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9 Best Apps Like Shazam To Find and Play Songs With Lyrics

Are you in a search of alternative apps like shazam to Identify the music playing around you? 🧐 We got you covered in this post.

Let’s Deep dive in.

When nothing seems to be right in the world, plug in your earphones, tune in some music, and let things pass by. This is something that we all have heard, and many of us even preach this thought.

Music is a great therapy for almost any problem in the world. It has a healing quality, and while it cannot solve your issues, it does comfort you to some extent. But what if the same thing becomes a problem for you?

Have you ever come across a situation where there’s a song or a piece of music playing in your head or playing around you, but you just cannot seem to identify it, and then you are searching for it like crazy because you loved the music so much and you want to listen to the song all over?🧐

Well, that’s something everyone has faced quite a few times in their life, and the situation is really frustrating. 

Well, luckily enough, there are many music identification applications and software that bring you out of this fix. One of the most popular ones is Shazam.

This music identification application can help you find the name of any music or song with even its tiniest bits in a matter of a few seconds or minutes.

With that, you will never have to work a lot to find a song whose incomplete lyrics or music has been humming through your head. However, as good as this application is, it does not come without issues.

The application is extremely bulky and will make your device slow, that is, to say the least, about it. When we mention that it is bulky, it means that it has a lot of features and functionalities.

Now, while features and functionalities are good for an application, too many of them also come as a problem. This is the case with the Shazam app.

Shazam has so many features and functionalities that it is difficult to figure out their usage, and it can leave you very much confused. Moreover, at times, the application doesn’t even show correct results.

So, while it is a good application that can serve your music identification needs and requirements, it shall only be good if you look for alternative solutions.

Fortunately enough, there are many apps like Shazam, some of them even better and some others equally good or at least usable if not that great.

Let us acquaint you with a few of these applications that we consider as the best alternatives that anyone can use for Shazam.

Best Apps like Shazam – Our Top Pick👌

When it comes to identifying the name of songs from a piece of music or lyrics, Shazam is one of the best applications in your basket.

However, considering that the application has its fair share of issues and the fact that there are many more apps like Shazam, it shall only be convenient for you to look at those options.

So, here, in this article, we present you with the best alternatives that you can use to the Shazam app so that you never have to juggle your mind for identifying a song from its music or some incomplete lyrics. Let’s get to the alternatives without any further ado.

Please note that these alternatives are not arranged in any order of rankings. They are just some apps like Shazam that you can use.

All of them are unique and good for their own features and functionalities and are randomly placed on the list. So, you can choose whatever you feel suits you the best.

1. SoundHound – Find & play songs with lyrics

One of the best apps like Shazam and probably its biggest competitor is SoundHound. This application is entirely hands-free and works on voice commands.

So, if you are in a place where some music is playing, and you cannot identify it, you can just reach out to the SoundHound application and speak to it.

All you need to do is say the words “OK Hound, what is this song?” and the application will find the name of the song for you within seconds.

Best Apps like Shazam

Additionally, you can use the buttons on the application to identify the songs. Moreover, it even helps you find the latest songs and albums from your favorite singers. Besides that, the application also comes with features to see the lyrics of the songs, play them, and even buy those tracks.

Moreover, if there is a song that is stuck in your head and you cannot seem to figure it out, you can hum it to the SoundHound application, and it shall do the identification work for you.

Another great thing about this application is that you can integrate it with Spotify and add the songs you search here to your Spotify playlists. That way, it becomes easier for you to share the songs as well.

Besides that, it comes with other features that can make any music streaming application a treat for you. As such, you can use SoundHound to see weekly top songs, charts, artists, and a lot more.

The best part yet about this application is that it is absolutely free to use and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So, there are no constraints, and you can limitlessly enjoy your music with SoundHound.

Download App on Google Play Store

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2. Genius – Apps like shazam For Song Lyrics & Music Knowledge

Just like its name, this application is the perfect music genius, and you might love using it. Whether it is a song stuck in your head or a piece of music you hear playing somewhere, this application can help you find the exact name of the song.

Not only can it find the name of the song, but it can show you its entire lyrics. Moreover, you can also watch the official music video of the song that the Genius application identifies, provided that the same is available.

Best Apps like Shazam 1

In addition to helping you identify songs and music from a small clip or lyrics, this application is also great to explore some new songs that you are going to love listening to.

