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15 Of The Best Food Delivery Apps in India

The gloomy phase is the phase that we all have faced during the lockdown but to brighten up the mood we have foods that instantly make the mood a whole lot better but you are going to ask me how is it possible to enjoy when there is a chance of getting covid positive.

And do not know about others but home meals get boring for me after some time, so to stop my growling stomach, I’ve opted for online food delivery apps. 

Best Food Delivery Apps in India: Our Top Pick 👌

In this article, I’ve made a list of some of the best top-notch food delivery apps in India that Indians, as well as visitors, can enjoy having online food so let’s start without any further ado. 

1. Swiggy – Top food delivery apps in India

Swiggy, a Bundi Technologies Private Limited creation, developed by Nadan Reddy, Rahul Jamini, and Srhiarsha Majety, launched in 2014 been a hit since its release and has made food delivery unimaginably better than it was before and has paved its way among the best food delivery app in India. 

The first branch was launched in Bangalore and now has several chains and services available in more than 25 cities. The company has 40000 restaurants all over the world. As we said it’s a hit since its release so due to this it has gained quite the attention of food critics. 

The app is a holder of several food chains and has an intuitive interface that makes searching cuisine, location, and reviews easier. And the catching part of this app is that it will stop you from standing near your doors, waiting for the delivery.

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

As there is a live-location mapping feature that enables you to locate the orders. And not to forget the most loved feature that lets you place an order consisting of single-serve meals, even it’s below rs.50, Swiggy Pop. 

Now you ain’t need to worry about ordering a certain amount so that the app would place an order for you and there is no food wastage as this feature lets users order for a single person. With this, fast delivery is promised. 

The app has gained the title of best food delivery app in India, and now we know how so. 

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2. Zomato – Online Food Delivery & Restaurant Reviews

Well to give competition to Swiggy, I have jotted down its competitor Zomato. I would not consider you a foodie if you have not ordered from Zomato yet. Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah are the two co-partners who launched the app in 2008.

Zomato in its earlier days was not an app for ordering food, instead, it used to give reviews and information about eateries and eventually turned into online table reservations and online delivery stores. 

Best Food Delivery Apps in India 1

Zomato is presenting its service in over 24 countries throughout the world and is thriving to afford you food wherever you are present in the world. The app is balancing between small and large shops.

It is easy to order foods from the restaurants near to you with the help of your GPS so that every range of prices and food will be available for its users. The menus and available dishes of the restaurant are put up in the app. And to know the taste and reviews, you can also ask previous customers who ordered from there.

There are 2 types of the version of top-notch food delivery apps in india, Zomato, iOS, and Android versions. And in this way, you would not have to stay in the queue to place your order and then spend another 5 to 10 minutes waiting for it to be prepared. 

If you are not a fan of an online transactions then cash on delivery option is also available to ensure the customers’ convenience.

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3. FoodPanda

2012 launched and Berlin-based Food Panda is all set to start catering to your hunger pangs. The company is providing its services in more than 40 countries, and territories. 

And the company believes in the motto ‘making online food ordering fast and easy.’ There are over 10000 chains of FoofPanda in India at the recent time. All sorts of cuisines are present that users sitting in small as well as big cities can order.

15 Of The Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Whether you want something fresh and energetic to start your day with, or something heavy for lunch or dinner, FoodPanda has got you covered. And it can also sedate your mid-night hunger pangs and cravings. 

 And it also offers hefty discounts and deals while ordering and you can also keep track of your order with its live tracking features. Several of billing options are present choose however you will like. 

It tries to make sure that the demands of people looking for high-quality, tasty, and variety in foods are fulfilled. No worries if you are an iOS user as not only the Android app but the iOS app is also there in the market.

There is no rocket science behind the app and it is fairly easy to use so give a try at one of the best food delivery apps in India.

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4. UberEats

Ever heard of Uber services? Yeah, the cab and now auto service provider. The same company has launched UberEats in the year 2014 and has joined many other best food delivery apps in Indias in India. 

Best Food Delivery Apps in India 3

The San Francisco-based company is accessible on both iOS as well as Android. The app is one of the largest food delivery apps with its services being operated in more than 1000 cities and countries all over the world. 

With its release in India, UberEats got famous in only a few years because when you know the service beforehand then you can believe them faster. It offers you a cut-out list of restaurants based on rates, cuisines, restaurants as well as delivery time. 

No need for stepping out of the house to enjoy high-quality food as UberEats provide your orders at your doorsteps. All types are billing methods are acceptable, whether it’s cash on delivery, net banking, wallets, or any other credit or debit card. 

Uber has made traveling as well as bringing food a whole lot easier than it was before.

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5. Dunzo: Food delivery apps in India for Grocery, Vegetables

If you are looking for a one-in-all app that can provide you with almost anything then you are at the right destination, Dunzo. It is a hub for people who do not like to go outside. Even if it is for purchasing vegetables.

Best Food Delivery Apps in India 4

The store’s pantry has a good stock of not only vegetables but also fruits, and how can we forget what we are looking for, food. This all-in-one store can also be at your service if you are searching for an online pharmacy and grocery store.

