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13 Of The Best Hidden Object Games For Android & iOS

Brain games are to sharpen up your minds. Hidden Object Games are popular brain games to check the mindset of a person. Thus it even helps to improve your concentration power.

The other obvious thing is parents never ask their children to stop playing such games. Even sometimes, parents show their interest to pass their free time. The fact behind playing such games is the satisfaction that your mind gets after solving a puzzle. 

What more would you need than a game acting to improve your problem-solving skills? However, these object games even leave you scratching your minds for once, helping to sharpen cognitive thinking.

So why not give a try at such brainstorming games for once? Below we are listing the top 13 best-hidden clue games for you to sharpen up your brains. So let’s dive into the world of brainy games

Best Hidden Object Games – Our Top Pick 👌

Hidden clue games are meant to help players to develop their mindsets according to the world. There are genius people who have a sharp mind, and they think one step ahead of us every time.

Thus if you want to develop your mind, to begin with, such hidden object gameplay, these bring up a popular trend for casual game playing. Most of them are free to play, and others are inexpensive to purchase.

These games are meant to keep you engaged and thus improve your thinking power. You will learn the history of the times according to the picture view, locations, and the past time’s buildings. Let’s dive into learning about 13 different hidden clue games for you. 

1. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Let your imagination of visiting another city come true by playing a hidden object game- The Hidden City. As the name suggests, the game is completely similar to what a person would imagine visiting another world.

Hidden City®: Hidden Object Adventure for Google Play, November 2019

However, when you are unaware of the city places and right paths. So, why not help a friend going through a mysterious town to come back to the path after going missing in the game? 

However, the game world is entirely different and a bit confusing, which is full of strangers. However, hidden clues are going to help you out to find your companion.

On your route to finding your friend, you will also make new friends to help you reach your missing friend. 

Throughout the game, you will be the only one who will be able to save your friend from the strangest place ever seen. No doubt, you will have to visit through different odds and unexplained phenomena.

Everything will also turn to be interesting when you need to take up some risks and take help from new friends. For sure, you will love its fantastic graphics and the entire gameplay. 

Download The Hidden City on Android 

Download The Hidden City on iPhone

2. Murder in the Alps

You are being introduced to a novel-based object game- Murder in the Alps. It is a crime novel that brings up interactive gameplay for you in solving a murder mystery.

In this game, which distinguishes it from other hidden object games, you will have to cross various levels in solving the mystery. Eventually, you will find the murderer. 

This game is none less than bringing the thrill of real-life mysteries that are hidden behind a murder. Another best part of this mystery game is you will visit scenic locations that will have hidden meaning.

In the game, you will enjoy the period of the 1930s and thus enjoy the adventurous environment of that time. 

At the beginning of the gameplay, you will be experiencing the Alps’  beautiful locations until the conditions turn worse. You will be stunned to find a guest is missing, and soon after that experience strange events. Anna Myers will be playing the role of a journalist who takes up to solve the entire mystery. 

Anna will have to pass all-new levels with finding mysterious characters who could be the killer of that guest. She will be targeting those characters and solving this brain-storming puzzle to find a twisted killer. Doesn’t the game seem to be very interesting? Let’s play it right away.

Download The Murder in the Alps on Android Phone

Download The Murder in the Alps on iPhone

3. June’s Journey – Hidden Object

For android and iPhone users, here comes one of the fantastic hidden object games- June’s Journey.

The best part of this game that you will surely love is hand-drawn graphics, where you will have to search for mysterious hidden objects. You will be taken back to the 1920s glamorous time for solving mind teasing mysteries. 

June's Journey Launch Trailer

It is a game based on family secrets where you will dive into June Parker’s quest. Thus, you will once be lost in beautiful locations, romantic places, and look for some clues to solve the time’s biggest mystery.

The most loved part of this game could be a real-time relating mystery story where you will keep moving on to find new clues. 

So, are you ready to begin with this mind testing puzzle game? Begin with a detective’s eye and thus improve your sense of observation to look for hidden clues. You will surely love this pack of danger, romance, and mystery as one.

Your mind will be relaxed once you start finding the hidden clues. Within the game, you will be purchasing different virtual items, which seems like a real-life challenge. So, be ready, to begin with solving the best tricky puzzles of June’s Journey. 

