their API. As soon as you have filled out the form, this tool will send you an email of confirmation and also notify you.

Other than just filling out the feedback forms, you can make assignments as well and get performance indicators.

DataScope: Digital Online Mobile Forms


  • Easily create, edit, and design forms
  • Collect data efficiently after form submission
  • Integrated with more than 1,500 platforms using Zapier or through API
  • Offline Forms and Robust dashboards
  • QR and barcode scanner Available

3. Certify’em – Best google forms add-ons for teachers

Have you been using Google forms to create an exam questionnaire? Well, with the help of this tool, you can easily track and maintain the data directly on a spreadsheet.

The basic idea behind the Certify’em tool is that it is used to create an online certification for everyone who passes an exam using the Google Form.

9 Best Google Forms Add-ons To Make Forms More Interesting

Other than this, if you have an evaluation test for the employees or anyone, you can also send a customized certification for such a purpose.

Not only this, but there are also several events where students, participants, and everyone else are given participation certificates. Well, Certify’em can be used for that as well. Now the real question arises, how does it work?

So, here you can simply create your questionnaire or a Google form. With this add-on, make the settings in a manner where once the exam is over, the tool will send everyone who has passed the exams automatically to their email.

It can be a customized PDF certificate that you can check beforehand and make it look as genuine as the paper one. 

Other than this, you will find multiple other templates available for the certificates. These are all professionally designed to suit your need for multiple purposes.

Best Google Forms Add-ons

Other than this, you will also be given your serial number in the certificate so that it does not simply look auto-generated but the one that you have deserved for your work.


  • Create online certificates for exam takers
  • Easy to use controls and minimal setup
  • Send customizable PDF certificates to anyone
  • Professionally designed certificate templates are available
  • Keep track of the data using the spreadsheet of records

4. Email Notifications

Email notification is one of the best Google Forms add-ons that we have ever come across. It is super useful and makes things easier than you would have imagined.

From getting all the data on your email to sending personalized emails to the responder, this tool can save you a lot of time. You can get notifications pretty easily and within seconds as soon as someone fills up the forms.

As soon as you receive the message when someone fills the form you have created, it allows you to reply immediately. For example, if you are looking to hire a job opening urgently, this email notification works perfectly well in such situations.

9 Best Google Forms Add-ons To Make Forms More Interesting

As soon as any application fills the form, you can immediately reply to him/her if you like the candidate. Using this Google Form add-on is pretty simple, and the setup is easy.

The notifications can be customized, including quiz scores using the {{form field title}} notation, sending emails in plain text or using HTML for professional emails, etc.

It is compatible to be used on your smartphone as well and receives notifications quickly, such as on your iOS and Android devices.

With this, you can save leads on your CRM using the data, send acknowledgments to the parents after students fill out the form to keep them updated, and a lot more features such as this.

Email Notifications for Google Forms


  • Send confirmation emails to customers
  • Teachers can send acknowledgments to parents
  • Get real-time notifications on your mobile phone
  • Up to 20 form responses per day
  • Save leads in your CRM by forwarding the form responses in emails
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5. formLimiter

With the help of Formlimiter you can make your Google Form a lot more customized and specific based on the event you are creating a form for.

Some of the most common examples are that this tool could be necessary for our time-bound assignments, event registrations with limited seats, or other first-come, first-served signup scenarios.

Best Google Forms Add-ons

You will find multiple events where any coach would sell a limited number of seats for their training. It involves using forms that automatically close up once it reaches a limit.

To set up everything on your Google form, all you need to do is simply launch the tool and set the limit as per your need. To begin with, you can choose to set up a maximum number of responses on your form using a limiter.

The form evaluates every submission and shuts off once the limit is reached. Also, you can try out the feature to set up a date and time for your form. As soon as the timer reaches the specific set date & time, the form shuts off and will not be available for any more entry.

Such a case is suitable for competitive examination forms with a particular time limit to submit the form. Other than this, one can use the feature to set a specific value on the spreadsheet.

Once you reach the value of it, the form submission will stop taking more. Furthermore, this tool allows you to set a custom email to everyone who will no longer be able to submit the form due to a set limit.


  • Great for time-bound assignments
  • Set Maximum number of responses
  • Specific date and time 
  • Stop accepting responses when a spreadsheet cell contains a specified value
  • Easy to set up and launch

6. PDF Builder

PDF Builder is another superb tool that helps to create PDFs collecting the data from your Google form automatically. All you need to do is add it to your forms and let it work as needed.