The app is putting up great deals on all of the items. And the best part is that you can place an order from wherever you are sitting as there are no restrictions on the cities. And there is a number of billing options so according to your convenience, you can select the right one. 

If you want to surprise your loved ones then that is also possible in Dunzo. And how can I not mention the Dunzo bike taxi which comes in handy if you are on a heavy track? But the caveat is that it is only available in Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Noida. 

It is crystal clear as to why people specifically foodies are loving Dunzo so much.

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6. Box8

Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta launched Box8 in 2014. The developers have tried to blend desi masala, tech, and logistics together to make a platform that has taste, and convenience and gives worthwhile experiences. 

The app is only providing services in only one metropolitan city, Mumbai, and the other three cities namely Bangalore, Pune, and Gurugram. And you can rest assured that from the quality down to packaging everything is in the hands of Box8 workers. 

15 Of The Best Food Delivery Apps in India

From the starting of the procedure, picking out ingredients, to making the food, down to it reaching you, all is in the hands of Box8 workers. And the eye-catching that screams attention is that you can order till one in the night.

So if you are one such person who craves food at night or can not keep working until you had your fill then you can never go wrong with Box8. And only within a short time span of 38 minutes you will have your order in your hands. 

There is no comprising on taste and delightfulness therefore leaves not only good taste on the tongue but also on the mind. Well, the same casuals methods are available for billing and do not miss out on the special offers.

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At the time of our research on Best Food Delivery Apps in India, we found a video about “Food-Delivery Apps vs. Restaurants: The Covid Divide” which is worth watching.

Food-Delivery Apps vs. Restaurants: The Covid Divide | WSJ

7. Faasos

Urban Foodies? Could not find the best destination for online ordering foods then why have not you checked Faasos yet? 

2011 launched and the creation of Kallol Banerjee, and Jaydeep Burman appeases people who wanted food on demand, wherever and whenever they want to. Not just 3 times a day. It is currently catering in 15 cities in India.

Eat Good, Eat Safe. Always! Now live with Real-Time Temperature Tracking & Contactless Delivery

But the main head branch is in Pune and is listed with other best leading food delivery app in India. Not many delivery apps are there that are providing 24/7 services. What would you do if you want a midnight snack or you are out of stock mid-party? 

Simple, you will go on Faasos and order what your heart is craving for, no need to see timing. There is a long list of food types that you can select from: breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, snack, or just something for your sweet teeth. 

You will easily understand the working of the app as it has a user-friendly interface. And you can go the usual way to pay the bills. The deals and discounts that the app puts up are never to miss out.

If you are an iOS user then no problems as basic android as well as iOS apps are available that you can install from App Store or Play Store respectively. Now you are not required to control sugar-eating urges or mid-night hunger. 

8. Fresh Menu

The 2014-launched, Fresh Menu is a creation of Rashmi Dogra. It is quite popular among foodies who are always ordering online.

The app provides fast delivery of healthy as well as greasy meals. So even if you are sitting at your office desk you can have delightful lunch. 

15 Of The Best Food Delivery Apps in India

The dishes are prepared by chefs who have spent half of their lives sharpening their culinary skills. Well, I’m sad to say that only Mumbaikars, Bengalurenavaru, Gurgaon, and Delhiites can only use the facilities provided by Fresh Menu.

The menu will never be the same as the menus kept changing and evolving so that customers will never get bored of the Fresh Menu’s cuisines and I think that’s where the app got its name. Live tracking is also present in Fresh Menu as any other best food delivery is offering. 

The app is easy to understand, and once you get used to it, you will never get bored. But to enjoy the food available it is better to schedule meals as fast as possible as they easily and fastly get out of stock. 

That just shows the popularity of Fresh Menu among food lovers and enthusiasts. 

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9. JustEat

Moving on with the next best food delivery app in India, JustEat is one of its kind as it allows food lovers to take the advantage of next-door restaurants and select from the wide range of dishes available on the menu.

Just like any other best food delivery app in India, you will also get discounts in JustEat in the form of coupons. But the only caveat is that the services are only available in the modern cities of India and not all over India. The app has secured its place in the list of best food delivery apps in India. 

10. Domino’s

Domino’s does not need any introduction among foodies as it is a popular name yet let’s know its specialty and all. if you are craving and do not know where to look for the best pizza with a wide variety.

Hot lava cake, red velvet, and mousse cake are some of the specialists of Dominos and you can find them in the dessert section. The app for Domino’s is available for iOS, Android, and Windows so that everyone will be able to order their cheese pie.

The app makes getting pizza easier and the best part is that you won’t have to wait long hours in line for getting the chance to order and then another 15 for the order to be prepared. Not to forget the discounts you can have while using these web and mobile apps.

There are a number of coupons that you can use for reducing the prices, the prices are pretty affordable and the pie comes in three sizes: Large, Small, and Medium. And if you are dying to have that slice of cheese then only in 30 minutes you will have your order as Dominos guarantee you 30 min delivery.

The app is quite easy to understand, and has order customizing features along with a safe billing option. 

