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9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 – Reviewed and Rated

This is a complete Buyer’s Guide to Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022. 😎

Best Part?

In picking these Projectors, we have considered many factors: Imaging technology, Brightness, Contrast ratio, screen throw, size, and of course, Prize. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started. 📗

Nothing beats good quality on the screen, whether you like to play games or watch videos. The need to purchase those ridiculously expensive LED televisions is not required. 

They can make a dent in your pocket. Luckily, projectors are reasonably priced, and for $100, you can make your living room into a theatre. You do not have to break your bank account to impress your family or friends. 

These days, with massive strides and developments happening in technology, you can find several projectors with exceptional performance and capability. Unsurprisingly, they can easily match the resolution and screen size of high-end television. 

This guide will look at some of the Best Projector Under 100 $. We researched and came up with our list of the best 9 projectors in the market. We can assure you that they are what they claim to be. 

The ideal combination of technology and pricing paved its way here. The need to now take your family out to the expensive cinema or outdoor theatres is not required when you can have more fun and excitement at home itself. 

Projectors can offer you excellent viewing and decent functions. You can even compare them to plasma and LED television.

As a consumer, you should know what you are buying to meet your family’s requirements, having projectors priced less than $100. 

Best Projector Under 100 $ – Our Top Picks 👌

We have crafted this review only after considering a projector’s top priorities: pricing and functionalities. The enlisted 8 models may not satisfy the preference of some of you, but we did our best within the $100 budget. 

Let us now read the product review with complete attention so that we can find out the best option for your needs. 

1. Vankyo Leisure 3 – Best projector under $100 2022

The Vankyo Leisure 3 is ranked first on our list of Best Projector Under 100 $. We felt that this was the best projector suitable for classrooms. So, if you are a teacher or college professor, you may want to consider this product yourself. 

Best Projector Under 100
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It is now coming to its features. The projector is white and giving it a bright and light appearance. The lens of the projectors has a good design. You can find the output fins for heat on one side and the lens on the other. 

It is similar to that of a standard projector. However, it comes with excellent features. MStar powers the product. The engine has an advanced color and can offer 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is the ideal resolution for the pricing. 

However, the brightness is not up to the mark, which is why you may want to use it in a dimly lit room for a better view.

On the other hand, you will be delighted to know that the projector comes with a 2000:1 contrast ratio

9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated

You can easily adjust the screen size from 30” to 160” from up to 15’. You may want to sit around 10’ from the projector. Beyond that offers you blurred images and pictures. We also liked the working of the control placement. 

A noteworthy feature of this projector is the noise from the fan suppression system. You can view your movies and videos in peace. The speakers are inbuilt, and they are supremely built. The compatibility and ease of connectivity are something that we also want to mention. 

The projector comes with VGA, HDMI, and USB ports for connecting devices. You can make use of laptops too. However, connecting to an iPhone, you will need an HDMI adapter for more lighting and a micro USB Type C to HDMI connector.

Lastly, the projector is lightweight and extremely portable, weighing only 2.2 pounds. You can insert it using a shielded bag for placing the remote and the connecting wires.


  • The projector comes with vibrant colors and excellent resolution. 
  • It is cheap and priced under $100.
  • The suppression cooling system is of low noise enabling you to do your work in peace. 
  • The connection and compatibility are good. 
  • They have provided you with a carry bag as it is lightweight and portable for you to take it around. 
  • The 2000:1 contrast ratio is the best for the price. 
  • You can make use of the dual control capabilities. 
  • The life of the lamp is a staggering 38,000 hours. 


  • The quality of the audio is not up to the mark. 
  • You can find that once you reach the 110” screen size, the image quality starts to fade. 

The Vankyo Leisure 3 is one of the best projectors priced under $100 for you to consider, as it comes with decent features like low noise and dual control options and is portable. This is the one if you are alright with the audio and image quality at 100”. 

