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Destiny 2 Exotic Quest : The Definitive Game Guide

Destiny 2 is full of exotic weapons to collect and armour to find. The most complex guns in the game are only accessible from completing these exotic quests. This exotic quest guide will outline how to get three of the game’s most valuable exotic guns.

This article will cover:-

  • Pain and Gain Destiny 2 Guide
  • How to Get CloudStrike in Destiny 2
  • Destiny 2: Lost lament Quest Guide 

Pain and Gain Destiny 2 Quest Guide

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest Guide

When Destiny 2 was first released, the game was met with harsh criticism by players due to the games lacklustre content and lack of gameplay variety. As the game continued to evolve, the game’s developers introduced a range of end game missions known as exotic quests.

These exotic quests vary in their difficulty and reward you with exotic weapons and armour upon completion. One such quest is the Pain and Gain Destiny 2 exotic quest.

What is the Destiny 2 Pain and Gain Quest?

The Pain and Gain mission is an exotic quest line obtainable from Banshee-44 at the start of your Destiny 2 adventure. The quest is relatively easy to obtain, being available at the beginning of the game for you to pick up. The quest is one of the most straightforward and least challenging exotic quest lines in the game.

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Upon completion, the mission will reward you with the exotic submachine gun known as Riskrunner as well as its catalyst. The weapon is one of the best submachine guns available in-game, and thus this quest is well worth completing.

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How to Complete the Quest

To complete this quest, you first have to talk to Banshee-44, an Exo located at the tower’s entrance. Upon talking to him, you should have picked up the Destiny 2 Pain and Gain quest. The quest is split into three main parts.

You can complete the quest in the following steps:-

1. Joy in Suffering:- Engage in dangerous activities across the galaxy by completing a lost sector in the EDZ, a nightfall strike, and a heroic public event.

2. Risk/Reward:- Upon completing the three activities above, a new mission should appear on earth known ad risk/reward. Complete this mission by tracking down and defeating Fallen captains for ether.

3. Visit Banshee-44:– After completing the risk/reward quest, return to Banshee-44 to collect your Destiny 2 Pain and Gain reward.

Why is the Quest Important?

Completing the Pain and Gain quest is essential if you want to be one of the best Destiny 2 players. The quest rewards you with one of the game’s best submachine guns. The exotic questline also rewards you with its catalyst, which significantly increases the guns range.

Riskrunner will help you dominate PVP content in the crucible and PVE content due to its arc conductor perk that turns incoming arc damage into increased weapon power. The gun is also helpful in completing endgame content such as raids and nightfalls.

Overall, the Pain and Gain Destiny 2 quest is one of the most straightforward quests in the game and the most rewarding. If you are new to the game, make sure to pick up this quest early, as its rewards will elevate your gameplay.

How to Get CloudStrike in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest : The Definitive Game Guide

Destiny 2 is chock full of exotic weapons to find and armour pieces to collect. Some of the games best weapons and equipment are exotics, offering a real challenge to players who want to obtain them. One such weapon is the Cloudstrike in Destiny 2.

This weapon is a powerful sniper rifle and one of the best long-range weapons in the game.

What is the Cloudstrike Destiny 2 Weapon?

Cloudstrike is an exotic sniper rifle introduced during the latest Destiny 2 DLC expansion Beyond Light. It is a powerful sniper rifle and is considered by many to be one of the best in the game due to its perk mortal polarity.

Mortal polarity is a special weapon perk unique to the exotic weapon whereby precision kills generate lightning bolts.

The perk makes this gun particularly deadly in the crucible, allowing you to get multiple kills using just one bullet. Although also helpful in PVE.content, it shines during PVP and is used by the games most veteran players.

How to get the Weapon

To obtain Cloudstrike in Destiny 2, you need to complete the following steps:

1. Complete the mission A Hard Rain Falls: To obtain this mission, speak to the Exo stranger, located to the south of Europa. You can complete this mission by defeating enemies in eclipsed zone areas located on the map. Upon completion, head back to the stranger and collect your reward.

