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19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 – Reviewed

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Pen For Exams to buy in 2022? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 👓👓

The pen is the most simple instrument to write something. However, it is also noted that there is not only one single pen to write but there are many to choose in terms of style of formatting, and quality.

The first criterion that comes in our mind is that does it has a good flow of ink and it is changeable. The pen is really a good item in terms of writing or else it will be unable for us to pen down our feelings and requirements.

One must choose wisely before writing in examination what kind of pen is suitable for them. The pen has numerous varieties depending upon style, color, size, and quality.

The variety includes a ballpoint pen, gel pen, or an ink pen that can also be used. On a daily basis of usage, there are pens available in plastic ballpoints and their price also varies from one another.

Some pens are made in order of dozens in the form of gel pens, rollerballs, felt-tips, ballpoints, and fountain pens. There are some students or fellow writers who prefer a finer line pen to write or some might choose a thicker writing pen.

The choice of the pen varies from person to person and depends on the requirement of the utility of the pen. It depends upon the choice of one person individually. 


 Some candidates like thin-lined pens or some other candidates’ thick-lined pens, the distinct likings will always vary from one another. 

The first quality in the pen comes in the form of smoothness, and it appears uncomfortable on the sheet. The flow of the ink is smooth or not; it should be checked first.

It depends upon the grip and liking of the individual who uses the pen.

One must make sure that the ink quality is right and it does not blot the other side of the paper. The pen should not produce an ink stain on the hand or on the paper in which they are writing.

The pen is a beautiful writing instrument. Among all the writing tools which are available these days, there is a majority of people who choose ballpoint pens. This is because it gives assurance of steadiness and a generous flow of toner in writing formation.

They are so smooth that they provide a reasonable expenditure throughout the day. The pen does not leak elsewise the hands will not get stains or they have to wear gloves when writing. These are all the tidy, neat, and clean pens that are described below.

Best Pen For Exams: Our Top Picks

1. Cross Classic Century

The cross-century classic is one of the finest pens and it comes with few specialties. The basic feature is that it is one of the most good-looking pens. Indeed, it is made up of set rolling gold, and it’s filled 10-to-14 karat gold jam-packed.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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The warranty period is provided on the pen throughout its durability. No doubt, it is a good-looking pen and flawless writing is provided by the pen.

It is comfortable to hold and write after long hours of writing and it can be used on any type of quality of paper. There is no grip in it, and the size of the tip is 0.7mm.

2. SHARPIE Uni-Ball Jetstream Ball Point Pens

The ink is “super’’ in Uni-ball. It is patent in it and it is technologically advanced as a deception-buster due to its specially-abled properties and this is the most sophisticated thing they get from this pen.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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The writing will not fade away if anybody drops water on a page; then also it will not smear. The writing forms paper bonding so it does not matter how fast anyone can write.

The most distinctive feature is that it has got a 0.7 mm width, which is a well-known version of this pen.

However, there is also the availability of a 1 mm width in the Jetstream Retractable as if something is more important to write. It is made up of stainless steel and the pen comes with a marked grip.

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3. The pilot better ballpoint pen

The best feature of this pen is that it is the best pen for everyday use. If someone is working very hard in the office to get his daily bread and butter that means the process is an ongoing process and the requirement is that it will write all day along with the day in and day out assurance.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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It comes in a very sensible amount which will cost morning breakfast in purchasing of that pen. The pen has a cover which means the user can protect or lock the ballpoint when he is not using the pen and no one has to worry about the pen cap even if anyone loses it.

By adding a refillable system value is been added to it and it is transparent in nature so they could the situation of ink as it appears to be see-through. There is no sudden dehydration of ink, a warning is always there at first.

To get a good grip a better handleability is available. It is a good, strong fine pen for using consistently.

4. BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Ballpoint Pen

It is been termed as the best pen. This pen could be found in any self-respected hotel room worldwide, in any public place, or at any helping desk.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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It is literally available everywhere. The name Bic is quite good and the name ‘’pen’’ is identical and the work Cristal is referred to be the best selling instrument across the globe. 1.6 mm is the size of the ball of the pen and it is written very smoothly, by not giving any kind of extra effort is has got a distinctive flow for rough use in everyday style.

Well, it is not refillable but it gives a unique package that comes with a 24 pack which is very inexpensive and costs just like the price of a packet of gum.

It is quite tension-free that whether it is half-filled or almost empty the candidate can look through it because it has got a transparent body. Therefore, they could measure when to refill it from time to time which makes it fit in our Best Pen For Exams list.