Download June’s Journey on Android Phone

Download June’s Journey on iPhone

4. The Secret Society – Hidden Objects Mystery

What could be better for the hidden object games when you are lucky to explore 70 locations and solve 5000 puzzles. According to the news, some of the Hidden City developers worked on Secret Society to bring up a new gaming puzzle. 

It is a game based upon the entire society where community people have special powers to travel to a magical world. As the name declares it very clearly, the game is entirely based upon magical mystery. It is a game of society that comes together to find a lost uncle. 

The Secret Society - Hidden Objects Mystery for Google Play, February 2020

Using their special powers, some people will move to the magical world to collect hidden clues in solving a mystery. Those magical powers will help them discover hidden objects that will also go through mini-hidden games.

It is a must to try a hidden game to sharpen your mind while finding missing uncle Richard. The unique part is learning teamwork, where the entire society comes up together with a single mission. 

It is free to play, where you can unlock various bonuses within the game. It seems to be a never-ending puzzle that keeps you busy for months to solve the entire puzzle. So, are you ready to dive into the mystery of a magical puzzle?

Download Secret Society on Android Phone

Download Secret Society on iPhone

5. Criminal Case

Here comes another crime mystery game- Criminal Case. There are millions of downloads for this game, and the makers ensure to provide the best and new updates with time.

The case of Criminal Case is quite similar to that of the CSI game. However, it is all about finding the hidden clues and objects and solve the murder case to find the criminal.


Downloaders love this game for investigation, clues they get, gameplay graphics, analyzing the clues, and the witnesses against the criminal. Hundreds of crime scenes are to solve within the game that keeps you busy and entertained to solve the mysteries. 

The game is a suitable choice for those who love to investigate the right one and hand over the criminals. It is a pack of thrill, mystery, crime, and entertainment as a whole.

Thus you solve the crime cases by analyzing different clues and suspected criminals. The player will have to pass different levels of difficulty as soon as he reaches the end of the case.

Another best feature of this game is playing along with your friends online to investigate differently for a case. You will be interrogating different suspects and witnesses with it.

This game is not less than proving your mind power for investigation. Thus you are to prove your investigation skills by playing this game. 

Download Criminal Case on Android Phone

Download Criminal Case on iPhone

6. Hidden Object: The Mystery of the Secret Guardians

As the name suggests, the mystery of the game is to find missing Guardians. It is one of the hidden object games where you have to find your missing guardians and solve the clue mystery of them. You will have to pass 30 various mystery levels that could be hard or easy as you take it.

Best Hidden Object Games To Play For Free

The Mystery of the Secret Guardians is all about finding hidden objects and clues such that you will learn the mystery of solving the problem. Players are usually mad after this game for its alternative solutions to get hidden objects. Thus it becomes easy for them to get the right path. 

The game is a pack of thousands of mysteries, clues, different levels, entertainment, sharpening your mind, and checking your intelligence in solving it. Thus it makes it very interesting for the one who loves solving different mysteries with many alternative solutions. 

Download The Mystery of the Secret Guardians on Android

Download similar to The Mystery of the Secret Guardians on iPhone

7. Seekers Notes: Hidden Journey

If you are searching for fascinating hidden object games, Seekers Notes could be your top-most choice in that case.

The game is full of charming mystery with a magical map guide such that you can save your city from the bad effects of the curse. The fact that will charm up your mind is a picturesque location in the game. 

Best Hidden Object Games To Play For Free 1

The game is a pack of hidden objects with unexpected twists to solve that could be even brain-storming. The best part is you will put your entire mind into solving more than 64,000 puzzles that come up with unexpected twists. It is not an ordinary plot to solve but a mini-game teaser puzzle. 

One treasure box in the game is a bundle of puzzles a gamer needs to solve one by one. There is humor in the entire play and the best addition to your phone apps if you are adventure lovers to engross your brain to get the right results. 

But what different things can entertain you in the entire gameplay? It is all about adventure, striking graphics, beautiful characters, and the picturesque location.

Makers always ensured to keep the game updated with new humor, storyline, thrilling adventures within the play, and the unpredictable plot twists that are to be discovered by you.  

Download Seekers Notes on Android Phone

Download Seekers Notes on iPhone

8. Hidden Folks

If you are listing top hidden object games, Hidden Folks surely falls under it. The best lovable part of this game is its great interface.

You will get to explore different areas of the city to find out hidden clues and objects to meet your aim. In total, there are 25 hidden areas to be discovered throughout. 