2. Talk to Variks- Once you complete the quest, head to Variks and pick up the European Explorers 2 mission, which will unlock empire hunts. Make sure to have enough materials to purchase this quest.

3. Complete Empire Hunts- Now empire hunts will become available for you to complete. Each hunt will reward you with a chance of getting the Cloudstrike as a random drop.

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest : The Definitive Game Guide

Why Should I get the Cloudstrike?

As highlighted, Cloudstrike is a powerful sniper rifle and one of the best long-range weapons available. The gun can effectively counter handguns and assault rifles at long range and is far superior to other sniper rifles such as Queenbreaker and D.A.R.C.I.

The guns perk mortal polarity is powerful, allowing you to chain attacks in PVP and PVE. Thus, the gun is well worth obtaining.

Cloudstrike in Destiny 2 is perhaps the best long-range weapon in the game. Although practice makes perfect with sniper rifles in Destiny 2, with them being difficult to master, the gun can lift your gameplay to new levels, making you a master of PVP in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Lost lament Quest Guide

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest Guide 5

The Lament is one of the most powerful exotic weapons available in Destiny 2. The weapon is an exotic sword introduced in the latest Beyond Light expansion for the game and is regarded by many as one of the best exotics available to date. To obtain this weapon, you must finish the Lost Lament exotic side quest.

What is the Destiny 2 Lost Lament Quest?

After purchasing the Beyond Light DLC, the Lost Lament quest is an exotic side quest first obtained by talking to Banshee-44 in the tower. The quest is a challenging quest to complete, with multiple steps needed to accomplish the mission.

After completing the exotic quest, it rewards you with the Lament exotic sword. The Lament is arguably the most potent weapon in Destiny 2 due to its ridiculous base stats, solar damage, and the ability to break through shields such as those used by barrier champions. Thus, having the Lament equipped is vital for end-game content completion.

Destiny 2 Exotic Quest : The Definitive Game Guide

How to Complete the Quest

You can complete the Lost Lament Destiny 2 quest in several steps:-

1. Collect the heads of three dead Exos- You can locate the first Exo head above Camdus Ridge, the second one is located in the perdition lost sector, and the third to the right of Asterion Abyss.

2. Complete the Lost Lament Quest- After finding the three Exo heads, a new quest should appear. In this quest, you need to locate the giant Exo. After seeing the Exo, you can move onto the next step.

3. Defeat Vex with Swords- Next, after completing the above mini-quest, you will need to defeat 100 vex with swords, as well as a minotaur, cyclops and Hydras with final blows. It is best to complete this step by engaging in public events or override missions.

4. Complete an Exo Challenge- After defeating the vex with swords, speak to Variks, and he will give you the old secrets new challenges quest. Complete this quest and move onto the next step.

5. Finish Vex with Finishers- Next, upon completing Varik’s quest, you need to defeat vex with finishers.

6. Find blade pieces within the Glassway- For the sixth step, you need to complete the strike of the Glassway and obtain blade pieces. To do this, reach the end of the strike and defeat Wyverns with arc shields during the final boss encounter.

7. Find the Abandoned Bunker- After collecting the sword fragments, head to the Evertide ruins and find the abandoned bunker located on the right-hand side of the facility.

8. Complete the Reforging the Past Quest- Upon reaching the bunker, complete the Reforging the Past Quest. After completion, you will have gained the Lost Lament.

The Destiny 2 Lost Lament quest is lengthy to complete but does offer one of the best weapons in the game. If you manage to complete the quest, you will not only have one of the most powerful weapons in the game but will rank high amongst Destiny 2 players.

Final Thoughts

Overall, completing the exotic quests outlined above will allow you to get some of the best guns in the game. Make sure to follow this helpful guide if you want to become one of Destiny’s very best.