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Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide


Mostly every person on this planet is using Facebook, or have come across this word, Facebook. You might deny and say China does not use Facebook. Well, you are right.

China has its reasons for not using Facebook. Nonetheless, at least for those who use Facebook knows that it is an excellent platform to share and remain connected with people who stay far from you.

Facebook is the inevitable online social platform widespread in each demography around the globe. There is a popular saying that necessity is the mother of invention.

Nevertheless, every invention has its adversity. The creation of Facebook has profited people due to which it has gained popularity worldwide.

However, it will be inappropriate to say that this universally digital acceptable site Facebook is not infamous. With this peripheral understanding, let us go through the various pros and cons of Facebook.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

Pros of Facebook 👌

1. Easy to Set up and Use

Facebook is compatible with every digital gadget, like computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. It is an independent website that is easily accessible on any browser. At the same time, Facebook exists on the Play Store and App Store as well.

Pros and Cons of Facebook

One needs to sign up and create an account to use Facebook. You might be thinking about which language Facebook displays its content.

Is it just English? Well! English is indeed an international language, and by default, Facebook uses the English language. However, Facebook is multilingual and supports 101 dialects. You can easily alter or switch to your preferred language via settings option.

2. Zero investment social interaction digital forum

You must be thinking you need to invest money to utilize Facebook. No, you are mistaken! You will be shocked to hear it. You don’t need to invest money in purchasing a high configuration mobile or laptop.

Pros and Cons of Facebook

You also do not require heavy internet connection speed to use this application. Do you know Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004? As of December 2019, Facebook grew and evolved to capture the social media market, with 2.50 billion active users.

Since its inception, the Facebook website and app are optimized to work effortlessly even on low-quality mobile phones and poor internet connections. The whole credit goes to the Facebook team, who continuously put effort to create the lite version of Facebook to eliminate these necessities.

3. Unlimited Connectivity without any boundaries

Facebook is a free viable solution that enables its users’ Unlimited Connectivity.  It is an excellent substitute for ISD calls. You don’t need explicit ISD call rates to plan if you are traveling anywhere outside the country.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

Most people resort to Facebook during their personal or professional travel and not Twitter or Instagram. Facebook provides free calling, facetime, i.e., video call and messenger option, which empowers users to connect with family and friends using Facebook anytime and anywhere.

Do you know WhatsApp was also blooming with similar features to Facebook? Henceforth, social networking giant Facebook captured WhatsApp back in February 2014? It is the reason why people generally use Facebook or WhatsApp to share stories, photos, life events with their friends and families

4. Digital Personal Diary or Scrapbook

Facebook is the digital scrapbook. Scrapbook! Yes, you read it accurately. Before the formation of Facebook, everyone carried a photo album to cherish memories. To relive the happy moments, we re-visited these physically printed photo albums.

Pros and Cons of Facebook

However, after the post introduction of digital technology, the physical photo album transformed into digital copies. Facebook allows its users to post or upload and share digital photo albums among friends and relatives.

It also permits everyone to like, share, and comment on one’s updates. You can add life events like new jobs, attending marriage parties, the arrival of a new member in your family, etc. to your timeline. You can tag your friends, the places you visit.

Everything gets added to your timeline. Now you will agree with me that Facebook is a personal diary available online. Whenever you are free, review your timeline and cherish wonderful memories.

Isn’t it interesting? There are a whole lot more features provided by Facebook. You are still sailing on the shore of the pros and cons of the Facebook ocean. Let’s read further to taste different flavors of the pros and cons of Facebook.

5. The Global Pool of Information

With 2.50 billion active users comprises celebrities, big shots, like-minded, and different-minded people from different zones of the globe. With this diverse group of people, there is a pool of ideas, thoughts, and innovations available, making Facebook a versatile platform.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

There are countless communities, groups that share the idea on different fields of interest. You can participate in various less acceptable social communities like LGBT, women’s community, etc. to empower yourself and other community members.

It will help you to express, which further boosts your self-esteem.  You can also follow celebrities or technical gurus to gather more information about their life success, activities, whereabouts, and interests.

There are groups of arts, photography, science, and technology where people share their thoughts and express their opinions. Thus, Facebook is not just meant to socialize with people but is also a great learning platform.

6. Educational Forum

It is observed that a large educational group of different schools is present on Facebook. Alumina’s teachers, students join the group to share any kind of extracurricular activity occurring in school.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

To share an example, if there are any alumni meet or annual concerts in school. Details of the events are shared on Facebook to capture a large audience without any miss.