It is similar to the Data Scope tool, where you can act upon similar functions. It also helps you create auto-notification functions where you will be notified as soon as you receive emails. Not only this, but you can also integrate this PDF with more than 1000 other integrations by Google.

This PDF builder has been designed so that it can replace all the paperwork and help you save a lot of time. This tool lets you answer the forms on your mobile phone pretty easily, even offline.

9 Best Google Forms Add-ons To Make Forms More Interesting

Once the data has been collected, it is available for you to visualize in real time on the website. Also, there are options for you can choose to export it in a PDF form or simply Excel.

Some of the main functions here are that you can add OR Code or Barcode for multiple purposes.


  • Auto-generate a PDF in seconds
  • Auto-notify some email lists
  • 1000 different integrations like Google Drive, Google Sheets, and much more. 
  • Save time, and collect data efficiently
  • Offline forms available

7. Quilgo

Quilgo formerly known as Timify.me is a unique tool that provides a real-time timer on Google forms. You must have come across time-bound forms, especially when taking an online test or simply filling out a form that requires you to make a secure payment.

It has been specially designed for HRs, schools, universities, and other educational institutions. There are multiple functions that you can carry out with this tool.

9 Best Google Forms Add-ons To Make Forms More Interesting

The most basic of them all is by embedding a timer with a custom duration based on your purpose. It even allows any team to set a track time that immediately starts as soon as you start your test and keep track of the submission time by each student.

To make sure that there is no cheating or fraud of any sort, this tool asks you to enable the camera on your system so that it can take a snap of your confirmation.

It is considered the best add-on for timers and its further capabilities. If at all you cannot submit your form on time and you run out of it.

The form has been built in a manner with this add-on, due to which it will close up automatically once the timer ends. This will not result in losing the data you have filled, but it will be submitted automatically.

Do you wish to make a welcome page? With this tool, you can make this happen. Any brand or user can create a welcome page to attract more customers. Anything further required, such as analysis of the data collected, is to be accounted for properly.


  • Track start and submission time
  • Make video snapshots of your respondents
  • Export data for further analysis
  • Integrate with your own business or apps via API
  • Brand and customize your form welcoming page

8. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to create surveys, quizzes, polls, and other similar things using Google Forms. You can get it from G Suite Marketplace and add it to your forms to make the necessary changes.

SurveyMonkey People Powered Data

Also, you will find multiple paid plans that have tons of features. However, for Google Forms, you can simply go for the free plan. Well, not only can you get the data collection but also get proper insights into their official site.

All the data is stored in their cloud and can be used for sentiment analysis. You can even get quick insights with automatic charts and summaries. To start with, you need to create a form that speaks to people.

Surveys can be tricky; hence, you can give a go to the hundreds of templates available. It also has a library of questions on the site that you can use in your form. Using the score of your survey pattern, you can know the genuine opinion of the customers and make necessary changes.

When you are done with all the analysis and insights, you can take multiple flexible options to share them with others. Make use of the custom charts, graphs, and dashboards to send results to other people so that they can make good use of it and it is clearer than before.

Some of the most popular formats you can use are CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS. Other than all, the survey forms can make a colorful approach and make it modern rather than old-fashioned.


  • 150+ expert-written surveys for any project
  • Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience
  • Export your results or integrate your data with your favorite apps
  • Gather feedback via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and more
  • Custom logos, colors, URLs, and thank you pages.

9. Chat-Forms

Chat Forms is a kind tool as the best Google Forms add-ons. With technological advancement over the years and the way deep learning techniques such as AI have captured the market in every sector, no aspect has been left untouched.

Best Google Forms Add-ons

With Chat-forms, you can generate conversational chatbots for your business and personal needs. It converts your Google forms into a chatbot with a single click.

The best part is that you need no code or tech knowledge to add this add-on to your form. Simply install it and launch it on your system. It is easy to use and implement, and anyone can do it.

All you have to do is simply create the form you need; it could be for any purpose, such as Job application, surveys, contact info, etc.

Once done, you can now use the Chat-Forms and create the entire series of questions in the form of a chatbot that will keep popping questions, and you simply need to answer them consistently, as shown in the chat window.

This makes it highly interactive and a fun way to allow people to fill out your form. You can see the entire submitted chat on your mobile devices and on the web. 

