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13 Of The Best LegalZoom Alternatives To Try Out in 2022

Filing a lawsuit in itself encapsulates money so to make the prerequisite steps easier and jotting this point down, creators launched a legal advice-giving application, LegalZoom in the market. The app is a big hit since its launching days.

They are trying to make legal advice reachable to all at the lowest cost possible so if you are a large property holder or estate broker or agent or someone who wants to have legal advice before going for the task then LegalZoom is ready to save some of your dollars. 

It allows you to have contact with lawyers on a monthly fee, at lower rates. The best part of this app is that drafting legal documents including trusts and will do not demand an attorney so no paying up. 

And the only amount you have to pay will be demanded on the legal documents you will be drafting with an attorney. Or you can pay up more for getting a package that can let you go for LLC, nonprofit, corporation, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and many more.

You won’t be needing an attorney to make your will or to draft legal documents as well as have legal advice and that is only possible because of LegalZoom but there are many other options available in the market.

Best LegalZoom Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Let’s get to know about LegalZoom alternatives in this article without chatting anymore.

1. BetterLegal

To replace LegalZoom we have here BetterLegal, one of the known LegalZoom alternatives. The app is listed among the apps that provide services at a lower cost than LegalZoom and many clients like BetterLegal more than LegalZoom.

One of the many reasons people are looking for LegalZoom alternatives is that they face more money demand for the services even after paying the subscription fees and have to swarm between upsells.

After paying a specific amount for their starting services, you can’t be ever sure that it will be the last time you are paying for fabricating an LLC or to register and draft legal documents. BetterLegal claims to be one time-paid service. 

BetterLegal Services

By paying up a whopping amount of $299,  you can set up an LLC plan (the rates may fluctuate according to the state), and after that no need to fret about upsells or additional fees. After paying up, you can heave a sigh as you won’t be swamped among prices.

Another downside of LegalZoom that many users reported were that it takes longer time than the allotted turnaround time. And that is a week but many have reported it to be more than 7 days and sometimes it can take 15 days. 

And when you seek BetterLegal services, you can have legal advice in more or less than 3 days (business days only), so when we compare, it is better to say BetterLegal is working way faster than the LegalZoom services. Keep in mind that if you are asking on the weekends then for sure you have to wait more than 2 days.

Well, not only turnaround time is accurate and fast on BetterLegal, but setting up an LLC is also less time taking than most of the LegalZoom alternatives and LegalZoom itself. Just wait for 5-10 minutes and then you are all set up.

$299 is not only letting you set up an LLC but it also brings you a whole feature-rich package that includes a free website, tax analysis, free insurance evaluation, and many more. Creating Corporation will cost you the same as setting up an LLC along with additional state filling fees, $299.

Apart from LLC, corporations, there are other services also like state compliance services, registered agents, only at $10 a month or you can pay up to $90 for a year. If you want you can check their official BetterLegal service page.

2. LegalShield

If what you are after is an exact copy of LegalZoom that comes with a feature-packed full of attorney services then LegalShield should be the first choice among LegalZoom alternatives that you should opt for. 

LegalShield offers you an attorney that will be available 24*7 at your service, to give you consultation at any time of the day, without paying up exorbitant fees. The alternative has secured its place in the market for more than 5 decades now. 

LegalShield is spreading its roots now as it is recently available online to sign up. It smoothly covers up drafting a will and creating a corporation and registering business-related documents is pretty easy too.

LegalShield is a charming LegalZoom alternative that does not give hard time in functionality. The standard plan starts at $24.95 a month and has all the basics legal needs that you need daily or if a certain emergency happens then this plan covers it.

After signing up, you will work with a law firm, and to make your work easier, you can have the app on your devices. The most loved service of this LegalZoom alternative is that you can have contact with your law firm.

In the span of 4 business hours, they will call you back. The law firm will be in your state so that even the smallest matter needing legal advice can be discussed and sorted out. Even matters like chaos between neighbors or legal advice during divorce can be handled by LegalShield attorneys.  

Even road adventures need legal advice so if you are stuck up with speeding tickets, or get in a car accident, then no worries, I’m pretty sure LegalShield has a solution for you. No one knows when the police come knocking at your door so if that ever happens then no need to panic LegalShield even got you in that field.

You can find a number of different attorneys in a law firm having specialization in fields like child custody, detained by the police. Having direct contact with a law firm can be pretty helpful in the time of immediate emergencies.

The MSP of this LegalZoom alternative is that you are empowered to have a licensed attorney at the time you are going to the trial. Signing up with LegalZoom can borrow you some time before your appearance in court.

You will have pre-trial research and trial representation hours. For your first-year plan, you can have a total of 60 hours, 2.5 hours for pre-trial research, and 57.5 hours of actual trial representation. 

And if you stay connected with them for a long time then your representation hours will increase, it can be 300 hours trial representation in the fifth year. Starting a business and its legal procedure screams time and energy but LegalShield is one of the LegalZoom alternatives that makes starting a business. 

