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11 Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Hands-On Review

Having experienced the days that are majorly spent sitting in front of the laptop, being engaged in one task or the other, we have acknowledged that laptops have become a significant part of our life. It isn’t easy to imagine a normal schedule excluding laptops. 

Laptops are super-tech devices that have been an asset to the human race. Being integral and important, laptops are expensive.

And apart from being pricey, they are also prone to damage and further destruction because we cannot deny that they are machines.

Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the user to handle and manage their laptops with utmost responsibility and care. 

Usually, laptops are subjected to be damaged by misplacement, which might lead to degraded functioning of the device, or maybe it can result in screen damage as well.

As a result, laptop storage has become an issue of major concern. Placing your laptops over the table or on your shelf takes up a lot of space. To cope with that, there is an extremely useful alternative, that is, a vertical laptop stand. 

Vertical laptop stands are portable and durable metallic or wooden structures that primarily serve the purpose of laptop storage. Vertical laptop stands do not occupy much of your space; rather, they keep the laptops safe from mishaps. 

The stands are fitted with set adjustable slots to fit the laptop at your convenience. Placing the laptop on the stands preserves it from all kinds of harm and damage.

Here’s a list of the top 11 most suitable Vertical Stands For Laptops.

Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Our Pick👌👌

1. HumanCentric Vertical Laptop Stand

HumanCentric Vertical Laptop stands help to get you better organized and also lets you save a major part of your space while still being sure of the fact that your laptop is in a safe place.

This is one of the best vertical stands for laptops suitable for most devices, including Macbooks. It holds every laptop up to the thickness of 1″. 

Best Vertical Stands For Laptops
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The laptop stand is self-adjustable and reshapes itself conveniently, fitting as per the size of your laptop.

This laptop stand is available to its users in 3 prime colors: Black, Silver, and Space Gray. This offers you a range of choices to finalize from. You can pick the match for your laptop effortlessly. 

Moreover, you can fit your laptop on the stand and plug it into external connections such as a keyboard or a mouse without worrying about tripping over your laptop. This laptop stand supports silicon pads, securing your laptop from any scratches or marks. 

This vertical laptop stand serves the need of corporate employees or your office desk. It takes up almost little to none of your desktop space, making it easier to have your desk vacant or use it for some other purpose. 

As you finish your work, you can place your laptop on the vertical stand and save your table from the laptop’s heat. With the sleek, stylish, and compact design of the vertical stand, it is painless to pull out the laptop whenever needed. 

The stand can be used at home or in your office. It comes with the ability to be multipurpose and hold one or two laptops regardless of their weights.

This eliminates the necessity of buying two stands separately. You also need not be worried about your laptop falling or slipping, as the stand can perfectly handle heavyweight. 

The stand-in itself is quite light-weighted, which makes it easily portable without much trouble. Apart from this, the most captivating factor is the customer service offered by the company.

It is highly recommendable. The customer service responds super fastly to the customers. 

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2. Jarlink Vertical Laptop Stand

The Jarlink vertical laptop stand is sleekly designed and modestly integrated. It is a dual-purpose stand that fulfills twin objectives.

Firstly, this laptop stand can easily hold huge and bulky laptops, and secondly, this stand also provides you with the privilege to hold smaller devices such as an iPhone. 

With this stand, you can fit in your iPhone effortlessly and watch movies without carrying your device for long; you do not have to hold your mobile phone.

The laptop stand becomes credible and versatile for you. This vertical laptop stand is reliable for storing your laptops. 

Best Vertical Stands For Laptops 1
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Other than that, the stand is made with anodized aluminum, which implies the fact that the laptop stand can surpass rough and tough conditions.

Like the previous one, this laptop stand comes in three vibrant colors, black, silver, and gray. Again, you can opt for the color that best suits your choice, or you can also give your stand a match with your laptop’s color. 

The Jarlink vertical laptop stand is well-designed and perfectly built in a way that it is coated with silicone to protect your laptop from any scratches or damage.

This stand is one of the best in terms of its life and functionality. The stand is lightweight; therefore, it can be easily carried from one place to another. 

Along with this, the stand is flat at its base. This makes them stand erect and stable. The stand doesn’t cause any dislocation or slipping of your laptop.

To provide better support, the lower ends of the stand are fitted with silicone. The silicone provides a fair grip to the stand, causing no movements, even with the laptop fixed. 

The stand is easily adjustable and supports a thickness of 2.8 inches. If you want to make any adjustments, you get an Allen key. Overall, the laptop stand is trustworthy for your laptop. 

