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How to connect Xbox one controller to your Console

Xbox One Wireless Controller is the essential controller for the Microsoft Xbox One support. It’s a recessed small USB port, which interfaces your remote controller to the support utilizing a smaller than normal USB link.


Connecting a wireless Xbox One controller to your console is quite easy and takes just a few minutes.

This can be achieved by either connecting the controller using the Xbox consoles connect buttons or by interfacing the controller using a USB- to-miniaturized scale -USB cable.

How to Connect a Wireless Xbox controller utilizing the Controllers Connect Button

1.Set on your Xbox One Console.

2. Insert rechargeable batteries or AA batteries from the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit into the controller.

3. Turn on your controller by squeezing and holding the Xbox catch until the point when the controller turns on. The Xbox button is the bigger round or circular button situated amidst the controller close to the top.

The Xbox button will streak or flash, showing it’s not yet associated with a console. In the event that the Xbox button is lit strong, the controller is already associated. Note; if the controller doesn’t turn on, check the batteries. In case you’re utilizing rechargeable batteries, ensure that they’re well charged.

4.Press and discharge the connect button on the console.

On Xbox One S, the connect button is a little round or circular shaped button situated on the front, underneath the power button.

How to connect xbox one controller to your Console

On unique Xbox One, the connect button is a little roundabout catch situated at the side, around the bend from the plate.


How to connect xbox one controller to your Console

Within 15 seconds, press and hold the dark interface or connect button on the back of the controller until the controller’s Xbox button, rapidly flashes a couple of times, demonstrating that it’s hunting for the console.

It changes to a strong light when it’s associated or connected. (The associate or connect button is a little round button situated on the highest point of the controller as you grasp it.)

How to connect xbox one controller to your Console

Your controller is currently associated or connected to your console. Repeat this procedure for each additional controller you need to include.

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How to Connect a Wireless Xbox Controller utilizing a USB-to-small scale USB Cable:-

In the event that you have a small scale USB cable or the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, you can interface your controller to the console by associating the smaller scale USB link between the controller and the console.

This additionally empowers the controller to go about as a wired controller, even without a battery embedded.


  • You can associate up to eight remote controllers to a console.
  • Controllers are appointed to clients in view of who is holding the controller. To figure out how to dole out a controller to your profile, perceive How to allocate a record to an Xbox One Wireless Controller.
How to Connect a wireless Controller to your Xbox One S console
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