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2. BluSmart LED-9400 

The BluSmart LED-9400 is ranked second and the best home theatre projector. As we have mentioned earlier in this review, each of the projectors listed here comes with features for a particular task. 

Best Projector Under 100
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If you are somebody who always wanted that home theatre in your house, then you got it with this projector. This is a feature-rich projector from the makers of BlueSmart.

You will be delighted to know that this model is cheaply priced compared to the first projector. 

The projector can offer you 2000 lumens brightness. You may want to make use of it in dark rooms. However, you can also use it outdoors in the dark. The color contrast is the same as the previous one we read. 

Not to mention, it comes with a 1080p full HD display. There is an 800 x 480 pixels resolution. You will note that the quality of the images is excellent. However, compared to the first product, it is a bit lower. 

9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated

You would like the distance of projection at 24” – 80”. Unlike the previous product, this one offers high-quality images despite the distance. Unfortunately, the projector can become slightly hot after 2 hours of usage. 

It only means that those extended movie sessions are out of the box. You will be glad to know that you can work on it using most formats and devices. It only weighs less than 3 pounds, which makes it easily portable. 


  • The image quality is best, offering you impressive clarity. 
  • The display is good too. 
  • The projection distance is apt, as mentioned in the product description. 
  • The projector is cheaply priced. 
  • It is lightweight and portable. 


  • The projector becomes hot once you use it for more than 2 hours.  
  • The quality of the images could have been improved, but it is acceptable. 

The BluSmart LED-9400 is a decent projector with excellent features for its price. If you are under a budget constraint, this is an excellent choice if you are okay with the heating issue. 

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3. DR. J Professional 3800L Projector 

The DR. J Professional Projector is ranked third on our Best Projector Under 100 $ list. It comes with excellent capabilities like Bluetooth technology.

The color and the design of the projector are right too. You will also find the control buttons and the dials are placed where they should. 

9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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They have said that the projector’s brightness is 1800 lumens, but some users have claimed it is not the reading. The 2000:1 contrast ratio is useful for offering you the resolution of HD 1920 x 1080p

The image quality is quite clear and suitable for viewing. The diffuse reflection technology is good, with a decent eye display. There is an LCD lens that can display 5-layer images. You may not have any issues with viewing. 

Sadly, the cooling system is not as good as the Vanko. You can adjust the screen size from 30” – 170”. Many users have commended the Bluetooth technology on this projector. It does not come with a transmitter. 

However, you can buy it and then attach it to connect headsets. This gives you excellent viewing from a distance mentioned. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity is the admired aspect of this projector. 
  • The image quality and brightness of the projector are excellent. 
  • The diffuse reflection technology does not harm the eyes. 
  • It comes with five layers of LCD lens for excellent clarity. 


  • Few users felt that it gives significant issues when you want to tune the focus. 

The DR. J Professional Projector is an excellent product priced under $100. It comes with just the right amount of brightness and clarity. You would love the Bluetooth technology capability of this projector. 

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4. GooDee YG510 – Best projector under $200

The GooDee YG510 is ranked fourth on our list and is the best budget outdoor projector for your requirements. The design of the projector is sleek and compact, unlike the others, we have mentioned here. 

9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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It provides an excellent movie viewing experience with high-quality images and enhances clarity. The lens is in the middle where it should be, along with an asymmetrical design.

The brightness is a decent 1800 lumens, though some users have said it to be lesser. However, a significant drawback of this projector is the contrast ratio which is 1000:1, which can be undoing. 

However, the makers have made up for it with the image refinement technology produced by GooDee. It is not noticeable when you view movies or pictures in the dark. The projector offers you 1080p resolution. 

Its screen size is 50-120’’, and you can view it from 12’ and more. The audio quality is pretty good, too, unlike the previous products discussed above. The need to have an external audio speaker is not required. 