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3. Macally Vertical Aluminium Laptop Stand

Another sleek and well-crafted among the best vertical stands for laptops is Macally. Its design is the most enhancing feature of the stand.

It has beautiful curved-shaped feet, which elevate the stand by an inch. The laptop stand is fine in texture and extremely stable. 

Once fixed, the laptop does not move around or slip away from the stand. The stand has its grooves placed at the center, which helps in holding the laptop in a perfect position.

The stand eliminates the need to bend over to use the laptop. It brings the laptop face-to-face for your convenience. 

11 Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Hands-On Review
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The most appealing fact about this stand is the modest design it acquires. The design looks modern and up-to-date, which is a prominent source of attraction. 

Apart from being stylish, this laptop stand saves a major portion of your desk, which can surely be put to some other good use.

Also, you can eliminate the issue of laptops overheating on your table. You can put your laptop on your vertical stand and be sure of safeguarding the device.

Moreover, the laptop stand allows air to flow between the stand and the laptop. With this, overheating of your laptop can be painlessly managed.

As the name suggests, this laptop stand is built with full-proof anodized aluminum. This makes the laptop stand durable and credible in the longer run. With the aluminum coating, your laptop will become resistant to corrosion up to an extent. 

Also, your laptop will not get scratched over it easily. Again, this laptop stand is available to you in three different shades though they are the same color. These shades provide a super appealing and vibrant look to the laptop stand.

It is handy for you to choose your favorite one. This laptop stand is best suited for people not wishing to use Allen keys or screws.

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4. Omoton Vertical Desktop Stand – Dual laptop vertical stand

Another one on the list of the best vertical stands for laptops is the Omoton Stand. It is primarily constructed and built with anodized aluminum brushed along and sandblasted, giving the laptop stand a seamless and smooth matte finish.

As a result, the laptop stand has extremely superior corrosion resistance, indicating a longer life. So, the stand is a one-time investment, saving your bulky laptop. 

11 Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Hands-On Review
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The stand is aluminum and can go through the toughest wear and tear. This stand can be trusted to bring into use for a large period.

With this stand, you do not have to worry about getting a scratch on your laptop, as it is mostly coated to avoid such mishaps. 

The laptop stand is suitably built to keep your laptop in place. The stand is strong, durable, and reliable to use. Once the laptop is docked in, it has minimal chances of slipping.

The stand functions with ease, and so can you with its use. This vertical stand has a wide bottom, making it perfectly spaced and usable to hold the laptop in its place. 

Other than looking amazing, this vertical laptop stand also has a silicone mat which serves the basic purpose of guarding your laptop against all scratches and gives safety to your device. It is a multi-objective stand wherein you can store two laptops at once. 

Since the laptop stand is shielded with silicone mats, the two laptops opposite each other will not brush up against one another.

As a result, both of your laptops will be easily protected from scratches. As with others, this vertical laptop stand frees up your not-so-spacious desk. 

Moreover, the laptop stand suits almost everyone because it can hold huge bulky laptops effortlessly in its slots. Also, the vertical laptop stand is extremely adjustable. 

You can simply change the groove’s size by twisting and turning some screws. This laptop stand is not bothersome in its use; therefore, it attracts people.

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5. Urmust – Best laptop stand for ventilation

Urmust is a super smooth and awesomely crafted vertical laptop stand. Its sleek texture makes it an eye-catching element. The stand has a firm metal construction with a tough-built structure.

The stand is sturdy, and it fits any laptop with a thickness between 10 and 15.6 inches. This makes it effective to use the stand for multiple numbers of different laptops. 

Best Vertical Stands For Laptops 4
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The laptop stand is also compatible with heavy weighted and bulky laptops. You can easily put a 4kg laptop on the stand without bothering the laptop, slipping over, or falling. Therefore, the vertical laptop stand is very durable and recommendable for use. 

The most user-friendly feature of one of the best vertical stands for laptops is its adjustability. Having an elevation ranging from 0 to 90 degrees, you can place it at whatever angle you prefer. This reduces your possibility of back pain, neck pain, or eye strain. 

Also, the laptop stand resolves the issue of overheating the laptop. It has a ventilating structure that lets easy flow of air in case of excess heat. Hence, you can put the laptop on the stand if it heats up. 

The laptop stand has a separate flat base to keep your keyboard or mouse on. This gives you an even better experience of a vertical laptop stand. 

The laptop stand works very well for those who travel a lot. The prime reason behind this is that the stand is foldable. As a result, you can always fold it up and pack it in your bag like a book for any future use of the stand.

