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15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

Have you ever used Google Sheets Templates for your work? Well, a lot of users who we have come across haven’t used the best ones yet.

In fact, there are a lot of templates available that you can directly apply to your work or personal sheets and make tasks less tedious. Also, to make you a little easier we have listed the best Google Sheets Templates so that you can pick one out for yourself.

Best Google Sheets Templates

Some of the popular and most used templates among all are for the To-do list, Assignment Tracker, project management, etc. All of these can be put to the best use and the layout is already pre-planned.

You simply need to edit the sheets and make it useful for you to maintain a proper record of any purpose you would like. It can be related to a business report, assignment report, attendance, etc. It is not difficult at all to use these templates instead digging into starting from scratch is a lot more difficult.

before going to explore this guide, you need to know all links provided are in read-only mode. You will see the “View Only”.

To use these templates, Click on the File and select the “Make a Copy” and use it.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

Without wasting any more seconds, let us look at the list of best Google Sheets Templates currently listed by Google on the sites.

Best Google Sheets Templates: Our Top Pick 👌👌

For Personal

1. 2020 Calendar

Well, we had to start with the use of the 2020 Calendar template (Get Here). You can either use it for your work and make proper planning. Or it is best used for personal purposes.

Best Google Sheets Templates

With this template, you can select over 16 different themes and choose the color you would like. It has different color combinations for all the months of the year so that it looks more intriguing. Simply click on Format > Theme.

Now, this is a pretty basic theme as well available for every year. You can add your schedule, add images, write anything you want. All of it can be filled in here so that you are always on time and does the work as given.

2. To-Do List

One of the most important aspects that anyone should know is that you need to have a to-do list (Get Here). It can be regarding anything, either be it for your work-related or your home.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

There are three parts of the sheet, Task, Date, and mark option that is used for the template. You can either edit it or simply get going. As soon as you are done with your task, simply check the box and the task will automatically strike off.

This is just a simple template that does not need a lot of work to do. So if you are a beginner you can use these templates under the list of personal categories.

3. Schedule

Not a lot of people use the Schedule template (Get Here) anymore since everything has been narrowed down on your smartphone. However, if you are somewhat like us, you can use this template and put it to good use.

Best Google Sheets Templates

The template has a row for a time during the day based on what you can customize based on your schedule. Also, it is a weekly based schedule. So, you can add your work or personal life and make the entry on the sheet.

Once you are done with a single week. Simply add another sheet to it and do the same process again. Further below, there is a small section to add notes based on each week and also a to-do list separately.

For Personal Finance

4. Bill Payment Schedule

If you have been struggling to maintain your bills and the spending every month, this template (Get Here) is here for your rescue.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

For anyone either you are self-employed or have a job, everyone has bills to pay, and tracking them can be a tough job. But if you are organized enough things will get better and you will know how much is the incoming vs outgoing of the money you earn.

We have columns for Pay to where you fill out the person or service you will be paying the bill. Next up, we have columns for the due dates for every month and also if anything is on the AutoPay mode.

Finally, you can write down the amount you are paying for each of these bills which will come off the total at the end. This is how you have every single bill in your hands so you do not miss out on anything.

5. Monthly budget

After we took up the bill payment template. We have another one that will help you to manage your personal finance. It has everything you spend your money on such as Food, gifts, medical, transportation, etc.

This template (Get Here) is very useful through which you can set a target money spending for each month and what you actually spend.

Simply make your entries for everything and then at the end, you can know what are the ways you can save the extra money and achieve your target.

It is pretty easy to execute and if you are unable to understand anything at all you can check out the instructions as well. Furthermore, all the cells are not altered as only the ones that have been highlighted are something for you to edit.

Google Sheets Budget Template Tutorial: How to Create a Budget in Real-Time


For Work

6. Invoice

If you have a Startup or a business, you need to have a proper invoice (Get Here) that can be used over and over again. And no one does create one every time before use. So, you can use these Templates for Invoices and make the changes as per your wish.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

This is a pretty basic one and so it will hardly take time to edit the details. Every time anyone asks for an invoice you can simply add their company’s details, items purchased, cost, etc, and get it printed.

There are options to choose a different theme or even add a logo to make it more authentic. You can do loads of things with this particular template such as changing colors based on your company, adding images, or watermarks, etc.

Furthermore, you need not necessarily print and send the invoice. Simply save it and send it via email.

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7. Annual Business Budget

One of the most important templates for your business or Startup that you will need no matter is by keeping track of your Annual Business Budget (Get Here).

It is especially needed for small startups so that they can keep track of their expenses and cut down costs in the end. So, here this template has multiple sheets. You can start off by filling out the Income section that has details of every sale you made the money earned from it. This goes for every month.

Next up, move over to the Expenses section and enter the details about money spent on marketing, salaries, Cost of goods & services, and other expenses as well mentioned in the cells. Now, on the very first sheet simply enter the starting balance.

This template will provide you analysis of the incoming and outgoing money and money left in the end.

8. Employee Shift Schedule

This sheet works out for the best if you have a large company or an organization. You can use these Google Sheets templates to keep track of your Employees Shift schedule (Get Here).

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

Due to a large workforce, it becomes very difficult to make manual entries and looks for every employee and their shifts. Here you can simply enter the week-by-week schedule of each employee for a month.

You can start by entering the details of the employees that work in your company. Make sure to add their wages, work hours, etc. Likewise, follow similar instructions for every week and it will help you calculate their wages and also their work hours every month pretty easily.

