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3 Best Methods To Download Twitch Clips

Just like you must know, twitch has become very famous especially among gamers. There are so many great moments created on this platform, but because the videos do not stay online forever, there is a chance that sooner than later you may not be able to access your favorite videos any longer. The solution would be to download twitch clips, but how?

Glad you asked. In this article, I would take a dive into the A-Z and make sure every single hack for downloading your favorite twitch video is covered. While there may be a few uncovered hacks, every single item on my article has been tested and deemed ok by yours truly.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Methods To Download Twitch Clips

Method1:- Download Twitch Clips Using Clipr

One of the most straightforward ways of downloading twitch clips is by using a third party, or an outside source. There are a few to choose from, but for this example, I will show you how I do it using the Clipr website. This is about the easiest method and this may be because, the service is made just for this one purpose, pulling out Twitch videos.

The first step is getting the Twitch video URL. Let me show you how that is done.

Simply go on Twitch, select the stream you want to clip, just below the stream, click on the Share button as shown below. and from the options select URL.

download twitch clips

Now open the Clipr website in a new tab. Once the website opens up simply paste the copied URL in the textbox and click the GET DOWNLOAD LINK button.


Now you will have the choice of saving the clip on your computer or anywhere else you choose.

NOTE:– You may get the invalid download link error as shown below. If you do, then this hack would probably not be what you need for that clip.

Invalid download

Also, bear in mind that Clipr is just one of the numerous websites that would be able to perform this exact download function on Twitch clips.

Method2:- Download Twitch Clips using Twitch Clip Downloader

You may be wondering if you will have to use a third-party website every time you want to download a clip from twitch. If you use the twitch clip downloader, you don’t need to navigate to a different website to have your clips downloaded.

The Twitch Clip Downloader is an extension on Google Chrome and Firefox that makes your downloading of clips hassle-free. It eliminates the need for websites like Clipr.

The first step in installing this extension is to visit the Google Chrome web store, and after you’ve found the Twitch Clip Downloader, click on add to Chrome”. This installs the extension on your browser. The same process works on Firefox.

 Methods To Download Twitch Clips

The extension adds another option when you are watching clips. Above the Watch Full Video option, a Download Clip option is also present.

 Methods To Download Twitch Clips

With the extension installed, all you have to do is to click on this download option to save clips to your computer.

It makes it not only easy, but time effective when you have a large number of clips you plan on downloading.

Method3:- Download Twitch Clips You Created

Downloading clips you created is straightforward. Clips you made, both on your channel and from someone else’s channel are found in your creator dashboard.

The first step is to select your profile picture, then click on Creator Dashboard.

creators dashboad

In the next screen, select Content, then Clips. A list of all the clips you have made will appear on the screen. Select the clip you want to download.

dash content

After clicking on the desired clip, hit the share button at the top of the screen.

Note that there are two share buttons. One is within the video and it allows you to share the clip on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other sites. Another share button is found above the clip—besides the trash icon; this is the share button you should click on.

Select the share button, then select the first icon by the left which looks like a download arrow. Doing this enables the clip to be saved on your computer.

Saving clips you created on twitch is only a few clicks away. This is an easy-to-use method for downloading clips you personally made. There are other methods that allow you to download clips that were created by other twitch users on their channels.

Method4:- Batch Download Twitch Clips Using Twitch Leecher

The methods explained above are useful when you intend on downloading one clip, or only a few clips on Twitch. What is the most effective way to download several clips on Twitch? How do you download all the clips on a channel?

The answer to these questions is Twitch Leecher. You can imagine how stressful and time-consuming it will be to download all the clips from your favorite channel one at a time. Twitch Leecher makes it possible to batch download several clips.

Twitch Leecher is a free tool on Github. It is a safe way to download multiple clips. Download it from the Github page and run the .exe file to install Twitch Leecher on your drive.

3 Best Methods To Download Twitch Clips

An amazing feature of Twitch Leecher is that there are several options for downloading. You can search for a specific channel for the uploads and other broadcasts within a specific time range. You can also search for specific videos using their URLs or video IDs.

Twitch Leecher search.jpg

Multiple URLs can be entered at the same time. After you’ve entered the URLs for all the clips you wish to download, select Search at the bottom of the page. All the results will be displayed on the next page.

3 Best Methods To Download Twitch Clips

You can then select Download beside any clip you wish to download. The selected downloads will then be moved to the download section at the top of the page.

The major advantage of using Twitch Leecher is that it allows you to select multiple downloads on the same page rather than navigating from one page to another to download clips. Juggling several downloads simultaneously is now extremely easy with Twitch Leecher.

Difference Between Clips, Highlights, and Videos on Twitch

On Twitch there is more than one category of content available. There are clips, highlights, and full-length videos/streams. The clips and highlights are edited segments taken out from live or archived streams.

The major difference between clips and highlights is that you can create clips from anyone’s streams, and clips can be created from your streams by anyone; whereas highlights are created only from your streams on your channel.

Clips allow you to capture interesting and noteworthy moments in any stream you are watching. To create a clip, go to the channel you want to create a clip from, then click the clapper board icon when you find the exact moment on the stream you want to clip.

Clicking the icon will make a clip of the previous 99 seconds of the stream. This 90-second clip can then be edited to create a 5- 60 seconds clip. After editing the clip, create a title and publish.

The option to share will then be available to you. Note that the shared clip also comes with a link to view the original full video from which the clip was created.

Highlights as I have explained can only be created from your own personal archived streams. They are a means for you to highlight or emphasize moments in your streams as a way of explaining to people who are new to your channel what your content is all about.

Downloading clips make it possible for you to view them offline. It also allows you to edit clips and make them look better before sharing. Below I explain different ways to download your clips on Twitch.

Final Thoughts on How to Download Twitch Clips

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. It is very popular in the gaming community, as it offers gamers an avenue to stream their games and other broadcasts live.

With more than 15 million daily active users, and billions of hours of content, it’s clear you can not live stream every event you want to watch. Downloading clips make it possible for you to relive those memorable moments you watched and other events you were not able to watch live.

I have given a few pointers on how you can save clips from Twitch to view later. This is not an exhaustive list of all the possible ways you can download clips from Twitch, but be rest assured that these methods have been tested and would always be the most efficient alternative. Now, download Twitch Clips and watch away.