Also, the weight of the laptop stand is just 1.6 pounds. This makes a stand easily portable and can be carried along anytime and anywhere. 

Not only this, Urmust provides its customers with several color options, such as pink, blue, gray, silver, and black.

This gives a vibrant touch to the customer’s experience of the stand. Moreover, being made of aluminum, the laptop stand doesn’t get corrupted easily. That is why the stand becomes durable to use.

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6. Bewahly Vertical laptop stand 

Adding to the list of the best vertical stands for laptops is the Bewahly Vertical Laptop Stand. The laptop stand is composed and constructed of aluminum and its alloys.

As a result, the laptop stand is undoubtedly corrosion-resistant, making it a considerable choice in terms of laptop stands. 

It is durable and sturdy, making it a beneficial one-time investment. With this laptop stand, you do not need to worry about keeping your laptop in a safe and secure place.

11 Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Hands-On Review
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Apart from being affordable, the laptop stand also saves a major part of your desk. The stand looks sleek and stylish over your desk.

The stand is hard in its format; therefore, it can withstand certain rough and tough conditions. This laptop stand is next to perfect in its performance. 

Moreover, the laptop stand is easily adjustable. You can place a laptop of varying thicknesses between 14mm to 66m on the vertical stand.

Both the bases of the stand are coated with rubbers which provide a firm grip on the stand. This prevents any slippage of the laptop when placed on the stand. Once the laptop is docked in the grooves, it cannot slip at all. 

Also, the laptop stand is versatile and has good ventilation for the air to pass through. The air ventilation helps to manage the overheating issue of the laptop. The vertical stand has a wide bottom, making it well-spaced and suitably usable for holding the laptop in its place. 

The laptop stand serves twin objectives; you can hold two laptops once on the stand without being brushed against one another. Therefore, you do not have to buy two separate laptop stands for your device. 

Also, you can effortlessly store a laptop in one slot and a mobile phone in the other. This lets you watch movies or your favorite shows without holding your mobile phone.

The vertical stand is meant for people who want to make their table or desk spacious and place their laptops in a safe slot.

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7. Satechi Aluminium Vertical Laptop Stand 

Satechi Aluminium vertical laptop stand is one of a kind. As the name suggests, the laptop stand is made of aluminum.

The construction and design of the vertical stand are extremely modified. Being made of aluminum, the laptop stand is sturdy and strong. It does not destroy easily. It is a one-time investment for your laptop. 

Once purchased, you can use it for an extended period and be sure of the security of your laptop. On this vertical laptop stand, your laptop fits in smoothly, and it can be easily taken out in times of need as well.

11 Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Hands-On Review
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The grooves of the laptop can be super easily adjusted; it does not require much trouble to do so. It has a different stand style to view your laptop in portrait or landscape mode. 

Another enhancing feature of the laptop stand is that it sets your device at a standard and comfortable angle, saving your laptop and you from all kinds of eye strain or back pain.

Due to its lightweight and collapsible design, you can easily carry the laptop stand while traveling or from your office to home. 

You can place the laptop on the stand and connect the external keyboard, mouse, or cables; the stand ensures that none of them gets tangled.

The stand is designed to keep all the wires separated and neat. The stand is coated with rubber to protect your laptop from scratches. 

Also, the base of the laptop stand is well-gripped with rubber. This does not cause any slipping or tipping over your laptop. The laptop gets easily stuck on the stand and does not cause any movement. 

Another prominent feature of the Satechi Aluminium vertical laptop stand is that, as a customer, you get various color options.

The color ranges available to you are: gold, silver, space gray, rose gold, and matte black. With all such royal colors to opt from, the experience gets better.

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8. Twelve South Curve

Twelve south curves is a sleek and open-styled vertical stand for laptops. This stand keeps your laptop at a nominal height of 6.5 inches from the ground. The main objective of designing such a vertical laptop stand is to provide airy ventilation to your laptop. 

The most common problem that laptop users face is overheating their devices. But, with such an invention, it can be ensured that the laptop doesn’t function slowly or perform poorly due to overheating. 

Even though the laptop stand is sleek in its texture, it is strong and durable. The strength is not compromised despite its design.

The twelve-south curve laptop stand is constructed smoothly across the edges. This gives the stand a beautiful appearance. 

Best Vertical Stands For Laptops 7
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The laptop stand is also shielded with premium-quality silicone pads. These pads ensure the laptop holds a firmer grip and does not slip away. The laptop stand is durable and long-lasting. 