Apart from that, you can also easily set it up. The need to get worked up when connecting with your smartphone or tablet is not there. But the lack of website support is felt, with several users mentioning it. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The GooDee YG510 that earned it a spot in our list of the best projector under $100 amazon in 2022.


  • The design is compact and sleek. 
  • It is appealing and elegant to the viewers.  
  • The clarity of the images is something worth mentioning here. 
  • You will find that the audio quality is excellent. 
  • The model is the cheapest when compared to many other projectors. 


  • The projector comes with a meager contrast ratio of 1000:1. 

The GooDee YG510 is a projector to reckon with. Even though it comes with a low contrast ratio, the makers have provided users with other features that make it truly one of a kind. 

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5. RAGU 400 

The RAGU 400 is ranked fifth on our list of the best projector under 100 $. We felt that this is the best lightweight projector for your requirements.

This is a versatile product because it is affordable and has a decent brightness of 1200 lumens.

Best Projector Under 100
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It is ideal for working in dim or dark-light situations. But, when the product is priced under $100, that is the best you can expect from it. This well-designed projector is not only lightweight but also weighs less than 2 pounds. 

You can also mount it on a tripod for better viewing. You will even notice that the lens has a plastic shield to cover it when you are not putting it to use. The quality of the video is as good as the DR.J Professional.

Unfortunately, the contrast ratio is only 1000:1. You also see that the edges of the characters and the objects are soft. You can adjust the size of the screen to 50-120”. However, you might want to view movies at a distance of 6 feet. 

You may not find any issues connecting with other devices for personal entertainment. You should be able to communicate with several devices like smartphones and tablets. The lamp life is okay at 25000 hours. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The RAGU 400 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022.


  • The projector is portable and lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds. 
  • The ability to connect with smartphones and tablets is good. 
  • The audio quality is excellent. 
  • They have also offered you a cover for the lens. 
  • You can make use of the screw provided to tilt the projector.


  • The quality of the images is not up to the mark at the edges. 
  • The lamp life is low when compared to other projectors. 

The RAGU 400 is a decent projector to go in with for good-quality images and audio. But, when you can afford better models, you can go for them. 

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6. Fercisi Mini Portable LED Projector 

The Fercisi Mini Portable LED Projector 1080P Multimedia Home Cinema Theater Video Projectors is ranked sixth on our list. It should be your choice when looking for a reliable projector priced under $100. 

9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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The projector is rated highly by Amazon users and is among the best. You can get it in two colors, namely black and white. Some of the projector’s main features include a portable LED projector. 

It is suitable for both homes as well as offices. It has a lightweight meaning; you can carry it around quickly, even when traveling. A focus adjusting feature offers you quality images on its screen that is of a size 10-60“. 

You can view movies and listen to music on them. The changing ratio is 16:9, which is very good, and so is the aspect ratio of 4:3. It consumes less power and is oriented toward providing echoes. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The Fercisi Projector that earned it a spot in our list of Best Projector Under 100 $.


  • This projector is a portable LED device that makes it suitable for both homes and offices. 
  • It comes with a manual focus adjustment setting.
  • You can perform a barrage of activities using it, including watching videos, listening to music, viewing images, and more. 
  • The change is easy at 16:9, and the aspect ratio is 4:3.
  • There is low power consumption with this product. 
  • The sound quality is outstanding.
  • The projector plays clearly for optimum clarity. 


  • Customer support could have been better. 

The Fercisi Mini Portable LED Projector 1080P is one of the best projectors that is priced under $100. 

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7. BOIF Portable Mini Projector

The Portable Mini Projector 1080P is ranked seventh on our list. This is a product from the maker of BOIF. One of the main highlights of the projector is that you can easily connect with devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

Best Projector Under 100
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When you can have connectivity with the smartphone, it means both android and iOS devices. You can easily share pictures, videos, and movies on your smartphone. You can also connect other multimedia devices like PC, PS64, USB disk, Wii, and more. 