9. Project Timeline – google sheets crm templates

A very important Google Sheets Templates for every startup that is in the initial phase. In fact, there are a lot of opportunities in your work where you need to work on multiple projects over the course of time.

So with the help of this template (Get Here), you can plan your work a lot easier and faster too. This sheet has been broken down into multiple segments and you can bring them into order.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

Based on the time allotted to you, schedule each week carefully, and add as per the schedule. Having a good schedule always makes things go faster and better too. It isn’t too big a template that you would need help to make changes however you can still do a lot with it.

10. Project Tracking

Well, since we now have a template for any individual project and how one can keep track of every aspect. Similarly, we have another free template by Google (Get Here) that can help track multiple projects together in a compact form.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

You can enter the details of the projects and be ready to make the changes. It has other sections also that tell you how much is spent on the process involved in the steps.

In the task appointed to you, add the status and priority level of them. Further, you can also add a description column where you can mention the task you have.

And then the percentage of the work along with the fixed cost makes it even more favorable to use. Furthermore, we spoke about a single project however you can add more to it as well.

Other Templates

11. Event Marketing Template

It requires a lot of time and effort in order to make an event successful. Either be it work-related or simply for personal reasons, each of them deserves equal hard work.

One of the key components for big events is Marketing to reach more people. You will find a number of sections on this template to market your event (Get Here). It can be used to plan your marketing strategy before the event.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

You have sections to write about Banners, web ads, PR, content marketing analysis, Social Media, online reach, Web analysis, Market research data, and Sale Campaign.

All of the above needs good attention no matter how big the event is. Your event can be divided into as many phases as you would like based on the number of weeks to go and similarly you can make entries in the template.

12. Wedding Planner

Is there anything bigger than organizing a Wedding? So, to make your task easier, this Google Sheets Templates (Get Here) works as your best and covers everything you will need to plan out for any wedding.

Best Google Sheets Templates

All the information starting from deciding the venue, guests, catering, etc, you can track everything from here. In fact, add more people to it so that everyone else can also know based on the task they are handling.

You can start with the To-do sheet and add every task you can remember every day so that once done you can strike them out. Another sheet is for coordination to enter all the details and the role each person is playing in this wedding planning.

Other sheets include wedding functions & dates, Budget Estimator, Detailed Budget layout, Guest List, Invitations, Cake, Flower, Food, and so much more.

13. Attendance Tracker

The age of manually entering the attendance on a notebook is coming to an end soon. After all, we are in the digital age and it is only fair to upgrade this too.

Using a Google Sheet (Get Here) to take Attendance is pretty easy, quick, and also there is no way to erase the data. You can keep a lock to the sheet and make changes only when you like. 

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

If you have multiple classes, you can add sheets to it and continue with the same template. Based on the everyday schedule you can mark them based on the attendance key on the template or as per your institution.

14. Grade Book

We have another template that can be used in schools and colleges to record the student’s grades (Get Here). Well, the template is pretty amazing and well prepared.

You can make changes to the main section as per your school’s grade card and make the entries for each student.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022

In the grades sheet, you can name the students and add their grades to based on your grading system. It can be based on assignments, periodic tests, projects, etc. All of these can be entered individually.

Once done you can move over to the next sheet and check out the progress of each child or an individual report so that you can also show it to every student.

It will help every teacher to keep a track record and accordingly take care of the student’s academics in the future.

How to use Google Sheets Templates?

So, if you have never used Google Sheets before, it can be a little difficult to figure everything out. However, it is not impossible and there is always a scope to learn.

We have made sure to add small steps that will guide you on how you can use the already existing free Google Sheets Templates and edit it for your purpose.

1. Open Google Sheets

You can simply open it by typing Google Sheets on Google search. Login to your account and open the Google Sheets. Here you can either choose to begin with a new Spreadsheet and start from scratch or else choose to go for Template Gallery.

2. Click on Template Gallery

Once you have successfully opened the Gallery, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of templates. Make sure you are clear on the purpose you have to complete and accordingly you can select one for yourself. There are several sections in this gallery. From personal to education, multiple templates are available to choose from.

15 of The Best Google Sheets Templates in 2022


Now, all you need to do is simply click on anyone that sounds perfectly suited for you. After this, all you need to do is make necessary entries and modifications.

3. Make Necessary Changes to the Template

Once you have chosen the template, it is important that you do not mistakenly edit the formulas that have been added, They are the base of these templates that make them so easy to execute.

For example, if you are taking up a template for Student’s Grade. You may have to change the grading system according to the School or college you belong to. So similarly, for every template, it goes the same way.

On the other hand, the menu options allow you with several features such as changing the theme (Format), Use Add-ons for added functions, Download the sheet, make copies, and also share it with anyone you like.

At the time of our research on Best Google Sheets Templates, we found a video about “5 Google Sheets Tips Every User Should Know!” which is worth watching.

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Final Verdict

Well, here we are with the list of Best Google Sheets Templates. There were tons of others too than the ones we have mentioned on multiple sites. However, the ones here are most frequently used and super useful too.

You can use it for your personal purpose, management, finances, work, business, education, and other categories too. Also, we found it to be very easy to use these templates. It saves loads of time and effort too which you would have otherwise wasted in starting from scratch.

Furthermore, you will also find multiple Add-ons as well that will make Google Sheets a lot more fun to use. There are a lot of such add-ons and we will be covering it as well so make sure you check out the other section as well.

Until then you can end your search here for good Google Sheets Templates and start using it. If at all you have queries to understand any aspect of how to use the sheet, you can let us know in the comment section.