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5. Lamy 2000 Ball Point Pen

Best Pen For Exams
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It is the most decorated pen as it is made up of fiberglass and the design is made in order to last longer. This pen is really attractive in nature and it has been displayed at the Modern Art museum and guess what, it won many awards because of its design.

The pen has noticeable features and people cannot stop to show their exclamation while the pen lies in front of them.

It is not an inexpensive or cheap pen and it is also not the most expensive pen in the market but whatever the price is put it is worth for. It has got smooth free writing and it is very efficient to use. It is available in a bundle pack of refills. 

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6. Fisher 400B Space Bullet Space Pen

The fisher pen is labeled as the best for versatility and resourcefulness. This name was originally called in the year 1948 the Bullet Space Pen and it was the creation of Paul Fisher.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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This pen has gone through many upgrades, a new kind of cartridge was familiarized in the year 1960 and is done in accommodation and it was processed the request by NASA so that something could be writing in risky temperatures, like below 30 degrees to maximum degrees 250 Fahrenheit.

The design is built so perfectly well from upside down and also works in gravity zero, this point is to be noted because there are most of the ballpoint pens available rely on gravity to hide the ball with ink.

This is the unique selling point which is in great demand instrument which makes you able to write anywhere under and suitable or unsuitable conditions. 

The fisher pen is used by NASA. The body of the pain is made up of brass with traces of chrome and it is also available in matte black color and a grander “shuttle’’ form.

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7. Paper Mate Gel Pens

There is no candidate who could say any wrong things about this product as the inkjoy retractable gel pen flows has a continuous flow of smoothness in writing and it also dries up at a fast rate.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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There is no pen that could offer faster than Pilot’s contribution. The grip is designed carefully. There are no traces of smear or blotches and therefore there would be no more embarrassments in any of the working places.

The comfort level for holding the pen is very high and it could be for longer periods of time without any distortion.

It is available in a pack of 8 packs with exciting colors filled with fun, but candidates should opt for black color to maintain professionalism in their badge that makes it fit in our Best Pen For Exams list.

8. LolliZ 70 Gel Pens Tray Set

It is the most long-lasting gel pen. There is a probability that other guys’ ink will run out but lolliz ink will never give up on ink. It is the best set of pens.

It comes with a package of a total of 70 pens. Each of its colors is designed with standard black and blues which glitters and comes in metallic colors if someone wants to use up to highlight some cards or gift tags or name-plated cards.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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These pens are organized in a well mannered and for the user convenience for desk drawers companies. Five trays are available for which you could keep them in order depending on them by color or the type or kind of writing the purpose in which they want to use them for.

9. Crayola Signature Detailing Gel Pens Set

These pens are specially designed for best and delicate work. This is not the kind of pen that is made for the official purpose but while using it, it would be full of fun.

But by mistake, if anyone uses this pen for office work then it could make raising other person’s eyebrows from two to four because Crayola’s 20 colors are available in glittering and metallic colors and so their contrast matches with either dark or light sheet of paper.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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It comes in 1.0mm points on the scale of writing which is quite the upper crest of a medium point and promises to give a good and accurate flow in writing.

These pens are very helpful if it is used for calligraphy and artwork rather than any simply note writing stuff. The lines written will never bleed or blot. Their packing silo is also very beautiful.

10. Gel Pens for Passion Planner

They appear to be the best colors because they are available in metallic ink and it is really unique ink. They are the most distinctive shades which are not available in any general company and the most exciting factor is that it comes in 20 colors in it.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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Most artists prefer Amazapens for their special greens and browns created colors. There are plenty of colors added to choose from. And all of them are given a certificate to not bleed, fade, smear or skip. There is a money-back guaranty policy in it.

These pens are not refillable but they come with special packaging which keeps !50 percent more than other companies do so that they could last longer.

There are expensive but if someone is looking for assortment and modification then for them these pens are really enough worth them to buy.

11. Pentel Arts Slicci 0.25 mm Extra Fine Gel Pen

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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The lines written by the pen are lean and it gives a scratchy sound when it writes on the paper. It creates a lot of confrontation between the tip and the paper.

They are meant for ergonomic tenacities. There is no kind of smudge as well as there is no bleeding through this. It does not make raised scrape signs on any side of the sheet of paper.

12. uni-ball Jetstream Ballpoint Pens

It is listed on the list of best pens. The writers of this pen have a huge fanbase who are especially lefties(left-hand writers) who has a liking for fast drying up ink and does not give a smudge appearance on a page.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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As it has been stated by one left-hand writer they always used to have a spreading and used to end up in a mess not on them but on the writing features in cards and letters.