Hence, the flexibility offered at hand is something that we are yet to see. While you can connect on other devices using your projectors, it is tedious. This kind of versatility is not visible. 

The next factor is the low noise on the projector. While some projectors have a decent cooling system on them, the sound on the fan is just too much to bear. It ruins the movie or gaming experience you want to have during the weekend. 

For small, lightweight equipment, the lack of noise is something commendable. You will be delighted to know that the device supports a 1080P HD display. Not to mention, it also supports 1140p high resolution.

The quality of the videos is something of a kind. You can view them easily and offer your family the ideal movie-watching experience. It is almost as if you are watching the movies in the theatre. 

The brightness is excellent, too, with 3600 lumens. This provides you with the ability to view HD movies with ease in your home theatre. You can also invite your family and friends to view the movies and pictures. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The BIOF Portable Mini Projector that earned it a spot in our list of Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022.


  • You can connect using the projector on a wide range of devices. 
  • It is a flexible projector that allows you to do almost anything. 
  • The projector fan noise is limited and barely audible. 
  • The materials used here are innovative and can extend the life of the lamp used. 
  • The projector offers you a quiet indoor and outdoor environment to watch movies and listen to music.


  • They could have brought it out in a few more shades and improved the audio quality. 

The Portable Mini Projector 1080P is an excellent projector in your home. It is versatile, cheap, and has a wide range of features. 

8. NTRA Projector

The NTRA Projector, Mini Portable Led Micro Mobile Phone Video Projector 1080P Home Theater Projector, is ranked eighth on our list. Please do not get fooled by the low rank. NTRA manufactures the projector. 

9 Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022 - Reviewed and Rated
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We will start with the contrast ratio of this projector, which is sadly quite low at 500:1. It is just not sufficient to seal the deal. Though beginners may not find the lack of punch in the pictures and images, frequent viewers will instantly notice the difference.

But you can forgive them because of the pricing. However, during dim lighting or darkness, the images are more or less quite clear and crisp. The projector’s input allows you to connect using USB, AV, IN, and 5V mobile power connectors.

The projector has a power connector, headphone jack, and a massive projection distance of 0.5-3m. This projector comes with a sound speaker that is built-in. Every inch of the audio detail is heard from the projector. 

The quality of the audio can be enjoyed in different situations. You can also connect it with other external sources when you want a better sound. You can play a wide range of music, videos, pictures, documents, and even view e-books. 

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The NTRA Projector that earned it a spot in our list of Best Projector Under 100 $ in 2022.


  • The projector is versatile, allowing you to use it for occasions like family entertainment and home theatre. 
  • You can share it on your smartphone using the same screen itself. 
  • If you are a frequent traveler, you can use it as it is lightweight. 
  • The design of the projector is compact and sleek. 
  • It comes with several notable features like excellent sound and picture quality. 


  • The contrast ratio is quite less for a $100 projector at 500:1. Though the images are clear, you can expect better. 

Buying guide 

These were some of the best projectors under 100 $. However, you will want to know how to choose the right projectors. All of those mentioned above are quite decent enough for your requirements. 

Unless you are a commercial service operator, you may want to look for higher-priced projectors. Choosing a projector priced under $100 is tough because you have to ensure that the necessary features are present. 

There are a few pointers to know that can help your decision. 

  • Imaging technology.
  • Brightness. 
  • Contrast ratio. 
  • The screen throw. 
  • The size. 

Imaging technology means the quality of the pictures. The brightness is the clarity of the photos and movies. The better the clarity, the better the quality of the pictures to view and see. The contrast ratio is the effect of the color options. 

This is a $100 projector, so you cannot expect the contrast to be on the higher side. The maximum they can be is around 1000:1. You must also ensure that the screen size is large and prominent. 

It enables you to view it better on the screen. The size of the projector is also vital. You do not want to carry around a bulky product that weighs more than 4 pounds. The abovementioned products are less than 3 pounds and are lightweight and portable. 