The application comes with features that showcase top artists and songs, and you can listen to them to add newer songs to your playlists.

Playing the songs from this application is easy considering the fact that it offers simple and quick integrations with other music player applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

In addition to these features, another great highlight of this application is the fact that you can use it to share music, tracks, and playlists with other users. This is possible with the creation of an account on the Genius application.

In addition to sharing the music, tracks, and playlist, you can use this account to interact with other users too. So, this application serves as a good platform to build your social circle of music lovers.

Moreover, you can do all of this without worrying about the cost or your device’s operating system. This is a free application that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

So, you can stream a lot of music, have a social circle, and never worry about not being able to identify a song, all with one single application in your hand.

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3. Musicxmatch – Lyrics for your music

Another free application that both iOS and Android users can use as a great alternative to the Shazam app is the Musicxmatch application.

Now, this is not particularly a music identification app. Instead, it is a complete media player that you can use to play music, and helping you identify song names from the music and, more specifically, lyrics is among one of the many capabilities of this application.

Musicxmatch is largely an application for those who like to look through the lyrics of the songs that they are listening to.

9 Best Apps Like Shazam To Find and Play Songs With Lyrics

In fact, Musicxmatch has the largest song lyrics library ever, and there is almost no song in the world, the lyrics of which might not be available on Musicxmatch.

It is through these lyrics libraries that this application is able to identify the songs for you. You just need to tap on the Identify Lyrics button in the application, and the application will run the search for you, showing you the name of the song playing along with all its lyrics within minutes.

In addition to showing you the names of the songs and helping find the lyrics, you can also use this media player to add some new songs to your playlists with its features for showing top songs and the latest hit tracks.

Also, if you are someone with an interest in artist biographies, this application shall be helpful as it features detailed information about the artists whose songs the player is playing.

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4. MusicID

If there is one music and song identification application that can beat even Shazam, then it is MusicID. This free application for music identification, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, is as sleek, simple, intuitive, impressive, and feature-rich as it can be.

The application helps you find the music and songs that are playing around you in a matter of seconds, and all you have to do for that is tap on the in-built mic in this application.

Best Apps like Shazam 3

Not only does it perfectly identify the song from some music or lyrics, but it even shows you a Youtube list of identical and similar songs. With that, you get to explore new music, and you can add some amazing songs to your playlist.

In addition to adding up to your own playlist, you can even share your amazing song discoveries with your friends, and that way, you can have a small group or social circle of music enthusiasts and song lovers who vibe to the same music and songs.

Also, if you need to get the song, you can directly buy it from the application using your other music players that easily integrate with this music and song identification app.

Adding further to the ease of use and simplicity of this application is its amazing and user-friendly interface. The user interface is particularly clean, sleek, and clutter-free, a complete opposite of Shazam. This application neither has too many features nor too few of them.

It has just the perfect number of features and functionalities that anyone could ever need in an application meant for music and song identification.

This simple and sleek user interface is what makes MusicID extraordinary and a much better application than Shazam, something you must definitely try out, especially if you find your passion and interest in music and music alone.

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5. Soly – Lyrics Generator | LRC Editor, LRC Player

Another great alternative to the Shazam app with an intuitive user interface and a colorful layout is the Soly application.

This application avoids clutter and confusion at its best and comes with very sleek and straightforward features and functionalities for song identification.

You get everything right on the homepage of this application. You can see the Identify music button in the center of the page, and as soon as you click it and the application is able to record a source of music, it will pull out all the data from its AR Cloud and present you with the song name, the music or lyrics of which were playing around you. 

In addition to identifying the songs, this application also serves as a media player in the sense that it allows you to play the identified song over YouTube.

Soly - Song and Lyrics Finder 🎵 🎶 🎼

Additionally, the application is great with integrations as well. Soly will easily and readily integrate with other third-party music player applications like Spotify, etc., on your device, and then you can play your music in these applications.

Moreover, you can further use these applications to share the music you have been exploring with your friends, family, and other social circles.

However, this application is compatible only with Android devices. So, if you are an Apple or Windows user, then you may need to look for something else. Besides that, one big issue with Soly is its never-ending advertisements.

While the application interface is clutter-free, the application in itself is bugged with ads; there are just too many of them.