Teachers share the educational content, which could help students to do assignments and homework. It is my real-time experience that day-care and preparatory schools also have their groups available on Facebook.

It helps both teachers and parents to share the different development, cognitive activities that happen in institutions.

7. Facebook Live

Facebook has added a new feature of Facebook live. Earlier, this feature was available for the top celebrities or influential people. Presently Facebook live is opened for all common people to use as well. This feature is often used to host the party.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

Aren’t you able to attend the long-distance family party? Don’t be sad!! Facebook enables live streaming video service on Facebook Live. If you want to broadcast selectively, you can manage the live event within the selected group.

Remotely, as an audience, one can leave a comment to get more sense of involvement in the event. It is quite often that celebrities go live to connect with their fan followers.

Similarly, people use this feature for a live demonstration of any activity. Others who join live sessions post questions and answers are provided there while the video is streamed.

8. Money Making Social Formula

Reading the pros and cons of Facebook would have given you an idea of its profits. No! Do you know people are exploiting the features of Facebook to obtain monetary benefits? Are you puzzled and thinking about how it is possible? Well! Everything is possible.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

People generate money by making an active Facebook group comprising more than ten thousand participants. Facebook does not support the organic promotion. Therefore, one needs to engage people aggressively.

Continuous interaction and engagement among group members occur via blog posts, polls, etc. It aids to receive paid surveys, sponsored content, selling products or services which pours financial paybacks.

You can harness the skill of an influencer with your normal ordinary profile. If you get a decent number of likes and comments on your Facebook posts, earning money by becoming an influencer is no tough job.

It is possible that you further develop and have a fan following. At that moment, you can initiate using the influencer account instead of your account to produce money. 

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9. The Online Stage For Business Promotion

Nowadays, it is trending to give a digital face to a business. In general, people are utilizing Facebook to promote business on social media. With so many users on a single place helps a person in the business to reach customers broadly.

Pros and Cons of Facebook

Continuous communication with users assists in comprehending pre-requisites and behaviors to build patterns for analysis. Facebook absorbs the users by multiple options of likes and comments.

Compared to any other social platform, it is more likely that likes are transformed into a business. Integrated AI techniques have made Facebook smart and robust, continuously monitoring its customers to know buying habits and behavior.

10. Power To Express Your Opinion

Facebook allows you to speak, express, or share as per your wish. Whatever you share, if it is accurate, people will track you. The whole world will trial. People are more creative, expressive, and respond better on Facebook than real-time communication.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

One might indulge himself in creating captivating videos, funny memes to express his thoughts and opinions. Don’t forget, if you are right, then the plethora of people will begin following you.

11. Brand Yourself

Facebook is not meant merely to impress the opposite gender or your family and friends. In reality, you don’t need a tool to amaze your acquaintances. In a broader sense, Facebook contributes to individual branding.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide
Brand yourself handwritten text on the office desk.

If Facebook’s strength is used effectively, it brings the best out of you for the whole world to watch.  Not only images, but you can add videos as display pictures.

It is a common saying – The first impression is the last impression. Imagine you have an interesting video to introduce yourself to the whole world which leaves a long-lasting impact

After reading the article till now, I hope you are completely amazed by Facebook. Isn’t it.? There are boundless features available at your disposal. It completely depends on us if we use or misuse it.

There are evil, wicked people who don’t abide by the rules and use Facebook for deceptive activities, which often leads to fallback. Quizzed! Yes, you read it precisely. Beware, Facebook has its ill effects, also as mentioned at the beginning of this piece.

Thus, before you fall under the umbrella of negative consequences and become its prey, let us gather the disadvantages of Facebook in our next section of Facebook’s pros and cons.

Cons of Facebook 🤦‍♂️

1. Susceptible Privacy Leaks

The biggest and foremost concern for Facebook is privacy. You are using a social networking site to stay connected with people across different corners of the globe. We are so much habituated that Facebook puts a whole lot of personal information on the digital platform.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

As soon as you share your personal information on Facebook, it no longer remains private and is available at everyone’s disposal. Secondly, there can be an instance where you have a strong privacy setting over the content you share and put.

However, Facebook is flexible and provides the option of tagging people. No matter your settings, your friend can easily post an update while tagging you, which is publicly visible.

Facebook regularly updates its privacy setting. Thus, you should be thorough and regularly review your privacy settings to protect yourself from the privacy breach.

