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Top 5 Best Sandbox Applications for Windows 10


Security is a major concern while we browse the internet. Every day we come across shedload of software applications which may be essential for the functioning of day to day task. However in this malicious world of internet the applications we come across can be unsafe to download. The software can be infected with computer viruses, malware and other security vulnerabilities.

Some application we download from the internet is packed with adware and other malicious codes that can corrupt the underlying system OS. It is important to safeguard your system before downloading the software from some unknown publisher or saving the applications from the free downloading sites.

In Order to isolate the new software that may be vulnerable to security threats from other application already running in the system, it is necessary to test this new software for any suspicious code before downloading them to the system. Sandbox is one such technique which allows users to test the software and application in the virtual testing environment without damaging the other system programs.

With the Sandbox testing environment, one can create a virtual environment to execute the new and untrusted software for monitoring, analyzing and testing the software without letting the software code to scout into your rest of the computer.

If you are new to the world of sandboxing and skeptical of using the sandbox to run the codes fearing the difficulty it can induce, well there are plenty of Sandboxing application available these days where one can easily test the new software programs and application for the malicious codes before actually downloading them to your system. In this article, we round up some of the best sandboxing applications for Windows 10.

Best Sandbox Applications for Windows 10


Buffer Zone is a sandboxing application that lets the user run and tests the untrusted programs on the internet or scans the USB for malicious code to protect the system from the security attacks. Buffer Zone works well with all the web browsers and provides an easy interface to  add the test programs while it assures users from any malicious codes spooking into your system .

Buffer Zone converts all the application to read the only format before running the software in the testing environment thus ensuring that the untrustful codes will not interfere with the other system application on hard drive.


BitBox is also known as Browser in the Box is a sandboxing tool for internet browsing that safeguards your system from the risks of malicious attacks from the untrusted websites. The BitBox tool can be used in Chrome and Firefox browser as an alternative to the usual web browsers. The tool creates a virtual environment where users can browse any website without interfering with the system’s operating system.


Sandboxie is the most downloaded sandbox application that can run the untrusted programs easily. One can also install the software first and run the newly added software for analyzing and monitoring purpose. Additionally, the Sandboxie is a lightweight program that runs all the software in the virtual environment.

Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox is a super easy Sandboxing application that creates the virtual platform to test any software for malicious codes. The tool completely isolates the new software from the installed programs in the hardware and offers a simple User interface where one can drag the software and drop it into the virtual window.

Time Freeze

Time Freeze is an excellent tool if you want to test a software rigorously and limitlessly. It is a sandboxing tool that converts a whole system into a virtual environment where a user can test the software boundlessly without actually affecting the actual operating system. It basically creates a virtual copy of your system and restores all the changes automatically on a system reboot.

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