However, the tool does not collect the user’s answers directly from the chatbot. Instead, it directs every answer to the form, and you, as an owner, can check out the answer from the form itself.

All of this is simply to give every user a glimpse of technological advancement and how it can be applied to simply anything.


  • Convert Google Forms into a chatbot in one click
  • Feedback, polls, Invitations, survey, etc
  • Convert conversational User Interface
  • Do not collect the user’s replies
  • Applicable for Mobile Devices

How to Apply Add-ons to Google Forms

Well, once you have selected the best Google forms add-ons you need and still have no clue how you get them on your forms, you can follow the steps we have mentioned below.

Not only this, but you can also try to remove the add-ons if not in need, which hardly takes a few simple methods. Make sure you follow them as described so that you do not end up losing the data collected up till now.

  • Go to Google Forms and open the form you wish to edit.
  • Move your cursor to the three little dots on the top-right and click on them.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Add-ons
  • Now, type in the tool you are looking for and press Enter.
  • Either click on the + icon or click on Install.
  • Accept the terms and Conditions. Click on Continue.
  • Login to your Google Account. Click on Allow.
  • Your tool will now be added to your Google Form.
Introduction to add-ons for Google Forms

This is what you are required to do to get the add-ons in your Google Forms. Once you have tried it, the next time, it will hardly take you seconds to work on it. Similarly, you can remove the add-ons as well.


Which are the best add-ons for Google Forms? 

Form Publisher, DataScope, Email Notifications, Certify’em, Quilgo, etc., are among the best add-ons for Google Forms.

They can be immensely helpful for creating questionnaires, feedback forms, job applications, and polls and can completely transform the way you have been utilizing Google Forms. 

What are add-ons in Google Forms? 

You can extend the features of Google forms with a wide range of add-ons that allow users to construct a new service, establish better connectivity to other third-party systems, as well as integrate your Google Forms data with other applications on Google Workspace like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Gmail, Keep Notes and others. 

How do I access add-ons in Google Forms? 

Simply open a form, click more from the top right corner, and click add-ons. You will find settings on the top right corner of the screen.

Navigate to manage apps. Next to the add-on, hit the options button. You can use any document and turn the add-on on or off based on your preferences. 

Where are Google add-ons? 

You can find add-ons on a document or spreadsheet powered by Google. It can be Google Docs, Sheets, or Google Forms app. Tap More, tap add-on, and then hit the “get add-ons” button.

Now tap the add-on you need to install and use. Tap “Install.” For most of the installed add-ons, you will get a notification requesting access to specific data that the add-ons can access and work on.  

Are Google add-ons free? 

There are various free add-ons available for different Google applications. However, there are some paid add-ons along with paid features available as well. And it depends on your priorities and requirements. 

How safe are Google add-ons? 

Most of the add-ons are not covered by Google. And hence they do give a threat to privacy and security. That’s why you should always be very sure before installing or using any add-on, even on Google. 

Can’t find add-ons on Google Docs? 

There might be some issues that are why you are not finding add-ons on Google Docs. You have to resign from your Google Admin console.

Go to the Google workspace apps in the admin console. Click features and applications and click add-ons. Now check whether users can install Google Docs add-ons or not. If not, hit the check box and click save. 

Where is the extension icon in Google Docs? 

You can easily find extensions or add-on icons on the right sidebar of Google workspace. To navigate other add-ons, you have to click extensions and then add-ons. If you cannot see add-ons even after installing, refresh your Google Doc and try again. 

Where are extensions in Google Sheets? 

Extensions in Google Sheets are very useful add-ons and are designed to enhance your overall experience while working on Google Sheets.

However, you should not download just any extension without checking the downloading source. Extensions should only be from trusted sources to ensure the security of your important data. 

Final Thoughts

Have you selected the best Google Forms Add-ons yet? There are many such tools, which can get tricky if you are new to them. It is the reason only that we have created the list above that will help you to understand more about each of them in the best manner possible.

We have tried these add-ons and have tested ourselves for genuine results, hence making the right choice. You can either go for the one above or simply search for yourself, but it can take you too long overall.

Any idea has multiple tools, and not all are good enough. So, it is required that you go through the features properly so that you can get one for the right purpose.

It can be for your surveys, assignments, job application, appointments, feedback, timer forms, etc. If you have any issues with these add-ons, you can let us know in the comment section below.