11. Pizza Hut

I’ve no doubts you already know about Pizza Hut or have a clue about it. Well if you have no clue or need me to refresh your brilliant minds then let’s get to know about one of the best food delivery apps in India, Pizz hut, undoubtedly. 

There is an array of tasty, delicious, cheesylicious portions of pasta and pizzas. And to add more to the menu there are other side shes and tasty melted chocolate desserts also. Pizza Hut has a mobile app where you can order takeouts and deliveries.

15 Of The Best Food Delivery Apps in India

You can expect express deliveries, therefore, no waiting on your doorsteps and in general, no waiting. The company opened its first branch in 1996 in Bangalore and now has a line of branches all over India. 

These services have quite a name as it has maintained their 30-minute delivery policy till now. The ranges are not pricey at all so you can have your daily dose of cheese and you can select from the range of toppings. 

You can have Pizza Hut’s app on your phone so whenever you are in the mood for some cheesy sticks. Other than pizzas, there are classical flavors available in the pasta section, appetizers, desserts, and beverages. 

And you won’t believe it if I said that you can place your order 7 days prior to the day you want it to be delivered and doing so avoid the last-minute rush when you all are ready to eat after dancing and partying. 

The app has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that won’t give you any hard time while using the app so with no doubt in mind Pizza Hut is considered among the best food delivery apps in India.

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12. TravelKhana

Well if you are Indian or a visitor coming to India then having train experience is a must. And to make this traveling experience worthwhile having good cuisines is also a must. I’m pretty sure you won’t like what’s provided on the trains if you are a foodie. 

And to make the day of a foodie while they are traveling on trains, TravelKhana is offering online services so that even when on the wheels, connoisseurs can have food up to their expectations. It is one of the best food delivery apps in India that both iOS and Android users can install. 

Food Delivery in Trains | TravelKhana.com | IRCTC Ecatering

In recent times, TarvelKhana is serving its culinary skills on over 250 stations and on more than 4000 trains. To place your order, you only have to remember your train PNR, your seat number, and the station where you need your order to be delivered.

The best part is that you can select your billing options, whether it is going to be cash on delivery or an online transaction. Among other apps for train, TravelKhana is considered an authentic one. 

The 2012-released Noida-based company thrives to offer a set of different cuisines to the people on board from the restaurants nearby the stations so that not only enjoy the scenes and view would be interesting but also their food.

The app is gaining quite a popularity as it has joined hands with IRCTC in recent times and with its rapidly growing number of vendors, fast services are guaranteed.

13. Holachef

Holachef is a rather healthy alternative to all these best food delivery apps in India so that fitness enthusiasts won’t feel left out. The platform deals with and quenches the thirst of elegant foodies who love haute cuisine on their doorsteps.

It is like a convenience store of famous nourishment food stores. And if you are one who loves to have a different variety of cuisine then Holachef has got you covered. The chefs have a long year of experience not to mess any dishes and providing you with flavor-rich food. 

The prices that you will get here are pretty reasonable so you won’t have to be wary of high rates in Holachef. For any chocolate lovers who are looking for chocolates but with a healthy tint to them then they can check Holachef’s desserts and cakes. 

Colors are popping in the beverages and there is a perfect balance between Indian well as western cuisine. Soups and salads, as well as munchies, are present for brunches and midnight snacks so all in all Holechef’s pantry has a lot to check out. 

14. Scootsy

Scootsy is another food store that has so much to offer to its customers. There is a wide array of items available including gourmet food, fast food, gifts, and other necessities. 

Rishi Khiani and Sandeep Das together founded Scootsy in 2015 and since then the name and population are only growing. It has a live tracking option just like Zomatio and Swiggy are offering in theirs.

All sorts of payments are available in the app, therefore, maintaining the user’s experience is easy. And to make sure that you received your parcel, your bill is sent to you by mail. And the attractive feature is that you can schedule your order prior by selecting a time and slot.  

15. Shupple

The name that has gained quite the fame during the lockdown is Shupple. The app has connected several restaurants as well as grocery shops. And it is providing its services in India and Australia. 

There are more than 4000 brands with over 85000 products available in Shupple. The app has secured its place in its customers’ hearts. The app is not only known for foods but also for other stores and services. 

It has gathered chefs with a long period of time, greasy and tasty fast food, and a large number of eateries together. Best customer experience and time is promised on one of the best food delivery app in India. 

The number of cuisines present here is uncountable, from continental, Chinese, American, Italian, to Indian dishes such as Gujarati and Mughlai, shupple has it all. And the attractive feature is that it provides promotions.

And not to forget the discounts and offers on your orders. The app is a safe platform, therefore, ensures a secure payment to its customers. It has a rapid fame increase during the lockdown as it has helped many small start-ups and businesses during the pandemic. 

A very special platform with absolutely no cost was initiated by Shupple called FANS (Friends and Neighborhoods Stores) for local communities. All these things make Shupple one of its kind and a must-have app for mobile phones. 


You can order from the above-listed cuisines as well as your favorites, from this easy to get hang of app. With fast delivery guaranteed, you can also track the order.