They were not able to find one that doesn’t bounce but this uni-ball Jetstream ballpoint pen did well and gave a solution to all their problems of writing. uni pen did well and gave a solution to all their problems of writing that make it fit in our Best Pen For Exams list. 

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13. BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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The pen BIC 4-in 1 pen has received lots of appreciation from the buyers and users whose effort depends on the coding of colors for some reputed company of an organization.

It has been remarked by a user that the pen has topped in the best pens list and bagged at no.12. one could make the list with black or blue ink color and then can add little stars next to the items just beside the items which appear urgent with reading ink.

14. Cross Edge Titanium Selectip Rollerball Pen

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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This gel ink pen is designed in such a way that the roller ball presents its tip has got an extremely flow of ink in it. The need for a cap is not necessarily needed in this pen. The pull mechanism that forces the end has got a very soothing and full of addiction in it.

15. BIC Round Stic Grip Xtra Comfort Ballpoint Pen

This is the most humble and simple pen in terms of writing things on paper and answer sheets. Any weak students not going to get any kind of award or merit but sometimes you need a pillar to show force.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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This pen is very economical in price and inexpensive and it will do the kind of job it is designed for. It is nothing to do with friendly or homely writing, it needs a serious matter to write.

16. BIC Clic Stic Retractable Ball Pen

It conversed with the pens we use for different business matters. They all need pens in daily life for different kinds of work. This Bic click pen has an exclusive place among the Best Pen For Exams list of the pens whose main worth is as a keepsake and it also codes it into a stamping instrument.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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They are cheap in the range of pricing and easily customizable (double-colored or single-colored body design). They also come with options of stylish design looks of gold or silver chips inserted on it.

There is no bleeding, smudging problem in it and above all, it is the most affordable pen in the best pen for exams list so anyone could keep it in the keep and utilize for their purposes owned by themselves.

17. Baron fig squire

The user of this pen has to admit the love for this pen while writing. It is practically so much well versed with the page that it dances over it and the flow of the ink flows with expertise and real existence, it doesn’t come in a thinner line but the smoothness of the ink zis generously flowed from the pen.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed

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The pen is not heavy in the hands, it is a lightweight handy pen. The roller balls are well stirred in the pen which is quite happy to report.

There might be a heavy distribution of ink on the surface of the paper but its writing comes with a flying effect. It could be said that it can be the best graduation gift. 

18. Ohto Horizon Blue Needlepoint

If anyone who is comfortable in writing with a point of 0.5mm or with a writing of machine-driven pencil, then he had reached the right spot because this is the Japanese needlepoint pen, the point is actually 0.77mm.

Best Pen For Exams
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The fluid that comes out from it is very clean and gives a soothing effect with finer lines and holds the smoothness covered in it. There is no smudge or gambol appearing. The pen’s appearance is very tough but it is not heavy at all.

It does not have a slippery kind of problem. It has a good grip on it. It is cerulean blue in color and the design is hexagonal – tube form design which is done in a sophisticated look but in an old-fashioned design.

It is quite imaginable that a person in the 60’s era like IBM or NASA has tucked in their shirt pocket. Thus the side-connecting proclamation is both a subtle look and the satisfaction is extremely accepted by the user of the pen.

19. Schneider Slider Memo XB Ballpoint Pen

The Schneider slider memo xb medium ballpoints are disposable ballpoint pens. It is quite impressive too in terms of writing and carrying this instrument. The pen is really smooth and gives an effortless feel while writing lengthy sheets of paper.

19 Of The Best Pen For Exams To Buy in 2022 - Reviewed
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It glides in an effective manner that less effort is required by the writer. It is a blemish-free pen. There are no containments while writing. A thick line is yield by xb, so it makes an attractive feature.

It is the best suite and well built for the people who were taking down the notes, or jotting the quick writing session classrooms. It is a very soft and comfortable Cadillac. The looks of this device are extremely well and it is hypothetically very strong in remarks.

It has a brazenly orthopedic appearance and spherical shape and the steel chip on the cap is delightfully extensive. It is wrapped in a very comfortable look with a rubberized layer.


The above-mentioned pens are the top best pens for writing at examinations which come under 100 USD, these pens are categorized with adequate points and features in it.

One has to keep in mind that the kind of pens which are used in exams should be economical in price and should be lightweight in nature so it should be quite easy to carry and it should be a smudge and provide stain-free writing.

It should not have a botching effect on the paper. Exams are the most essential and important things in a student’s life. So, a candidate should know the kind of pens he should use. Therefore, every minute detail in the paper needs to be clean and properly written down in the answer sheet.