$145 along with state filing fees is required to get started. Going for a business plan can unveil free legal services for a period of 3 months that otherwise will cost you $147. A bit pricey but to stay lawful, removing the cash is necessary. 

The plan is slightly costlier than the standard plan as it has legal business advice that can work pretty fine for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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3. BizFilings

Next on the list is BizFilings. The LegalZoom solution is developed by Wolters Kluwer who have tried their hands in almost every field and have solutions to finance healthcare, taxes, and such fields.

Filing an LLC, creating corporations, or nonprofit, C Corporation and S Corporation is a two-minute task in BizFilings. Filing a DBA is pretty easy and if you want you can use BizFilings as your registered agent. You won’t be asked to pay the state fee as they will pay it by themselves. 

Point to be noted: Before going to open your own business, if you are not agreeing with your ideas then you can use the incorporation wizard to make the right deal.

To file an LLC, $99 will be the starting price needed or it can multiply as well according to the plans. It may cost you more than any of the LegalZoom alternatives but they offer 6 months free of registered agent services so you can let go of that big-budget plans.

LegalZoom and BiZFilings are both top-notch apps but according to many critics, BizFilings has the least complaints in terms of their services.

If you are not a native of the USA but still have dreams to open your business there and do not know how to then BizFilings got you. It will help you out with ins and outs, every single procedure to achieve your goals. You won’t have international shipping and apostille service problems.

4. ZenBusiness

Looking for a cheaper chance to have legal advice then you can never go wrong with ZenBusiness. It let you form an LLC and the price starts at $49 along with state filing fees when compared to others is pretty low.

Best LegalZoom Alternatives

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that low rate is only for the first year of service, after that you have to pay $119 a year to remain a member. The standard plan has a long list of features like filing options such as registered agents, operating agreements.

And you are getting it all in the standard whereas LegalZoom does not offer that. And ask you to purchase these facilities as upsells. ZenBusiness saves you a large heap of money that you may need to spend in LegalZoom.

5. Nolo

Nolo is a LegalZoom alternative that is more of an online law school. It has a collection of all the legal books, law articles, legal documents, and many more. 

Yeah yeah, they have LLC as well as have drafting will option along with a nonprofit. They not only have a huge directory for lawyers in each state but they also have an LLC, Corporation, nonprofit starting tools.

There are numerous packages in Nolo that cost really low, starting rates are $49, and state filing fees. You can clearly see the price difference between two of the legal advice solutions: LegalZoom and Nolo.

Apart from Nolo, you can taste their other services as well such as proprietary software, Quicken Willmaker, and Trust, to have your own healthcare directives, wills, trust, and such things. You have to pay an additional $99.99 for that. 

You can go on to the products page to know more about the products.

6. SwyftFilings

Moving on with our LegalZoom alternatives, SwyftFilings is the next option to look for as it has a plethora of packages for filing an LLC and can give a healthy competition to the prices of Nolo as it has somewhat similar rating ideas, $49 plus state filing fees.

And if the services are not up to your level then you can ask for money-back as they guarantee they will give back. SwyftFilings is one of the LegalZoom alternatives that are less time-consuming.

You can put up all the information in just 10 minutes or less and then the rest of the work, SwyftFilings can do and prepare all the documents and then forward it to your states. It also works like fine wine for starting C Corporation, S Corporation, DBA (Doing Business As), or nonprofit.

Other than this, they also have business services as well as general services so SwyftFilings can be classified under all-in-one LegalZoom alternatives. It includes business licenses, registered agent services, annual reports, and such likes. 

7. MyLLC

MyLLC is known in the industry for writing the Limited Liability Companies for Dummies Book and has been a jaw-dropper in the industry for quite a time now.  As the name suggests this alternative has a lot of LLC packages to choose from.

The price starts at $99 along with state filing fees which may not be the best price but at least it is lower than the price you are getting on LegalZoom. MyLLC is better than LegalZoom in terms that you won’t have to wait for a long time for your documents to be readied.

There will be no problem accessing the website because of its user-friendly interface. You will have a free name check and after that, you are all set to go on the path of creating your empire. 

Other than that, other services are also available at a reasonable price, like registered agent services costing you $99 a year along with the standing service, starting at $35. 

Well on MyLLC, you can even close your business legally which not many alternatives provide. Apart from setting corporation form, it has dissolution services as well along with plenty of licensing services. 

Licensing research, license verification, license compliance, and many more are also available on MyLLC. Unarguably, we can say that MyLLC should be the first destination for entrepreneurs and business tycoons for either of the work, starting a business or closing it. 

8. IncFile

IncFile is new in the field but hey who cares about the time of the company in the market rather than the services it is providing. IncFile is the only one in the list of LegalZoom alternatives that has a free LLC creating tool.

There are other LLC filing tools but they are pretty affordable and at lower rates than LegalZoom such as MyLLC and Nolo but IncFile is the only one in the list so far that does not ask for a single penny from its customers.