Hidden Folks - Official Trailer

The next very surprising part that you will encounter while playing is hand-drawn landscapes and townsfolk. Go and explore more than 250 hidden objects that are full of mysteries with varying screen modes to be used. 

The Hidden Folks developers have ensured that your eyes are not affected and hurt in any of the cases. Thus they have ensured you to play with different color modes, including night mode, sepia, and normal mode.

Choose whatever suits your eyes while playing off on the glaring screen. You need to be very focused while playing to get the strip of your targets.  

Download Hidden Folks on Android Phone

Download Hidden Folks on iPhone

9. Home Design 3D

As the name suggests, this is one of the hidden object games where you have to redesign your entire place to turn it completely into a new area.

Within the gameplay, you will be purchasing the new objects that suit your house. It seems to be very exciting where you will build a house with all your choices. 

Discover Home Design 3D - TRAILER

Why not plan a dream house while playing Home Designer- Dream House Hidden Object game? Does it seem to be exciting? The game is entirely different from the rest of the hidden games as there is no chance of crime and investigations to search. It is all about designing the beautiful house of your dreams. 

What could be better than selling old stuff and buying the new one as if you usually perform in real life? It is all about home refurbishment.

Along with the sale and purchase, you have different hidden object modes to change playing mode including, mirror mode, night mode, Anagram, Flash Sale Mode, Mystery Word, Silhouette, and many more. 

It seems like designing your living area or getting an idea for the changes you can throughout your house for its refurbishment. You will be given more than 150 furniture choices to settle and endless combinations to makeover your area. Isn’t it seems to be quite exciting to plan and play ahead? 

Download Home Designer on Android Phone

Download Home Designer on iPhone

10. Home Makeover – Hidden Object

Unlike other criminal case games, Home Makeover is very different and exciting, to begin with. It will relate you to real-life, where you visit your near ones, your grandparents benign their grandchild.

The best part that you will discover while playing the game is the home furniture that will begin to change and replace with the new one. You discover that their grandparents need home refurbishment and cleanliness. 

Home Makeover Hidden Object - Remastered!

In the gameplay, you will find different old objects to sell and purchase new ones instead. It is not completely building the entire house but bringing changes to some sections to ease your grandparent’s lifestyle. Also, the changes planned in a house could be made with the agreement of your guardians. 

What more if you find old hidden objects and explore them? Isn’t it quite interesting to exchange the entire look to form the new ones with modern pieces? You will sell out obsolete parts and old clustered house objects and earn money in exchange.

Thus you will purchase new products as per your choice and needs for a particular house section. 

In case you need any help, you will be guided through videos and tutorials to play and find out hidden objects. The gameplay is all about checking your time management skills to bring up fantastic turns in the house.

Download Home Makeover for Android Users

Download similar app to Home Makeover for iPhone Users 

11. Quiet Place

Are you planning to play a single game with different modes in it? The effects make it very exciting and interesting, to begin with when you are to search for hidden objects.

The visualization of the gameplay and the location turns out to be very lovable such that you cannot resist playing this hidden object game. 

Hidden Object - Quiet Place

The best part of the game is the beautiful graphics and scenery prepared by talented artists who give maximum relaxation in playing. So let us begin with this beautiful journey right from this period. The game is full of 200 different hidden objects that you can play in the campaign modes. 

There is one free play mode where you will work on the pictures, words, silhouettes or random combinations of the hidden clues you will find while playing. It is all about finding the right objects within the stated period. Also, you can check your ability for this if you can work on it or not. 

The next exciting part comes to zoom and hint features. While playing a game, you would need some help in finding the right clues.

It could happen when the objects are microscopic to gather. Thus you have an option to zoom in to the picture in complete HD mode. Moreover, you can tap on them to enlarge the objects and collect them. 

Download Quiet Place on Android Phone

12. Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game

Sherlock Holmes’s fans can solve the criminal cases; there is a good choice for them to begin with his game- Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game.

The game encourages you to be like a detective, as Sherlock was. It is a completely fun hidden object game that can give a tough competition to other similar games. 

Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Game – Best Detective Games for Android 2019

The gameplay is set in Arthur Conan Doyle’s functional world such that you can enjoy a good part of it. However, as in other crime investigation games, the Sherlock Holmes game is similar to solving different crime cases. Here you will be conducting the entire investigation with the help of hidden clues. 

You will be acting as Holmes to find out the real cause behind all such happenings. The game is a pack of interesting thrill, excitement, and fun where 1000 hidden objects will be assisting Holmes to solve hidden crime mysteries.