So, if you are someone who would easily get irritated with apps and doesn’t want this kind of interference when streaming into music, then it shall be in your best interest to steer clear of Soly.

For any other case, this shall be one of the best Shazam alternatives you would come across, and if you could just bear with the ads, this application will offer you an experience that shall be unique, one of its own kind.

Download App on Google Play Store

6. Beatfind Music Recognition

Another free application for Android users that can pose as a great alternative to Shazam is Beatfind Music Recognition. This application can find the songs that are playing around you with the smallest clips of music or lyrics from them.

In addition to helping you find the songs you are looking for, this application is also great for exploring music and albums.

9 Best Apps Like Shazam To Find and Play Songs With Lyrics

Once you find a song that you were searching for, you will see that the application fills you in with the complete album. This means that in addition to identifying one song for you, this application opens up an entire album of songs from the same artist.

Moreover, if you want to know about the albums or artists in more detail, then you can look through the album descriptions and artist biographies in the Beatfind Music Recognition Application.

Besides these features, this application is great with integrations as well. As such, you can easily integrate the application with other music player applications like Spotify, YouTube, etc., so that you can stream into the music you love while also having a chance to share the same with your friends and other social circles.

Another major highlight of this application is its ability to create the vibe and environment for music. Beatfind Music Recognition app has a flashlight party mode.

This mode helps create disco-like effects through lights. With that, you shall love using this application when you are having a party at your home or office.

Moreover, even if you are someone who just likes to tune into some good music and know the songs that you are listening to along with the details of the albums and artist, this will be a perfect application.

To put it in a nutshell, any music enthusiast looking for an application to find, explore, and play some great music will find this application amusing and complete in all senses.

Download App on Google Play Store

7. Music Detector

With minimal features and functionalities, this free application is another one of the best apps like Shazam that you can use to find and search the music playing around you.

Whether it’s a sound playing in your head, a music sample on the radio, or a song in a live concert or music event, you can use the Music Detector application to identify the song even with the smallest sample of the music.

All you need to do is open this application, let it soak in the music playing around you, and then with the use of its lyrics library, the application will show you the name of the song that’s playing. Moreover, that is just not it.

9 Best Apps Like Shazam To Find and Play Songs With Lyrics

In addition to helping you know the name of the song, this application also provides you with the complete lyrics, other songs in the album, and details of the artists who have sung those songs.

Besides that, you can even find the history of the songs that you have searched and identified on the Music Detector application. This way, you shall never lose a song you loved listening to.

Moreover, this application is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, the operating system of the device you are using is not a problem; neither is money an issue.

So, all you get is amazing access to music that you can tune into at any time from anywhere you like.

Download APK Here

8. Musera

A relatively new yet free and highly feature-rich app like Shazam is Musera. Currently, this application is available only for Android users and is one of the best music detection applications that you can find in the Google Play Store.

Musera Advertising teaser

Not only does this application help you identify songs from the music that has been playing around you, but it even fills you in with complete details about the song along with its album and artist’s name and even the artist’s biographies and album details.

With that, you can explore other songs from the same artist and have some new albums added to your playlist.

Moreover, this application is not built for the sole purpose of music identification. In addition to helping you find music that has been playing around you, this application works as a media player as well and even helps you create and share playlists. 

Not only could you create your own playlists and play songs from them, but you can even explore the playlists of other users on this application. So, it’s a great space for music lovers and can even build a social circle for them, for that matter.

Also, the application is good with its integration features and functionalities. As such, you can easily integrate Musera with other music players and applications like Spotify and then use them to play the entire tracks for you.

Not only that, you can even integrate the application with YouTube if you wish to watch music videos of the songs that you have been playing.

With all these features and functionalities, Musera is an application designed to create phenomenal music experiences and is a must-use app for every music enthusiast out there.

Download App on Google Play Store

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Final Words

Music is definitely therapy for every person, and those who love music and are passionate and enthusiastic about it would go to any end to keep exploring new tracks and songs. Apps like Shazam are the best way to help you find the music and songs that have been playing around you.

While Shazam is a great application in itself, these alternatives are not bad either. In fact, some of them even do a better job than Shazam. So, you can definitely try these applications on our list.

We hope you find them helpful and have a musically blissful experience with them.