If you are trying to find the LegalZoom alternatives, then you can not get a better deal than IncFile as one of the LegalZoom alternatives. Do not get mixed up with IncFile’s free services as not everything comes at no cost.

How to Start a Business with No Money Invested

You have to spend some cash for registering a trademark, and a whopping $199 is what you have to pay plus federal trademark filing fees so if this is not the department you were looking for an alternative for then no better option than IncFile.

You can also get a good standing certificate at $49 and do not forget filing fees. But if forming an LLC is the only task then the tool is absolutely cost-friendly. Some states do provide free LLC filing service but the time for doing can compensate for the price so to ave both third parties like IncFile is a great tool.

9. File Now

Next on the list, File Now is another tool that lets you file free LLC. The only amount you have to pay will be the state filing fees. 

The free subscription has all the basic functions such as 24-hour processing. The free services and 24/7 processing service make File now one damn of LegalZoom alternatives. Apart from basic features, you will be paying for other facilities.

They are not included in the free plan, so to get registered agent services, or to file for a tax ID, or to simply want legal advice on bank problems, you have to pay additional money to open up such services.

You have to pay a stupendous amount of money such as $199 to subscribe to premium plans and not to forget state filing fees. You can have a year of free registered agent services for free. But the downside of this can be that you can not expect an immediate turnback response.

Filenow Customer Review

To get the results on the same day of filing and to accelerate the results you will have to pay an additional $75 to $150.  You can check their billing options on their website.

10. Inc Authority

If you want an exact carbon copy of IncFile then Inc Authority is for you. It let you file LLC for no cost at all. Filing an LLC ( you have to pay state filing fees) is not only the thing that is coming for free, you can have other fringe benefits that include free tax consultation and registered agent service.

Inc Authority thrives to make legal services available all around the world and affordable so that you can join Inc Authority and become their customers for a long time. The tool has gained only positive critics from the users thus becoming one of the best services out there in the market.

You can depend on Inc Authority for forming an LLC without paying any cash.

11. Northwest Registered Agent

If you are fed up with paying for upsells and want to get done with paying for once then NorthWest Registered Agent is the ideal platform for someone like you. It does not ask you to pay separately for registered agent services, annual reports, and such likes.

It offers monthly VIP service plans so that you can pay one time. The VIP plan is full of services as you can not only access and handle all your legal business deals but can also have registered agent services, annual reports, an official business address, renewals, mail forwarding, and many more.

The most significant point of this LegaloZoom alternative is that it even pays your state filing fees for you so no additional cash to spend.

It made the demands of users looking for one-time payments satisfied. There will be no upsell and no demand for money to unveils some services. 

12. TRUiC

TRUiC is the complete opposite of what you were seeing from the top in the LegalZoom alternatives as it does not have an LLC filing option but is a legal guide giving tool. You can trust TRUiC for step-by-step guidance on how to form the perfect LLC in the state.

LLC can be formed even without an LLC formation service. Yeah, it can lessen the burden and make it easier but you can create an LLC  by yourself as well. It can either be online or through email. 

If you do not want to spend on LegalZoom and LegalZoom alternatives and can form an LLC by yourself then there will be no platform as good as TRUiC. It can be an economic method to deal with forming an LLC. They have a very clear guidance directive so that you can create your LLC with ease.

There are many tools that are not asking for cash in TRUiC such as a Business name generator that can help you shape an LLC for your business. TRUiC is using the name HowtostartanLLC as its official website so to get more information you can check the site

13. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a fully-fledged LegalZoom alternative that follows the same path as LegalZoom. It is a service-rich tool that can let you get started with LLC, corporation, or nonprofit at the instance.

If you are missing signing and creating documents just like you used to do in LegalZoom then Rocket Lawyer have that feature just for users like you. If you like you can converse with a lawyer, ask them any legal-related questions or get legal advice on the matter for the straight 30 minutes.

They also have a special service known as Document Defense which can be helpful in the situation of civil cases. If you are stuck with a tenant who does not like paying their landlord or with some other legal documents that needed to be reviewed then Rocket Lawyer’s attorneys can check that for your sake.

So you would have been wondering what is the cost we have to pay for the services so let’s clear that doubt. You will have two billing options.

First is paying for each of the services and the second is to pay monthly to get a premium subscription so you can become a member of Rocket Lawyer.

To start for the LLC plan, you can pay up to $99.99 plus state filing fees, for a 30 minutes consultation with an attorney, an extra $59.99, and for Document Defense Services, add $9.99 to the payment. And do not slip $39.99 for every single document you are creating.

It is clear that you have to pay a lot for using Rocket Lawyer so in all senses, whether its services or prices, Rocket Lawyer is a true LegalZoom alternative. 

If you are going for the premium plan then get ready to spend $39.99 for a month, it will open you every single feature along with registered agent services. You can use the services for free for a week as they provide their customers with free 7-days trials.


Without a doubt, all the above-mentioned features, make Rocket Lawyer extra-ordinary tools among LegalZoom alternatives and among those that can provide more just by paying a certain amount for a month.