This laptop device is present in a unique and vibrant color in which usually none of the laptops stands, which is white. So, if you want smooth white laptop stands with a smooth design and texture, you can choose the twelve south curves vertical stand. 

The laptop stand is also completely composed of aluminum, which undoubtedly adds to its durability and lasting life. Also, the laptop stand is extremely adjustable.

This stand is compatible with fitting all laptops between 11 and 17 inches. Therefore, you can go for this laptop stand according to the size of your laptop. The laptop is suited for your office or your home. 

Being compact and sturdy, the laptop stand does not occupy much of the space on your desk. You can keep it in the corner and have a lot of space left for you to work efficiently.

If you consider design and durability important, this is the vertical stand for you.

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9. Bestand

Bestand is one of the best vertical stands for laptops that serves multiple purposes. Apart from guarding the laptop, there is a separate slot at the bottom to place your keyboard, books, or other accessories.

This laptop stand saves space on your laptop, not only on your desk but also for your notebooks or other accessories. 

The stand is suitable for all laptops ranging from 11 to 16 inches. This makes the laptop-compatible and credible to use.

Best Vertical Stands For Laptops 8
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The laptop stand is constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy. This makes a stand sturdy and durable. It is built to hold and store heavy laptops as well. The design of the laptop stand is smooth and sleek.

Moreover, this laptop stand has 3 vents for proper air circulation. This ensures that your laptop functions well and doesn’t lag due to excessive heat, and as a user, there is nothing more comfortable than a smooth-functioning laptop on a laptop stand. 

Apart from this, the laptop stand prevents you from sitting in an uncomfortable posture so that you won’t experience back, neck, or shoulder pain.

There is also a sufficient amount of space on the laptop stand at the back. This space is meant for attaching cables to your laptop. Thus, you can plug in an external source cable to your laptop while using the laptop stand. 

The laptop stand supports a reliable grip. Therefore, the laptop doesn’t slip over after being held on the laptop stand.

Moreover, the laptop stand is shielded with high-quality silicone pads. These silicone pads prevent your laptop from getting scratched. 

If placed on this vertical laptop stand, no marks can be seen on your laptop. The screws of the stand are well-fitted, so there is no chance of your laptop falling off the stand.

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10. Rain Design mTower 10038 Stand

Rain Design mTower 10038 Stand is yet another one on the list. This laptop stand has a tower-like appearance and is only meant to store one laptop.

This laptop stand is not dual-purpose. Not being dual-purpose, the stand is also not adjustable. You can not readjust the grooves of the stand according to your convenience.

But there are spacers present in the laptop stand that helps you to adjust your laptop in its desired slot super easily. 

The laptop stand is made of hardcore aluminum, making you sure of the fact that it is strong, sturdy, and durable.

You can use the laptop stand for as long as you want, and it might not degrade in quality. The laptop stand is polished, which gives the stand a matte finish. 

11 Best Vertical Stands For Laptops – Hands-On Review
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Moreover, this vertical laptop stand is available in silver or shades. You can go for this one if you prefer a silver laptop stand with a compact design.

This laptop stand is a good choice if you have only one laptop to store. It is slightly raised above the base to provide air between the spaces.

As it is only a single laptop stand, you do not have to be bothered about getting scratched on your laptop by brushing it against the other. This laptop stand is heavy weighted and sturdy, which makes it reliable and trustworthy for you to use. 

Along with this, the laptop stand is thin in texture in comparison to the other stands. The prime reason is that it only holds a single laptop of yours. Despite being thick, the laptop stand is strong. It can hold laptops with significant weights with absolute ease. 

Further, to provide any accidental damage to your laptop, the laptop stand is precisely coated with rubber. This rubber supports your laptop even better. 

Overall, though the laptop stand is a bit pricey, its quality, structure, and durability do complete justice to its price. If you are looking for a single laptop holding stand, it is a considerable choice for you.

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Considerable Factors while Buying the Stands for Laptop:-

1. Adjustable stand (according to the size)

A major aspect to be considered in the case of a vertical laptop stand is that it should be adjustable. It should fit in properly according to the size of your laptop. Hence, it would be best if you had a vertical stand that holds your laptop properly at ease. 

2. A Multipurpose Stand

The vertical stand you choose for your laptop can be a single vertical or a double vertical. A single vertical stand is meant for storing one laptop, and double vertical stand stores 2 laptops in one.

The double vertical stand also occupies less space than the single one, keeping two laptops. Therefore, it is better preferable to go for the double vertical stand.

