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How to Determine capability of SSDs and HDDs


The lifespan of an SSD generally is not dependant on the number of operating hours, but on the data, volume was written. Nevertheless, you should consider both the values when you wish to determine the lifespan of the SSD.

A tool like SSD-Z (on http://aezay.dk/aezay/ssdz/) will help you do so. After the installation, select the SSDs whose lifespan you wish to find out, in the drop-down menu of the category “Device”.

How to Determine capability of SSDs and HDDs

If you are using only one SSD then it will be preselected. You will now see the values “POH” and “Bytes Written” – they are crucial for the lifespan of your SSD. The “POH”
value shows you the current operating hours of the SSD.

The value under “Bytes Written” denotes the data volume that was written till now on the SSD. With the help of the manufacturer datasheet, which you will find on the Internet, you can determine how long your SSD could possibly keep working.

How to Determine capability of SSDs and HDDs

The manufacturer specifies how long the average lifespan of the SSD is in terms of operating hours and how much data volume it can handle.

Now compare the values you ave determined with those specified by the manufacturer. Should the “Bytes Written” value be quite close to the value specified by the manufacturer, then it is recommended that you change the SSD.

It is applicable for the specified operating hours (“POH”) – however, the saved data
volume is decisive for the lifespan of an SSD than the operating hours.

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Hope my article “How to Determine capability of SSDs and HDDs” helps you to determine the capability of SSDs and HDDs.If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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