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2. Time killing site

People are addicted to Facebook. It is no big surprise if you are one of the victims of Facebook fascination. It is my own experience that I am obsessed with Facebook. I spend hours and hours of our time scrolling memes, videos, etc. up and down.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

The nastiest part of Facebook is that people are so engrossed in Facebook that they avoid face-to-face communication. You can be lost in the information available on Facebook instead of building something constructive at that same time.

Facebook is helpful when you are bored and tired. It is good when you have nothing to do. The goodness is not that good enough once you start wasting your time and don’t do anything productive.

3. Threat To People

 Frequently we observe in our daily life or school. Another kid bullies a kid. Similarly, people are hurt by bullies on Facebook. With the introduction of digital technology, our personal information is vulnerable to endless fraudulent activities like cyber-attacks and account hackers.

The illegal activity often compromises the ease of using the Facebook site via multiple fake ids. You should not simply go around adding everyone on your Facebook.

You should be vigilant to check the profile and confirm that it is not some fake ids. Young, immature people easily get lured to these fake profiles and put themselves in a harmful situation.

Tormentors use these fake ids to hurt emotions by sending inappropriate messages and images that result in sexual harassment or threatening one’s life. There are plenty of incidents that occurred where people end up paying huge money or lose life as they could not tolerate these threats.

However, Facebook has a function to block someone at any point in time. Nevertheless, you never know how a single message can impact an individual’s mental health and a damaged reputation. I am sure these people are unaware of the pros and cons of Facebook.

4. Anti-Social Paradigm

Presently, Facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s life. We are so engrossed in it that we forget to converse with people sitting next to us.

You must have come across the worst situation where every member of the family is absorbed in their mobile phones without realizing another family member is in the same room.

How did this behavior ever become acceptable? It is so discourteous and yet so acceptable. Facebook has completely substituted face-to-face conversation. We slowly forget the basic etiquette to speak to another in person.

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One fears while conducting face-to-face conversations. It also results that one doesn’t understand the emotions and feelings while talking in person and falls into a confrontation.

Our interpersonal and communication skills are detrimental to more usage of Facebook. One chooses to isolate himself, which leads to a hindrance to his social development.

It does not end, people are so occupied on Facebook that while walking, their nose is immersed into the Facebook screen. One is completely unmindful and unsocial to the people present on their way

5. Enough of Advertisements

We read earlier that Facebook is a boon to business. Short ads can benefit the businessman to market their product and services. However, it is tiring to watch ads repeatedly while scrolling your Facebook page.

Pros and Cons of Facebook: The Definitive Guide

Imagine you are watching an interesting video. These ads obstruct this video. The whole mood or rhythm of the video is broken. There is no option to skip the video. You have to wait for at least thirty seconds for its completion simply.

Ultimately it will annoy you because of this whole lot of nuisance. And limit your overall experience on Facebook as pointed earlier Facebook uses AI technologies.

Consequently, it assembles the information to display the ads which might interest you and encourage you to spend money. Thus, always keep a check on what you give to Facebook.

6. Recurrent updates to newer versions

With the above pros and cons of Facebook, there is one more disadvantage of Facebook. The Facebook team frequently releases a newer version to advance and offer a better customer experience.

However, the irony here is, at times, customer experience degrades. It is a human tendency that once we adopt something, we resist ourselves to change.  Facebook continuously updates to improve privacy settings to attain security.

Until it is forced by Facebook to adopt the change, we do not update the version and lounge on older versions. I bet you people voluntarily update the version only when any feature is not supported by the outdated version and is creating pain points to themselves.

Wrapping Up

To summarise, in this digital age, social networking is very important, and Facebook has become part of our life. Facebook is instrumental in delivering quality services to keep its users connected without any boundaries.

It allows knowing more about language, custom, and tradition. It is the best place to share an emotional state with others. You can share the success and sad story to get recognition and support, respectively, from your friends.

  It is visually appealing. It provides smooth hassle-free video call, messaging, photo, and video features without any financial inputs. All these features are utilized to reach people and promote business, learn, and grow in one area of interest.

Facebook is also used to express an opinion, gather attention, and build a huge fan following, which also helps to generate money. People often get habituated to Facebook by spending enough time on these activities. Knowingly Facebook would have benefitted many of you, but unknowingly few would have a bad experience.

Henceforth, Facebook is an excellent package of communication, education, entertainment, and addiction. It is also why Facebook is known to be the king of all social networking sites. Now when you are aware of the pros and cons of Facebook.

It would be best if you were mindful and attentive while using Facebook so that you don’t regret using it. After all, all’s well that ends well.