The game is based upon a timer, which means you have to complete a task within the specified time. Thus the play turns to be very dramatic and exciting as you keep passing levels. 

It is a perfect brain-teaser where you will be getting exact evidence to solve a particular problem. So are you ready to be the next Sherlock Holmes?

Download Sherlock Holmes Hidden Object Detective Game on Android Phone

Download Sherlock Holmes Hidden Object Detective Game on iPhone

13. RavenHill

Let us now jump into some role-playing games where you can even customize yourself in the beginning. This customization might help you easily adapt to the game needs where you have all the essentials things that you might need in the future. Thus you will play an important role in the storyline. 

Have you ever thought of a regular city suddenly turning into a ghost town? Ravenhill will take you through the ghost area, where you will have to bring back the beauty of the house. It is like an exciting puzzle quest where you will even earn ongoing rewards.

You will be exploring the hidden mysteries of the different locations, and thus you will be responsible for restoring the house to its good looks. Isn’t this seem to be quite exciting? 

It is one of the hidden object games where you will find a murder case to solve once. Thus you will have to find sufficient clues to reveal out this hidden murder case and solve it.

While exploring this sudden ghost town, you will have to find out answers to the questions. Once, you will be stunned, finding no living being in the town. Another fact to explore is who is responsible for this sudden change and how it happened. 

Which is the Best Hidden Object Games Out Of All Listed Above?

If you are looking for the best-hidden clues games for your iPhone or Android devices, the best choice will be either Criminal Case or Sherlock Holmes Detective Game. None other game could beat the brain-storming level of these two clue games.

You will keep yourself updated with a fresh mind to think of the right path and be a detective to solve any kind of puzzle. A criminal case is all about investigation and choosing the right clue in the right place such that you reach its right end. Thus, it is to find the criminal as we do get in the real life. 

However, instead of playing only crime investigation, you even have choices to decorate your house with the new objects mentioned in Home Makeover. 

Rest everything will be dependent upon the choices you make to play the kind of game you want. The fact is you have to develop a sharp detective eye if you want to play such detective and investigation types. 


What is the best-hidden object game for Android?

Some of the best-hidden object games for Android devices would be June's Journey, Ravenhill, Murder in the Alps, and Seekers Notes. You can play them on your Android devices and enjoy these games.

What is the best-hidden object game for iPhone?

There are some interesting hidden object games for your iPhone. They are Criminal Case, Seeker's Notes, June's Journey, and Pearl's Peril. You would find these games quite mysterious and fun to play.

What is the best free hidden object game?

Some of the best free hidden object games that require no payment at all include Criminal Case, Home Designer – Dream House Hidden Object, Mystery of the Secret Guardians, and Home Makeover.

What are the games called where you find hidden objects?

The games where you find hidden objects are known as hidden object games. They are also called hidden object puzzle adventures (HOPA). This is a video game where you have to play with puzzles and find items from a list hidden in that particular scene.

What was the first hidden object game?

The first hidden object game was Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, released on the market in 2005. You would delight in the fact that it became a significant success for Big Fish. The game brought about the craze for hidden object games among the masses.

Is there a hidden object game without a story?

Yes, there is a hidden object game that comes without any story in it. It is known as Anything by Casual Arts without stories. The two main series are Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director & Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger.

Does Nintendo switch have any hidden object games?

Nintendo Switch does have hidden object games that include in one fun compilation. Some of them include Black Rainbow For adventurer Helen Stone. In this game, you have to help Helen escape through her burning village and get her out of the forests.

How do you play hidden picture games?

Hidden picture games can be played easily. They are also fun and exciting to play because you need to open the PowerPoint simply. Then you have to click on the colored shapes that are provided with a hidden picture. They disappear, and you have to guess the picture.

Are hidden object games good for you?

It depends on your interest and enthusiasm. If you are somebody with a zeal to play these games, then you can do so. They help improve your memory and brain power. Besides, you have the ability to focus on a particular thing and recollect it later on.

Wrapping Up

The top 13 hidden object games listed above would have surely helped you find the best game for you. However, these games are meant to improve your visionary power that parents would also want their kids to play.

These are brain teasers that can satisfy your desire to play and develop your mind to the next level of thinking. In case you are aware of some other choices in Hidden clue games, kindly keep sharing with us. We will dive deeply into detailed information for you. We would be happy to help you out with such more and develop your mind level.