These features have been discussed on the above products, enabling you to decide on them.

📗FAQ’s on Best Projector Under 100 $

Below are a few queries on Best Projector Under 100 $ that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

What should I check before buying a projector?

Check the display resolution, contrast ratio, color reproduction, inputs, and portability before you opt for a projector.

What are the best features of a projector?

Key features to look out for include contrast, color accuracy, lens zoom and shift, light output, low noise, display resolution, and dynamic iris.

Which budget projector is best?

The Nebula Capsule Max Anker is the best all-around, budget-friendly projector.

Is a cheap projector worth it?

Yes, cheap projectors are ideal if you want to add dimension or bring home some entrainment without investing in a TV set. Optimizing your home’s design allows you to save up lots of space and money.

What is the life of a projector?

A projector lasts anywhere between 2000 hours to 4000 hours, depending on the settings and usage.

Is a projector good for everyday use?

Yes, a projector is ideal for everyday use. You can opt for a projector to improve your TV-watching experience instead of investing in an expensive setup.

What is the main purpose of the projector?

A projector or image projector is used to project images or videos onto a screen or surface. You can opt for a projector if you want to watch TV at home without buying a large 4k set.

What are the three types of projectors?

The three types of projectors are the DLP Projector, the LCD Projector, and the LED Projector.

What is the price of a cheap projector? 

We really cannot predict the actual amount of a cheap projector because most of them come with decent features for their price. For example, for a $100 projector, you can find several features on a $500 product. 

Typically, they are priced at $60 to $4000 and more. Depending on your budget and requirements, more importantly, you would want to consider it. So, as you can see, projectors priced below $600 can be called cheap. 

Are TVs or projectors better for your use?

It is a personal choice. Some people might prefer viewing the TV or television rather than using a projector in their living or bedrooms. But you will be amazed to know that a slow transition is happening globally, especially in America. 

People are adapting to the change nicely. The simple for that being, a projector offers you better value for your money. Not to mention, with an HD projector 100“ in your living house, it does not cost you more than $1000. 

Is seeing a projector good for eyesight?

Till now, there have been no complaints regarding any eye problems. While watching a projector that is more or less similar to watching a TV, the projector screen is slightly better for your eyesight. 

The simple reason is that projector screens are large enough for your eyes. The need for you to strain your when you are watching movies or videos on your eyes is not there. They also reflect light when a TV emits light that can harm your eyesight in the long run. 

Should you consider buying a mini projector for your home?

Yes, a mini projector is suitable for personal use and ideal for presentation. However, when you are particular about having it in the living room, you might consider using micro projectors. 

They not only go well for presentations but offer you excellent image quality. But, a mini projector is an ideal choice when you are short on budget and are looking for a product that can last you a few years. 

Can you use a projector to watch Netflix?

Yes, you can view Netflix using your projector. However, connecting it to your tablet or smartphone would be best. We are sure that most of our readers would own some of the latest smartphones with all the latest features. 

All you need to do is connect it through the HDMI adapter. If unsure how to do it, you can take a friend’s or colleague’s help. For iOS and Android devices, the connection can be given for watching movies and shows.

Summing up  

It is heartening to note that the technologies used in producing the projectors are increasing with each passing day. This gives it a decisive edge over smart televisions that were preferred a few years ago. 

Those ridiculously expensive projectors are available in the market, and you may want to analyze your requirements and budget constraints before leaping. Investing in a good projector is a useful thing to do in a shaky global economy. 

However, you have a wide range of projectors priced under $100. It is just that you might want to take your time and then make the decision on the projector. We are happy that our review could help you choose the ideal one for your family. 

We also encourage you to go in for projectors that are priced under $1000 because of the quality of images and pictures. This helps you make an informed decision about the market projectors that suit your needs. 

You can now enjoy quality images without breaking your bank account.