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How To Get Help in Windows 10 ( A Detailed Guide )


It might be best starting off with how to get help in Windows 10, not just for the newbies to Windows but old windows users alike.

For me, there is always a delay in advancing to a new OS because I feel like I have spent so much time and sometimes money understanding the last one. Such a change is not something that I am eager for.

Unfortunately, finally, the day comes that I know that I have to finally abandon the old and embrace the new. With Windows 10 this was particularly hard because I loved 8 so much and 10 just felt odd.

In this article, I would help anyone in those shoes understand how to get help in Windows 10. Here is my list for seeking help in windows 10.

1. Using F1

This seems so basic but it really comes in very handy. The F1 key is the original means for finding help in Windows.

In most Apps, using the F1 key opens up the Help Menu, but in windows 10, using F1 opens up a bing search where you could look for solutions to your problem or basically search for whatever you fill like.

How To Get Help in Windows 10

In the different computer makes, this process may be slightly tweaked.

sometimes, you are required to hold down the function key before pressing F1 or other times holding down the start key before pressing F1.

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2. Using Microsoft support

In Windows 10, there is a dedicated app for support. It is called “Contact Support” or sometimes “Get Help“. It allows one to ask questions or to contact support directly.

Just click on your start menu and search for either of the two names. when it opens up, one has the option to pick from categories what kind of help needed.


Clicking on a category opens a web page on your browser. You will have to be logged into your Microsoft account. Next scroll down to support.

How to get help in windows 10

Choosing the contact support option takes you to a page where you could be more specific on the issues you need to be resolved. Here fill the drop-down options for “Category”, “Topic” and “Issue”.

How to get help in windows 10

Once this is done more options are revealed on the same page. You could select either “Call an agent”, “Submit an Issue” or “Chat with Microsoft Support”.

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3. Asking Cortana

As far as seeking help in Windows 10 is concerned, this is a very popular and effective go to. Cortana is the Microsoft equivalent of Siri.

If you’d rather talk than type, you can ask Cortana for help understanding basic issues with Windows 10.

The digital assistant knows about keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste and can even direct you to videos that answer other questions.

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To use Cortana, just press the Windows key + S together. This opens up Cortana, then you can troubleshoot by using your voice.

How to get help in windows 10


These are quick and rudimentary ways of seeking while using Windows 10. The good news is new Windows OS will always come with different help-seeking alternatives. so you do not have to get as scared as I do. Dive in and enjoy the journey with Microsoft.


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