3. Anti-scratch protection 

The vertical stand should have a rubber coating over the edges for metallic laptops to protect the laptop from scratches.

In the case of MacBooks, you can see scratches if your laptop stand is not rubber-coated or protected. Usually, most vertical laptop stands have a rubber covering to shield the laptop, but you should always ensure that the vertical stand you wish to choose has one.

4. An anti-slip base

An anti-slip base protects your laptop from tipping over or getting slipped, as it secures the laptop by fixing it at a suitable place. Most vertical laptop stands already have this feature. So, you have to be less bothered about this one.

5. Quality

As a vertical laptop protects your laptop, quality matters the most. You get three major options to pick from in terms of quality.

These are Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic. People mostly prefer aluminum or alloy-based laptop stand for durability and long life. This is the most credible of the three. 

Other than this, you can get a wooden stand for your laptop. A wooden stand is not much in use or fashion, yet one can be chosen to give your laptop stand an antique and natural appearance. A wooden stand is not as supportive as the aluminum one. 

Lastly, you get a plastic-based laptop stand. This should be at last on your list of considerations. Firstly, plastic is non-biodegradable, and secondly, laptop stands made of plastic are not durable. They can harm your laptop more rather than save it.

So, according to your preferences, you can get a laptop stand for you easily.


Is a vertical laptop stand good?

You get an ergonomic advantage with a vertical laptop stand. It is not possible to have appropriate comfort with landscape orientation. If you use multiple screens, you need your laptop upright to adjust the height in a focused position.

Which laptop stands are the best?

Suppose you are looking for a laptop stand. In that case, you can choose between Roost laptop stand, Avantree Neetto Height adjustable stand, Ergotron Workfit-T standing desk, Vivo Single Laptop Notebook stand, ElfAnt Stand, Omoton vertical stand holder, Razer Chroma V2, and MOFT laptop stand.

How do I make my laptop stand up vertically?

You can craft your laptop stand at home using cardboard, wood, or thermocol. Follow a video tutorial to make one. You can also buy a vertical laptop stand like the Avantree Neetto Height adjustable stand and Ergotron Workfit-T standing desk for your laptop.

What is the best angle for a laptop stand?

According to scientists, your laptop screen should be between your eye level and 30 degrees below the eye level. This angle helps you improve your posture and remove neck and back pain. Therefore, a laptop stand at this angle is always recommended.

Are Laptop risers worth it?

You require a laptop stand for good posture and to bring the screen to your eye level. Prolonged laptop usage can lead to stiffness and pain in your neck. Therefore, investing in a laptop stand is worth it.

What should I look for when buying a laptop stand?

You should look for a strong and stable stand as you need prolonged hours on a laptop. A sturdy laptop stand will last long without fail. If the stand is weak, you won’t be able to work on it.

Do laptop stands help with cooling?

Yes. A stand can keep your laptop cool as it allows decent air circulation. Keeping the laptop on your lap or table can reduce airflow and lead to overheating. Therefore, a stand is the best idea to keep your device from heating up.

Are the best vertical stands for laptops necessary?

Any vertical laptop stand is a stress reducer. Firstly, you do not have to be bothered about keeping your laptop in a safe place.

Secondly, these laptop stands allow you to sit in a stable and comfortable posture, which reduces eyestrain and neck pain for the user.

Thirdly, these laptop stands are a life-saver for your device; therefore, they are economical safeguards for your laptop. So, all in all, laptop stands are a viable option to have along with your laptop.

Are vertical laptop stands durable?

Yes, vertical laptop stands are usually made of tough metals and do not break easily. But in case of extreme roughness, the stands might not work well.

Is it possible to charge a laptop while on the stand?

Yes, it is possible to do so. To do so, you must have an adapter to plug into the stand. Or, you can directly plug the adapter into a power socket if you have it at the bottom of the stand.

Are there any limitations of the vertical stand?

Vertical laptop stands can be heavy and bulky. If you do not have much space available, then this might be a problem. Sometimes, a user might face an issue while looking for the exact position where the laptop should be placed.

Does storing the laptop vertically have any effect on its functioning?

The only thing to remember is that the laptop should be placed properly. Horizontally or vertically does not make much difference. 


Laptops become better enhanced and secured with a laptop stand. Also, a laptop stands to eliminate the trouble of bending your neck too much while working on your laptop.

This ensures that even longer work hours cause no pain or harm to you. You can always have a laptop stand across your bed or on your desk according to your needs and choices.